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I create 3d art!
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Vanguard City
Vanguard City is an ongoing adult superheroine in peril comic spanning over 2 years and almost 30 chapters of content. It is not for profit. All earnings here are spent on creating new models for new content. Previous chapters are located in a zip file here, while the two most current chapters are being posted at
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Kristoffer Wolff, Author of DiD/Bondage Stories
I am an author of bondage and damsels in distress fiction. I write stories about sexy women who usually end up bound, gagged, and put in perilous and/or humiliating situations.
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is creating 3D erotic peril Artwork. BDSM related graphic novels or single images
I'm a 3D artist with a distinctive taste for capturing and dominating elf girls, particularly princesses and queens. Many of my renders depict placing damsels in distress, where they endure public nudity, embarrassing situations, and perilous encounters with all kinds of beasts. But don't worry - all of the women in my renders have a deep desire to be dominated and humiliated. They absolutely LOVE IT! They can't help but keep getting captured over and over!
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I am the creator of the hit webcomic "Delve" and I make all manner of adult comics and pinups, featuring girls, monsters, and monster girls! Lots of fetishy peril, bondage, and vore included!
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Adult art
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A place to find and see damsels finding themselves in peril by sleep or bondage.
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3D artwork featuring the secret lives and sexual misadventures of librarians, teachers, college girls. reporters, policewomen, housewives and other damsels in distress. Bondage, hypnosis, peril and excitement awaits!
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