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Welcome to my laboratory of 3D image sets, with the occasional single concoction. I tend to favour generous proportions and stomach bulges. You will find additional content that I can't publish on Patreon in this page, including beastiality and all-the-way-through. You will also find what is published on Patreon, so please don't subscribe to both platforms.
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I am creating NSFW Futanari Animations. I've been a creator for three years now. My main goal is to improve my skills after each video i create, giving life to kinks that we love and cherish. If you like my work, I would be really thankful if you would consider to support me.
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191 posts
I have been working as a NSFW animator for 5years. most of my work is futa stuff like Docking, Tentacles, Macro-Micro. I currently moving on to Blender. so i can make more good stuff. Consider pledge if you like to see more of my work 🥰
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The Worlds leading and Best VR animations the future is now!
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3D porn of wow, mostly futa and females
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Hi there. I'm Monster_Sam and I make adult "rule 34" animations. I'm using Blender to create my own models thus allowing me to create some quite unique stuff. Making my own models, texturing, rigging and animating takes lots of time so I can't offer any special rewards and don't do commissions.
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Doctor Ark
I am making 3D adult content featuring fictional characters using Blender.
236 subscribers
198 posts
Creating erotic 3d scenes using a variety of different software. Have been working on many projects for a few years. Thought I would share
34 posts
My passion is the beauty of exciting women in humility, devotion, submission, pleasure and pain, which I give an erotic and mostly pornographic expression in my 3DX artwork and short image stories. I show BDSM and hard sex with special enthusiasm for watersports, anal sex, fisting, sometimes torture and recently non-consensual scenarios. But I love my girls so much, from damsel in distress to humiliated sex slave, that I would never inflict permanent damage on them, and that always remains the subtle awareness that deep down they want and enjoy all this. Aesthetically I experiment with different styles, but my images are always high quality and rendered in high resolution (WQHD to 4K). I like a stylized realism with always beautiful and idealized but never grotesquely exaggerated girls (all 18+).
115 posts
Creating 3d Erotica
29 subscribers
193 posts
Hung and Busty
39 subscribers
95 posts
Creating 3D porn clips and story driven movies in WildLife.
7 subscribers
17 posts
3D adult animations and posters with various video games characters.
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112 posts

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