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Visual novels with romance, drama and parody
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Queer transmasc Brazilian artist residing in Canada. 🇧🇷🌈 I draw a little bit of everything, but this page will mostly focus on 🔞 NSFW art— specifically, kinky, degenerate, fetish art that focuses on queer relationships and/or taboo themes. ⚠️ Art posted here may include: BDSM, watersports, spanking, degradation, noncon/dubcon, cnc, teratophilia, age gap, incest, abuse, cheating/netorare, as well as other transgressive themes. All art pieces will be tagged with necessary warnings, but keep in mind all the content that can potentially be involved in the rewards‼️
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14 posts
This is your friendly neighborhood adult visual novel creator. Between Worlds is a magical and adventurous-filled fantasy themed visual novel where you will assume the role of a male protagonist surrounded by an abundance of gorgeous and fascinating women each with their own unique personality and backstory. It is is based on a theme where the society has a polyamorous culture. Totally consensual and, by choice, non-monogamous. Mc can have multiple partners, and so can their Li. Vanilla , Netorase and Netorare are the three routes you can shape up the girls path .
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93 posts
Hi, this is Naughty Road and I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. With that out of the way, what I'd love to be doing is creating good adult entertainment, currently I'm working on Light of my Life, a visual novel about loss and love.
217 subscribers
111 posts
Kristoffer Wolff
I am an author of damsel-in-distress and bondage fiction. This is primarily an updates-only page with a few perks sprinkled throughout.
122 subscribers
67 posts
mars adler
writer of trans, queer horror erotica and romance
Lukas Kawika
I'm Lukas (or shekh, or laruf) and I write furry porn!
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18 subscribers
31 posts
Writer of furry erotica, mainly involving diapers.
Silly (derogatory) writer, writing about silly (derogatory) animals in silly (DEROGATORY) situations!
1 subscriber
2 posts
Samson's Stories
Erotica, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Romances; opposites attract!
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14 subscribers
59 posts
Wickedly sexy erotica from a sweet Irish girl with a gorgeously filthy mind.
Various written works of smut and non-smut.
3 subscribers
122 posts
Hooves and Alfons
Furry stories, some light and some dark
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4 subscribers
10 posts
Creating "That New Teacher" - An Adult Visual Novel.
30 subscribers
31 posts
A site to showcase my superhero in peril comics. Comics and art from old sites and new content not seen anywhere else. I plan to post new content here biweekly. Many of my old work can be found on my DeviantArt site - www.DeviantArt .com/t-sunstrider
21 subscribers
190 posts
Titus Moorhead
Gay fiction with a Weird twist.
326 posts
Hi! I'm Revel, I make the BL fantasy webcomic SPARKS, and post pages here months ahead of public updates. This is where I share all the porn I draw- queer and trans focused! m/m, f/f, m/f, monster, etc.
88 subscribers
48 posts
Kevin Nash Writes
Erotic taboo fiction. All stories are fictional fantasies and all characters are 18 years and older.
313 subscribers
568 posts
Creating 3D Adult Visual Novels focused on various taboos
89 subscribers
64 posts
Ruthless Raven
✨ Contact: Discord - Ruthless Raven#0669 ✨ Hello! I'm a digital artist specializing in character and environmental design, concept art, and detailed anime-style pieces. I welcome new challenges and collaborations, bringing visions to life through commissions for various art styles and subjects, but favorites are fantasy, gothic, horror/guro, armor, abstract, neon, cyberpunk. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy my artwork as much as I enjoy creating it!
7 subscribers
175 posts
I'm making erotic visuals novels for the fun of it. made in Renpy with Daz3D
8 subscribers
89 posts
Icarus Illustrations
is creating Digital art and Erotica
5976 subscribers
247 posts
Creating erotic fiction
TongueFork Games
Hello and welcome to my SubscribeStar page. I'm a solo developer creating adult visual novels of fantasy, sci-fi, and horror. Currently in development is Faerie Stories, un urban fantasy visual novel.
Smutty's Place
Hypnosis. Mesmerizing minds, and sexy times.
Flipside: Tail Side Up
AJ is creating erotic digital artwork and fictional stories.
This serves as a tip jar for the creation of written erotica and art involving my original characters. The stories themselves will be posted publicly but I'll be offering previews and access to high rez images for supporters. All completed works are on my website:
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Nobilis Reed is creating the best erotic speculative short fiction podcast in the known universe.
is creating an erotic journey through audio, writing and artwork. A storyteller that writes about random thoughts on life, kink and connections. Artwork that is sensual, yet provocative. Accent heavy (Australian accent) audio files narrating my own written content. Be warned - I am dirty, flirty and fucking filthy. I like to cross lines and push boundaries.... *** SCROLL DOWN TO SEE CONTENT ***
G.G. Wylde Writes
Hot, Sexy stories, sometimes with twists thrown in
5 subscribers
20 posts

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