Hi, I’m Ninnie or Hela! I draw a webcomic called Like the Sun Loves the Moon, as well as other art that mostly is erotic in nature!
Hello! Im Hauntbird freelance adult artist from Russia that likes to explore dark, tragic and sensual fiction through my art.
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DDZ Taboo Erotica
NSFW Taboo DubCon Family Erotica author DeeDee Zee | The family who plays together has the most fun... |
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 🌸 🍰 SINPACT 🍰🌸
⛔🔞NSFW🔞⛔ - 18+ ONLY. I like to draw cartoons. All characters depicted are 18+. I'll take commissions if you don't want to subscribe!!
Lukas Kawika
I'm Lukas (or shekh, or laruf) and I write furry porn!
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TG caption and ebook story writer.
Author & Illustrator of Obscure Stories and Illustrations ||| Modern- Day Dystopian Graphic Novels ||| Paranormal | Supernatural | Science Driven Fantasy and Anthropomorphic Creature Collaborations
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Apocryphon Fiction
I just started out writing recently, wanting to produce stories that people could enjoy. My brain comes up with off the wall ideas frequently and some stories could come and go depending on the ideas for them.
Novus Animus
A writer of paranormal suspense, epic adventure, fantasy and scifi, and everything that makes fiction so amazing. Add in a lot of sex scenes and cynical, sarcastic characters, and that's what I write in a nutshell.
Hey there, I’m Lily Lancaster and I write cute (and sometimes steamy!) lesfic in sci-fi, fantasy, and other interesting flavours.
My name is Namiin Stone, and I live in fantasy worlds full of strife and full of grief - but, they are worlds overfull with love and longing, too. A tender ache in the space where darkness and desire coalesce into the surreal and taboo.
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Desmond Fallout
A collection of anthropomorphic literature with a variety of themes and kinks.

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