Pricing for Stars

To start and run a Star account is absolutely FREE for everyone.

Monthly earnings will depend directly on the number of subscribers you have on your Star Page and on the Subscription Fee that you set.

There is no limit to the number of subscribers nor for the price you set - you can grow your business freely.

You can change your Subscription Fee at any time.

We will apply a Processing Fees of 2.9% + $0.3 - to each subscription/transaction made toward Star's account. This amount will be substracted from the Star's monthly earnings. These fees go directly to the processing entities.

In the case of payout requested, a Star will be charged a Payout Fee which will vary based on the transaction conditions, such as financial institutions charges, payout frequency and a payout amount. Payout Fee can never be lower than $3.

In addition to this, SubscribeStar charges a flat Service Fee of 7% on every pledge, which is deducted from Star's monthly earnings.

Pricing for Subscribers

Subscribers will be billed with Subscription Fee that stated on Star's page.

For example, if you see "Subscribe for $5/month" on a Star's profile, upon subscription you will be charged $5 monthly until you cancel this subscription.

If you are from Europe, VAT will be added to the final amount.

* - The calculation above takes into account our Service Fees (7%) and Processing fees (2.9% + $0.3) only. Any other expenses, such as your taxes, dispute fees or other indirect fees that may be associated with your activity on this site are not included.