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A site to showcase my superhero in peril comics. Comics and art from old sites and new content not seen anywhere else. I plan to post new content here at least once a week. Many of my old work can be found on my DeviantArt site - www.DeviantArt .com/t-sunstrider
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I draw soft wet sapphic art and animation 💕 Lots of squirting and drool and cute lesbians.
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Skyler Rogue
I create 3d erotic art and comics that are about: tentacle sex, monster sex, machine sex, bondage, vore, peril, public shaming, ENF, DID, horror and more. Most art and comics can be very explicit. I also write erotic fiction for many of my art pics. On my main page, I have posted a ton of free samples. Thanks for checking my page out.
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819 posts
is creating 3D erotic peril Artwork. BDSM related graphic novels or single images
270 posts
I’m a big hypno-pet fan, so I’ll be publishing some exclusive comics and illustrations featuring women hypnotized to think they’re pets
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64 posts
Welcome to my creepy dopamine soaked tent at the edge of that decrepit trainyard your mother told you never to go near after hours. Here, a lone hobo tirelessly grinds away the free hours, lovingly crafting anime bondage smut for the weary cultured souls of a battered earth. Here you can expect to see beautiful characters tormented in bondage and other related bdsm subgenres. Dehumanization, torture, brainwashing, slavery, weird sci-fi scenarios, and (when I work up the skill and courage) some stories to go with them. I'm always seeking to grow and improve my craft. In the future, I would love to make short full color or volume length hentai manga to explore my ideas in greater depth. With your support, I might be able to cross that bridge sooner rather than later! Regardless of which tier you choose, please know that your support means the world to me and I'm grateful for anything you can spare. I won't be able to do this without you!
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NSFW Blender renders, primarily Mass Effect related.
36 subscribers
12 posts
Hidden-Hamster's Hive
Greetings, my guests. It is I, that strange guy from Welcome to my hive. If your'e into females being cocooned in sticky and stretchy bug secretions in dark and dreadful places, this is the place for you. I'm also into soft vore and other such lovely things :3 The denizens of this dark subterranean underworld wish you to bear witness how things work down here. Sit back and enjoy the show... you know you want to ^^
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15 posts
I am PhailUpLate, and I draw a lot of bondage-focused art, and have also started dabbling in making finished Poser renders, instead of only using them for drawing reference.
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Grim Perversion Comics
Grim Perversion Comics is about creating perverted stories with a strong dose of bizarreness, cruelty, and evil. Our comics present graphic sexuality with a realistic and high-quality art style, that leaves nobody cold.
*Latest posting: June 27. Please note that I'm regularly posting at an interval of 2-3 days but my recent posts may not appear to unregistered users for an unknown reason. Subscribers can see all my posts without any problems.
23 subscribers
191 posts
I make games and comics focused on women tied up in heavy rubber/latex bondage. :) See and for my public works!
124 posts
NSFW Adult (18+) Animations. I'm often working on a Main Project (long length themed video) as well as several smaller animations (loops).
51 subscribers
20 posts
Kristoffer Wolff, CURRENTLY ON-HOLD
Please be aware that personal issues are reducing my output to almost zero. Please subscribe to the free tier (Just Looking) if you are interested.
22 subscribers
61 posts
So here is the deal, Im going to be posting some sketches -mostly weekly- and when I have enough subscribers, Ill start a poll each month and choose which sketches is getting finished into a full color image... also I will try and do some comission work from time to time so stay tooned!.
I like bondage
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13 posts
Long tales of slavery and torture set in a fantasy world. Not for the faint-hearted! Frequent updates.
I am creating NSFW Comic and Illustrations
Disgrace Diaries
A world of damsels, distress, denial, discipline, degradation and domestic drudgery.
9 subscribers
21 posts
Digital artist and animator. I mostly draw furry and fetish art. I sometimes dabble with 3D but I'm mostly sticking to 2D for now.
Hullo! I am Pitfallpup, and I draw tons of weird and wild stuff. If you like furry porn, bondage, paws, sweaty girls, and general sleaziness, you'll probably fit right in!
Stories about celebrating life and inspiring libertines
1 subscriber
20 posts
Ms. Raw Velvet
Putting women in peril. Bondage. Tentacles. And Tits.
4 subscribers
72 posts
Wonder Slave
Heroines in peril stories. Women in spandex captured, bound, spanked, whipped, tortured, enslaved, sometimes stripped and more.
10 subscribers
26 posts
Ms. Angel Food
Men in Peril: Gay Art and Erotica
108 posts
I'm PixelJail (they/them), a helpless wee illustrator caught up in a deviant dungeon full of naughty and dark fantasies, and I've been swept off my feet through a crazy journey that seems to include a a lot of nudity...
39 subscribers
313 posts
I'm a comics artist and have an account to Deviantart also named Fetishcomix where share my bondage art and comics ! I came to Subscribe Star to increase earns for produce new stories of my character Kitty Girl and others new stories
3 subscribers
221 posts
TKC Productions
Crew Tier
14 subscribers
34 posts
Hello - I am the Skelebomb, a skeleton with a bomb for a head. I draw bondage, DiD and GiD themed erotica, nothing super racey, some partial nudity sometimes but that’s about as extreme as it gets.
207 subscribers
558 posts
AKA Doc Redfield, Artist, Writer. I create comics and pinups, many of them smutty (Including AUTUMN MOON, exclusive erotic webcomic). I'm also a publisher and really appreciate your support!
45 subscribers
219 posts

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