I'm creating cold steel for hot girls.
Stratovarius is creating The Northwood Lair and other R-18 3D PC, Android OS Games
Adult 3D games and videos creator specializing in R-18 Vocaloid parody content. My main projects are created with Hatsune Miku. Also available on Patreon:
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47 posts
Skyler Rogue
I am an artist who likes to draw in 3d and create worlds of sci-fi, horror, and erotica. I am a big fan of the old Heavy Metal magazine and dream of one day doing something like this in 3d.
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89 posts
Creator of 3D Damsel in Distress Adult BDSM images and stories.
45 subscribers
15 posts
Marty Martyr 3D Bondage
I am a 3D animation artist primarily focusing on female bondage and fetish image.
3DX artist doing erotic 3D. Subscribers get Hi-Res versions of artwork published on my account at Slushe - || Join me working -
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30 posts
I'm a damsel-in-distress cartoonist. I draw fan art and original characters bound and gagged, in degrading and/or perilous situations. take a look at my gallery on pixiv ( to see what I draw, and support me by subscribing to see subscribestar-exclusive art!
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20 posts
Charon Lloyd-Roberts (Ledi Perehodov Arts)
I draw NSFW homoerotic/lesbian art in a tasteful manner most my OCs. With a little BDSM on the side.
We are interested in sexy damsel in distress art and heroines. With your support we can continue to focus providing more content to the fans and exotic art community to enjoy. Every bit helps. Thank you.
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