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Extreme Erotic Comics and Artworks.
wildeer studio
3D NSFW models and animations
212 subscribers
134 posts
Firebox Studio
is creating high quality 3D NSFW images, GIF's & episodes for 18+ audience.
97 subscribers
83 posts
Hi there. I'm Monster_Sam and I make adult "rule 34" animations. I post my animations in 720 on other sites so you can see all the stuff for free, and 1080p without watermark for my supporters. I'm using Blender to create my own models thus allowing me to create some quite unique stuff. I have dozens of ideas for future animations and making my own models, texturing, rigging and animating takes lots of time so I can't offer any special rewards and don't do commissions. I do short animations mostly and as my skills grow I will try to make longer animations. You can download animations directly from this site in .mp4 limited to 30 fps or use links for .webm files with 50 fps
42 subscribers
15 posts
Porn Game
1 subscriber
8 posts
Hi lovlies! I'm Kiki, your friendly neighborhood kraken just here to make sure everyone gets their daily intake of vitamin T ;3
zxc is creating latex tentacles Lewd
patreon don't like my game and art
156 subscribers
191 posts
Armani’s lewd hole
Just a page that people can subscribe to help support me, I’d really appreciate it if ya did! You can find me here!
1 subscriber
0 posts
Hello, my name is SkaJrZombie and I produce lewd pinups and comic pages.
5 subscribers
157 posts
Naughty Ambrosia
It's a secret. A naughty little secret.
7 days
 Trust Period
8 posts
It's Kami-sama! Support me so I can draw fan comics, animate, and draw tentacles!
1 subscriber
27 posts
My name is Zinovia and I like making art! I want to use this to explore new or indulgent ideas and projects! I am currently working to turn my art into my livelihood, and I feel like I'll have an easier time achieving that here. If you want to support me and see more of my work, feel free to pledge!
71 posts
Hi , everyone. I'm from China. I draw erotic H-images , illustration and write related short stories. Main themes are tentacles sexy game/anime girls, and my original characters, Thank you.

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