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Okami profile
It's Kami-sama! Support me so I can draw fan comics, animate, and draw tentacles!
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Buy Kami a juice!

:3c Yay, I can buy juice!

Thanks for your support! You get:

-access to my works-in-progress content in addition to completed material that I upload throughout the month every month first! All uploaded content is uncensored and full resolution!!

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per month
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Okami gets a sammich~!


In addition to access to my uncensored and full-res progressive content that I upload monthly first, you also gain:

  • access to my patron-only streams, where you'll get to watch me work on exclusive content that I don't usually stream, such as content for digital packs, web comic material, and other super awesome stuff!
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per month
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Okami can get a decent meal~!

;7; Yay I can eat a whole meal!

For being so awesome, you get:

  • access to my patron-only stream, uncensored and full-res works-in-progress packs and finished images uploaded throughout the month first.

  • automatically entered into Patron-only stream drawings for a free colored sketch.

  • as long as you are in this tier at least a month prior, you get free pinup digital packs as they are released!

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per month
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Okami can buy groceries~!

For this super generous tier, you get:

  • free digital pinup packs once they are completed. access to all archived image packs

  • access to patron-only streams

  • uncensored progress packs and full-res images first

  • ALSO: as long you are this level of patron an entire month prior, you get one free soft-colored digital or traditional pinup commission every month you're in this tier! I'll also mail you a copy of it in print form. :DD [address will need to be provided]

Limited (0 out of 5) subscriptions   


  • Thanks for subscribing to me! Shoot me a message on Twitter (@0kami) to let me know so I can thank you personally! I appreciate you guys a lot!

The subscription gives you:
  • Full, unlimited access to Star's profile content - to view it online or to download it to future use.
  • Support your Star by contributing – one-time or recurring.
  • You can cancel this subscription at any time.

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Thank you for your support guys! I can now breathe a little easier and focus more on art in general, churning out more art, prints, and other awesome stuff!I'll host a scheduled stream bi-weekly just for Patrons and hold a raffle for a few free fully-colored commissions for you guys in the stream!
to reach
Limited-edition physical copies of all of the image packs to-date will be available courtesy of Pure Black Heart Studios!! Ten of you lucky guys and girls will get a copy for free via mail!
to reach
I can now work on art as my main focus and Patreon will be my hub! Everything from framework to finished product will be here first!!! There will also be an increase in Patron-only streams as well, (to two times a week or weekly, depending on circumstances) so you guys get to see everything first!

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