I am the creator of the hit webcomic "Delve" and I make all manner of adult comics and pinups, featuring girls, monsters, and monster girls! Lots of fetishy peril, bondage, and vore included!
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Primarily a Vore Artist, I also do other types of Fetish Work.
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Damien Cross
Hello and welcome to the development page for the game "World Fraction: When Worlds meet". My name is Damien Cross, sometimes also known as Seelenmord. Until now I created various pixel content, mostly guild emblems or signatures for the game Ragnarok Online. I also wrote a few small stories, but they are mainly not available on the internet, rather were they created for people who are not present in the internet, and don't want, that these stories are distributed. I enjoy reading stories and playing games in my freetime, but after a while I got somewhat stale with most games, and decided to try making something on my own. I'm still fairly new to RPG Maker MV and have a lot to learn, but I hope that I will get better with time.
A fetish/anime artist with an interest in games and anime. Can expect alot of Futa, vore, monstergirls, and giantess.
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XL Bantz
Jivin' n' Creatin'!
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