Creator of depraved stories, games, and comics.
is creating Adult Games
Lewd Aussie Graphic Artist / IllustratorHave been known to like coffee and bewbs...
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Face Rizzi
I'm a game developer with a mind control fetish, trying to make interesting adult games.
Angela DeMille
Aspiring visual novel author. She/Her. Currently making Penlight, a hypno-themed story with a slight ethical bent.
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I've been drawing since 2013 and I've been looking into taking art more seriously as I greatly enjoy it. Specifically I love drawing Fan art of some of my favorite anime or manga. I do both SFW and NSFW (hentai) drawings as well with hypnotism and mind control theme. If you would like to check out some of my drawings please come visit some of my other pages here: DeviantArt: Pixiv:
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Hi! Name's Luna and I draw NSFW stuff. I primarily draw Hypnosis based fetish works, but I also branch out into bondage ocassionally. I'm also not opposed to draw other stuff as well.
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OnlyTheGhosts' Stories of the Sexy and Fantastic
Hi there to the world! I’m here to write hot stories, mostly fantasy/science-fiction. Stories of mystery, drama, and passion. Stories featuring nubile maidens, flawed heroes, and nefarious acts of villainy, set in worlds both wondrous and alive…. About me: I live in Japan in the Kansai region but in the countryside close to forested mountains and near Japan's largest freshwater lake. I have written many stories under other names. Sometimes as a guy. Sometimes as a girl. A few years ago, I started using the name OnlyTheGhosts for all of my artistic endeavours.
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Hello, my name is Vhiel! I create hentai content and hentai games.
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