We create erotica stories and adult comics
Professional adult comic artist.Have been working for Croatian Playboy for 10 years.
Doggo's Doujins
Heya guys! Most of you probably know me as Smiling Dog. After thought and people asking about the rejected ideas for the games, I think thought that it would be a nice idea to have them made into doujins!
TPCComix is dedicated to providing the thirsty masses with delicious liquid cub right in your email!
Onbure Patata
Hello there! I'm the Onbure Patata, as seen in some places. I like to draw cute ladies from known franchises and random characters in their sexy mode. Will be making sexy pin-ups and comics, with hopes to making animations in the near future :D
Hello charmers and minxes, welcome to my Subscribestar page. Here you'll find adult comics filled with variety and quality content. And the best growing community there is. Make sure to join me on Discord [] and Twitter []. If you decide to pledge to this page you'll get early access to all of my comics. And if you feel super generous, you will also get access to sketches, early concept art and possibly get your own small story and characters in my new projects. You will also help me financially, which I appreciate greatly, and potentially give me the chance to put more time and effort into my art. If you're also interested in my Dark stone projects head over to [] where you'll see my comics and illustrated novels. Have Fun!

Featured Stars

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