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Writer of monstergirl lewds, devotee of the undead.
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The humblest of the undead horde, but also its backbone, helping to drive it forward. This tier is primarily to support me in writing and expanding my setting and all that may come to entail in the future, such as commissioning concept art of characters and locations within my settings, or cover art in order to publish eBooks down the line.

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  • Support me in writing various sexy monstergirls in wholesomely? lewd scenarios.

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Hello! I'm Penywise. Writer of undead smut and devotee of the undead ( mostly) as the tag line states somewhere. I write monstergirl smut, primarily vanilla and primarily within my own setting, though a handful of stories I've written on my pastebin aren't. Those are the minority, as I much prefer to expand my own setting, which I'm hoping this subscribestar will help me facilitate.

If you think my writing's worth supporting then please, by all means. I'll admit that I don't really know what I'm doing with this thing, so for now, this will only serve as a tip jar of sorts for those so inclined. Hopefully with the funds I can devote more of my time to writing and also commission concept art, or cover art to begin publishing eBooks of some of my longer works if any one were so inclined to own a copy for themselves. I intend to continue writing and to continue posting my work for free to the aforelinked pastebin and my wordpress, so my intentions with this aren't to subtract from what I'm already doing. Any suggestions you might have to add value my way please feel free to toss them over.
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