Aftermath Team
I am an adult game maker known for projects like The Allure of Wanton Cove, Futa Apocalypse, and Inheritance.
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244 posts
Creator of the text-based RPG, Lilith's Throne.
784 subscribers
106 posts
Hiya! Al here! Your friendly fetish fueled smut artist! Here you can keep the kink fuel going like a faucet for only 1.99$! After all, if you're here... you're not so innocent yourself. ;)
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9 posts
Allie n' Smokey's Den
Hi! I'm Allie and this sinful guy with me is Smokey! Here you can get all the uncensored greatness of both SmokeyGrayPaws and AllieTheWeirdKid for just 15$ a month! You get all our sinful goodness while helping support it coming more and more!
I draw round things and comics about round things: breasts, butts, bellies, balls, as well as gender bender and other transformation content.
Eldritch Prince Writing and Games
I'm here to write stories and make fan games, eventually my own games. Stories will be divided between comic script ideas, prose, and stuff related to the fan games. I've worked with Opium Black before, line editing, but I will not go as far as they do.
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Bumpy Wish Art
I make bellies huge. Most of my art are available on my Twitter and Discord. I don't have many stuff to offer here, but if you want to support me financially you can subscribe to me here!

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