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Expanding Universe Games
Expanding Universe Games
Game Developer bringing the visual novels Hypnosis and Endowed to life
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Expanding Universe Games

Welcome to Expanding Universe Games!

Home to the Adult Visual Novels Hypnosis and Endowed

Both games are free to download and play with the latest public links below, but subscribers get game and story access 30 days early!

Official site:
Ashley's Twitter:


You moved in with your best friend and his family under one condition:

That you don't hook up with your friend's cute little sister Leah who has a crush on you.

The game begins with Leah complaining that her boobs are too small, so to make her feel better you pull out your grandfather's pocket watch and wave it in front of her, telling her that her boobs will grow. This somehow works, and soon all of Leah's friends are asking you to hypnotize them also.

Choose between being the nice guy and the asshole with each girl. It is possible to date multiple girls at the same time, but you will find that girls in small private schools tend to gossip.
There are five main girls with story lines to explore romantically.

Check out the walkthrough


You receive a call out of the blue telling you that your uncle you haven't seen in over a decade has passed.

When you go to pay your respects, you find that he has left you an inheritance including a gentleman's club.

The catch is that before you can own the place, you have to do one thing:
Get married.

Date a variety of girls on your path to finding "the one", all while uncovering who it was that killed your uncle.

Find help on your quest for love (or ass) with advice from your head of security, the DJ and your assistant Kassie.

Check out the walkthrough for Endowed here

What to expect in both games:
Dating sim, girl on girl, harem, breast expansion, lactation, and pregnancy.

What not to expect:
You won't find NTR, anyone under the age of 18, or anything non-consensual.

Also, there are several side stories all contained within the same universe.


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  • Access to games, stories, and comics!

Expanding Universe Games

Hypnosis Episode 14 Part One v1. 4. 2 Download

This post also includes Mega.NZ content links
Posted for $4.99 tiers
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Expanding Universe Games
Public post
Hey guys!

Like with the character guide for Hypnosis, I wanted to make a guide for all the different stories in the Expanding Universe. This details the status of each story, the main fetishes, the characters and how they overlap with other projects.

Although I've written out introductions to each of these stories individually, I haven't done much of a follow up, and several of them are now completed. So if you were waiting for the finished product, here's a summary and where to find everything. 

In the future, I plan to release everything here first going forward, both as a benefit as a patron and so you don't have to search on other websites. These are meant as a thank you for all your support, and although I know a lot of you are here for the games, I did my best to give these a similar feel by adding visuals.

Each story can be found both on my DeviantArt and on the story site

DeviantArt is an easy site to find stories and art. The downside is that you need to sign up with a (free) account to view mature content, and they don't allow visuals with things like bodily fluids or genitalia.
Chyoa has the benefit of customizing the main character's name, keeping things more aligned with the games by letting you personalize the story. Also, no account is needed.

Story Guide

Lockdown With Victoria And Her Sister
The first story written for patrons, it follows Dan, his girlfriend Victoria, and her sister Angela during the pandemic of 2020. When the girls lose their home, Dan invites them to live with him. Problems arise when Dan and Angela discover their mutual attraction.

The story features breast, ass, and hourglass expansion through weight gain. It also contains pregnancy, lactation, and cheating.

Although the story was completed with several renders added for visuals, I recently went back to edit the story and remake the renders, currently with over 80. The story currently goes through Chapter 12 with at least 16 planned, with the option for multiple endings.

Total length: Medium - around 90 pages

Links: Chyoa - DeviantArt 

Bad Influences

This story follows Dan, Brandy and Joline in the prequel to Lockdown With Victoria And Her sister. 

Breast expansion through lactation.

Complete, with 13 chapters and 2 different endings. There is a render for each chapter. 

Total length: Long - around 170 pages

Link: Here 

 My Ex-Girlfriend's Hot Friends
A few weeks after a bad break up, Mike is surprised when his ex's best friends show up at his door, offering him more than their sympathies. There were several different projects I had outlined with these characters showing up, and I finally decided they needed their own story. This story is standalone.

Impregnation, revenge, and light breast expansion through pregnancy.

Complete, with a total of 22 chapters, and over 150 renders.

Total length: Medium - around 83 pages

Links: Chyoa - DeviantArt 

The Perfect Girl

Andrew begins dating a teacher for the summer, and she invites him to her family's lake house. Things are complicated when he realizes an instant attraction to her best friend, causing him to question what his definition of the perfect girl really is. This story is also standalone.

Light breast expansion through lactation, breastfeeding, pregnancy.

Complete, with all three chapters found here on Patreon. Four different renders using VaM.

Total length: Short - around 29 pages.

Links: Chyoa - DeviantArt 

Originally an unfinished story from over a decade ago, it's also getting a rewrite. The story follows Jasmine as a high school senior who discovers taking her sister's prescription pills causes her to grow curvier. The downside, she discovers, is that it makes her a nymphomaniac. As she attempts to deal with her new urges, her reputation suffers, leading her on a path towards becoming a character in Endowed.

Breast expansion, ass expansion, height growth, lactation, nymphofication.

Only one chapter so far, which can be found here on Patreon, along with future chapters.
Total length when completed: Medium


Thanks, everyone!
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Expanding Universe Games
Public post

Hey, everyone!

I've been trying to learn a new 3D modeling program called Virt-A-Mate to use for future projects. Originally, I wanted to make a little comic, but I'm not there yet and figured a short story with visuals would be the next best thing.

I'll get there one day, but for now most of my time and energy is still spent on the games and this is more of a side project in an attempt to improve my craft.
So I finished this little short story for you as side content while I'm finishing up the next game update. It's three chapters and a total of 25 pages in length.

It's about the age old story of dating a girl but falling for her best friend.
The story includes light breast expansion through lactation and impregnation and several sex scenes.

The story can be found over on with the option to customize the main character's name, or on my DeviantArt with other art and stories.

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Expanding Universe Games
Public post

Hypnosis Holiday Special v0.3 Download

This update picks up in the middle of the last Halloween update with all the girls competing in a costume contest. This time, we focus on taking Jenn and Haley to a Haunted House where they get more than they bargained for. 

The haunted mansion is Jenn's idea, even though she's scared of such things. Meanwhile, Haley only wants to go home and eat candy.

After the costume contest, the update ends with a little Christmas special. 

Here's the update:
Mac Download 
Android Download 

More info:
I originally meant for this to be standalone, but I had a difficult time keeping it from being story related, so I believe most of this update will become canon and appear in the next main update, meaning the full update is about halfway done. I meant for this to be played without any spoilers for the future.

My original hesitation with putting anything holiday related in the main game is the timeline. I've been intentionally vague with the different paths to avoid timing conflicts, but I think it should work to throw in school holidays and such, especially now that I have a few trips planned for the future.

There are different routes you can take in this update, so feel free to explore them without consequences, and you can decide which path you'll take in the main game.

I added some silly elements to this, and I attempted to add a few "scary" moments, so let me know how those land. I'll probably take a poll about the overall tone and whether it should be adjusted for the main game. 

I'll talk more about my plans for the next update and what I've been working on for it. I'm excited for it, and although I'm planning to spend time with all of the characters, I'd like to split up the episode into smaller updates to keep from taking too long. 

As is, Episode Thirteen ended in the gym, and we started into Episode Fourteen already. Finishing out that episode will probably be the first update, with the one after taking on the first half of Episode Fifteen. Being as how each episode has been longer than the one before, I think it makes sense to break them up.

Thanks, everyone!

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Expanding Universe Games
Public post

Endowed Chapter Five v0.3.8 Download

Here we go!

Chapter Five is (mostly) complete!

I still have a couple of scenes I'll add in the near future, but this update gives a lot of new content.

Download the PC version here

Download the Mac version here

Download the Android version here 

Ren'py was updated since the last update, so if you're playing on Android it will, sadly, make you delete any old versions and restart.

The walkthrough is updated.

-Added over 5,000 lines of dialogue and code, increasing the length of the game by over 50% (oops)
-Added 600 renders and 27 animations
-Continues storyline from when the gangsters are introduced
-Finishes Chapter 5
-Gives teaser for Chapter 6
-Introduces three new love interests
-Added animations to indicate when the girls are impregnated (currently available in the previous update, the Going Home ending)
-Changed the look of the popups, they now indicate choices outlined in the walkthrough. This is something I'll continue working on, as I feel they're somewhat overused and distracting. I'll get more of your input with this in the future.
-Added the ability to adjust the transparency of the dialogue box in the settings
-Moved around the dates from Chapter 3. Before, you could go out to dinner with Kat, meet up with Raya and end up the night with Gabi all on the same day. This was done to give thirty-six hours for Gabriela to discover her growth, but it made the chapter 3 crowded compared to 4 and felt off with the pacing.
Now, the date with Raya and meeting up with Gabi takes place in Chapter 4, with the meeting with the lawyer swapped and moved to Chapter 3. It only gives Gabriela 12 hours to grow enough to notice, but gives the chapters better balance.
-Updated walkthrough to give a different indication for recommended path vs. character points.

There are some quality of life issues I'm working to fix, such as adding audio and fixing a few things, but for the most part this version is ready to go. I'll add another post about what else I'm working on to show the differences. A lot of it has to do with the lack of in game walkthrough and how to show it while still keeping that optional.

Otherwise, enjoy!

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Expanding Universe Games
Public post

My Ex-Girlfriend's Hot Friends - Story

Hey guys!

I enjoy experimenting with different formats. Games are great because they are immersive, and playing as a character you can direct and take in different directions is unique and fun. But they take a long time to produce, and I don't like to waste people's time with too short of an update. I don't want people to take the time to download, unzip, load up and say, "that's it?" 

So I'm occasionally jealous of content creators who are able to release shorter amounts of content at a time and show their progress in real time to keep everyone updated on what they're working on.

I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I've tried making a comic as side content for you guys a few times. I'll read PervyPagan, AnotherBloomer or Fredricton3D's work and think, "hey! This looks sleek! I should try my hand at this again!" 

But inevitably, I spend about an hour trying to figure out how to make the format work for me and get frustrated with how much time and effort it takes to format the text and have it still look amateur.

So I've been sticking with my two major formats, the visual novels and the occasional story. But the stories run the same issue, as I write them on the side so they take months to come out with significant content. 

However, I was chatting with AlwaysBeGrowing and he mentioned part of his success is from using a shorter format. Stories don't need to be 100 pages, because most people don't plan to sit down and read a NSFW story for that long anyway. So recently I tried something different. Something halfway between a story and a comic. 



Fresh out of a break up, Mike is avoiding his ex like the plague. However, when two of her hot friends drop by, he can't help being a little curious.

This one is quick, to the point, and comes with visuals. There is typically renders every few paragraphs. It's currently at 10 chapters, but each one is short and sweet.

It's on which, if you aren't familiar with, gives the option to tell stories in the choose your own adventure format. So far, this story is straight forward, but I plan to give different paths to accommodate for taste.

Also, you can change the protagonist's name which is cool.

Check out the story here!

Or, if you prefer DeviantArt, find it here.
You may have noticed the models are the same I used for Bad Influences. This is because after writing the descriptions for the girls, I realized they matched what I had in mind perfectly. No, of course they aren't based on a real ex-girlfriend of mine's best friends! Why would you think that?

Plus, I didn't want to take much time away from the current Endowed update I'm finishing up by creating new ones.

Hope you like it!
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