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Hirazaki Ryukawa
Furry artist specializing in weight gain and inflation. Occasional collabs with my partner.
11 subscribers
152 posts
Icarus Illustrations
is creating Digital art and Erotica
2600 subscribers
167 posts
Yes, hello! I am Xin Jin Meng, the Novelty of the Golden Fantastic. I am a furry, a dragon, an enby, a primadonna, a virago, a vorarephile, a sybarite, an aesthete, and if there's any time left over after all that, an artist.
3 subscribers
352 posts
I draw alot of Inflation art. I will inflate your waifus. Mark my words...
10 subscribers
16 posts
Howdy, I'm LowKey, and I produce all kinds of expansion fetish-based art. From inflation to weight gain, and sizes from normal to absurd, I cover a wide range of wide art. Expect a significant amount of bellies, butts, and blueberries!
54 subscribers
45 posts
Inflation animator. Fictional characters getting bigger in various ways, mostly girls. Anything posted here will remain exclusive to SubscribeStar for at least a month (with the exception of finished animation works). You can also follow me on Twitter at
519 subscribers
278 posts
I'm a big bag of gas! I create kinky photo and video content featuring BIG inflation suit play, gas mask play, and fursuiting!
3 days
 Trust Period
108 subscribers
40 posts
Body-Expansion at it's biggest!
15 subscribers
555 posts

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