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is creating Digital art and Erotica
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You can currently join and view my content on this tier for free. I'm trying to see if volountary support can be a sustainable alternative to a paywall, I will keep it going for as long as possible.

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I'd buy that for a dollar

Just $1 to be part of this community, You can pay more if you feel like you can afford to - but I appreciate times are tight for everyone and I would like this place to be accessible to as many people as possible.

Most posts will be available immediately with the exception of monthly "tales of intrigue!" Which you can still vote on, and eventually, even the monthly Story content will become available for you a couple of months after being published.

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Big Fans

Showing lots of love and support for the cause!

This is all I'm asking for complete access to everything the minute it's ready. I'm hoping enough people are willing to spare this small amount per month to make a full time commitment possible.

You'll be making the time investment possible for a monthly expansion themed story every month of at least 30 panels. These "Tales Of Intrigue" (as they're known) are decided on by a vote every month, where you'll choose from a list which story you'd like to see.

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  • Another patreon refugee.
Icarus Illustrations


(Open. Public) 
There is where I'll be adding the older artwork I've made over the years. I intend to make it public access rather than keep them locked away forever, I don't feel you lose the right to see the work and pictures you supported after you've stopped subscribing. Supporting my current projects and art is more than enough! Everything will find it's way here eventually after a few months in the subscriber galleries. Be aware some of this artwork is 4 years old and hopefully you'll just take them as a measure of how much my ability has developed.

It is also a place for the public and for the curious who want to see whats on offer before committing, especially as I have to charge up front to keep bots and fake skimming accounts away, I feel that's a fair exchange rather than ask for a blind leap.

Icarus Illustrations
Public post

My Subscribestar is now Free

Lets find out if there's an alternative to paywalls to support a full time artist.
All future posts will be public and available on the follower tier for as long as possible.
If the experiment works, it can continue indefinitely. The support of this community literally puts food on my table and I am eternally grateful but I don't want anyone to miss out if they cant afford it, or their bank wont let them support subscribestar.

I'm doing this for many reasons, 
Firstly, Paypal and J.p. Morgan are using their financial leverage to cancel lewdness on the internet I get a lot of messages from people who cant register here using their banks, I've got no solution for that other than making it free for people who's banks literally wont let them in. Secondly because times are getting tougher for everyone i'd prefer knowing people arent having to make budget choices. And thirdly I want to atone for letting everyone down with the unplanned nervous breakdown and 6 month hiatus that happened when my dads cancer treatment started going downhill, my bad.

I'll give an update and review on this policy in December. If i'm still able to pay bills I'd be happy for it to continue. Regardless of what happens, the public archive will always be public.

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Icarus Illustrations
Public post

TOI: Laura and Water IV - A swell day out (Part 5)

  • DESIGN: Set/scenery, props, characters, lighting, clothes, textures. - FINISHED
  • RENDER: Choreography, morphs, expressions, rendering frames. - 52/60 WORKING
  • EDITING: Narration, photo shop, cutting room, effects, re-shoots. - 7/60 WORKING
  • PREMIER: Compose post --

Workshop Gallery Buffer: 7/20 Frames.
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Icarus Illustrations
Public post

UPDATE! - Story status and progress

Was hoping to get a post up way sooner than this, Mum caught the new Covid strain/wave and got pretty sick - then of course, I caught it while caring for her and generally it's been a struggle to get up to speed again.

As you know, I don't like posting without dropping content so I just wanted to say I really appreciate your patience, I'm doing everything I can to make it worth the wait. Also I've been doing a lot of hours in the workshop updating old character designs and putting a razor edge on fine skin details, the last frame in this gallery you can see how it's paying off, not something I'll use all the time as I do like a slightly toon style, but having the  option and ability is very nice milestone.

The next chapter is almost ready, just needs narration and there will be a finale after this one. I fully expect to have it published by the weekend! This one will be about 50 frames long, so another double episode.
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Icarus Illustrations
Public post

Workshop Gallery 19/06

Character design isn't always easy. Capturing distinguishing continental features of asia, india, africa etc without making them a stereotype is a doubly sensitive process when my art style is already 20% Toon. I think Tabia (Tabby) and Sahira look lovely and are now part of the library. "Ara-ara" lady also needs a name I haven't decided on yet but definitely gives 'Megumi's mom' vibes. I think it would be neat to do a couple of workshops just featuring a gallery of characters from my library, listing their story credits and appearances if any - like IMDb actors. I also want to bring back the bestiary entries, because there's still a lot of to cover there. We should have a poll on which species to feature next.

Also here's the conclusion to our fun diversion into the "close encounters of the lewd kind" TOI story concept. It's definitely one for the feature story list and would be a real treat to do with a 'Mars Attacks' tongue in cheek. I think I've got enough story ideas now for at least the next two years, so currently I'm feeling very happy and secure In terms of Ideas and future content. Speaking of TOI's - Start watching the ch5 progress pinned post again, I'm looking to get it done soon.
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Icarus Illustrations
Public post

Workshop 18/06 

Hi all - I know I didn't promise a schedule but I was gone much longer than planned, I'm really sorry about that.
Working on art 50 hours a week is OK if you have someone to take care of the house and the garden, family and the paperwork and the 100 other responsibilities life will throw at you, but I dont. There's just me and a dozen people leaning on me. The backlog took about a month to sort out after it got too much to put off, I'm not going to let that stack up ever again, it was bad taking it all on at once.

There's other stuff that kept me down - but I don't want this to be a page long, and I'd rather get back to the reason why we're here instead of some pity post, it's time for something positive: Here's some content.

This is a story idea - about an alien race who are completely oblivious to the concept of sex and natural reproduction. My thoughts: their men were so warlike they had to get rid of them in order to become an enlightened spacefaring race - which wasnt hard because they all died in epic wars. 
Then after a few thousand years of cloning/vat babies you kinda forget what a vagina's actually for (lets pretend they haven't figured scissoring out either :| ) Our guy here is kindly educating his curious alien abductor in that regard. 

There's more, plus a bunch of random stuff so I'll keep it as a buffer for the next post in a couple of days while I resume work on the TOI. It'll be good to see it back on track.
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Icarus Illustrations
Public post


Hi all.
I purposefully didn't set out deadlines or a schedule because of weeks like this. I know people are waiting on part 5 but it had to go on hold.
Last week was Dad's anniversary. I thought I was doing OK until my mum called me up in tears and I realized it's not all about me. I took his death pretty hard but mum is definitely still mourning - I went over to spend the week with her and share some of my happy memories of him. They were together for over 30 years.

I'm returning to work on part 5 of Laura's swell day out today but I just wanted to share some thoughts today about the Fallout series on Amazon, because I've been getting a lot of asks about the Fallout rebirth series I made and if we'll ever get back to it. It'd be nice and I do have some ideas - if I can ever get enough lore friendly props and sets together we just might see an T.O.I arc again.

Ideally I'd want a vault interior to mess about in. Had a quick rummage in the props and wardrobe, and managed to put some pretty good frames together to see how it could look.
Hope this week finds you well!
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Icarus Illustrations
Public post

TOI: Laura swell day out! (part4) Double length.

I gave up on the editing with this one, there was no clear cliffhanger/end point at around 20 frames so i just kept going. The result is 36 frames this time, almost a double episode. Hopefully worth the wait! Part 5 will probably be the final episode and of similar length, either everything happens at once, or I'll try and split it into 2 episodes, not sure.


It'll have to be in an link as SubscribeStar only allows 20 pictures at a time in a post. This makes it a lot easier for me as actually sorts the pictures my number. I ask that just because you can download it easily, please don't redistribute it immediately - these may be public posts but I like my homepage to have a little exclusivity. Please wait a couple or weeks or I'll have to go back to embedding in posts and making it harder for everyone.

I only have a few regrets about this story. One of them is the very busy background through the window which makes it harder to read the narration. The other is that damn tape measure, every time Laura moves or grows I have to adjust all 27 segments to smoothly wrap it round her waist. never again maybe. 

As always, love your comments and feedback, will try and answer as many as I can while I'm working on the next part.
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Icarus Illustrations
Public post

Workshop Gallery 30/04

Haven't been feeling well the past couple of days, I'm too spaced out on the beta blockers to put a complex scene together. They're making me so dozy that I'm having trouble focusing on small text, which if you've caught a stream is most of my workspace. 

Normally I'd keep that to myself and wait til it passes but it's starting to eat into the schedule. Here's some art buffer stuff while I figure out how to get my resting heart rate above 60. First is some prop and set work for the Untitled Scifi Robot story, that makes 6 TOI's concepts ready to go, not inclusing Special delivery or Phantom pregnancy, so theres months of content ahead.. 

Also the buffer has nice sexy nurse short story that will go somewhere fun - sorry there's no dialogue, I'm not focused enough to write fun stuff good rn, please add your own narrative :) I'll get round to by publishing time.
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