I'm a passionate artist trying to fulfill my dream of becoming a full-time erotica artist!
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Adult animations with a focus on bondage and fetish content.
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Welcome! I do NSFW animations in Source Filmmaker, I mostly do loops/short animations but I want to make bigger projects. By supporting me, you help me seek my goal to dedicate myself to this. I do at least 1 monthly animation poll so my supporters can choose a character for me to animate, as support grows, I'll be able to make more. If you need to ask me anything, the best way to contact me is through my Discord server: Also, I strongly suggest to use it since I upload WIPs there and subscribers have access to special channels. Thanks!
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Chris The Incubus
Hi I'm Chris The Incubus: I have many different personas, and lay my talents anywhere I choose to go. I make animation, artwork, and trying my hand in game development.
mgr MerryGORound
I like to draw cute girls.All characters depicted are consenting and 18+
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