Artist and storyteller of kinds of crazy genres and topics! Most of my themes are for adult audiences only, even when sfw~
Dan Standing reDUX
"I intend to speak of forms changed into new entities..." Little did Dan Standing know that Ovid's opening lines in Metamorphoses would have such an impact on his life. Dan has worked on transformation fiction for over a decade, and wants to bring better fantasy comics and stories to more people. He also wants to work on building a permanent and tangible legacy for the genre we all love. Please check to see total monthly rewards aggregated across all fundraiser platforms, you will receive more rewards than the goals "met" here. You will receive all rewards as a SubscribeStar donor at the end of the month!
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I do nsfw artworks. I'm currently doing a small mature themed graphic novel which I'll be posting periodically.
This is the world of older, mature ladies, usually in nylon stockings and pantyhose, who prefer the company of well built studs. I illustrate these scenarios with animation, still images and visual novels. The scenarios are not sci-fi or fantasy, they are more about recreating real-life sex drama - the stories that circulate your neighbourhood.
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Hello! I'm Snug. I make byte size games that focus on intimate simulation content!
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