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Minsu here, drawing cute and suggestive art as we work towards learning how to make a comic short?
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Tier 1

Thank you so much for supporting ~ ♡ You will have access to seeing finished product first before the public, access to voting for chibi & pin-ups, a total of 4 community picked chibi's per month via polls!

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Tier 2

My appreciation, prior tier rewards, access to PSD/High-Resolution images.

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Tier 3

Prior tiers; Access to NSFW psd files/High Res images, 10% off on commissions, entered in monthly raffle for a chance to win a free chibi piece! (Max 2 winners)

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Tier 4:

This Tier is literally a joke but omg if you do subscribe my ungoddamndyinglove???? Um of course you have access to everything prior. 1 Free Experimental styled commissions? Can range from me changing up my chibi style to full body stuff? omg what do I offer here?!?!?!

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  • Cute art, tons of concept stuff of projects I don't finish that the public has yet to see. My undying love and appreciation to how kind you all are to support me!

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