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I am an artist, writer, and game developer. I make content related to themes of hypnosis, mind control, and transformation. My biggest projects currently are Adventure High; a game about a magic college, and Spiral Clicker, a game about clicking a spiral.
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Subscription Tiers

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Early Access

Subscribers at this tier get access to new game updates one week before the public release.

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High Res Art

Subscribers at this tier and above will get access to high res versions of all artwork that I draw, or I commission to be used in my games. I will make a post with all of the new content weekly.

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Live Updates

Subscribe to this tier for access to new updates to my game as they are made. They may be buggy at first; but you will get to see new content the moment it is finished.

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Supporter Art Requests

You get the bonuses from above, plus access to faster free request slots. I usually do one or two request drawings a month, and generally supporters get a shorter wait time. (One request at a time, per person)

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Name Drop

In addition to the above benefits, Subscribers at this tier will be able to name a background NPC in Adventure High, or a generic girl in Spiral Clicker. (Once per person, copywritten names won't be able to be used)

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Minor Cameo

Have a character of your design in one of my games as a generic character; either in Adventure High's teacher plotlines (Hospital Harem, Bimbo Lessons, or Extra Credit plotlines) Or as a generic girl in Spiral Clicker. (Once per Person)



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