Artist and creator of adult art. Mostly about slavery, bondage and bdsm. Contact: [email protected] Yes I do commissions. Just ask :-)
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Creator of collared girls / bare feet in cuffs / very long hair / long skirts / chained barefoot nudes / naked soles / cuffed slaves / slave girl collars / foot fetish chains / breast piercings / pierced nipples
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I make comics about taboo subjects. Bondage, BDSM, Humiliation, Public Use, Slavery and other stuff like that.
I'm a 3D artist with a distinctive taste for capturing and dominating elf girls, particularly princesses and queens. Many of my renders depict placing damsels in distress, where they endure public nudity, embarrassing situations, and perilous encounters with all kinds of beasts. But don't worry - all of the women in my renders have a deep desire to be dominated and humiliated. They absolutely LOVE IT! They can't help but keep getting captured over and over!
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