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Version 0. 8. 0 for Tier 3

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Version 0.8.0 changelog

The new version is ready.
Download link will be in a separate post.

1. Added money to the game. From now on every time one of your slaves serves a client, you’ll receive some gold. The amount depends on her tier (more about it later). Currently you can spend that money on gifts for the girls and new outfits. Later I will add more use for your hard earned cash.

2. Added an interface that displays your current gold. It shows when you select a location. It also displays automatically when there is some interaction on the screen with a price attached to it.
3. Added new location “Tailor shop”. Here you can buy new outfits for your slaves. Currently just one, but I’m planning to add more.
4. Added 2 encouragement interactions: “Small gift” and “Expensive gift”. Both of them cost money.
5. When you tell a slave to try new outfit, there is now a dialogue unique for each dress and the girl can refuse to put it on.
6. Added popularity tiers. Higher tier equals higher price for girl’s service.
7. Changed slave details UI. Now it consists of 2 parts:
  a. The first part is always visible. There you can see slave’s name, her popularity and current tier, last rating from a client and her work situation.
  b. The second part is a modal window. It shows when you press “?” in the first menu. It contains girl’s skills, features and some statistics. If she served a client last night, there will be detailed information about her performance and why she got that specific score.
8. Added tooltips for “Favors”, “Misbehavior”, “Encouragement” and “Discipline” sliders. Along with a general description it also shows what exactly slave did or you did to her.
9. Added a new discipline “Pole of Shame”.
10. Added the ability to block time advance until player visits specific location. For example if you initiate the pole of shame discipline for the first time, you’ll have to visit Client’s Area at night to witness it. Later it will be used for quests. The location you must visit is marked with an exclamation mark.
11. Fixed that annoying bug that was making Tizita blink sometimes.
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