On this page I will upload 3d adult content.Comics, videos, VR content (images and videos of 360 degrees).Adult versions of famous movies and TV shows
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Aiming for HQ Gaming/Video Experiences for VR and Desktop.
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I'm a Unity developer, creating (mostly) Pony-related porn with HDRP and Virtual Reality.
Ero-simulator with high-end visuals, in-depth character design, & immersive environments. Early development. VR supported.
Hia. I make 3D models and animations of game characters, And I would love to see if this is something I should focus more on. Right now I aim to have at least one animation up every week, and most of my stuff will also be released in VR videos. All characters and animations are in compliance with the law. (Update 08, July 2020 : Apparently models made in Blender 2.8 struggle to be opened in 2.79 and lower. Most of my models are made in 2.8. So please keep that in mind before you join.)
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