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Hidden-Hamster's Hive profile
Hidden-Hamster's Hive
Hidden-Hamster's Hive
Greetings, my guests. It is I, that strange guy from Welcome to my hive. If your'e into females being cocooned in sticky and stretchy bug secretions in dark and dreadful places, this is the place for you. I'm also into soft vore and other such lovely things :3 The denizens of this dark subterranean underworld wish you to bear witness how things work down here. Sit back and enjoy the show... you know you want to ^^
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Surface Dweller

Become part of the community. This basic tier grants subscribers access to Hidden Hamster's Hidden Lair discord server. You'll be able to ask me questions, talk to other subscribers and be kept up to speed as I post frequent status updates on current and future pencil sketches.

0 subscribers SubscribeStar $5.50 tier
per month

In this tier, subscribers gain access to my scanned drawings. These rough drawings are exclusive to SubscribeStar and provide the foundation for my completed digital paintings found in the higher tier.

0 subscribers SubscribeStar $7.00 tier
per month

In this tier, there are a number of additional perks. Subscribers gain access to my finished full colour work and comic pages at least a month before being posted anywhere else. All work posted is at 1982 x 1440 pixels, much higher than you'll find anywhere on the internet. You'll also have access to alt image versions and textless comic pages, of which are exclusive to SubscribeStar. As a bonus, subscribers also have access to WIP pics, as a means of tracking progress.

2 subscribers SubscribeStar $10.00 tier


  • Subscribers will gain access to exclusive drawings that won't get posted anywhere else. Some of these ideas and concepts may remain on the cutting room floor and may well never get the treatment that my finished pieces receive.
  • You will also get to see new polished digital paintings at least an entire month before anywhere else. Plus higher resolution images will be found exclusively here on SubscribeStar.

The subscription gives you:
  • Access to Creator's profile content.
  • Ability to support your Creator by contributing – one-time or recurring.
  • Means to reaching out to the Creator directly via Instant Messenger.
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