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I'm translating lewd Japanese games and doujinshi for your viewing pleasure. Any tip is greatly appreciated.
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Creator of the text-based RPG, Lilith's Throne.
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Hello, I'm currently working on College Daze, an adult choose-your-own-adventure game. New releases come out on the 28th of every month.
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Become Someone
Become someone is an adult life simulator game (HTML - Text Based) giving you the ability to choose a life path that will allow you to meet girls that will react to you in different ways depending on your stats.
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Jpmaggers Games
Jpmaggers is creating Erotic NSFW games for the PC (18+), in-particular "The Repurposing Center".
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The Alchemist and the Slave
I making a text-based 18+ game.The game available here:
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Surprise & Delight
Surprise & Delight Media is the co-ed creator team behind "In Her Own Hands," an interactive, adult-content game with a sex-positive, female protagonist that explores all all aspects of sex, sexuality, and gender in her erotic city adventures.

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