Hi, I’m DCS! I create and develop comics and visual novels that center around relationships, sexuality, romance, comedy, and character development. All of my content is sex-positive and heavily focused on LGBT+ relationships and themes.
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Hi, I’m Ninnie or Hela! I draw a webcomic called Like the Sun Loves the Moon, as well as other art that mostly is erotic in nature!
Resident teratophile making the porn I want to see in the world.
Hello! My name is Lacrimale but a lot of people refer to me as Lacri, whatever floats your boat. give me a nickname. I'm a 23 year old college graduate! Much like the rest of my art, I do this a lot for fun - especially NSFW art. I find it fun to draw it and enjoy it a lot even more-so that I have a ton of ideas to get to drawing. I frequently focus on a lot of teratophilia stuff and my werewolf art is also, quite the hit. However, it is not going to be limited to those kinds of stuff! Stage and I have a lot of characters, and I'm sure one will hit your fancy ;)
I'm Eyenoom, a nerdy artist and writer from Denmark with a soft spot for everything to do with dragon and monsters!
Howdy! I'm Ashe, a Half Blind NonBinary Bird who draws things and likes scaly things! — ♍︎ — ISTJ — 24 — They / Them — 🐦🐍✨ —
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