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I write dark erotic fanfiction, original stories, and webnovels. Many of my stories feature BDSM, bullying, humiliation, degradation, abuse, facefucking, and other taboo kinks. Not for the faint of heart. These stories are all fantasies.
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Welcome! I am creating the renpy visual novel "Special Request". The female protagonist Laura is a young, educated and successful woman. She lives a predictable life with her husband, has a good job and is busy with charity. Until one day she gets trapped in the sick net of blackmail. Lead the female MC Laura through the darkest hours of her life! It has been described as "not for everyone. It's lewd, in your face and I am wet." It is the game for those who love humiliation fetish. Enjoy!
So here is the deal, Im going to be posting some sketches -mostly weekly- and when I have enough subscribers, Ill start a poll each month and choose which sketches is getting finished into a full color image... also I will try and do some comission work from time to time so stay tooned!.
Lustful Majesty
I write cuckold erotica to satisfy your guilty pleasures.
A quirky artist that mostly does cute and lewd/NSFW/Furry art. =) Also I draw LOTS of underwear and butts! lol
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I'm creating Femdom, Futanari and NTR games, arts and worlds.
Hey I'm Swampy and I like to draw fart, scat, and giantess fetish art and comics!
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I write smutty stories and general kink!
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Alex Bridges
ABDL, diapers, spanking, femdom, lezdom, and other fetish fiction and audios.
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Candyland Studio
Hey! We are a small team new to making adult games. Our games involve characters being placed into "unusual" situations and trying their best to save themselves from getting into all sorts of... trouble ;)
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