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Lustful Majesty
Lustful Majesty
I write cuckold erotica to satisfy your guilty pleasures.
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Lustful Majesty

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Lustful Majesty
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Church of Vie

There is only one thing I can call myself obsessed with. No matter what I’m doing or how my day went, I can reliably go to Vie’s Twitch streams and marvel at her perfection. I’m not the only one who’s noticed how flawless she is. She’s one of the biggest streamers out there, mainly because men just like me can’t help themselves. She flashes her feet on cam once, and we’re all hooked.

It was a mistake to watch her expose her toes for the first time. I shouldn’t have looked. If I knew what it would lead to, I would have told myself back then to avert my eyes before falling into helpless obedience to the creases and folds on her feet. Instead, all she has to do is wave them at me, and I’m instantly hard. My cock can’t please any woman except for her. The way she smiles devilishly on stream tells me she knows exactly what she’s doing to thousands of men across the world every time she points the cam down at her bare thighs and pink knees, leading down her shins to those beautifully pedicured feet.

Vie is my goddess. I’ve been worshipping her for years, ever since I first happened upon her streams. The viewer count was small then, but I knew she could only snowball in size. I proved my dedication to her year after year by constantly interacting in the chat. It was my worst habit. I knew spending all that time adoring a girl like her would never end well for me, but I just couldn’t help it. I defended her from trolls, consoled her during bad days, and eventually, I became a mod for her stream’s chat.

She even made a Discord server to gather all of her followers in one place. Her fans were loyal, but I was the most devout out of them all. After a certain point, nothing else could come close to helping me drain my two tiny grape-sized balls except for her feet. I was captured and enslaved by them, and she knew it.

I didn’t mean to be a creep, but I come off as obsessed whenever I get the rare chance to talk to her. She’s a celebrity, and she has no business spending her time on someone like me. She even sends me racy pictures in DM’s. I can't help but squirm in my seat whenever the tops of her feet cross my sight.

She made an announcement on her server by pinging the mods. Something big was happening—a special event in her stream. Was someone getting… a job?

I dropped everything just to tune in, no matter the inconvenience. A team of Vie’s other depraved, sex-starved mods and I clamored over each other just to get in first and see her beautiful face and long, dark hair. Even her headphones were adorable little pink cat ears. She was utterly irresistible, and everyone who joined in to watch was undoubtedly infatuated with her. However, I was the most out of everyone else, and she knew it.

From the sound of things, she wanted to have a private meeting with each one of us for an “interview”. She batted her eyes and squished her tits together with her shoulders, which made me almost explode in my pants. My pathetic little worm of a cock couldn’t handle the private show I was getting. Her neckline was so revealing that I could almost see inside her shirt and glimpse that perky nipple tucked away beneath. I was salivating at the thought of a nip-slip, only half-listening to her words. My thighs came apart to allow my minuscule two-incher some room to throb while she excitedly bobbed her chest up and down. I was mesmerized by how her perky, round C-cups wobbled, and the rest of the guys also had to be.

“I’m looking forward to talking to Q the most. I don’t know if you guys knew this, but he’s been a loyal follower from day one!” What? Was she talking about me? She was saying my username.

“My fans mean so much to me, and I know I mean a lot to them, too. Alright, I think that’s everything I wanted to say. Good luck, everyone!”

Fuck. I had to get my shit together quickly. Vie mentioned we’d have to be on video to get the position. I sprinted to the bathroom and gave myself a look of disgust. My facial hair was patchy and thin, I had no muscle on me, and the little tent in my shorts was barely anything at all. There had to be a million guys better qualified than me, yet I was still determined. I had to use everything to lock down this position or die trying.

I cleaned myself up with a short shower and a comb through my mangy, thick black hair. Then, I put together my best button-up and tie and sat down with nothing covering my bottom half except a raggedy pair of underwear—no one needed to know that, though.

My heart dropped when I got a video call from her in Discord. My very own private video call with Vie. Shit, I don’t want to fuck this up. I quickly accept and turn on my cam.

“Hello?” I meekly ask with the light of my screen illuminating my average-looking face.

“Hi, Q! So nice to finally meet you,” she chirped as if we were old friends. Well, we kind of were.

“So, what makes you qualified for the position?”

I wrung my hands just out of view of the webcam. “Well, I’ve got the most experience with you out of anyone else. You said it yourself. I’ve been a follower from day one. I’ve moderated for you for a really long time, and I think I deserve the position the most out of anyone.”

Wow, I didn’t even stutter. All of that just came out of me naturally. I thought with how nervous I was that I’d stumble somewhere, but I appeared confident in what I was saying.

“Oh, yeah. I knew all that. What I’m asking is, why do you really want the job?”

She reclined back in her chair and set her bare feet up on her desk, winking her toes at me with her ankles crossed over one another. I immediately felt a lump in my throat, and my resilience wavered.

“I—uh—I want it… because…” My hardon was made of rock-solid steel in my drawers.

“Come on, spit it out. I want to hear you say it.”

My hand instinctively moved to press against my junk. Vie scrunched her soles up at me and flexed her toes apart, wiggling them in my face. It was so humiliating to be enslaved to the sight of her beloved feet.

My shoulder rose and fell slowly on cam as she openly flashed her wrinkly soles.

“Aww, what’s the matter? Did I do something to distract you?” She curled her toes at me, and I opened my mouth to engulf them as if they would cross over the internet barrier any second. My hand eagerly dove into my fly to wrap around my shrimp-sized dick to get some relief from this painful teasing. My head dropped back, and my dribbling cock wept with pre every time I squeezed with the sight of her feet burned into my brain. It was obvious what I was doing by this time, but Vie wasn’t deterred one bit.

“That’s unprofessional to take your eyes away from your screen when I’m talking to you.”

My sight snapped back to my monitor to watch her feet lazily sway back and forth, enthralling me to jerk off my full two inches just for her. She was captivating. It didn’t even occur to me that she could be recording this to use against me later. Instead, all that consumed my mind was her feet's shape, size, texture, and taste. They were perfect for me to worship like the footslave I was.

“You really want this, don’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I blurted out without thinking twice. The desperate strain in my voice must have given it away that I was seconds from blowing my subpar load into my hand.

“Stop right there. You’re not going to move another muscle, or else you’d be forfeiting the position.”

I tensed up and released my grip on what could barely be called a shaft. My balls ached with the promise of release taken away from them, making my teeth grit together.

“How fast can you get a plane ticket to see me, Q?” She tormented me by rocking her feet back and forth on her desk, tempting me to touch myself again instead of obeying her commands.

“Uh… Right now. I’ll do that r-right now.” My fingers flew across the keys while I searched for a flight. I found one for today in just a few hours.

“I’ll have everything packed… I’m landing at 8 P.M. Uh… will I see you at the airport?”

“Yes,” she cooed. “I’ll have someone from my team come and get you. In the meantime, you’re not allowed to cum. Be a good boy and behave for me, won’t you?”

Her domineering voice sent shivers down my spine. Good boy. Yes, that was what I was meant to be. I was Vie’s good boy.

I must’ve had an erection the entire flight, but at least it was small enough not to be noticeable. I could only think about what awaited me once I landed. If I saw Vie’s feet up close and in person, I think I’d be able to die a happy man.

What if I repulse her? I hardly know her intentions, but she’ll see she’s taller than me the second we meet. As soon as she takes my pants off, she’ll know I’m not equipped for having sex. I’ve got a useless tiny dick that’s only an inch long when I’m not staring at her feet.

Whatever the case, I sought out her driver, who had my name on a sign at the baggage claim. He ushered me into the car and transported me down busy, car-filled roads. The limousine interior was luxurious leather-pleated seats with complimentary bottles of water, phone chargers, and a pleasant scent blowing in through the vents. She must be loaded to give a guy like me service like this.

Finally, we entered through two iron gates with security posted around the property. The driveway was long and wide, leading to a pristine courtyard and a tall, slender girl. The driver pulled up to the curb, and I reluctantly stepped out with my heart pounding.

She brushed her long, shiny hair behind her neck and slightly quirked her head to the side.

“Oh, wow, you’re shorter than I imagined.”

That wouldn’t end her disappointments, but at least I had the bandaid ripped off early. What if I came all the way here for nothing? What if she turned me away here and now? I’d have to call the airline and find a trip back home and—

I like shorter guys! She held her hand to me, and I took it. My palms were clammy, but she didn’t notice or expect anything from me.

She brought me into her palace with unending vaulted ceilings and marble floors. The walls hung huge frames of classically painted artwork in every room. Soon enough, we were at a large conference area with several high-quality office chairs lined up to a table made of dark wood.

“Don’t be shy, now. Take a seat. I’m so glad to have you here finally.”

She closed the door behind the two of us, trapping me in with her and only her. On the table was a document several pages long and a fancy pen.

“Take all the time you need to read it thoroughly. In essence, you’d be my social media assistant on paper, but you’d be moving in with me and taking the role of a sort of house husband. Does that sound good?”

My face was warm to the touch, probably covered in blush, and I couldn’t even comprehend what was said. House husband? Sign me the fuck up. I flipped to the last page with no hesitation and signed my name, eternalizing my undying adoration for Vie.

“Good choice. Now for the fun part.”

Huh? What does that mean?

She opened a sealed case with an assortment of dildos, vibrators, condoms, paddles, and anything that a deviant would need to have a good time. Was it the right time to bring up that my cock was the wrong size to satisfy her? I opened my mouth to speak, but instead, she put her finger on my lips and silenced me.

“You should read the terms and conditions before you sign your life away. Now put this on.”

She threw a leather harness at me that looked like a bunch of straps held together by metal rings straight from a BDSM handbook. I held it up in the air, inspecting it before she took over and shoved me out of the chair to the ground.

“You really are useless, aren’t you?” Vie unlatched the rings and wrapped me up in the tangled web of leather straps with unexpected strength. Before I knew it, I was bound to crawl around on just my knees by the constraints of the straps.

“Good doggy. You’re contractually bound to call me Mistress from now on, got it?”

“Contractually obligated? What do you mean?”

“That document you just signed has an NDA, a clause for serfdom, and, by all technicalities, you are officially my slave. See? You signed the papers yourself.”

I was about to protest, but then she slipped off her ankle-high socks while sitting her round ass down on the chair before me like a throne. My mind went numb as soon as she presented the tops of her feet to me. I didn't think of the consequences anymore. Her feet were right there, the same ones I'd been lusting after for years, begging for a kiss. I disavowed the last rational voice in my head telling me to hold onto my dignity by leaning in close and pressing my lips to the knuckles of her elegant toes.

The restriction of being bound in a harness and the shame of becoming my favorite streamer’s footslave broke me. Poking out of my emasculated groin was my pitifully-sized dicklette begging for attention.

“Sit back on your haunches,” she commanded, and I dutifully obeyed. My forearms and biceps were bound together with my calves to my thighs. I was just a pet to Vie. As soon as my tent was exposed, she raised her foot up to it and caressed me with a touch more gentle than I deserved. I couldn’t control my impulses and humped against her with all two inches. I even spurted enough to leak onto her skin.

Suddenly, she pulled back her foot. Not knowing any better, I left my thighs splayed with my petite balls in a perfect position for—


My vision flashed white, and a hot stinging sensation radiated through every nerve in my body.

“Good boys don’t hump until I tell them to.”

She gingerly brushed her foot past my still-aching erection while I whimpered. Tears welled in my eyes, but her voice was soothing to listen to after experiencing such intense pain.

“Go on, ask for permission.”

“Mistress… may I hump your foot?”

Vie gave an approving nod. Despite the lingering tingle of pain, I pressed my little cocklette against it. She pushed her toes deep into my balls which added a pleasant pressure. Like an actual dog, I was panting with my tongue lolled out of the corner of my mouth while I humped away mindlessly.

I couldn’t take it anymore. My senses were overloaded with euphoria. I looked up to my Mistress with hazy eyes and bated breath when suddenly an eruption of warm seed soiled my pants. My cock slit seeped, and I smeared it in, wringing the last of my load out against her.

“You came from just rubbing against my feet? Wow. You’re the biggest footfag beta I know. That’s saying a lot considering your competition is all of the other mods. You’re the weakest out of all of them. That’s why I picked you.”

“You also make the most money. Speaking of that, my team is already re-routing all of your income to my account. You can beg me for an allowance now if you’d like.”

She opened up the case again and pulled out a girly pink chastity cage. It looked even bigger than I needed, but that only added to the humiliation that I couldn’t properly fit inside of a device made to neuter me.

“You’ll need to wear this from now on. I can’t trust you not to jerk off every second now that all of your sick, twisted fantasies are coming true. Isn’t that right, cuck?”

She yanked down my underwear and fitted the cage to me only to see how oversized it was for my frustratingly small dick.

“Eugh, that’s what you’ve been using to hump me? Jesus, no wonder you turned out this way.”

Before locking it away forever, she batted it from side to side with her pinky which was longer than the two-inch chub I was offering. She then clamped the cage over the base of my dick and snapped it shut.

“My initials are at the top, so you know exactly who you belong to, dog.”

Vie shoved me back onto my hands and knees. My back arched as I posed in the perfect submissive form for my benevolent goddess. She stuck her foot into my face and spaced her toes apart.

“Kiss,” she demanded with an evil glint lighting up her eyes. 

This was just the start of my new perverted life serving at the feet of my Twitch e-girl mistress.
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