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Welcome to my SubscribeStar! All of my works are F/F spanking themed with original characters and anime girls. With your support I can spend more time making animations and developing the game [Kana Sensei]. All characters depicted have reached the age of majority 18+.
456 subscribers
86 posts
Queer (trans and bi) artist of the NSFW variety. I enjoy drawing original characters and some fanart. You can support me to see exclusives pieces, full NSFW comics and progress updates! Expect any combinations of genders and identities! Mostly M/M, M/NB, M/F, M/M/F, cis and trans. Themes posted here may include BDSM, watersports, spanking / domestic discipline, dubcon, CNC, noncon, teratophilia, power imbalance, incest, cheating, manipulation, coercion, possession, mob, blood and mild gore, and other "dead dove" / transgressive kinky work.
43 subscribers
94 posts
Alex Bridges
ABDL, diapers, spanking, femdom, lezdom, and other fetish fiction and audios.
22 subscribers
44 posts
Jasmine Reynolds
I write erotic fiction for the dark and depraved. My stories are all about strong men taking advantage of weaker women. I will also do commission stories.
36 subscribers
12 posts
Wonder Slave
Heroines in peril stories. Women in spandex captured, bound, spanked, whipped, tortured, enslaved, sometimes stripped and more.
35 subscribers
118 posts
I'm creating artworks about spanking including paintings, short comics and Webtoons.
1 subscriber
12 posts
OTK Productions
Developer of femdom spanking video games and stories.
33 days
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9 subscribers
70 posts

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