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Hot, Sexy stories, sometimes with twists thrown in
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G.G. Wylde Writes
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Morning Commute

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash
Dan’s hand slips under my skirt, fingers brushing my bare pussy. I stare out my window. He navigates morning traffic one-handed. He rubs my clit and I widen my legs.
I meet the surprised gaze of the trucker next to us. I lick my lips and pull my skirt higher. Hips pulsing, I ride Dan’s fingers as I palm my tits, fingers pulling my nipples through the cotton of my tank top.
“Fuck, gorgeous. You got an audience?”
“Mhm. He’s cute, too.”
I bite my lip as my sexy onlooker nods, prodding me on. Sexy smirk on my face, I pull my tits from the purple cotton and tug the nipples harder. 
Dan thrusts his fingers into my drenched pussy. I gasp, shuddering as I cum all over his hand. I pull him from me, licking his fingers clean, eyes on my trucker.
I grin, ready for another show.

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G.G. Wylde Writes

Working Her Over on Her Working Weekend

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G.G. Wylde Writes
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Most Popular Babysitter in the Neighbourhood: Part 2

Following Mama's Directions
photo: Viv Thomas

With his cock thrust deep inside Carrie, Brad grasped her hips and held her to him. Cock pulsing, trembling, his seed poured into her. Rope after rope of cum coating her womb. The thought of breeding her made him cum harder than usual.

I’ll never get enough of this girl. He nuzzled into her neck, kissing that sensitive spot just below her ear. This will be fun.

Front door closed. Footsteps walked across the floor. High heels carried the new arrival to the basement door and down the stairs. There was no question who it was.

Panicked, Carrie’s fingernails dug into Brad’s shoulders as the lovers tracked the clacking of the heels across the ceiling. Still buried hilt deep in his young paramour, Brad put a finger to her lips and winked at her. He didn’t look as worried as she thought he should.

“What if it’s Mrs. Knightley?” Carrie’s anxious whisper blew into Brad’s ear. “What are we going to do?”

“Oh, Carrie, love. Trust me.” Brad claimed her lips in a sweet kiss. “Everything will be fine. Promise.”

“Carrie, you down here? I have a cab out front waiting to take you home.” The sultry voice giggled as Brad’s wife walked into the rec room. “I thought I’d surprise Brad when he returns tonight.”

Cynthia Knightley, fresh off the last-minute flight change she never mentioned to her husband, stood with her mouth open and tears shining in her eyes.

Her gaze shifted to her husband’s, an accusatory tone in her voice as she stomped one foot in frustration.

“You promised I could have a go, first, Brad.”

Carrie looked from husband to wife. Mouth agape, she replayed Mrs. Knightley’s words through her mind.

“First?” Confused, she looked at Brad for clarification, her eyes narrowing at the sexy smirk on his face. “Brad?”

Brad Knightley cocked his head at his wife, turning his magical sexy smirk on her. She shook her head, staring at the floor.

“No. No. Brad, don’t smile like that. Stop it.” By the time her words faded off, she was smiling at him and taking his outstretched hand as she moved closer to the lovers. “Was she as perfect as we thought she’d be, darling?”

Cynthia’s fingers brushed the hair from Carrie’s face. Tenderness and desire shone in her amber depths, warming the younger woman from the inside out. Carrie squirmed under the scrutiny. Brad wrapped his arms around her and groaned as her pussy clenched around his stiffening cock.

“Oh Cynthia, she is perfect. Better than we’d hoped.”

Cynthia looked at her husband, excitement lighting up her face. She licked her lips, catching the bottom one between her teeth. Head tipped to one side, Cynthia blushed and cupped Carrie’s cheek, one thumb caressing her cheek.

“You’re beautiful, my girl. Do you know how desirable you are?” Thumb running across Carrie’s lips, Cynthia felt the girl tremble. “Is this okay, darling girl?”

Carrie didn’t know what to think. She’d always thought Mrs. Knightley was unapproachable and distant. Never saw what attracted Brad to her. Until now.

Is this okay? I’m not sure. The girl swallowed the uncertainty bubbling up her throat. I should say no. What would Grandmother say? A pleasant tingling in her belly spread to her pussy, making her inner walls flutter around Brad’s cock. She’d tell me it was immoral to lie with another woman.

Carrie looked up into Cynthia’s hopeful, lustful eyes.

“Yes, it’s okay.” Carrie’s whisper made the older woman tear up and mouth ‘thank you, darling’ before pulling the girl’s lip from her teeth with a sweep of her tongue.

“So sweet, darling girl.” Eyes wide, Carrie gasped and Cynthia claimed her lips. Both women’s eyes fluttered closed. They moaned into each other’s mouths. Carrie squirmed as a desire she’d not expected flooded through her.

“Bloody fucking hell.” Brad, forgotten in the ladies’ kiss, dropped his head back and tightened his fingers on Carrie’s hips. She wiggled down on his cock, burying him deeper inside her. Her arms snaked around his wife’s neck as his wife palmed the pert, young tits before her.

Finger and thumb rolled a hard nipple. A pinch and a twist of that nipple rolled Carrie’s hips. Brad’s cock thickened inside her. He thrust up into her no-longer-virginal cunt.

Cynthia deepened their kiss, kicking off her shoes and divesting herself of her travelling clothes, leaving a pile of cotton and lycra at her feet.

Carrie bounced on Brad’s cock, his hands lifting her and ramming her down as his erection grew.

“Fuck, Carrie. I’m going to fill you again, baby girl. So. Fucking. Good.” Carrie tore her mouth from her new lover, dropping her head back and keening with each stroke.

Not to be left out, Cynthia dropped her mouth to pull a nipple between her teeth. She sucked and nibbled it as her hands roamed all over the young woman’s body. Dropping to her knees, she licked her husband’s length as he drove himself in and out of Carrie’s tight little pussy.

Rigid and hot, Cynthia ran her tongue ran up the hot, wet slit, from the cock pounding into it to the clit begging to be sucked and chewed. Which she did. Eagerly.

“Oh. Oh. Yesss!” Carrie grabbed Cynthia’s ponytail, rocking her hips to press her clit into her mouth.

Cynthia licked, sucked and nibbled the babysitter’s engorged button, one hand stroking her husband’s cock as it plunged in and out of the pussy she was eating. The other hand was three fingers deep in her cunt, her juices squishing as she pounded herself to a monstrous orgasm.

“Cum, baby girl.” Brad chanted as he hurtled towards his release. “Cum for us, Carrie. Cream all over my cock. Squirt into my wife’s mouth.”

His words drove the women on to their climax. Carrie’s hips ground into him. Hard. Furious. She screamed as her cunt pulsed and clenched around his cock, sending a stream of cum into his wife’s greedy little mouth.

Cynthia’s hips bucked as she exploded onto her fingers, swallowing the sweet nectar filling her mouth along with her cries of pleasure.

The three lovers collapsed into a heap on the recliner. Chests heaving. Breath heavy. Smiles glowing.

Brad brushed the hair from his women’s faces, leaning up to kiss them each on the forehead.

“My girls.” Tenderness in his eyes, he stroked their faces. “Fuck, you two are amazing.” Cynthia kissed the hand Brad held to her cheek. Sated, she smiled at him and glanced at Carrie, cuddled into his shoulder.

“Darling girl, you were the sweetest treat I could’ve asked for when I got home tonight.” She turned her head and kissed the younger woman’s naked hip. “Text your parents and let them know we need you to stay the night, yeah?”

Startled, Carrie bit her lip. “You want me to stay?”

“Oh, darling girl.” Cynthia leaned up, her drenched pussy dragging along her husband’s thigh. “We’re so not done with you yet. Text them. Then we can go to bed.”

Cynthia got up, pulling Carrie along with her. Arms wrapped around her new lover, Cynthia squeezed her ass, pressing a kiss to her mouth.

“Thank you,” she whispered against Carrie’s swollen lips, “for the gift of you. Delicious.” Cynthia licked the girl’s lips, gasping as Brad’s hands slipped into each of their pussies. “We best get those texts sent, love. He’s getting impatient for more.”

Over sensitive and swollen, Brad brought them both to a shuddering climax. Arms still around one another, the women held each other up as their arousal flooded his fingers. He pulled them free, dripping with their essence, and put them in the other’s mouths.

“Here you go… how does she taste, Carrie?” She groaned as she greedily licked his fingers of Cynthia’s juices. “You can have more once you tell your parents you’re staying.” She nodded eagerly, typing a message to her mother.

His wife finished savouring the sweet nectar he offered and grabbed her phone. “Yes, darling girl, I can’t wait to bury my face in your cunt again.”

After checking on the kids, Cynthia sauntered into the bedroom to find Carrie cuddling Brad on the bed, gentle fingers stroking his cock as they waited for her.

“Naughty boy. You’re hogging her.” She pulled the babysitter off her husband. “Carrie, what do you need, darling girl?”

Eyes wide, the girl shook her head, blushing and mumbling. The Knightleys shared a look.

“She’s perfect, Brad.” Cynthia’s wondrous whisper and soft caresses along the young, lush curves before her left a shiver behind. “You can tell us, darling girl. Anything.”

“I’ve… well… I’ve always wondered what you would taste like.” She shrugged, as if she expected a rejection.

Carrie’s eyes snapped to Cynthia’s face at the other woman’s gasp of delight. She swallowed hard. Emboldened, the babysitter cupped the breasts bobbing in front of her with both hands and squeezed.

“Oh, yes, darling girl, yes.” Cynthia trembled under the anticipation of what this beautiful girl would reduce her to. “Please. Touch me. Tease me. Taste me.”

Thighs squeezing together, seeking relief, Cynthia pressed a bruising kiss to Carrie’s mouth before laying back on the bed.

“I am yours, darling girl. Do what you will to me.”

Not to be outdone, Brad laid beside his wife, head propped in one hand, the other twisting her nipple. He watched the young woman’s eyes roam over his wife’s luscious curves. She reached a hand out to stroke her foot, trailing her fingers up her calf and along her thigh, then moving to the other foot for a repeat performance.

Cynthia couldn’t keep still. Her hips bucked up to meet the hand teasing her pussy. Her head moved side to side as she mewled like a kitten. Eyes on her young explorer, she licked her lips. Waited impatiently to be on the receiving end of her lover’s tender ministrations.

Uncertain, the young woman looked up at her experienced lovers. They smiled, encouraging her to continue. Brad told her, “Touch her as you’d touch yourself, baby girl. As you did when you didn’t know I was watching and listening.” He grinned, knowing what this would do to his wife. “When you called my name.”

“Oh fuck, sorry I missed that.” Cynthia swallowed, imagining Carrie touching herself until she was screaming Brad’s name. “Yes, darling girl. Touch me like that.” Carrie didn’t disappoint.

Emboldened, Carrie laid her body atop Cynthia’s, pussy to pussy. Hip to hip. Breast to breast. Mouth to mouth. Leaning up, she smoothed the hair from her face and fisted it, pulling their lips together. Mouths a hair apart, the babysitter studied her employer’s face.

“I thought you didn’t like me. I was uncomfortable around you, but I always craved your touch and approval.”

“Good girl.” The words were barely out of Cynthia’s mouth when Carrie crashed their lips together with a growl, her pussy grinding into the other woman’s. Wet, the squelching of their combined arousal filled the room.

“Good girl,” Brad purred, rubbing Carrie’s ass in circles. “Take her. Make her yours. She wants it. Needs it. Craves it.”

“I do. Oh fuck, I do, darling girl.” Carrie’s kisses intensified. She moved her mouth across Cynthia’s jaw, down her neck, and to the sensitive spot under her ear. Sensuous nibble pulled the flesh into her mouth. She sucked on it, leaving a hickey to remember her by. The older woman threw her head back, hips up, and cried out in ecstasy.

Carrie pounced on the glorious tit thrown into her face. Nipping and tugging on the nipple, groaning with the cries of pleasure from her new lover.

Hands in Carrie’s hair, Cynthia pulled her close, thrusting their pussies together, the movement driving their desire higher and higher.

Carrie pulled off her lover’s nipple with a pop, kissing her way down her belly to the cleft of her thighs. She swirled her tongue around her mound, the soft peach-fuzz tickling her as she parted the slick lips and dipped her tongue in for her first taste of pussy.

She pulled the throbbing clit into her mouth, sucking it like a candy. It pulsed in her mouth. Quivered. Engorged. Until it let go and a gush of liquid landed on her chin.

“Oh!” She grinned and licked her lips, turning her attention to licking the cunt in front of her from slit to clit. Over and over again. Cynthia couldn’t take it anymore. She snaked a hand down to circle her clit while her pussy got eaten. Voraciously.

“Oh, fuck this.” Brad moved to lie under Carrie, her dripping pussy over his face, and pulled her down by the hips. His muffled exclamations of delight and groans of satisfaction were clear.

“This, darling girl. THIS is what we’ve wanted, Brad and I.” Their eyes met. Carrie nodded, tongue buried in Cynthia’s slit. Eyes hooded by desire, she pushed two fingers into Cynthia’s cunt as she pressed her pussy into Brad’s face.

“Curl them up, darling girl. Curl them… oh!” Hips flying upward, Cynthia screamed her orgasm, thankful her children slept like logs. She collapsed onto the mattress like an octopus thrown on the beach. Staring up through hooded eyes, Cynthia watched her young lover drop her head as her climax overtook her.

Brad moved to his knees, growling as he fisted his cock, making quick work of painting his lovers with his seed.

The bedroom door opened. Brad’s best friend stood, mouth agape, as his buddy’s cum coated the sated, glossy-eyed women under him. Brad regretted giving him a spare key.

“Fuck, dude, you could have waited until I got here.” He palmed his hard cock through his grey sweatpants. “I love your wife’s pussy as much as you do, but that tasty young morsel looks delicious, too.” His eyes, glowing with excitement, met his friend’s. “The guys would love to meet her.”

All three looked at Carrie, who bit her lip, wondering what meeting the guys would entail. She nodded and shrugged. “Sure. Why not?” 

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G.G. Wylde Writes

Scent of a Pussy

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G.G. Wylde Writes

A Woman Who Knows What She Wants: Part 3

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G.G. Wylde Writes
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Most Popular Babysitter in the Neighbourhood

Parents argued over who got her first
photo: MetArt

Carrie started babysitting for the Knightleys the summer after her sophomore year, when their old babysitter headed off to college. Now she was the one heading off to college in the fall. Two months to go.

I’m going to miss these guys when I go to college. She loved babysitting. Well, she loved the money she got from babysitting. The hours spent alone after the kids went to bed were so boring. Tonight, over at the Knightley’s place, was another boring one.

Lucas and Amelia are cute, but I’m bored to tears with them in bed so early. Carrie laid her head back on the couch with a sigh. What do I do until Brad gets home at, like, midnight? Carrie glanced over at the clock with a groan.

Nine-fifteen. Ugh.

She pulled her backpack onto her lap. Frown on her face, she pulled the zipper open and reached into the purple paisley bag.

This is heavier than it should be.

Hand reaching in, she wrapped her fingers around a long, thick rod. Eyes closed, she shook her head. “No, no, no, no, no.”

Carrie stared in horror at the fluorescent pink vibrator in her hand. Her best friend had given it to her for her eighteenth birthday the month before. “Bree, what did you do?”

Eight inches long, with a suction cup and multiple settings, Carrie’s body shuddered at the memory of what it could do. It was a guaranteed good time. Just not here. She was babysitting for crying out loud!

What if the kids came down? How do I explain this? She shook her head at her best friend’s antics and thought about her conversation with Bree. They’d been lamenting their sex life, or lack thereof, and talking about whose cocks seemed to be bigger.

All valid conversations for young, frustrated, horny girls like them.

Before Brad Knightley picked her up tonight, Carrie lamented to Bree about how hot he was. Throwing herself back onto the bed, she’d told her BFF, “Bree, the man is a total DILF. And I’d love to fuck him.” She thought about the way she ran her hands down her body. “Fuck, Bree. I want him to be my first. And I’ll be sitting in his house for hours by myself tonight.” She sighed and headed into the bathroom to get ready.

Now, vibrator in hand, she laughed at Bree loading up her backpack with things to occupy her time.

Carrie watched the episode of ‘Naked and Alone’ on the television. One hand stroked the silicone dick in her lap. She imagined it was Brad Knightley’s cock in her hand, not that she had any experience with it.

She wanted some, though. With her Uncle Roger’s golfing buddy. The father she babysits for. And he’s been nothing but a gentleman to her.

And all she could think about was playing with his cock and letting him fuck her.

“Fuck it!” Carrie ran upstairs to check on things. Ensured the kids were asleep. Put the dog out. Locked the doors. Grabbed a bottle of water, a can of ginger ale, a chocolate bar and some popcorn.

She settled herself on the recliner in front of the television, where she flipped over to the always open PornHub account. She figured the account was Mr. Knightley’s. Mrs. seemed too high strung to watch porn.

Top of the favourites list was a porno featuring a Catholic schoolgirl in a skimpy uniform, no panties, and a principal who got filthy with his punishments in detention.

As a Catholic schoolgirl, Carrie loved this one. She always put Brad Knightley into the role of principal. A fantasy she’d fucked herself to more than once. Tonight would be no different.

With the video playing, Carrie spread the plaid throw over the recliner and stripped down to her pale pink lingerie. She spilled over the cups of the lacy bra. It made Carrie feel naughty.

She liked how being naughty struck her core. In Brad’s recliner, half-naked with a vibrator in her hand, was as naughty as she’d ever been.

Not as naughty as she wanted to be.

“Oh, I like this part.” Carrie licked her lips, her hands kneading her pert, young breasts. She gasped as her fingers nudged her hard nipples. The opening sequence started. She loved watching the head cheerleader join in after finding the girl in the movie fucking the quarterback.

Carrie liked how watching the two women together made her sex clench. The way the cheerleader dove between the girl’s legs, head bobbing as she lapped at her pussy.

“Fuck, yeah. I like that.” Carrie pulled her lip between her teeth, her finger and thumb pinching her nipple. Back arched, she squirmed on the blanket, desperate for more.

The schoolgirl talked back to her teacher. Carrie slipped her fingers into her panties, swirling them around her clit. Sent to the principal’s office, the girl twirled her pigtail, telling him she’d been a bad girl. 

Carrie’s hips jerked upwards as she dipped one finger into her cunt. The older man looked at the girl over his glasses and frowned. He invited her to sit in the chair across from his desk.

Juices slurping, Carrie plunged her finger in and out of her sopping channel, her battery-operated cock forgotten in the throes of her lust-filled imagination.

Eyes closed, head back, her moans filled the room. Confident she was alone, Carrie let herself get taken away by her fantasy of Brad’s tongue licking her pussy.

“Oh, Brad. Yes. Oh, yes. Fuck.” Her fingers plucked her nipple, pulling it taut as she screamed and shuddered with ecstasy.


Across the room, hidden in the shadows of the doorway, hungry eyes watched Carrie fuck herself. A hand stroked the rigid steel pipe of a cock straining at the zipper of his slacks. Brad licked his lips, ravenous for the girl in front of him.

A girl he’d been lusting after since she first babysat for them two years ago. They’d shared stolen glances. He’d touch her at every opportunity. She giggled at everything he said. He ogled her ass whenever he could. Ached to touch her nubile young tits. Wanted to chew her out for being a naughty girl. Coat his tongue in her sweet nectar.

Inappropriate and far too young for him. Forbidden, yet so fucking tasty. Taboo, but he couldn’t get her out of his mind. Didn’t want to, either.

Carrie turned eighteen last month. She wasn’t as taboo as she used to be.

He wanted to sink his cock into her. There would be no stopping him now. Not after watching her scream his name while her juices coated her hand.

Brad nodded and pulled out his phone. He shot a text off to his wife, telling him he’d kept the sitter overnight because he was going to be out until the wee hours. She thanked him for doing the right thing.

He was thankful for her business trip to Los Angeles, across the country from their home in Boston.

Pushing himself off the wall, Brad stepped out of the shadows and into Carrie’s line of sight. She yelped in surprise.

“Brad… I mean, Mr. Knightley… what are you doing home?” She swallowed thickly, frozen like a deer in the headlights of a transport truck.

Brad stalked towards her, the lascivious grin on his face growing wider with each step. “Hello, Carrie.” He pulled her head back by the ponytail and leaned into her, stopping when his lips brushed against hers. “I heard you calling me. Are you all right?”

Her face turned three shades of red. She was adorable. Watching the colour steal across her face and down into her cleavage made him harder than he already was. He didn’t think it was possible. He was wrong.

“I’m going to kiss you now, Carrie.” He claimed her lips. Soft. Sweet. Unhurried. Passionate. It was everything she’d hoped for in a first kiss.

She mewled into his mouth, gasping at his tongue’s invasion between her lips. He nipped her lip. A gush of liquid flooded her panties, drenching the silk anew. Brad groaned into her mouth, scent of her arousal flooding his senses.

“Baby girl, I want you.” His hand caressed down her body, pulling a nipple as he moved down to slip his thick digits into her soaked panties.

She shuddered when he pulled his finger out, placing it against her lips. The smell of her sex overwhelmed her. Her tongue flicked out to lick his finger.

“Fuck, baby girl. That is so hot.” Two fingers parted her lips. She sucked them in, tongue licking them while she sucked her juices from them, slurping like it was the tail end of her last meal. “I want to fuck you, baby girl.” Carrie nodded. “No, baby girl. I need words. Tell me.”

“Yes, Brad.” She looked up at him from under her lashes, overcome with shyness. He bit her nipple, sucking the wet lace into his mouth along with it.

“I told you, baby girl. Words. You need to use words.” Brad spoke around the nipple in his mouth. “Tell me. Now.” He bit her, hard, at the last word, growling at the flood of juice soaking the almost new recliner.

“Yes, Brad. Yes!” Carrie’s scream echoed around the room as she shattered in his arms. “I want you to fuck me. Yes!”

“Good girl.” She panted, beaming at his words.

Brad picked the vibrator up, turning it on and asking her the burning question in his mind. “Have you put this inside you, baby girl?” She nodded, and he stood with a groan, ripping his clothes off in a rush. He was desperate to be inside her. Now. The silicone cock dropped onto the chair, forgotten as it jittered and jumped along the dark leather.

He fisted his cock, grinning at the way her eyes widened and she licked her lips hungrily. She reached a hand out, then pulled it back. Hips forward, he thrust his hard as fuck dick towards her.

“Touch me, baby girl. Touch me.” Pre-cum dripped in a steady stream from the tip of his dick. “Lick me, Carrie. Oh, fuck, lick your treat, baby girl. Please.”

A goddess on her knees, Carrie understood true power, beauty, or purpose. Now, as a sense of mastery settled over her, she saw why some loved dominating others.

One hand tentatively wrapped around his length, she reached out her tongue and pulled his hard, velvety goodness into her mouth. Her eyes fluttered open. Lust-filled green eyes, flecks of blue and brown swirling in their depths, stared up at him and she recognized the absolute freedom of submitting to another.

Brad couldn’t wait any longer. He’d been torturing himself for months with wanting this girl. Tonight was their night. He would have her.


He pulled her towards him and kneeled between her legs. Fingers pulling her lips apart, he dove into her pussy and pulled her clit into his mouth. She screamed. Back arched. Hips thrusting her cunt into his face.

Brad suspected she was a virgin. She was too innocent not to be. Her body moved on instinct alone. And it was so sexy it was unreal. He couldn’t believe this girl would finally be his.

When she was wet enough, he grabbed her and flipped her onto his lap on the recliner. Brad thrust up into her. Her wet cunt sucked him in, one inch at a time, until his balls slapped her ass, the vibrator still going beside them.

He leaned up, latching onto her pebbled nipple. “Fuck, baby girl, you feel amazing. So fucking tight. So fucking good.”

The two moved as one. Each seeking their release but craving the other’s first.

Carrie didn’t know what to expect. She’d never felt as full. His cock thickened, lengthened inside of her. She could feel him twitching as he struggled to keep control.

“Baby girl, I need to cum. Need to fill you with my seed.” His words startled, alarmed, and thrilled Carrie all at once.

“I want that, too, Daddy, but I’m not on the pill. I could get pregnant.” Her words spilled his seed inside of her in one hard upward plunge of his hips.

“Yes. Fuck, yes.” He pulled her down as he filled her with the biggest load he’d had in months. Burying his face in her neck, he kissed just below her ear and told her, “Call me Daddy again. Goddamn, I liked that.”

Carrie, her innocence leaving a red smear on his cock, leaned back and smiled. “I’ll call you whatever you want me to, Daddy.”

Front door closed. Footsteps walked across the floor. High heels carried the new arrival to the basement door and down the stairs. Panicked, the lovers tracked the clacking of the heels across the ceiling. Still buried hilt deep in his young lover, Brad put a finger to her lips and winked at her.

“Carrie, you down here? I have a cab out front waiting to take you home.” The sultry voice giggled as Brad’s wife walked into the rec room. “I thought I’d surprise Brad when he comes home tonight.”

Cynthia Knightley, fresh off a last-minute flight change, stood with her mouth open and tears shining in her eyes. She shifted her gaze to her husband’s, an accusatory tone in her voice as she stomped one foot in frustration.

“You promised I could have a go, first, Brad.”

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