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CW18+ NSFW (Coms: open) Hey my name is Trinket (She/her), I'm a commissionable erotica writer and petgirl story enthusiast. Please pet me and tell me im a good puppy, ask me to show you a trick. Thank you so much for considering supporting me, It means the world. ~ Reminder that everything I write is fiction, none of it reflects the image or actions of real people, and all characters are consenting adults over the age of 18.
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Current commission status: 3 Slots Open.

Hey everyone, I realized I didn't have any of my story commission info on the Substar so I figured I would pin it up here. Please feel free to reach out any time if you're interested!

Commission me on Fiverr:
My shop is open on Deviant Art:
Im also on Pixiv: 
I accept Commissions privately through PayPal as well (Dm me)

Info and restrictions:

Please contact me before ordering to get a more realistic quote. Set price on most places is for 1000 words at 2.5c usd per word. 
I will write you a custom SFW or NSFW story with 1-3 characters and location / content of your choice, content regulations are listed below. The normal charge is 2.5c usd a word, I will consider price alterations given the scale and difficulty of the requested content.  Please take a look at some of my example work before ordering to get a feel for my writing style, I dont adapt my writing style to be anything other than what it is. Be sure to have a decent idea of what you would like for the content and characters before you reach out, all characters in commissions with any amount of NSFW content must be 18 years of age.



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I will write you a custom SFW or NSFW story with 1-3 characters and location / content of your choice, content regulations are listed below. The normal charge is 2.5c usd a word, I will consider price alterations given the scale and difficulty of the requested content. Please take a look at some of my example work before ordering to get a feel for my writing style, I dont adapt my writing style to be anything other than what it is. Be sure to have a decent idea of what you would like for the content and characters before you reach out, all characters in commissions with any amount of NSFW content must be 18 years of age.



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Hey everyone! The lovely Truedoublej and I got a joint commission from Smalltowncultist together a little while ago now with their character Navara and my fairy Tuls' laeh and it turned out so good they asked me to write a little commission about how they met. I think it turned out really well, keep yours eyes out for a part two of this story at some point :)

Sorry its been a while since I've posted, I've had some real life things to deal with and I appreciate those of you that support me here. You are all amazing <3
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-Punished with reward-
Story by Trinket - Art by Nimbletail

Wrote a little story about Trinket getting what she asked for after helping herself to the paw, thinking her owner wouldn't find out was a big mistake! As always please consider supporting Nimbletail and all their hard work over on thier socials!

"Poor little thing, It's only been 6 hours and you're whining to be let out already?" Her master's gruff voice was dripping with the sickly sweet condescension he knew she loved, as it fell on her from somewhere in the room nothing but his voice reached her with the world shrouded in darkness by the thick blindfold. Every muscle in Trinket's body ached as it struggled feebly against the unyielding grip of the restraints, their initially comforting security now her prison as they granted her absolutely no hope of relief from the thick toy that buzzed away in the wet mess that was her puppy parts. 

"Whats wrong? Not enjoying yourself anymore puppy? I though little puppies liked getting cummies? This one appearently enough to give herself the paw when I was making her wait for a surprise I had planned." She let off a symphony of soft moans, careful all the time to not let them sound too human and worsen her situation by earning herself a shock for her collar for making non puppy noises. The knotted monster of a dildo nearly splitting her in half when he replaced its batteries for the third time and it sprung to life again, the few moments of silent bliss allowing her almost enough time to recover from the endless orgasms she had been tortured with over the last few hours before it continued its ceaseless stimulation. 

The soft pet bed beneath her was thick with her sweat and the never ending heat that dripped from between her legs, the deep sinister laugh her master let off sending chills across her already clammy milky white skin and making her head swirl with the intoxication of the pleasure and pain. "Hahaha. Pathetic little puppy can't run from her mistakes and has to make up for them? What a sad story. Maybe a few more of those precious orgasms you like so much and you'll have had your fill. But we both know that's not true dont we puppy." His voice was laden with sarcasm, the click of his heels on the hardwood floor eliciting a few more desperate whimpers from her as she heard him making his way toward the door to leave again. 

Her mind raced as it tried to rationalize what her body was feeling, the endless stimulation and waves of orgasm becoming more torturous and painful with each twitch of her body than any orgasm she had ever been granted had been pleasurable or relieving. She knew it was a punishment of her own making, but it was by far the most severe she had been given in a long time. The first hour had even been relatively exciting, but it was still a punishment and she had began to realize quickly just how horrifying it was to not be able to control her own body after hours of stimulation. She had gotten what she wanted, but in the most terrible form. 

The creek of the secure door to the playroom where he kept her locked away met her ears as tears and drool streaked her face and cheeks uncontrollably. "NOW you have the PRIVILEGE to cum like the filthy little animal you are. As many times as you want. Hahaha. Consequences consequences." Her master's laughter at his amusement with her predicament faded into the hallway as she heard the click of the door shutting tightly and the rattle of keys shutting the lock and sealing her fate once more. She was alone with her thoughts again, and all she could do was struggle helplessly against a torture of her own making. 
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Public post
Got this wonderfully devious new commission from Nimbletail and couldn't resist writing a story to go with it, an alternate universe where Trinket’s stay in Compet didn't end “Picture Perfect” for her. Enjoy and consider supporting nimble and their lovely work!

"Trinket's Trip to B-Class" - Story by Trinket
The morning had started like any other she had endured since she had been forced into servitude at the hands of the Federal Bureau of Pettification, Trinket awoke in her tight kennel with a mouth as dry as the Sahara desert and an awful crick in her neck from sleeping on the uncomfortable plastic floor. She would have to admit that she was quite small in size, but the kennel they kept her in felt like it must have been made for a real dog even smaller than her if anything were to sleep comfortably within it. There was barely enough room for her to turn over, but she managed to worm her face over to where the small, cock shaped water feeder hung from the wall. Timidly she put her lips to the twisted hamster like feeder and suckled at it for relief, an ineffectual amount of the warm, stale liquid flowing into her mouth with each controlled suck. 
 Distracted by the utterly dehumanizing position she hadn't heard the approaching workers until the click of their rough boots on the concrete floor was right outside her kennel door, the last few words of their conversation finally hitting her as she pulled her mouth from the feeder. “245, 246, There 247! You get the carrier ready and I'll get the little bitch here ready for transfer.” She heard the click of the lock that held her kennel door shut click open and suddenly she had never felt so appreciative of the safety it had embodied, a rough hand wrapped its fingers around the ring of her collar and yanked her half way into the bright lights of the hallway. 
“Rise and shine Buttercup! Congratulations, your transfer papers came through and you're officially B-Class.” He paused for a moment, pulling her the rest of the way from her cage and onto the hard concrete floor for inspection. She wanted to scream, to lash out despite the terrible shock it would elicit from the collar that clung to her neck, there must have been some mistake. She hadn't been notified of any transfer and she was 246 not 247! Wherever terrible place they were sending her, she had met the unfortunate fate of some other pup through pure chance. “Bit Small for a B-Class dontcha think Mark? Are they really sending them down there that small these days?  Waste of a nice, tight little cunt like that if you ask me.” 

 “Chairman's orders Bill, straight from the top. Seems this ones been racking up the disciplinary notices left and right, some of these bitches need to be broken a little more forcefully if you ask me” Trinket struggled feebly against the men's grasp as they pulled her back into another, even more terrible looking travel carrier. Why were they ignoring her protests! It wasn't her! She didn't even have one disciplinary notice that she knew of let alone multiple! They forced her into place, pushing her unwilling puppy parts back onto a massive knotted dildo that forced her to stay in one place. Before she could even think again they had shut the door in her face, a second rubber toy filling her mouth and silencing her whimpers for good. 
It must have been hours since they had loaded her carrier into the truck and she had been alone in the darkness of the security vehicle, with no idea where she was going it was hard to know how far the drive had taken her but she had a feeling it was a long way from the main FBP facility; and 1000s of  miles from her true home in the north. She couldn't help but break down and cry as her carrier was wheeled off the truck and back into the bone chilling air every FBP facility employed to keep her shivering, a genuine sense of relief washing over her for a second as it seemed her journey finally stopped and she anticipated a small amount of relief from the carriers invaders she had endured in both ends for the past hours. 

 She peeked through the bars of the cage desperately trying to get even a small view of where she had wound up, the puzzle of being labeled “B-Class” still lingering in her timid mind. Her eyes searched the room outside frantically, her heart skipping a beat as she locked eyes with a fully grown German shepherd that began to sniff about her cage inquisitively. Oh no, oh god no. This couldn't be happening. The sound of more than one other REAL dog less than pleasantly sniffing at her through the slats in the crate made her blood run cold, her puzzle solved with the most terrible conclusion as she read the dirty ballcap of the breeding trainer who opened the cage door once again and thrust her from that make-believe sense of security she had been holding onto. Class B stood for Bitch, and she shivered with the thought of being called one now.
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Public post
"Tinket’s adventure with her mistress Navara”

Monthly NimbleTail comission time and I got a joint comission with the lovely Truedoublej and thier character Navara. About an alternate universe where little Trinket is a cleric for the bitch goddess Canis, seems she is having a little trouble getting the magic crystals activation ritual right.
All her life Trinket had been training for the day that she would begin her spiritual journey just as those who came before her had, she supposed if she had known any better their customs might have come across as odd or even outlandish to an outsider but for her taking her pilgrimage was everything she had been waiting to prove herself. For centuries her people had partaken in an act of ritual dehumanization to prove their selflessness and loyalty to the Bitch Goddess Canis, donning a set of restrictive canine like gear that was magically sealed by her goddess until they had learned humility by traveling the countryside on all fours to aid any and all who needed her while spreading the word of her faith. 
With paws and a harness that forced her to crawl, a collar and muzzle that restricted her speech to barking, and a tail with an interesting mechanism that had taken some getting used to, the umbra of her goddess was finally bestowed upon her and she wanted nothing more than to appease and be rewarded for her faith. Her goddess was merciful, and she would bestow great peace and worth upon her if she completed her so-called pilgrimage. And so the little pup had wandered her way through one nameless forest to another, from this town to that, searching for anyone who would show her kindness.
 For a long while she found nothing but cold nights alone in the woods and the pitiful heat her flame cantrip provided to keep her company, she certainly had not found the hospitality she was expecting in her travels. Innkeepers were too impatient to even let her sleep in the kennel or stable, when she had tried to offer her aid to a passing party they paid her no mind, a few kind souls had offered her table scraps and fresh water but for the most part she had spent her first few months in service hungry and sleeping in the muddy streets of whatever town she was passing through. 
Finally, as she lie in wait on the cobbled streets of the bustling town a smiling face and a sweet voice met her ears. The half dragon elf had introduced herself as Navara, and spared no time affixing a leash to the pups collar and directing her like a pro. She seemed to be the first person she had come across that knew of the pups background and how to utilize her powers, plucking the information scroll from her harness and reviewing the "upgrades" from the last Canis pup she had come across. Trinket couldn't have been happier to have found someone to travel with that was willing to spare her a hot meal and bath in the river here and there, the bare essentials of life just out of her pawed grasp if not for the kindness of others like the humble traveler.
Then came their first major quest together, her first real chance to prove herself to her new mistress. She readied herself, body and mind, for any danger or opportunity she could find to aid her commander. When they needed her to use her senses to sniff out the enemy she eagerly complied, she used her magic to shield and heal her companions, and employed her more sensual training to lend a little relief for her tired compatriots. This magic door however might have been the end of her, the thick phallic crystal device sealing the door they needed to open with a spell that would only break if she could manage to get the gargantuan monster of a toy inside her tight little puppy parts. With the head of the thing nearly splitting her in half and her mistress riding crop keeping her gaze away from the daunting task ahead, she remembered her training. This was the kind of thing Canis puppies were made for.
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Public post
Got this lovely little comission from formant and wrote a little story to go along with it, wanted to share :)

She signed up for this, she reminded herself it was what she wanted. She wasn't second guessing herself now was she? It was far too late for that. The cold steel of the veterinary table sapped the warmth from her skin and dwarfed her small frame, her feet didn't even come near the floor as she dangled them over the edge and eyed the door for the Vet to return. Before she was so certain but now it was all so overwhelming, now that she was truly helpless it all felt so much more real, she was going to get to be a puppy like she had always wanted.
The anticipation was the worst part, when he returned he would expect her to be exactly as she was when he left. She kept her legs spread wide like they told her, trying to ignore the smooth leather against her crotch that did nothing to spare her from the wet mess she had made of herself while thinking about how horribly arousing it all was. They had already taken her voice when they made her apply her own collar, revoking her rights as a human for two years and forcing her to reply in only barks and whimpers or receive a nasty shock from its electrical unit. Even if she wanted out now, how would they know? She didn't think it was possible, but her crotch got even wetter at that thought.
The wait was killing her. Was it a test to see if she would falter? Did they want her to fail and get in trouble already? She wasn't about to test the shock collar and see. Her heart raced, she tried to keep a smile for when the vet came like they told her but she couldn't think straight. She felt like she thought any scared little animal might feel at the vet, helpless, alone. She couldn't help but eye the expensive looking puppy gear that lined the tables around her, they had obviously left it here for her to see, she shuddered with the thought that they would soon be her only clothing. They would soon be a part of her.
They intended to take everything from her, just like she asked for in the contract she had signed earlier that day. She saw it all before her, the locking paw mittens that would ensure she could only crawl on all fours, the doggy shaped muzzle and ears, the matching tail with its enormous plug, the months of training she would get in the program, she wanted it all. She wasn't afraid anymore, no she was excited. She would be a good puppy no matter what, it was what she wanted. The only thing standing in the way, was waiting… and waiting… and waiting…
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Public post
(In)Voluntary Admissions Ch. 1: The Long Haul pt2

(In)Voluntary admissions follows brand new ComPet puppygirl Trinket during her FBP service as she navigates adapting to her new life as an (In)voluntary cog in the propaganda machine. Alone and afraid, will she choose to stay in her new life? Or will witnessing her own image used enslave 10% of the country's young girls drive her to other conclusions?

Compulsory Pettification: AKA ComPet is a government run program that was initially highly scrutinized by the public but grew to be wildly popular after its slow successful integration with society over the last several decades, it sees a percent of the world's 20 year old female population (10%) drafted into “Pet Service'' for a term of two years to serve as state owned “pet girls” or “ComPets”.They therein forfeit all human rights and after a rigorous term of obedience training these pets are then leased to a variety of owners for the remainder of their service and used in various applications before returning to everyday life.

This is my brand new petgirl story and the debut for the pet play novel (In)Voluntary admissions based on NimbleTail's lovely little ComPet Universe, big shout out to all those who have helped so far! Im so happy to finally share this with you all, thank you so much for your encouragement!
Original art and ComPet / Pet-Sitter Concepts By the ever lovely NimbleTail
Big Thankies to Brentwood for all their help as well, Sue Sharp is a character that belongs to them and she has her own full lovely story you should 100% go explore as well!
Shout out to Pepper Puppy for letting me use her character as well!
All characters are fictional, consenting, and adults. Viewer discretion as the content warnings are no joke. 
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