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Serathin's Transformation Corner
Hi there, and welcome to my Subscribestar page! My name is Serathin, and if you're here you've seen some of my work and are interested in more! I've been very blessed to create media for the furry community and more so now being able to do it full-time, mostly transformation and rubber themed work but with the thirst to expand. I can't do it alone though, it's the revenue I get from sites like these that not only continue to allow me to create more furry content but to attend conventions and explore new mediums!
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Pure Kinky Publishing was started in 2021 and has quickly risen in the ranks of its preferred niches. Operating predominantly in feminization, sissy, cock worship, femdom and submission, Pure Kinky showcases its two authors, Anthony Auguri and Leila Feeney, publishing wide on multiple platforms to an engaged and dedicated readership. Join us on our adventures. Your kink is our creativity.
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Lewd Anime-Style Erotica author! Books, SFW & NSFW art, and Merch!
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I'm an Author. I go by two pen names: William D. Arand and Randi Darren

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