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Hi, I am the developer and author of Fresh Starts, a sandbox HTML adult game!
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Recent posts

Public post

Alpha 0.0.20 - Creature of Habits

It looks like the Nutaku partnership fell through after the end of April 1st, oh well, I guess 0.0.20 will be released after all! Without further ado, here is the massive changelog for this update. I hope you will all enjoy the update!
-College: Tuition payment menu no longer limited to specific numbers
Quality of Life:
-Added secondary routine
-Routines: Renamed some buttons and changed shower setting to a checkbox
-Added Shower Routine (suggested by phupdup)
-Pressing "I" now opens the inventory screen
-Pressing "P" now opens the player profile
-Pressing "S" now opens the player's stats screen
-Added some more spacebar click reduction to passages that didn't have any.
-Tweaked Gas Station UI
-Improved Routines UI
-Tweaked the sidebar toggle
-Gym: Added 3 possible videos for repeatable training events
-Gym: Added a location picture to the locker room
-Gym: Added location picture for the Front Desk
-Hospital: Added location pictures for all procedures
-Underground Clinic: UI overhaul
-Underground Clinic: Added location pictures for all procedures
-HOE: Added location pictures
-Starter Apartment: Added video for giving Mr. Ronzo oral sex.
-Starter Apartment: Added location pictures for all rooms
-Apartment: Added location pictures for all rooms
-Alarmclock time(s) now only affects the days with routines
-Critical successes allow you to skip some levels for Kara Quests (Community request)
-Changed Kara Quests Makeup branch unlock from Crossdressing 5 to Grooming 1
-Crossdressing 3 now requires Grooming 3 to unlock
-Makeup 2 now requires Crossdressing 3
-Altered critical success conditions for Crossdressing 2
-Accepting Crossdressing 1 task will grant you the minimal sissification threshold to buy panties and bras
-Accepting Crossdressing 3 task will grant you the minimal sissification threshold to buy feminine clothes
-Updated Twine to 2.3.16
-Updated Sugarcube 2 to 2.36.1
-Changed Dogsitter randomiser's variable
-Changed other randomisers variables to temporary variables
-Refactored gt, lt, gte and lte in the code to  >, <, >= and <= respectively
-Refactored "true" booleans
-Refactored most "false" booleans
-Removed redundant ifs when selecting certain haircuts
-Consolidated some widget passages (-3 passages)
-Moved time code from sidebar to a widget.
-Major routine code refactoring
-Removed superflous variables from Kara Quests
-Removed superflous variables from StoryInit
-Streamlined Gym Clothes selection (Thank you wedgewu)
-Fixed purchasable cages no longer wearable when Kara gives you the pink cage.
-8:00 mall open bug when you take the bus.
-Fixed a bad recursive for weight check widget during sleeping
-Fixed Crossdressing macro not firing with routines
-(Re)Added missing "pass out" mechanic trigger
-Fixed the dildo gag leveling anal skill instead of oral skill
-Fixed some ordering in streaming calculations
-Fixed some plugs not influencing sissy hypno outcomes
-Fixed Fleshlight click reduction using the Wand calculations
-Fixed Lingerie not properly triggering Mr. Ronzo sex options
-Fixed Skirts patron being unlocked from the beggining
-Fixed Grooming 5 success being bugged
-Fixed issues with the femdom sissy maid quests
-Fixed time not changing after repeatable sexual events with Kara
-Moved all porntube thumbnails and images to the Porn folder
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Public post

DEV DIARY #108: Fresh Starts Online

Hello everyone! Here are some big news that I am certain you will all be as excited as I am. As you might have heard, I have been purchased by Nutaku 13 minutes ago because of the success of Fresh Starts! What does that mean for the development of Fresh Starts? Well, 0.0.20 have been canned alongside all future development of the game as we are moving to a Masively Multiplayer Online RPG: Fresh Starts Online.

While I cannot disclose much right now, the strenuous talks with Nutaku (they lasted a good 3 minutes, including the dropping of a wad of cash* on the table from them) having recently concluded and I get to meet my team of unpaid interns right after I am done with this announcement.

Fresh Starts Online will be a great game as it will feature caracters rarely seen on Nutaku, but also because it will be the flagship project of their Play 2 Earn project, where you will be able to obtain NutakuCoins(tm), which can be redeemed to buy NFTs of Crystal's panties (which are procedurally designed by unpaid interns) or your very own BrainFryer 42069(tm) with Bimbo Mode option.

Tired of grinding to be a bimbo doll on Fresh Starts? Now you'll be able to grind to be one in real life!

See you soon,
LordOfChange, Director of Totally Legit Development at Nutaku.
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0. 0. 20 Dev Build 3 Release

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Public post

DEV DIARY #107: The quest for Kara's glasses

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a great week. I sure enjoyed mine as I went on a little bit of a personal holiday. Rest assured, I have still worked on the game this week and there will be more on that. But the internet is not optimal which means I will have to delay Dev Build 3 release to monday for  Subscribers. I want to apologize for this small delay, but rest assured it will be out the moment I get back home.

But what did I do this week? Well as I mentioned recently, I got sidetracked a bit on backend tweaks and I managed to squeeze a little bit more out of the routines, which will make the code lighter for that widget. The performance increase and impact on the file size won't make a big difference for most users, but mobile players might enjoy this one out, at least I hope they will.

I also worked on adding a couple of extra images to the game, with the Gym getting brand new training looped videos and the Hair Salon getting a new background. UI is always a bit of a challenge, but I will try to add more in general to events, as I find suitable content for them. Actually, someone recently made me notice there was a lack of videos for the landlord sex scenes, which I will try to remedy to for this update.

But the big change is regarding Kara's eyesight and overall intelligence, with improved detection for some milestones in your feminization training. So what exactly changed? Well critical trainings now allow you to skip certain tiers. It's not perfect, but it is a bit of a jump in time, which can hasten the progression. Not all quests are subjected to this mind you and usually you can only skip one tier at a time. I will keep it to this level for testing, but I might improve further on this for more superficial aspects so it is even more logical.

The balance between the mechanic of Kara Tasks and the overall logic is a difficult one, but minor improvements will reduce the tedium for now and open the way for more improvements in the future. Another experiment I am making in that regard is with unlocking conditions for certain quests. While the Makeup branch was an important addition, it felt a bit weird that completing crossdressing was the only way to unlock that branch, as other branches unlocked at earlier stages.

Now, completing the first step of the grooming branch can also unlocking it, which seems like a logical step and I would really like to hear your feedback on this question. Should I remove the crossdressing unlock or keep the two in?

On this, I'll get back to packing. See you all next week!

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0. 0. 20 Dev Build 2

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Public post

DEV DIARY #106: Shower thoughts

Hello everyone! Does it happen to you that you get great ideas in the shower? Well me too, but unfortunately this idea didn't come from this. In fact, a user over on F95Zone proposed some kind of shower routine, which I found to be a lovely idea and thus, I am introducing the shower routine!

The shower routine is a lighter version of the routine which is always available to the player. By setting it up, you get the "Shower (Routine)" option in your bathroom allowing you to get clean, dressed, shaved and, if you own makeup, all dolled up for your evening!

This option is mostly intended for day males, night sissies caracters, but it can also be used just to dress as a couch potato after a long day at school. It is pretty nifty all things considered and I certainly hope you will all enjoy this feature and find more creative uses for it than myself!

There were also a few changes that were made for overall Quality of Life, notably in the click reduction/keyboard navigation department with the addition of three new navigation shortcuts!

"S" now opens Stats, while "I" and "P" open the inventory and profile menus respectively. It is not much, but it should be enjoyable for players nonetheless.

Finally, there was a whole bunch of refactoring and backend shenanigans that were made this week, thanks to the knowledge of someone who is much better than me at coding. Their knowledge is greatly appreciated and it will hopefully help with file weight and long term performances as code was shortened in many crucial places.

So that's it for this week, now I have to go find Kara better glasses, since you all noticed she was nearly blind at this point!
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