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The Harem Couple - Part 2

This is my new interactive denial story - you can read part 1 below or click this link:
Thank you for all the great feedback, it's really helping to shape how this goes. Once again, message me or leave a comment for your thoughts on this part, and where the next one could go.

The Seraglio

‘It’s a harem, Ted. It’s a fucking harem. They might call it a seraglio, but I know what I saw.’
Evie had just got back from her first day working as the palace medic. She was pacing backwards and forward on the plush carpet of their suite.
‘What did you see?’ Ted asked, resting on the arm of the sofa.
‘Two dozen women, maybe more, but those are the ones who I met or saw. I’m only allowed in a small section, an outer courtyard, with some rooms, office space and a treatment room. But there’s no doubt what that place is about. It’s nothing but a harem.’
‘I mean, the prince wasn’t shy about his love of pleasure. But what was so shocking?’
‘I don’t know. They all seemed happy. The ones I saw anyway. Some looked like they were studying together, another group was painting. That was quite something. Two of the women were the subject, lying on a chaise longue. Naked.’
‘No!’ Ted’s smile gave away he was picturing the scene.
Evie smirked at his reaction. ‘I don’t know how the others painted anything, they couldn’t keep still.’
‘What? What were they doing.’
She grinned, enjoying the moment. ‘Oh, you’ll just have to imagine, darling. I shouldn’t tell you too many of the secrets of the harem.’ She gave him a hug and brushed her hand over the front of his trousers. She’d been longing to tease him about what she’d seen.
‘Evie, please!’
Evie laughed and fell back on the sofa, taking up a pose. ‘Well, one lay back like this, the other lay on top, and they kissed. But their hands…’
‘Yes?’ said Ted, sitting at the end of the sofa, watching everything his wife did.
She cupped her hand facing up above her crotch, her fingers making little circles. ‘She had her hand buried between the other’s legs, and the other did the same to her. Breasts pressed against each other, moaning into each other’s mouths. I don’t think they were faking anything. It was… very passionate.’
‘Wow. And the others?’
‘The others watched, and painted. Some of the paintings were beautiful. They all seemed to be having fun, shouting out encouragements.’
Ted sat at the end of the sofa and Evie laid her feet on his legs. ‘What were they wearing?’
‘Not a lot. There were a lot of long but very thin dresses. They left nothing to the imagination. Underwear doesn’t seem to be a thing.’ Evie laughed. ‘A few wore more western looking outfits, super tight crop tops and mini-skirts. They tended to wear high heels with those, but others went barefoot. There was one exception though…’ Evie’s foot rose up and rubbed against her husband’s crotch. ‘I’m pretty sure it was one of his wives from last night but you wouldn’t recognise her.’ Evie thought back to the demurely dressed women who’d sat near them at the dinner, but not spoken much. ‘I’m not even sure which one of them it was, but my goodness, the others treated her like royalty.’
Ted chuckled, pushing up against his wife’s foot. ‘I mean effectively she is royalty, isn’t she?’
‘Oh yeah, good point. Anyway, she wore this backless black silk jumpsuit, the side was split all the way from her waist to her ankles. It was gorgeous. And I’ve never seen heels as high as that. It was like she was walking on her tiptoes. And besides that, she had gold bracelets and anklets and necklaces. It was quite something. She was clearly the queen bee, and the others were all a lot quieter when she was around.’
‘Did you get to talk to any of them?’
Evie pushed herself up, back against the arm of the sofa. ‘Yes. Just a few, in the clinic. I gave four women a check-up. There’s something very strange going on.’
‘Were they unhappy, abused?’
‘God no, if anything they were the opposite. I’ve not seen a healthier group of women in all my time in practice. They were weirdly joyful. I’d have sworn they were high on something but their blood samples all came back clear. Speaking of which, you wouldn’t believe all the tech they have. There’s kit in there I could only have dreamt of back home. But, anyway, they were all…,’ she paused, ‘I’m not really sure I should say, it’s probably breaking confidentiality.’
‘Come on Evie, you can give me some general detail.’
She sighed and sat down on the enormous sofa. ‘When I examined them, they were…’ she looked up at him ‘…very lubricated.’
‘What on earth? Like with some lube?’
‘No, no it was all natural. They were… almost dripping. That was the chief complaint. Two of them asked for advice on how to keep drier as it caused rashes. But it was all of them. When I, you know, checked them. They weren’t just lubricated, they were in this state of… arousal, I guess. It felt so wrong. Two of them moaned out loud when I examined them.’ Evie looked embarrassed. Her voice dropped low. ‘One begged me not to stop. I felt… I don’t know what I felt. But all of them seemed to think it was completely normal. The one whose English was best said, ‘It’s just how it is here.’
‘What on earth? Have you ever seen anything like it?’
Evie shook her head. ‘Not besides some bad erotica, no. I don’t know what to think. I can imagine…’ She paused.
‘They must be… masturbating, a lot. All the time. They were just so sensitive to the slightest touch. The breast exams were, well let’s just say they were very enthusiastic.’
‘This is crazy. It was like last night, the look in their eyes. What was that about?’
Evie knew Ted was referring to the way the two concubines had looked at the two of them, desire, lust, need. She’d thought about it, between remembering the enormous bulge in the prince’s pants, as they both fulfilled his prediction of rutting like rabbits when they got back to the room. If only it had lasted much longer than rabbits.
‘There’s something going on here. I need to understand what it is. There was a eunuch with me the entire time, so I really didn’t have the chance to ask more directly.’
‘A eunuch? What are they like?’
‘Not quite what you’d expect. Strangely handsome. A bit chubby but still clearly strong. They take their guarding seriously, but there’s more to it than that. The women kind of doted on them a bit. They were chatting to them, hanging around with them. They felt like part of the family. I only saw three, but two of them didn’t look local. But then, neither are some of the women. I think the prince gets his harem from far and wide.’
‘How so?’
‘Well, there’s some with the palest white skin, others the deepest black, and everything in between. I heard some speak perfect English, and at least a couple of other languages. There’s short to tall. One woman must have been six and a half feet, she was extraordinary. And they aren’t all slim waifs, a healthy mix of all different sizes. I don’t know what to make of it.’
‘This isn’t really what you signed up for though, to be the doctor to a harem. Should we be getting out of here?’
‘It’s not, for sure. But I have to find out more about what is going on. These women, there’s something strange. They way they act, and obviously, what’s going on with their arousal. They wouldn’t speak about it, but perhaps I can gain some of their trust and find out more.’
‘If you’re certain. You know I’ll back you up, whatever you think best.’
Evie sat up and moved close to her husband, leaning her head on his shoulder. ‘I know, and I’m so grateful for your support. I’m sorry I’ve got us into this weird situation. I’ll figure out what’s going on and then we can make a decision about what’s best.’
‘It would be very costly to break your contract anyway, so yes, there’s lots to think about.’
‘It would?’ Evie had left checking the paperwork to Ted, who relished that kind of detail.
‘Yeah, we’d be liable for all the costs incurred and the cost of getting a replacement.’ Ted gulped. ‘That first class flight is just looking a lot more expensive.’
‘Not to mention the car?’ Evie raised her eyebrows.
‘Shit, I forgot about the car. Okay, well there’s no hurry. The contract was only six months before those terms end, let’s not do anything hasty.’
‘I’d like to do something a bit hasty…’ Evie ran her fingers up Ted’s chest.
‘Oh really? Even after your weird day?’
‘Mhmm. That whole place, it’s somehow so sexual. I think it rubbed off.’
‘How about I rub something off?’ he grinned.
‘I might just return the favour. Oh!’
Ted surprised her by picking her up and carrying her back to the sofa, laying her down then pressing himself up next to her. His hand was under her top and then her bra, squeezing her breast. He hadn’t made her orgasm the night before, and she’d not had time to tend to herself, as she often did, so her sigh of pleasure as he played with her nipple was very real.
‘I want that hand somewhere else,’ she whispered, unbuttoning her trousers. It wasn’t really his hand she wanted. While he was pretty good with them, Ted’s real talent lay with his mouth. From the time they’d started dating, his enthusiasm, and skill at going down on her, more than made up for any other inadequacies. ‘Oh yes, that’s it, that’s it.’ She grabbed his wrist as his fingers found her clit. ‘Fuck yes, I can’t believe how horny I am. That feels so good, but, you know what I really want.’ She batted her eyelashes at him as she wriggled her trousers off.
Evie swung her legs open and pushed down on Ted’s head. It was all he needed. He kissed his way down her torso and then nuzzled into the soft fabric of her simple cotton knickers. Kissing through the fabric he teased her a little before pulling them down and resuming kisses on her fine pubic hair. Evie spread her legs wider, showing him it wasn’t enough, and groaned as his lips found her clitoris, sucking it in briefly before licking and swirling around it with his tongue.
‘Oh, you are so good at that. Put your fingers in me. Oh fuck, yes, yes!’
Evie never had trouble orgasming. When she’d masturbate herself it wasn’t uncommon for her to cum seven or eight times. But despite how orgasmic she was, the sudden rush of a climax surprised her this time. ‘Oh fuck, I’m going to cum, don’t stop, don’t stop!’ She grabbed his hair and pushed Ted’s face firmly between her legs, pulling her legs around him as he sucked and licked her in the way he’d perfected since they’d got married.
She bucked on his face, holding him there as she rubbed herself on him in a frenzy. The orgasm rolled over her like waves, crashing down with pleasure that just didn’t stop. ‘Oh my God, I’m still cumming, fuck, fuck, it feels so good!’
Finally, the orgasm subsided and she looked down to see Ted rising up, breathless, his face coated in her juices. He gulped. ‘Well, that was different. I thought I might drown for a moment.’
Evie laughed and pulled him up to her, giving him a messy kiss before reaching down to start undoing his belt. But as she did so her hand brushed between her legs and her pussy demanded more. ‘That was just the best orgasm you’ve ever given me. It felt like it went on forever. Can I… have another?’ she asked. Ted looked surprised but she wasn’t really asking. She pushed down on his head again and moaned, writhing as his mouth got to work. She forced herself to relax, pulling and playing with her nipples this time instead of his head. Everything he did felt incredible. Normally it was all about her clit but even when he took little breaks and kissed and pulled at her labia, it drove happy moans from her. And when he put his fingers inside her again it made her ache for more, deeper, stretching.
‘More,’ she whispered. He looked up at her. ‘More fingers.’
‘Seriously?’ He never used more than two, usually the middle ones, curving up to her g-spot.
‘Yes, please. I want more.’ Ted bunched three fingers together, pushing into her. ‘Yes, yes, that’s it, and your mouth. Her hands grabbed his hair again as the amazing combination took her to the edge. ‘More. More!’ she cried. He tucked his thumb between his fingers, making a cone, and to his amazement, with a few strokes, felt it slide up to the knuckles. ‘I’m cumming,’ Evie yelled, her pussy clenching on his hand, thrusting herself against him so that as she climaxed, his entire, slim hand slipped inside her.
She’d never known anything like it. The incredible climax of just moments ago eclipsed as it overwhelmed her entire body with pleasure. Radiating from his hand inside her, she groaned and bucked and to her surprise, and even more, Ted’s, squirted a few little jets of liquid, right onto his face. She barely registered what was happening as the orgasm once again rolled over and through her.
Ted’s laughter brought her back. ‘Okay, I think I definitely drowned this time.’ His face, and top were wet, but there was a joyful expression of wonder on his face. He looked down and she felt his hand being slowly pulled out from inside her. It made her feel so empty, but the sensation felt so good she wanted more already.
His amazed expression only increased as she pulled her top and bra off, pushing up and straddling his legs. Evie finished undoing his belt, yanking his trousers down and reaching inside the opening in his shorts, pulling his cock and balls out. She tugged hard on his hardening cock, wanking it to bring it to full erection. It seemed as if she were about to mount it, but then reached under. ‘Oh my God, I’m so wet.’ Her hand was slick with her juices and she spread them over his cock, sliding her fingers up and down it. Evie’s other hand crept back between her own legs, and she pleasured them both, her hips grinding against her own hand as she masturbated her husband slowly.
She looked at him. He was watching her hand, but looking thoughtful. I bet I know what he’s thinking about.
‘Did you see how big he was?’ she said in a low voice, testing her suspicions.
‘I did.’
Evie played with the tip of him, but her focus was her own pleasure. She was close to another orgasm, but this time, unusually for her, she rode the edge of it. Being on the precipice of climax brought out a side of her that normally scared her. ‘He was even bigger than Charlie,’ she said, referring to her ex. ‘Way bigger.’ She smiled as she felt her husband’s cock harden even more in her hand.
Evie loved teasing her husband like this. Early on in their relationship they’d stumbled over the fact that for some reason he got extraordinarily aroused when she’d compared his size to her former lovers. She wasn’t sure if it was some kind of hot jealousy, or the fact that Ted wasn’t the most well-endowed. She’d been confused at first but he’d insisted it was only positive, and after a while, found herself having fun messing with him sometimes about it.
Ted was quiet for a moment, watching her. ‘If that was real, his cock’s about the size of my forearm. That can’t be possible, can it?’
Evie thought back to just earlier, when she came on her husband’s hand. ‘You just fitted your hand in me.’ She left the statement hanging as she stroked him slowly, holding his cock tight. ‘It felt impossibly good. It makes me want more.’
‘I kept thinking about it earlier. When I examined his… women.’
‘Oh my God, you did? What did you think?’
‘Maybe…’ she gave a wicked smile, ‘…maybe he’s why they are so wet. They just constantly ache for his massive cock.’ She held back a giggle but Ted was enraptured.
‘Holy shit.’ His first reaction was to her words. ‘Oh, I’m going to cum!’ But she slowed to almost nothing, not letting him go over. She wasn’t done yet.
‘You know, I suppose, I get to give him a medical too.’
‘What!’ Ted looked up at her.
She slowly stroked her fingers up and down Ted’s cock. ‘I guess I’d have to see if he was functioning… properly.’
‘You’re messing with me.’
She gave him a wink and a very naughty smile. ‘I suppose one of his wives could help but perhaps he’d prefers the more personal touch. And frankly, if what we glimpsed under those trousers is for real, so would I.’
She put one fist above the other, just the lower one around her husband’s cock, the other a good 9 inches above. She mimed stroking them both up and down. ‘He’s definitely a two-hander.’ She looked at her husband’s wide eyes, stroking faster, his hands clenching the sofa cushions. ‘God, right now I wish you were too.’
That was it. She felt his hot spunk splash against her spare hand before he groaned, his eyes rolling up. The cum dripped back down and she used it as lube, wanking him hard and fast, squeezing out every drop. She smiled, wiping her hands off on his top before swinging a leg over and standing, stretching out her legs. ‘I should go shower. Be back soon.’ Evie leaned over and gave her husband a kiss before scampering off to the bedroom.
She didn’t go directly to the bathroom, but took a diversion by her bedside table. There was a surprise in there she’d discovered while unpacking, that she suddenly had a craving for. She checked to make sure Ted couldn’t see, before picking up the long rectangular box. With the bathroom door locked she opened it up, letting out a little gasp. It was even bigger than she’d realised when she’d peeked in the box the day before. It can’t be, can it? She picked it up, turning on the water. Maybe she wouldn’t be back that soon.

Punishment Treatment

Evie’s first consultation the next morning was with a young woman, Zafirra, barely twenty, according to her records. Once again it was the same complaint as the others, soreness from how wet she was. Evie leaned in close, trying to speak out of earshot of the eunuch who was sat at the other end of the treatment room. ‘Are you masturbating very much?’ she whispered. The woman spoke a little English but her puzzled expression showed that was one word she didn’t know.
Evie tried again, ‘Do you touch yourself?’
‘Where?’ Zafirra asked.
‘Your clitoris,’ Evie said quietly. Again, a puzzled look. She let out a frustrated breath moving her hand back to where she’d just been examining, and carefully laid a finger to show where she meant. The reaction was instant. Zafirra began grinding her hips, rubbing herself again Evie’s fingers. Her nipples pushed up her thin top into little peaks obvious now on her small breasts.
Evie pulled her hand away. ‘No, please, more,’ Zafirra begged.
‘But do you touch there?’
The young woman shook her head. ‘It is not allowed.’
‘Never,’ she paused to think, ‘never to your own.’
What on earth does that mean? She was going to ask more but it seemed her conversation had caught the eunuch’s attention, and he was heading over. ‘I’m going to prescribe you some decongestant tablets, they can help. And if the problem continues we can try a menstrual sponge.’ She told her. ‘But mostly just be sure to keep the area dry, and change your underwear if it gets wet.’
‘Underwear?’ She furrowed her eyebrows. ‘This is not often worn.’
‘Oh, okay, well that’s… good.’ She handed the decongestant to her. ‘One a day, come back in a week.’ Evie had no idea where she might get menstrual sponges from, but she’d requested the decongestant tablets yesterday, knowing might help, and there had been a supply available this morning.
Zafirra was very grateful, and reluctant to get off the table, but the eunuch ushered her out before bringing in a very different case. She was tall with light, olive skin and jet black hair, older than Zafirra, but wincing with every step. Evie offered her a chair.
‘I’d rather stand if that’s okay?’ she said,  her perfect English accent surprising Evie.
‘Oh, yes, of course. You’re English?’
She shook her head. ‘I went to boarding school there from the age of seven.’
Evie took the records that were handed to her, quickly skimming the key details. ‘Okay, Qadira, I’m Doctor Stevens, what seems to be the problem today?’
‘I’m in a lot of pain,’ she said bluntly.
‘Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Where does it hurt.’
She nodded down, opening her legs a little and taking in a sharp breath at the effort.
‘I see. Can I get you up on the table here?’
Qadira nodded, and carefully, with a lot of wincing, got herself lying back on the table, gulping in some air from the effort.
Evie carefully lifted her dress. ‘Oh my God, what caused these?’ All over the woman’s thighs were long stripes of red welts, some starting to turn purple. ‘Who did this to you?’
‘Those aren’t what hurts,’ said Zafirra, not answering her questions.
‘They’re not? What is then?’
‘Well I mean they hurt but nothing I can’t cope with.’ Qadira bit her lip, took in a deep breath, and then spread her legs. ‘It’s, inside where it’s bad.’
Evie couldn’t immediately see, but put on her gloves. ‘Is it okay if I gently examine you?’
Her patient’s eyes started to fill with tears at the suggestion, but she nodded. As soon as Evie’s fingertips touched her outer labia, the woman grabbed her wrist, clenching her teeth. ‘That, hurts, so much.’
‘I can see your skin is a little inflamed, but it’s not clear why it’s so painful. Can you tell me what happened?’
‘I… did things I shouldn’t,’ she whispered. ‘I was caught, and they punished me.’
‘Who? What?’
Qadira looked nervously at the guard. ‘Them, and one of his wives.’
‘What did they do to you? Are these, cane marks?’ Evie guessed.
She nodded. ‘Yes, but that was just extra. To make it worse. Oh doctor, it hurts so much.’
‘What did they do? Why did they do it?’
A tear fell down her patient’s cheek. ‘They caught me, touching myself. We are not allowed within the seraglio, it is strictly forbidden.’
‘You’re not allowed to masturbate?’
‘Not, ourselves. Not in private.’
Evie shook her head, confused. ‘You have to do it publicly?’
‘Yes, five times a day. Either with another surriyya—’
‘You, mutually masturbate with another woman?’ Evie’s eyes were wide.
‘Yes, or the machines of course.’
‘The machines?’
‘The pleasure machines.’ Despite the pain she was in, Qadira’s expression softened as she mentioned them.
‘What type of machines?’
‘You sort of slide into them and then—’
‘Qadira, do not speak of the secrets of the seraglio!’ came the sharp, high voice of the eunuch. ‘Doctor, please keep your questions to treatment.’
‘Yes, of course. I’m sorry.’ Evie shied away from the threatening tone of the rebuke. ‘But what caused the pain? You touched yourself and then?’
‘It was not my first offense. This time they were to make an example of me. Last night, when I was caught, they stripped me and bound me to—’
‘You do not need to share this information!’ said the increasingly tetchy eunuch.
‘I’m sorry,’ Evie said, growing bolder. ‘But this is my patient and I need to take a full medical history. If you have a problem you can speak to the prince.’ The eunuch bristled at the comeback, but at the mention of his master, he backed off. ‘Go on,’ she urged the woman.
‘They, spread me open, everyone had to watch. And first applied…it is the al-iksir the saydalani makes. But much stronger than usual.’
‘The who?’
‘Saydalani, one of his wives. It means pharmacist, chemist,’ she corrected herself using the English term.
‘What is in it?’
Qadira shrugged. ‘I don’t know. The al-iksar is something we all get, when we become part of the seraglio, and sometimes other times. It’s crazy stuff, makes you so horny, and more.’
Evie’s interest was piqued as a possible explanation of what she’d seen in the other women. ‘And this is what’s caused you pain?’
The woman shook her head. ‘No, they paint that on so that I become desperate, to remind me of my place. It made me beg for anything to satisfy the craving it creates. That is when the punishment begins. They all take turns touching me, stimulating me, humiliating me. The things they say… All of them are just happy it’s not them.’
Evie’s heart was pounding in her chest as she imagined it. ‘What do they say?’ she asked, her voice low.
‘That I deserve it, that I’ve disgraced them all by being weak, that they will throw me to the beggars or the dogs to satisfy my lustful needs.’
‘God, is it really… that bad?’
Qadira’s eyes glazed over a little. ‘That bad, and that good,’ she finally said, her mind seemingly elsewhere.
‘And then?’ Evie prompted.
‘Yes, sorry. And then the saydalani she brings this cylindrical parcel. Made of rice paper, you know?’
‘Yes,’ said Evie, unsure where this is going.
‘And she slides it into me.’
‘Oh my God, why?’
‘It is filled with…pain. I don’t know what exactly. Some powder. Chilli? It burns, it burns so badly. She told me that if I was pure the paper would not melt, that it is my fault, but how can I help that?’
‘They put some kind of chilli packet, inside your vagina?’ Evie couldn’t believe what she was hearing.
‘Yes. It melts, and you feel it carried deep inside you. The pain is indescribable, but the al-iksar makes it, worse… better. You want the hurt somehow. You don’t know what is pleasure or pain any more. I don’t know what it contains, but the pain… I screamed and screamed and they all just stood, watching, until they were sent to bed.’
‘Oh my God, this is unbelievable.’
‘I was left there, in agony, all night, writhing against my bonds. Unable to make it better, letting the pain wash over me. I would have given anything to just touch but I couldn’t even close my legs.’ Her voice dropped to a whisper, as if confessing some dark secret. ‘Some of the women, they sneak back. They whisper such things as they touch me.’
Evie had stopped writing any notes, she just stood, staring at Qadira, who was lost in the memory. ‘What things?’
The woman blinked, slowly looking back at the doctor, as though coming out of a trance. ‘Secret things. I cannot say.’ Her eyes began to focus properly. ‘They touch me there. Then touch themselves. They are the ones who suffer. It is allowed.’
She had so many questions but once again the eunuch had drawn near. ‘Then what?’
Qadira lifted her shoulders. ‘It wasn’t until just now I could even walk, and so they sent me to you.
Evie sat there in stunned silence, imagining the scene. This beautiful young woman, bound, pleasured, and then so sadistically tortured. It shocked her to discover her own body responding in totally inappropriate ways.
‘I… can give you some painkillers.’
Her patient shook her head. ‘I’m not allowed those. I’m just here to be checked before I’m belted.’
‘That is enough, Qadira. You got yourself in this trouble. Keep your mouth quiet,’ ordered the eunuch.
Evie glared at him and he backed off a little. ‘Can I at least put some soothing salve on her?’ she almost shouted at the guard.
He shrugged and stepped back.
Evie fetched some soothing ointment from a cupboard and opened the container, putting some in a bowl. ‘This might hurt at first, I’m sorry if…’
Qadira stared at the bowl. ‘It’s not the pain I’m worried about.’
‘The al-iksar, it has left me…’ She looked at Evie with pleading in her eyes, ‘Please, don’t let me cum. Promise me. Yesterday was nothing compared to if I cum without his permission.’
The guard just growled and Qadira lay back, turning her face away.
This is insane. What the hell have I got into here? She scooped up a fingertip of the salve and began applying it to her patient’s swollen, red outer labia. Every little touch caused her to make little whimpers. When Evie got to her inner labia the whimpers turned to primal groans of pleasure.
Evie could see where whatever they had put inside her had dripped down, leaving dark stains like henna marks. She dabbed more of the lotion below and paused, ‘It seems to have irritated your anus too.’
‘Yes,’ Qadira said, pushing her hips up a little, ‘that was coated with the al-iksar. They warned me that it might be the only place I get it in future. That I’d be one of his anal-only—’
‘You shall not speak of this,’ barked the eunuch.
Evie shot him an evil glare but didn’t dare ask more. Anal-only what? ‘I’ll apply some there if it will help?’
‘Umm…’ her patient hesitated. ‘Okay, it is sore just… it will be very, sensitive too. But it’ll be fine. Thank you.’ Qadira lifted her hips and as Evie touched her finger to her swollen rosebud the woman groaned. It wasn’t a sound of pain, but of pleasure. It can’t feel that good, surely? It looks so sore. But her lotioned thumb continued to make light circles over the spot and her patient, though making an excellent effort to hide it, was clearly responding sexually. What on earth can cause this to feel so good? Evie pushed back on her examination stool and pulled off the glove. The sound evoked a whimper of disappointment from her patient as she relaxed and lowered her bottom back to the padded table.
Evie sat back, pulling on a fresh glove, letting the stimulation subside before coating a finger with the ointment. ‘I’m going to slide this inside your vagina now.’
‘Oh fuck,’ Qadira squeaked in anticipation, trying to calm her breathing.
‘Just tell me if you need me to stop.’
‘Mhmmm.’ The concubine was clutching at her top, trying to remain in control. The moment Evie’s finger slipped inside her swollen, puffy vagina Qadira groaned, arching her back. ‘Oh fuck, oh no, oh no!’ Evie felt her clenching hard on the half-finger she’d managed to slide in. Her eyes were wild with arousal. This was so much more than the experience with the other women yesterday, she could feel Qadira’s sexual energy, the fight going on inside her body and mind to keep control. A sudden desire filled Evie to see what happened if the concubine lost it. She pushed her finger deeper, up to the knuckle, as Qadira writhed and twisted on her. Evie slowly slid the finger out, and then, letting her curiosity push her rational thoughts aside, pushed two inside.
‘Oh my God, oh my God!’ Qadira yelled. ‘I’m going to cum, no, please, no, I mustn’t, I can’t!’ The desperation in her voice mixed with fear brought Evie back to what she was doing. She began to pull her fingers out. ‘No!’ the woman screamed, ‘no don’t move them. Please!’
Evie kept her fingers completely still, suddenly wracked with guilt for her unprofessional behaviour. But stuck, literally, with her fingers in her patient, not daring to move them a tiny bit.
Slowly Qadira lowered her back to the examination table, her breathing going from fast pants to something slower, easier. ‘Okay,’ she whispered, ‘thank you.’ Evie took that as a signal to slowly slide her fingers out, still accompanied by her patient’s soft moans.
‘I’m sorry about that, I hope you’re okay.’
The woman nodded, closing her eyes. ‘That feels better, it really does. I’m sorry I nearly…’
‘You have nothing to apologise about.’
‘We would have both been in trouble if… that had happened.’
‘Surely not,’ Evie said.
Qadira fixed her with a firm gaze. ‘It is the first rule of the seraglio. It is never to be broken.’ She looked at the eunuch who was once again advancing across the room. ‘Thank you, doctor. I hope to see you again soon. I must go now.’
‘But I didn’t even put ointment on the other marks.’
‘They will heal.’
‘You didn’t tell me how you got them?’
Qadira pushed herself up, sucking air in as she sat on her bottom. ‘They do it afterwards, to make you clench.’
‘Clench?’ Evie realised she meant clench on the parcel of chilli or whatever it had been. ‘Holy shit,’ she said under her breath. All this because she dared touch herself? Surely it can’t be that hard to have some privacy? ‘How did you get caught?’ Evie blurted out.
The woman paused, then laid her hand on Evie’s arm, leaning in close, whispering her confession. ‘I wanted them to catch me.’
‘Are you done?’ said the eunuch from beside them, making Evie jump.
He came alongside Qadira and was surprisingly gentle, helping her off the table. Evie blocked the way to the door. ‘You cannot beat her again, she needs to heal.’
The guard looked puzzled. ‘Beat her? No, that is done with.’
‘She said she’s to be belted.’
The guard snorted and shared a look with the concubine before the woman spoke. ‘That is not the kind of belt I meant.’ Her hand went down to press on her dress between her legs. ‘I wish it were,’ she added, more to herself than the doctor.
The eunuch took Qadira’s hand. It seemed strangely affectionate given he was meant to be her guard. Qadira was gently led out, Evie watching her go through the doors that she was forbidden to pass. ‘Then what the hell kind of belt is it?’


Evie had no more patients for the rest of the morning, and so was left to her own devices, writing up her notes, sorting out her supplies, making the treatment room and office just the way she wanted it.
At lunchtime Zaara appeared with some delicious food and fresh dates and figs that tasted better than Evie knew was possible. But all the time something the morning consultation was on her mind. She used her computer to look up the word Qadira had used, saydalani, and sure enough it just meant pharmacist, but it led her to discover an entire history of pharmacy she had never heard about.
She looked for the other word Qadira had used, al-iksar. ‘Elixir, of course,’ she said aloud when she worked it out. This must be what’s having these effects on all these women. I must find out more.
Evie stood, frustrated that she wasn’t being given access to information that she needed to give good care to these women. As she paced around her office she came to the door and noticed that the entire outer courtyard was empty. There was no one to be seen, and the eunuchs who would normally be guarding the outer doors were absent.
Cautiously she approached the long wall in which was set the doorway that marked the boundary of where she was allowed to go. They didn’t say I couldn’t listen, or peek though. There was nothing to be heard by the door, but Evie moved along the wall to where there was ceramic latticework through which she could look if she went up on her tip-toes. Inside was a corridor, and on the opposite wall was another lattice. Although her pounding heart was filling her ears, she could still hear something going on. At first she thought she was imagining it, but after a moment she heard a moan, a deep, sexual moan. It was soon joined by another, and perhaps a third or fourth. Each seemed to repeat, on random cycles, sometimes joining together, other times spaced out. Along with the sounds, she smelled a musky, spicy fragrance that she couldn’t identify, but she wanted to identify. She pushed her nose to the grating, breathing in, and instantly felt her nipples harden under her top, pressed against the wall. She had a sudden urge to rub herself against it, to lift her top and grind them against the rough surface, but then the groans got louder, distinctly sexual now — women being pleasured.
She stared through the lattice, sure that if she could get close she’d be able to see enough to satisfy her curiosity. Bolder now, driven by the sounds and scents, she approached the double doorway. Quickly, she tried opening it. It wasn’t locked. She cracked it open just a couple of inches, the scent was even stronger here, and it was mixed with something else, the distinctive smell of sex. She could spy the latticework just down the corridor. She had to know what was going on. Checking behind her again, and then putting her head through, looking up and down the corridor, she saw no one.
With an impetuous dash she ran inside, sneaking up to the wall, her heart in her mouth. She still had to go on tip toes to see anything, but sure enough, this time, in the softly lit room beyond, she could see more.
Seven or eight women were on the floor. Some sitting, some lying, a couple on all fours. They were all naked, eyes closed, their hands caressing their breasts or tracing over their own skin. None were touching the others.
But every single one of them, whether kneeling or lying back or forwards, had their hips and crotch encased in some kind of sleek white devices. She’d never seen anything like them. They looked like you could sit, or slide into them at will. No markings or controls hinted at their purpose. But the women’s reactions told Evie all she needed to know. These women were being pleasured. She could only imagine how from the sounds they made. Some of the machines gave off quiet noises, vibrating or suction or more piston like sounds, that made it easy to guess that they were sex machines. Fucking machines like nothing she’d ever seen or imagined.
She saw that there was an open door at the far end of the room, and by it was the only device that was not in use. I have to get a closer look. Evie crept along the corridor, her senses alert for anyone coming near. She peeked around the corner and found it empty again, the entrance to the pleasure room just beyond her.
She crept on her tiptoes, right up to the door, leaning just her head around and was rewarded with the device up close. It wasn’t much help though. The interior was just a curved plastic cover too, like a bucket seat, designed to sit on while kneeling. ‘Damn,’ she said under her breath, suddenly realising just how exposed she was. This was crazy, I must get back.
She turned, her breath catching in her throat. Stood right in front of her was one of the eunuch guards, and behind him, a woman she was sure was one of the prince’s wives. She wasn’t dressed anything like she had been at the dinner. She had a turquoise leather corset on, with a matching set of thigh straps, cuffs and a high collar. Her top was a fine mesh that did nothing to hide her breasts, and in her heels she towered over Evie. Her raven black hair hung down to her waist. The commanding woman smiled like a cat who’d just caught a mouse.
She put her finger under Evie’s chin, closing her gaping mouth. ‘Oh doctor, I don’t think you’re supposed to be here.’


So, there you go, how do you think it's shaping up? What did you like? Anything you'd change? What ideas do you have for how the story can develop?
In the next part Evie has to deal with the ramifications of her snooping, and Ted reaps the benefits. She also has a close encounter with one of his wives, and starts to discover what the true meaning of desperation is.

I think this story is shaping up well enough to turn into a book so while these last two parts have been visible to everyone, (although only paying subscribers can comment) future ones are going to be for my Fan Club and Book Club followers. So sign up to read the rest!

More soon!

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The Hardcourt Edging Scale

I designed this infographic to help people describe their level of arousal and so communicate more clearly around edging and denial.

It's also attached to this post as a PDF.

Ways to use this:
  • Work through the different levels as you edge and recognise the different mental and physical impacts you have - become more aware of your responses. Are they similar to the list or do some differ?
  • Set yourself the target of reaching a certain level and staying there, how can you vary what you do and think to keep you at a certain level.
  • Work on keeping yourself in 'The Edging Zone' - think about how breathing and creating pressure in your body can help you get there, but relaxing your mind and body help you not go beyond
  • Try soft edging where you can only stimulate yourself to level 5-8 at most, and never allow yourself to get to the point where you could orgasm. What effect does this have on you compared to a 'hard' edge at 9. If you only have soft edges for a day or two, does the cumulative impact on your arousal still remain high?

I'd love your feedback on using this, and any ways I could improve it. Message me here or on Tumblr.

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