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I enjoy writing stories, especially lewd stories. Support me here if you want to see more stories more frequently!
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Thread Necromancer
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The Slime From Beyond (Worm)

Any and all feedback would be highly appreciated

Aegis wasn’t exactly sure what he was looking at when he looked at the blue naked beauty that was walking around near the boardwalk below him. He’d been flying his regular patrol route near the boardwalk when he saw a strange blue thing pass by the alleyways. Curious, he called dispatch that he was going to check it out, and had gotten the greenlight to investigate since it was pretty close to the patrol route. As he flew over the alleys, he spotted what had to be a monster cape or something. It looked like it was naked, skin had a sheen to it like it was made of latex or something of the like. It’s skin was also blue and black, with the main mass being blue while the extremities, like the legs, arms, parts of the head, and some of the creature’s head tails were black, almost making it look like it was wearing stockings, arm length gloves, and some kind of bondage helmet. To say it had a dump truck ass was understating it as Aegis found himself entranced by it as it swayed behind it. It also had what looked like four blue head tails that were transparent and what seemed like black strands inside of them as they exited the head.

Reluctantly, Aegis flew to the front of the monstrous cape. He saw some fairly nice breasts that the creature was playing with while her mouth was open wide and her tongue was sticking out. Aegis, partially due to some redundant and more sensitive part of his hearing could hear slight moans coming from the creature as it moved and played with itself. Aegis felt a blush start to take hold along with the cup he wore as a part of his costume began to get tight as he continued to look at the creature.

“Aegis you still there?” the dispatcher asked.

“Um, uh, yeah, I’m here,” Aegis responded a little bit embarrassed.

“Did you find anything out there to report?”

“Yeah, uh, I found a monster cape. I’m going to go and see about making contact.”

“Alright, be careful, Gallant is supposed to be there as well, is he with you?” Aegis frowned as he thought of his teammate. Gallant essentially ditched him back a couple of blocks when Glory Girl had shown up. Then he pulled his favour on Aegis so now he was on solo patrol while Gallant “patrolled” with Glory Girl.

“Yeah, he’s watching the street while I investigate, I can call him if there is any trouble.”

“Alright Aegis, stay safe,” and with that, there was a click and Aegis was alone with the admittedly sexy monster cape.

Well, here goes nothing.


“Ahh, ahh, ahh,” Tay exclaimed as she kept playing with herself. She was so horny, and she needed more material. She was so hungry, and so horny, it was all she could think about. Cock, she needed cock. She’d gotten some already but she couldn’t get enough cum from them to sate her hunger. She needed more. She wanted more. Playing with herself, while unable to properly solve her issue of satisfying her sexual needs did manage to entice some of Taylor’s species into playing with her, into fucking her and her host and it was amazing but it was never enough. She needed cock, more cock and lots of it.

“Hello there,” someone said as they landed in front of Tay. Tay stopped and looked at this new arrival. He was costumed in some red armour, and he flew a bit off the ground. Tay could also see that he had a prominent bulge. Unthinking about anything but her own sexual satisfaction, she moved to the red armoured person and leapt at him. He tried to dodge back but she tackled him and drove her tongue into his mouth, while she also tore at his costume. He panicked for a few moments but seemed to calm down when her fingers found his cock and started to stroke, as she rubbed her body all over him. Cock, she needed his cock.

The red armoured person started to kiss her back and Tay moved to be full in front of him. His hands gripped her ass, and she slid herself down on his cock. She moaned into the person’s mouth as she felt the electric pleasure of a cock once more penetrating her folds, and doubly so from Taylor’s barely conscious mind feeling the pleasure she was already experiencing double, causing her to gush. Tay moaned again as she drank up Taylor’s cum, loving every second of it as she was being fucked and fucking them both. Tay felt the red person’s finger stroke her asshole, and with her other hand, she reached back and pushed it in. It was safe, her body could take it after all, and she loved the sensation of being even fuller back there than before.

Slowly it was beginning to be too much, and Tay felt like she was going to overload, her time spent pleasuring herself had brought her closer to the edge than she realised. She was going to cum again soon. Tay sped up her pace, and she sped up the plugs inside of Taylor, knowing her host needed satisfaction as much as she did, especially since they both were to horny to actually desire anything more. Tay pulled away from the red man’s kiss and began to ride him, pulling herself from his cock and then dropping herself onto his dick, mauling her developing breasts and sending more waves of pleasure through both herself and through her host. They were close, they were so close.

Then with one final drop down onto the red man’s cock, Tay and Taylor within cried out in ecstasy as they orgasmed, paralyzed as Taylor and Tay’s pussies both clenched down together, milking the red man’s cock for all of his cum as hot and tasty spurt after spurt of cum entered into Tay, and she ate it up greedily. More, she needed mo- Suddenly there is a foreign influence on her and Taylor’s mind. Tay purged it and sensed something coming fast towards them.

Barely able to react in time, Tay pulled away from Taylor’s legs briefly to push her to her feet and then jump back right off of the red man’s cock and a hot buxom sight greeted her. A princess cheerleader who was floating… her name… Taylor knew her name, and Tay could kind of remember something. Something with a G. Gory?

Gory however flew at her once more with her fist out and Tay realised, to her great sadness, that Gory didn’t want to play. Dodging out of the way and morphing to a more combat effective form, Tay went to the sewer grate and flipped it off. Tay felt ineffective punches hit her and a foreign influence affected her and Taylor’s mind with each of the punches, so she expunged the second set of influences from both her and Taylor’s minds. Taylor didn’t need any more sensory overload from what she has right now, the poor girl. Tay dropped down into the sewer water and used her tentacles to swim away. Seems adrenaline from Taylor could actually snap them out of a lust filled daze, good to know.


Very quick little thing to contribute to the idea. The symbiont slime had much more personality than I intended but eh, works for me and it shows that the sync isn’t yet complete. By the end of the sync, they will be of one mind on everything.
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Thread Necromancer
Public post
Succubus Gets and Info Dump (Succubi Sucking 5) (Worm)

Any and all feedback would be highly appreciated

I’ve fallen was what Taylor thought as she continued to grind her butt against Madison’s absolutely divine cock, enjoying the pleasurable sensations of feeling so full with the other’s godly bitch breaker. Taylor had experienced nothing better than the feeling of Madison filling her up with her wonderful blue cock. She was broken, she’d fallen, she was a slave to the pleasure Madison was giving her. Madison behind her giggled before hugging around Taylor, keeping her still, which caused her to whine.

“Oh come now don’t be so dramatic,” Madison said in a low voice, making Taylor realise that she’d said at least part of that out loud, and she felt her lustful blush grow redder as her embarrassment overtook it. “You can’t actually get mind broken like in a bad hentai, but you can get damn close.”

“What’s a ah, hentai?” Taylor asked. Madison was silent for a moment before she started giggling a little bit.

“Girl you were really damn repressed weren’t you? I’d get it if you were some older succubus just escaped hell, but aren’t kids these days supposed to know this stuff?” Taylor felt Madison shake her head on her shoulder. The arms around Taylor loosened once more and returned to rubbing Taylor’s swollen frog-like belly. It looked like she’d just eaten and honestly, it kind of felt like it to. It made her feel all warm and fuzzy along with just making her horny and feel the electric thrill of either erotic fun. Released from Madison holding her close, Taylor started to pull herself off of Madison’s cock a little before pushing herself back quickly, shaking her ass for Madison to enjoy while her cock continued to give Taylor that wonderfully blissed-out sensation that was clouding her mind and leaving her to only be able to think about sex.

Then the bus lurched forward and Taylor had to fling her hands out to the seat ahead to keep from slamming into it. Still, it popped her off of Madison’s cock leaving her awkwardly standing up from the seat, her panting from her exertions during the ride and her ass gaping slightly as it twitched and contracted, leaking a bit of cum from it, and trying to recover from having her ass pounded the entire time they’ve been on the bus. Taylor tried to push back but felt Madison’s hand on her ass, keeping her there.

“This is our stop,” Madison said simply before getting up, Taylor looked back and wondered where Madison’s bitch breaker went. As she did, Taylor felt her pants rise up her legs. She blinked for a second; not exactly comprehending what was going on due to the haze of lust permeating throughout her mind before it finally clicked and she quickly did up her pants and fastened her belt. Madison wrapped her arms around Taylor’s shoulder and Taylor felt an invisible force guiding her own arm up. It felt kind of fleshy as well.

“Come on let me help you out. You’ll probably be wobbly after all that,” Taylor wasn’t inclined to disagree with the supposed Omnibus. Despite how full of energy and wonderful she felt, she also found her legs shaky and slightly burning from all the effort she’d put into impaling herself on Madison’s cock whenever she wasn’t going fast enough for Taylor. Madison had started slowing down at some point during the bus ride, and while that had been fine for a little bit, it quickly wasn’t enough for Taylor and so she’d started to grind and do her best to speed things up. Madison hadn’t resisted and quickly it became Madison sitting back, as Taylor twerked her ass on Madison’s cock, filling her ass with the blue bitch breaker and turning the burning fire into a blazing inferno of carnal sensations.

The two girls made it off the bus easily enough without a comment from the driver as he sped off. Taylor looked up and noticed that they were at some café.

“Hope you can stand a little bit of time away from lil’ Maddy? We need to go over some basics, mkay?” Madison asked Taylor. Taylor tried to answer, but her voice came out funny, probably from trying to keep herself from wailing in pleasure. So she tried again.

“What exactly are we going to discuss?”

“Whatever you want for however long you can stand it,” Taylor didn’t question what Madison meant by “stand it.” As she found out, she was barely able to keep herself from just masturbating in class and she had certainly been unable to properly focus on what was being said by the teacher as she couldn’t help but think about how tasty Madison’s cum was and how she loved the feeling of big thick cock in her mouth and the feeling of it sliding down her throat. It had felt positively divine. Taylor’s focus came back however with the snapping of fingers in front of her face. Taylor flinched and looked at Madison who uses her hand to flick some drool off of Taylor’s face, much to her embarrassment.

“Jeeze, you’re really far gone. Maybe it wouldn’t be a good idea to pierce that glamour after all,” Madison said, once more looking concerned.

“Why’s that?”

“’cause if I did I might have to keep you much much longer than just a weekend to just calm you down a little. Hey, you good to walk?” Madison asked. Taylor nodded, having slowly felt her leg’s strength come back as they left the bus stop.

“Okay good, I don’t need to carry you…” Madison said before she adopted a thoughtful look on her face. “Though you know, maybe it would be a good idea, you know?” Taylor shook her head. She didn’t know, and she would rather not get embarrassed by the older girl. Madison’s growing smile however didn’t reassure Taylor though.

“You sure? We could find an alleyway, and I could transform back into my succubus form, we could pull your pants down and fit you right on my cock like a nice little cock sock.” Taylor’s eyes widened and she could feel the blush start to flash across her face at the thought. “Then you wouldn’t even have to walk anywhere, I could do the walking for us while you get a nice big cock up your perfect little ass. Ah, I see you like that idea,” Taylor suddenly realised that as Madison had continued to describe what she meant, her smile had grown larger. She immediately stopped smiling and returned her mouth to its customary frown.

“Don’t worry, we won’t be trying that… for a while at least, I need you coherent more than I need a nice warm cock sock to slide my nice big blue cock into on cold winter days,” this was definitely not helping Taylor out at all, as all she could imagine now was Madison, in a big parka while Taylor was naked inside it as well, all tied up, Madison’s cock up her ass while Taylor was fucked with each step, and hidden from the world. Taylor wasn’t sure how they’d hide her head but there was probably some illusion that Madison’s power gave to her.

The two girls approached a café by the bus stop and entered inside. They quickly found a spot to sit, a booth by a window, and sat down. A waitress came to their table and got their orders before scurrying off. She’d had some very nice plump breasts and her ass stuck out just right.

“Like the show?” Madison asked, catching Taylor’s attention again.

”Wha?” was Taylor’s very intelligent response. Madison chuckled a bit before continuing.

“You were totally checking her out,” Madison declared. Taylor was about to object when she stopped for a moment. Had she been checking that waitress out? She’d just been noticing the nice parts of her, that was all… Was she acting differently from before? Was she, like Madison said, a succubus? She’d certainly been acting differently, that was for sure, but she couldn’t rule out parahuman mastering. But… her noticing the waitress’s form wasn’t anything different from usual. Did that count?

“Right, let's get down to the hot and sexy, so you’re a succubus kid, and you didn’t get born in Hell, that’s a double plus good for you right there,” Taylor raised an eyebrow, her mental faculties focused enough to notice the reference.

“1984?” she asked, and Madison rolled her eyes.

“My class has it assigned so I’m reading it again for the eighth time, good book by the by, but anyways, you also didn’t get your Mom or your Dad or what have you to give you the what's what, so that’s why you’re hornier than a bitch in heat, especially because you still got that glamour going for ya, a real good one too from the looks of it.” Madison scrunches her cute face for a moment before she continues.

“Hey mind if I do a little something,” she doesn’t wait for an answer as her eyes start glowing, and then she lets out a long whistle. “Jeeze, that’s one hell of a glamour. Mental disconnect, thought rearrangement, lust suppression, a lil notice-me-not field, hell, if it wasn’t leaking like a sieve and deteriorating as I watch it, I’d think that you were just an extra horny girl,” Madison says. None of it makes sense to Taylor who’s slowly trying to let herself calm down as she’s listening. Just absorbing, not thinking.

“Shouldn’t that make me less horny then?” Taylor asked, having heard about the lust suppressant. But Madison just shook her head.

“From the looks of it, that part of the spell came undone for some reason. Hell half the stuff here is degrading as we speak. This kind of spell isn’t supposed to last as long as it seems to have.”

“How long is it supposed to last?” Madison grabbed her chin and looked to start thinking.

“About twelve years I think? I don’t know, I never had kids myself, too much of a hassle to keep everything on the down-low so I or my kid doesn’t get fucked over by some wizard or other demon or what have you,” of course there are wizards and other demons and all that modern fantasy stuff that’s going on.

“Okay, so what, there is a magical world or something that’s separate from the main one then and kept secret?” Taylor guessed, considering that almost every modern fantasy setting in the books she’s read had a secret magical world.

“Ehhh, not anymore. That kind of stuff died during the witch hunts and stuff… well I guess there are probably some places in Asia or maybe even Africa but none that I know of, not that I, and subsequently you, would want to even be a part of one anyways.”

“Why’s that?”

“Well, between you and me, Wizards are a bunch of racist dicks, and so is pretty much anyone who even realises that magic is actually a thing, mostly either due to church or popular culture or what have you. Most wizards’ll try to bind you as they're familiar and make you their sex slave… which in truth isn’t as bad as someone from Hell finding out that you’re on Earth. If that happens they’ll be sending a squad of guys to clamp you in chains and bring you back so that you can be a nice little sex slave for them down there,” as Madison keeps talking, Taylor continues to fidget, thinking about what she’s talking about, being summoned by some young wizard, and being fucked, him controlling her with his magic, making her serve and service him at a whim. Taylor started to rub her legs together unconsciously. At the same time, she started to imagine herself in chains, dressed in nothing but a collar and shackles, servicing a demon while another fucked her ass. She started to bite her lip and she balled her hands into fists as she imagined herself being railed by a big red cock of some devil looking man, making her feel amazing as he came in her, holding her tight, and mauling her small breasts while she sucked-

Snap snap

“Hey, Earth to Taylor, you still there?” Madison asked, and once more she was pulled from her fantasy.

“Ye-yeah,” but Madison gave her a knowing smile. Luckily the waitress was there to save Taylor from her embarrassment as she brought them their drinks. They thanked her before returning to their conversation, Taylor making sure this time that she didn’t look at the girl’s pleasing features.

“You got it bad, girl. Now, I know that, as you are right now, that doesn’t sound so bad, right?” Madison asked, and Taylor, remembering her little fantasy there, nodded.

“Well, you’re right, it’s actually kind of great, especially for a young thing like you, but it’s also kind of crappy if you want to do something more with your life than be a worthless fuck puppet, and from what Emma tells us about you, I doubt you would be fine with being a mindless slave all the time.”

“I wasn’t actually thinking of it seriously,” Taylor argued. Sure, sex was fun, hell, honestly it’s been the best thing she’s enjoyed since Emma had betrayed her. While it sounds hot as hell and really damn fun to just submit to a demon or wizard or whatever and get fucked, she wouldn’t want it to last forever. Though… Maybe a wizard would be a good idea? They can’t live forever after all, and it would give her access to magic… but then Madison is right here, and she’s not only acting really different but if this is all real, then she could teach her and the main reason she even messed with her with really minor pranks was because of a misunderstanding.

Snap snap

“You still in there or you ready for another round?” Madison asked, and Taylor felt her lower holes clench and her mouth begin to water at the suggestion of going another round with Madison’s divine cock. Taylor’s hand twitched and she yearned to ask for another round.

Taylor took a deep breath in through her nose, and out of her mouth with more of a shudder than she had wanted.

“I’m still here, I was just going over the benefit of maybe becoming a familiar of a wizard to get to his magic, then I realised that you’re here, and that… maybe, you’d teach me?” Taylor asked hopefully. This entire thing could he a whole trap laid down for Taylor by the trio using their new cape as a member. If it wasn’t, or if Madison was just delusional about the whole succubus thing but was also a trump that could grant powers, this could really help her out. Madison shrugged.

“I could but that would take a lot of time. Granted, I’m all for helping out the new generation, it’s why I’m helping you now, but magic, especially teaching magic is kind of a whole ‘nother level of involved. Not to mention dangerous as hell as well as just as likely to get me sent right back down, get me locked in irons, and made some demon’s fuck pet for a century or several. After that, he’d probably just make me into a bondage doll.” Taylor could imagine it, Madison in her wonderful blue omnibus form, all bound in leather that kept her unable to move very far as vibrators buzzed away at various parts of her body. She’d be ball gagged and wearing a blindfold. Her cock would be standing at attention, gleaming with pre, and then Taylor’s fantasy shifted slightly, as she saw herself. She was bound as well, only more so than Madison. Where Madison was covered in bondage restraints, Taylor’s outfit was on another level. A true fuck pet if ever there was one. She’d be bound so that she was only on her elbows and knees, tied with some leather bondage while she was also gagged like Madison was.

Meanwhile, what little that Madison could move was used towards pulling a moaning Taylor closer and sliding her cock inside of Taylor, while their master wat-

Snap snap

“Alright, I think you really need a good pounding, hmm? You were starting to pant there, enjoyed your little daydream?” once more embarrassed, Taylor nodded as the vision of her being fucked by Madison slowly vanished from her mind. Then, Taylor felt a foot press up against her crotch from below the table. Surprised, Taylor looked down to see a socked foot pressing against her warm crotch. With expert dexterity, Taylor watched as it gripped the front of her pants and managed to pull the button off.

“How about you tell me about it?” Madison asked and Taylor slowly nodded. Barely able to keep from panting once more as Madison teased her absolutely soaked panties with her socked foot.

Taylor hoped that Madison won't keep this going long, she really really needs that cock.

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Public post
Taylor’s Best Friend

Premise: Desperate to try anything to make her feel happy, Danny goes out and gets a dog from the shelter for Taylor. Things don’t go as planned, but as far as Taylor is concerned, that’s okay.

Another 30 Minute Challange for the morn before work.

Any and all feedback would be appreciated

Taylor sat on her bed as she petted Bently and hugged him close, Today had not been a good day at school, and it had been harder not to cry that day before getting back home to Bently. Emma had started to rip into her again using one of her stories from when they were kids again, and while it was just another knife in the back among many, it still hurt. Now that she was holding onto Bently though, she felt a lot calmer, and happier, because she had her best friend here, and he loved her no matter what. They were practically inseparable except for when she had to go to school, but whenever Taylor wasn’t at the hell hole that was Winslow, Bently was always with her.

Right now they were cuddling in bed, Taylor and Bently hugging each other while she rubbed Bently and letting herself calm down. Bently himself was panting in her ear, and it calmed her down as he did his best to be there for her, listen to her whisper in it’s ear and just be there to comfort her. Sure he couldn’t understand her, but that didn’t matter, he was there for her, and she loved him.

That was when she began to feel her best friend’s red rocket begin to slide from its sheath between her and Bently. Taylor felt the blazing hot rod and giggled a little. It felt like Bently was getting into the mood, and Taylor was hesitant to not give him his reward. It always felt good to give Bently his reward as Taylor had found out one day.

Slowly, Taylor extracted herself from her best friend and slowly began to assume the position for her best friend, for her alpha. Bently of course wasted little time as he saw her assume the position and began to move behind her. Taylor wasted little time as she slid her jeans down for Bently, and spread her legs wide to allow him access to his favourite place. In truth, she was wet as well, just the scent of Bently these days as they cuddled was enough to set her off as she remembered the many many sessions that they had enjoyed together before.

Taylor felt Bently hop atop her as his paws landed on her back and he crawled his way over her, dominating her with his bulk. Bently was a massive dog, and in truth was a bit bigger than her in size. Taylor in truth enjoyed that about her alpha, how easily he could dominate her, how submissive he was to him. She was his bitch in every way, and she loved it.

Her pussy twitched as Taylor felt Bently begin to start to hump at her, sliding his red rocket across her slick slit, missing but only by a bit. He was getting much better at finding his target without her help these days. Taylor let out a moan, not caring about how loud it was as she finally felt herself be penetrated by her alpha. Dad wasn’t home, and wouldn’t be for hours, giving them time for a couple of sessions of being bred and knotted by her alpha. Bently himself set a brutal pace, sliding into her quickly and viciously humping her, driving his cock into her with a wild animal abandon. Taylor cried out in ecstasy as the was bred, pleasure firing through her with every thrust of Bently’s cock like a bolt of lightning. Already, Taylor could feel her body shuddering under the weight of Bently and from the pleasure that she was feeling. Her limps shook as they withstood the barrage of pleasure and Taylor was left panting alongside Bently as she was fucked by her master.

Taylor did her best to meet the wild humps of her best friend, driving her hips back as she was fucked, driving Bently’s red rocket further into herself as she felt herself getting closer and closer to cumming. She couldn’t hold it back with how fast Bently was going and how deep he was fucking her. He was simply making her feel too good, and Bently himself never held back for her. Not that Taylor wanted Bently to hold back on account of her. She wanted Bently to feel good, both because she loved her dog, and because she wanted Bently to feel as good as he made her feel. Taylor felt herself approaching the edge of her orgasm as Bently continued to thrust into her, driving her pleasure ever higher as he thrust into her, fucking her, breeding her, and making her feel so good. Taylor was now wailing out like a wanton doggy cock slut that she was, unable to help herself as she continued to get closer and closer and closer to cumming. She could feel herself getting close to the edge.

Then Bently thrust forward as far as he could and she felt her lover’s knot begin to swell, and hot cum began to fill her. Taylor cried out as well as that finally sent her over the edge, and Taylor’s pussy began to clench down and try it’s best to milk the massive cock of Bently for all of it’s seed. Taylor was paralysed as Bently continued to fuck her with his massive inflated knotted cock, spraying what felt like molten hot doggy jizz into his favourite place, leaving Taylor with a wonderful warm feeling inside of her as her eyes went cross and she shuddered from the intense fucking. Finally however, Taylor felt the cum from her alpha slow, and Bently crashed down on her, causing Taylor to crash down onto the bed as well. Taylor laughed as she felt the weight of her lover over top of her, dominating her, and the massive girth of his knotted cock filling her up. They would be tied together for another half hour at least, and Taylor was fine with that. After all, she was with her best friend, and she couldn’t think of a better way to past the time than being knotted by her lover.


So what did you think?
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Satana’s punishment 3

Another 30 minute thing to make my morning before work productive.

Any and all feedback is be highly appreciated

Satana felt the tug of her new leash as her new master, a Northern sounding man, continued to walk her through what she assumed was the dungeon. Satana herself couldn’t see or even speak as this was done, her mouth and throat filled with a cock gag that went down her throat, and a blindfold over her eyes. All she was able to do was to cast spells when her master wished it. She was still bound by the cuffs on her, but the human was able to remove them, unlike her. All her bondage was blessed by the gods above, like with cursed items on most races, excluding demons that is, they stuck to her like they had been glued on, only a non demon could take it off of her.

At first Satana had been worried by the sounds of rattling bones and the squeaks she heard, they were on the early floors of the dungeon, an area of mineshafts that went on for miles all around, filled with the skeletons of deceased miners who’s undead corpses sought to extinguish the life force of the living. Satana had fought her way through such a place not too long ago, back when she was simply a healer, rather than a bound heal slut waiting at the whim of her master to heal his wounds, and maybe, to make him… less stressed.

There is the sound of fighting ahead, a fireball was fired off and the sound of clattering bones on the dirt floor of the mine. Satana made a questioning sound as they approached, though by the sedated pace of her new master, he wasn’t worried. Considering that very few if any of the skeletal creatures down here were mages, then perhaps this was a human mage or something.

“There you are Barnon! Why the hell did you run- behind you!” Satana heard the tell tale sound of a magical spell being prepared and realised that he must be aiming at her. With her hands still bound she wouldn’t be able to defend herself. All she could do was make a distressed noise and move closer to where her master was, her uncovered breasts rubbing against the strong muscular back of her master.

“Hold your spell wizard, she is mine, and I won’t have you damaging my property,” the barbarian from the north declared. At the sound of the spell fizzling out, Satana was relieved that the danger had hopefully past. Then she felt herself being pulled forward by the collar and she quickly fell to the ground in front of her master. She made a pitiful sound as she fell, and did her best to get up from it while her hands were bound. She had gotten to her knees when she felt a pair of gloved hands slide across her body, across her breasts, and up to her chin.

“How did you manage to blindfold and gag her?” the man asked. Satana couldn’t really place the accent, only that it sounded refined.

“I didn’t, when I drank from a fountain, she came like this,” her master said.

“Truly? You’re a very lucky man then I would say, binding a succubus,” Satana felt the gloved hand on her face begin to stroke it, and she pressed her face into the stroking, enjoying the sensation, finding how demeaning it was to be, erotic. “Well let us say that it’s the dream of all acolyte wizards in the guild, and more often than not, those who attempt it are not as prepared as they believe themselves to be… do you mind if I?” the mage asked a leading question and her master snorted.

“Get your rocks off mage. I need you in top condition before we head to the next floor,” was all he said. Satana felt a hand on the clasp of her gag and once more, she felt the long cock begin to slowly be pulled from her throat. As it was pulled away, Satana left her mouth open, pushed her tongue out, and let her breath continue to stay ragged as she looked in the direction of the mage, knowing what he wished to do. Not that Satana would object after all, she loved the feeling and taste of a wonderful cock sliding into her mouth and violating her.

It was what she was made for after all.


Another 30 minute Barony snippet, showing the continuing adventures of the bound healslut Satana and her master, Barnon the Barbarian.
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Greg’s Great Day

Want to get away from essays, so here’s this 30 minute challenge

Any and all feedback will be highly appreciated

He had to be the luckiest guy in the whole world, Greg thought. Be kind to just one guy and he got everything he had ever wanted. Sparky at some point had become a cape or had been a cape this entire time, and now, because of Sparky, he not only got the girl he had been pining after for the last few years, but he was also now the master of the hottest girls in the whole school.

Greg groaned as he relaxed further into his seat, his cock sending waves of pleasure through him as he felt the tongue of who were undoubtedly the hottest girls in the entire school, Emma the model, and Sophia the track star, both licking at his cock like it was the best-tasting thing ever. Not just that though, but he also had a show. Off in front of him in this abandoned classroom, Taylor and Madison were putting on a show for him. The two were deep in a kiss as the shorter girl was playing with Taylor, sliding a couple of her digits in and out of the taller girls wet pussy while her other hand had pulled up Taylor’s shirt and was playing with one of her nipples.

He had just told them to put on a show for him, and Madison had come out on top. Greg had expected that they would be evenly matched with each other, or even that Taylor, with her superior height, would be the one domming the other, but Madison seemed to know where to touch Taylor to make the girl a hot horny mess. He loved the way that Taylor writhed from the cute, smaller girl’s touch. It made him as hard as having the two hottest girls licking and worshipping his cock.

Greg wondered how he should continue forward? He could have one of the two girls licking his cock give him a blow job or even have one of them hop onto his lap for him to fuck. He was their master now and the four of them loved their master. He’d made sure of it. He’d asked Sparky if they would love him and he said that they would. That was all that really mattered. He wasn’t a rapist, after all, he wanted his harem to love him as they all fucked each other.

Though, in truth, he wasn’t really as attracted to Taylor anymore, not when there were so many good alternatives that loved him just as much. Sure he had pined after Taylor for over a year now, but that was mostly because they had both been losers, they had been practically meant for each other. Now though, Greg was the master of all four of them, and truth be told, Taylor just wasn’t as good as any of the other three. She had the smallest tits out of all of them, and while she had legs, she didn’t really have much of an ass, not like Sophia did. Really, if anything, the trio was right that among the four of them, she was the ugly duckling. Maybe if Taylor blossomed into something more, then she would be hot, but right now, she was not.

Taylor cried out as she came, girl cum or whatever it was sprayed out as she shivered and shuddered in the arms of Madison. God damn, that was hot. Despite how of the four girls he was the master of, she was still hot in a sort of depraved way, being humiliated and toyed with like that. Maybe that would be how she would fit in his new harem, the girl that did anything and enjoyed it. It could even be like an erotic and fun parody of their school life, only Taylor would love it since instead of being mean, he and the trio could make her feel amazingly good, by teasing her and fucking her all the time.

Greg knew that girls liked that sort of stuff. His Mom certainly did judging by all the romance books she had where the man took charge and dominated the woman there. He’d even read one book where the female lead was made into the man’s sex slave or something and had been super into it. Taylor, judging by her blissed-out expression was just like that. She would love to be played with and toyed with. The thought of Taylor all wrapped up in bondage, as he played with her and toyed with her, while the other members of his harem did the same, it was a hot thought, and he felt his cock twitch.

Yet, even if Taylor was going to end up inevitably at the bottom of his harem, he might as well do the poor girl a favour. He had pined after her for over a year after all. Thus it was only fair that she be the one that he fucked first and lost his virginity to, along with her own. They would lose their virginity together in remembrance of how they had both been losers, and how had it not been for Sparky, they would have gotten together and would have lost their virginity to each other anyways.

“Stop” Greg ordered the two girls licking his cock, and they did so immediately. He got up from the school chair he was in and made his way over to Taylor and Madison, the latter still driving her fingers into Taylor who seemed to be riding the pleasure that Madison was giving her, leaving her barely able to even think. Madison looked up at Greg, and he waved his hand. Instantly, Madison stopped fingering Taylor and gave her a few seconds reprieve from the overstimulation that Madison was giving her.

“God that was hot, I want to fuck you, and give you my virginity,” he said, and Taylor nodded along, her face still somewhat slack from the pleasure she was still coming down from. Madison seemed to know exactly what he wanted before he even wanted it as she sat down and leaned Taylor back so that her pantsless bottom was exposed to him, and with her fingers, she spread Taylor’s sopping pussy.

Still hard from the two hottest girls in his harem, Greg wasted no time falling to his knees and crawling over Taylor.

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Minor Variation on a Major Event (slab’s Femdom AU)

I thought I might as well write a little sissy trap action between M!Taylor and Cape!Emma.

Any and all feedback is highly appreciated

I’m a sissy slut was the only thing going through Taylor's head as he continued to watch the hypnotic swirls of white and pink overlaid on top of rapidly changing photos of feminine sissies like him getting fucked or sucking cock or being played with. In truth, the video wasn’t anything special, just some porn that his mistress had found and was making him watch while on all fours. His ass was sticking out just like Mistress Emma wanted him to, his butt nice and filled with a big butt plug. Once more he clenched down on it as he heard a snap from the headphones he had in. The hypnosis that he was listening to had him clenching down on the plug with every snap, and with every clench, an electric sensation of pleasure shot through him, not enough to do anything then make him leak a bit from his cage, but it was enough to entertain him while his mistress got everything ready.

Taylor couldn’t tell what was going on behind him, the headphones that they used for Taylor’s training were sound cancelling, and there was nothing that could act as a mirror for him. All he could do was listen to the hypnosis telling him he was a sissy slut, clench when he was supposed to, and mewl pathetically as his hips shifted with the arousal he felt, and his caged cock shook and likely made sounds as the padlock hit the hard plastic every so often.

Finally, however, Taylor saw the cursor move on the hypnosis video, and pause it. Then, he felt his mistress press up against the butt plug in him, pushing it in slightly and sending another spark of pleasure through him. Knowing that Emma was ready with his surprise, Taylor pushed up and took off the headphones that he had on.

Mistress Emma came up to him however and pulled him into her embrace. She was all powered up it seems. Ever since he came back from camp, and Emma showed him that she was a cape, this had been their relationship. She could change into a more powerful form, and pretty much dominate a fight with most people. In her brute cape form, she easily was able to overpower Taylor, and on the day that Taylor had come back and while they had been playing in Emma’s room, they had gotten wrestling after Taylor teased her about being a “big girl now.”

One thing had led to another and they had ended up with Emma easily dominating Taylor, as expected really when your sister in all but name was now a cape, but then Taylor noticed, that Emma seemed to be getting stronger and that Taylor was hard as a rock due to her boobs rubbing up against him.

Emma had found it funny that Taylor had gotten hard, and had started to tease him about it, playing with it while Taylor had been seemingly powerless to resist. In truth, he was conserving his energy for a big push up against her to fling her off of him. He’d flung her off of him before, so he was planning on doing it again, but then, instead of pushing her off of him, he found that she was heavier and even stronger than before. This time even Emma noticed, and started to really tease her captive brother until she accidentally brought him to his first orgasm in her strong and powerful arms. Since then, things had escalated as they looked further into cape culture.

That was why now, Taylor was wrapped in Emma’s strong arms, his legs spread wide, Emma’s hand playing with one of his nipples underneath the feminine training bra he wore underneath his regular clothes, and the other played with his cock’s slit that was just barely poking out of his chastity cage.

“I got you a gift, but you’ve got to lay on the bed for it first,” mistress Emma whispered in Taylor’s ear. His head left fuzzy from the arousal, and from having just been pulled away from the hypnosis before it had brought him back up from the subspace it had put him into. Mistress Emma pulled away from Taylor, and he stumbled to his feet, and then over to the bed where he eagerly rolled onto it, laying in his back as he gazed up at his wonderful mistress. Emma smiled down at him before she brought up a bit of rope.

First, Emma grabbed the pillow that Taylor was resting his head on and slid it from underneath his head. Mistress Emma then lifted Taylor’s bottom effortlessly and put the pillow underneath it, lifting it up for easy access. Then, with expert hands, she began to tie Taylor down, first tying down his arms to the bedposts above his head, then, tying down his legs so that they were pushed towards his head as far as they would go without cramping. When he was properly secured, Emma crawled onto the bed so that she was between his legs and holding two items, an opaque plastic bag, and a familiar dildo.

Taylor felt his ass clench in anticipation, and his cock hardened even more in his cage. Mistress Emma wasted no time as she reached down to Taylor’s ass and began to tug at his butt plug. She grabbed hold of the base of the plug and began to pull. Taylor did his best to relax as she did this, but even so, the plug was big, and it still took a few seconds of slow but constant pulling to finally take the plug out. Taylor knew that if his mistress really wanted to, she could have just ripped it out using her awesome strength, but it would have blown his asshole open and probably hurt him. Neither of them wanted that, except for when Taylor was bad and needed a good spanking. He had been good these past few weeks though and hadn’t even thought of using his emergency key.

The butt plug came out with an amusing pop. Taylor felt his ass twitching and trying to clench on nothing. His ass gaping slightly, just enough to see inside of his trained and naughty hole. Taylor felt an exploratory finger enter into him, and he made a slight noise as his ass tried to close up on Mistress Emma’s finger as it rapidly recovered from the stretching, but not enough to even hinder and unpowered Emma. Finally, mistress Emma pulled back with a small giggle.

“What a slutty hole you have there Taylor,” she declared, smiling down at him. “It just makes me want to play with it all day.” Taylor of course wouldn’t mind that at all. It honestly sounded like a lot of fun if Emma just played with his ass all day. Granted, he would be exhausted, and he likely wouldn’t be able to sit straight for a week, but it would be an incredible day. As Taylor fantasised, his cock twitched inside of his cage along with his ass. Mistress Emma smiled at him before she reached down between her breasts, and Taylor saw her pull out a key. His key.

“I thought you should have a chance to cum one last time before Locktober starts,” Mistress Emma told him while holding his key aloft. Mistress Emma technically had full control of his dick, ever since she got them a chastity cage to play with. It was both frustrating and extremely arousing, to be unable to play with himself except for with his ass. Sometimes when Emma was out caping, he would end up getting so horny that when she finally came back after a long night patrolling, she would come across him desperately hammering a dildo into his ass, squirting pre on the ground as he did everything he could to take the edge off of the burning fire within him. It worked for a time, but it never got rid of it completely, and he was always a hair's breadth away from causing it to flash up once again from the controlled burn into an inferno.

Emma reached down and cupped his balls, causing Taylor’s little caged penis to twitch once more. Taylor’s mistress brought forth the key to his cage to the padlock and inserted it. Taylor was left transfixed as she turned the key in the lock, and there was a distinctive click. Emma started to touch Taylor and move his cage around, taking the lock off first, before slowly sliding the hard plastic cage off of his penis, and then the ring from it. All the while Taylor felt his penis slowly stiffen as Emma watched it.

Emma reached forward, before daintily touching it with her hand, causing it to harden even faster. Taylor gasped at the touch of his mistress, his cock was sensitive after being in its cage for so long. Even the touch of his mistress sent an electric current of pleasure through him and was causing him to bite his lip as he didn’t want to explode just yet. He wanted this to go on longer. Then, Emma released his hard cock, and reached over to the side, where she had put her opaque bag.

When she came back up, Taylor saw her holding a shiny metal cage. It was smaller than his old cage, not by a significant amount, maybe half an inch or so, but it was also much more open than his old cage. His old cage was rather solid whereas this one had a large number of gaps. None of the gaps in the cage were enough for anything other than a single finger to fit in and touch may be the shaft of his cock, but that was about it. Other than that, Taylor saw that it had the official Protectorate logo on the lock that came with the cage.

Considering that the cage had come in a bag, that meant that Emma had actually gone to the hidden adult section of the gift shop. Ever since capes had started appearing, and with a majority of male capes being feminized by their powers, fetishes such as femdom, sissification, and just being rather feminine despite being a boy had gained a lot of traction lately, along with female capes generally being more dominant. This had eventually led to the Protectorate and PRT getting in on the adult industry business, especially with specifically fetishistic items such as chastity cages and other effeminate male attire as many boys wanted to be like their feminine and sissified heroes. Some parent organizations argued that it was corrupting their children but the cultural wave that came with the appearance of capes had blown it to the side as more and more boys and men started to engage further with their feminine side. They were still a minority though, a little less than ten percent of boys in the west became traps or sissified themselves, but it was enough that dating for purely straight guys had become somewhat harder.

Taylor hadn’t really cared one way or another. He hadn’t exactly been the most masculine of boys, but then he hadn’t really thought of becoming a sissy until Emma showed him how good it felt to be dominated and feminized.

“I also got you a new cage for Locktober. It’s a bit snugger than the old cage, but it’s a lot better than the old cage,” Emma lowered the cage down to the bed and leaned in close to Taylor’s hard dick. She then gave it a tiny little lick, causing Taylor’s cock to twitch, and sending another spark through him. “You don’t have to listen to me, but I would love it if you didn’t cum.”

Emma pulled away from Taylor’s dick and grabbed the dildo she had before. Reaching into the bag again, Emma pulled out a new tube of lube and started to apply it to the dildo, clear in view of Taylor. Taylor felt his ass clench at the sight, eagerly awaiting for Emma to fuck his ass with her dildo once more. At the same time, his cock twitched in anticipation. He wanted to cum, he wanted to cum so badly. The last few weeks had been torture. His near every thought was on sex and he was constantly horny. He would constantly check his phone for messages from his mistress, seeing what she was doing, and sometimes getting teasing pictures from her, that would leave him distracted all class, or he would just sit there as he clenched down on the butt plug in his ass as he lost track of what was going on in class.

Cumming would end this hot sexual torture, and he might be able to think straight for the next few days. Yet, he wasn’t sure. Then, Emma’s dildo touched his ass, and at the same time, Emma’s still lubed up had touched his cock. Both of them twitched in anticipation, feeling the cool lube on both of them. Then, Emma pushed into him and stroked at the same time. Taylor cried out as his ass was penetrated, and his cock got the attention it had been deprived of for weeks now. Taylor’s mistress started slow, letting him get used to her touch, and get used to the cock in his ass. Slowly pushing it in, and letting him feel how full, and how good it felt to have the dildo in his ass. At the same time, she slowly stroked his cock, letting him luxuriate in the pleasure that he felt from the action.

Once more, Taylor let out a moan as his mistress stroked downward on his head and the dildo bumped up against his prostate, causing his cock to twitch, and a little bit of pre to come out of it. Already Taylor was breathing heavily, his hands grasping at the ropes that held him in place. Even with just this slow and gentle pace, Taylor felt amazing, and his mind, already clouded from the plug that had been in his ass before, and the sissy hypnosis, clouded even further. He couldn’t think, all he could process was the pleasure that Emma was giving him.

Taylor felt his hips move involuntarily, and his mouth fell open as he started to breathe through his mouth and wail at the same time. He didn’t know if anyone else was home, and he didn’t care. He felt so good, he felt like he was on cloud 9, and he tensed up, as taut as a bowstring. He felt so close to cumming as Emma slowly increased the pace of the dildo and her stroking. Yet, while Taylor wanted to cum so badly, he also wanted to make Emma happy as well.

“A-apple!” he cried out as he felt himself just about to explode. Immediately, Emma pulled back from Taylor, stopping everything and Taylor took deep shuddering gasps and pulled against the ropes that were holding his legs back, anything, anything to keep him from cumming. It took a moment, and Taylor felt himself grow light-headed as he fought to bring himself back from the edge until he finally felt like he wasn’t going to explode anymore. When he looked up at Emma, he saw her worried face as she looked down at him.

“I...” his mouth was dry, and his words shaky as he tried to speak. “I don’t want to cum,” Taylor finally said, and he felt warm inside as he saw Emma’s worried frown turn into a jubilant smile while excitement danced behind her eyes. Emma crawled forward over Taylor’s bound from until she was face to face with him.

“Thank you,” then she kissed him, while her hand went down further. Taylor was worried she would start to stroke him again, and this time he wouldn’t be able to say the safe word, yet she passed his cock entirely, and instead, he felt the dildo in his ass shift. He moaned into the kiss as she started to gently move the dildo in and out of him, sending electric sparks of pleasure through him as his cock could only twitch. Taylor couldn’t help it as his hips moved along with the dildo and he squirmed from the pleasure he was receiving. Slowly, however, they began to run out of breath and they pulled away from each other, gasping for breath as they looked into each other’s eyes, a line of saliva still connecting them.

“You’re the best,” Emma declared before she began to pull herself away from him. Taylor just let his head fall back as he lay there, trying to catch his breath.

What had he gotten himself into?
Behold! A TINO!
I am interested in continuing this idea and the world building for it but I get it if other don't want to.
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Taylor the Hucow

Any and all feedback is highly appreciated

Taylor munched on one of the granola bars the girls had left her the day previously. It tasted good as Taylor slowly chewed the grains, oats, and chocolate, savouring the taste of the chocolate. Taylor thought that she could remember something… something about this being… better than what she had previously. But Taylor couldn’t really remember. Everything was so… slow…

As Taylor munched, the end of the granola bar fell from her mouth as she ate, and it bounced off her painfully full breasts. Bump… jiggle. Taylor looked down at her boobs, admiring their size, and how they were barely held there by a cow print bra. Taylor smiled as she brought her hands up to her breasts, pushing them up a bit, and rubbing her tits and leaking some milk. It felt good, and she loved playing with them, but she stopped herself just short of milking herself. It felt good for sure, but she knew what would feel better, so she waited.

She hadn’t always kept herself from milking herself… at least she thought she hadn’t always. Things were… fuzzy. But she knew one thing, while she could milk herself, and it would feel good, it would feel so much better if she waited, waited for the girls to come back, and for them to milk her. They would touch her and care for her and it would feel great. She knew them, she thought. Where she wasn't sure, but she was sure she knew them. She knew their names at least. Emma and Sophia.

She didn't like them at first, and… she had a reason why, but… she couldn’t remember... then they did something nice. They made Taylor feel good. With a smile, Taylor reached down past her buxom boobs and felt for her pussy, rubbing her hand against it, feeling how wet it was, like always. Taylor was always raring to go when it came to anything sexual. She couldn’t help herself sometimes and would play with herself as she waited for the girls to come back to take care of her. As she heard the ding of her bell, and she moaned as she drove her fingers inside of her slavering cunt, feeling a pleasurable sensation spread through her, and causing her to smile as her eyes glazed over. It felt good as she played with herself, using her other hand to keep herself steady.

Then Taylor felt the girls through her bugs. For some reason, she knew all the bugs everywhere. Taylor wasn’t sure why, she… remembered… darkness… and an awful smell, and… the feeling…

Taylor shook her head, she didn’t want to think about that stuff. That stuff wasn’t fun, and it… She didn’t like it. But why she had bugs didn’t matter, she just had them, and they told her what was going on. So while she waited around for the girls who took care of her, she did little things with the bugs, made clothes with the spiders, people watched with the other stuff, and sometimes she even got rid of bad bugs from people. Just whenever people passed by her basement. Just little things to make is so that she didn’t spend all of the day playing with herself and falling to the temptation of milking herself. It just felt so good after all, and it would feel even better if the girls did it, Taylor knew.

The reason she knew it was the girls who were coming was that she could feel them through her bugs entering into the building. No one came into the building except for them… and that one guy, she made sure to get rid of his fleas before he left. He never came down to Taylor’s basement unfortunately, it might have been fun to play with him. But the girls were here now, and Taylor knew she was about to be milked, and it was going to be great.

Excitedly, Taylor began to crawl to the door, it is faster than getting up and hefting her big tittys, though that had been getting easier lately. As she got to about halfway through the room, Taylor came to a stop, the rope that was tied around her collar beginning to grow taunt but not yet preventing her from going farther, she just knew that if she did she would be choking herself, and that didn’t feel so fun. So, she just waited patiently as the steps down the stairs became louder and louder.

There was a clunking sound as the girls began to open the door. Taylor wasn’t sure what it was, and really, didn’t much care. All that mattered was the girls that made her feel good were coming now, and her engorged titties couldn’t wait. The door opened and the two girls that took care of her, Emma and Sophia, entered, and Taylor smiled her dopey smile of hers at them as they entered.

“Creepy how she’s always there waiting for us,” Sophia says as she sets down her bag near the door.

“She probably hears us coming down the stairs. We’re not exactly quiet when we come down,” Taylor in fact couldn’t hear the girls when they came down the stairs, the door was too thick to hear anything beyond. Finally, Emma faced Taylor and a big smile broke out on her face.

“Hello, Taylor!” Emma said as she came forward to Taylor, she knelt down and started rubbing Taylor’s head as she did so. It was nice and calming, not as good as what she would likely be doing to Taylor soon, but it felt nice too. Emma turned her attention down to Taylor’s boobs now, seeing how large they were, and how full of milk they were. At this point, they had started to leak through her top, creating damp patches on the small patches of fabric that held her breasts up.

“Looks like she needs to be milked again,” Emma said as a hand came down to Taylor’s breast, and glided her hand down it, causing a small amount of the milk to squirt and make her top even wetter.

“Had I known she would take this much maintenance I wouldn’t have snatched the vial in the first place,” Taylor heard Sophia grumble but paid it no mind as she enjoyed the attention of Emma. Emma always was the one that did her milking, making her feel good like she never could.

Standing up, Emma walked over to the side of the room that Taylor could never get to because of the rope. Not that she would ever really need to do anything on that side of the room. No, Taylor was perfectly fine being on her side of the room, enjoying the granola bars the girls gave her and pleasuring herself to the thought of their return when they would make her feel so good. Emma grabbed a kind of wooden chair that Taylor would lean against as she got milked. Standing up and moving back so she wouldn’t be at the edge of her rope when she was milked, Emma brought forth the milking chair and turned it so that the back of it face Taylor. Still, with her dopey smile, Taylor began to stand up, and place her hand on the back of the chair, her chest downward as she assumed the milking position.

After all, it was milking time.

Emma began to pat her head once more, and Taylor moaned her appreciation for the girl and pushed against the hand to get more of the nice feeling from it. Then, Emma’s hand pulled away and Taylor began to feel the back of her bra be undone, and her breasts came loose, wet milk already pooling at the tips of Taylor’s nipples. Reaching under her, Emma placed the pail under her milk engorged udders on a stool. Emma herself however moved behind Taylor, and slid around her, her arms reaching around until they cupped Taylor’s huge boobs. Taylor moaned another appreciative “moo” at her, enjoying the warm sensation of Emma's own boobs against her back and how nice the embrace felt.

It almost felt familiar, the embrace part, not the cupping of her bosom part, but, the feeling passed. Taylor wondered what that had been for a second before she felt Emma begging to massage her nipples. Taylor moaned once more as Emma teased and pinched them, making sure they were nice and ready for her to start to milk Taylor. Taylor knew that she was really ready, the fire inside of her was blazing as she had been waiting for this all day.

“Mooooo~!” Taylor moaned as Emma finally began to milk her, pulling on her breasts, sending the wonderful sensations through Taylor as she was played with. Her eyes closed in rapture as she focused on how her big wonderful breasts felt, being milked, being touched and played with. Taylor loved the feeling of being milked, she loved how Emma wrapped herself around her.

The only thing better would be when the other girls here were all hot and bothered like Taylor was, it had always happened when they milked her when they saw how much she enjoyed what they were doing to her. If only they were cows like Taylor, they could all be here and then they could play with each other all the time, enjoying each other’s company as they fucked the boredom of the day away, played with their toys, and drank their milk.

Taylor smiled as she remembered the one time that the other girl, Sophia had come all on her own one day. She hadn’t been very good at milking, and she wasn’t as nice as Emma, her hands had been cold, and didn’t know how to properly milk her, until. Taylor felt a twitch in her lower lips as she remembered how Sophia had milked, her. How Sophia had eventually given up on milking her with her hands and had begun to suckle on Taylor’s nipples, like a cute little caf, or a kitten.

At first, she’d acted all domineering to her and aggressive, like a cute little kitten. She had been standing all awkward and her neck would hurt after, so Taylor had just picked her up. Sophia had been all surprised when Taylor had taken her up in her arms and carried her to the corner where she could sit down. She’d made a big racket, and it had been cute to hear her, but she calmed down really well when Taylor had brought her nipple to bear. After that, she’d suckled on her like a cute kitten, wrapped up in Taylor’s long arms and suckling on her teat. It had felt amazing, and she loved how hot and steamy things had gotten after.

She never wanted to do that whenever Emma was here, but that was fine, Emma was really good with her hands, making sure they were nice and warm when she milked her, teasing her nipples just right, and she could even drink her milk after. They left them in a fridge on Taylor’s side of the room where the rope let her get to it. Not that it really would have mattered if Taylor really wanted to get at it. Taylor in idle curiosity had looked at the rope, and she felt she knew how to untie it. There was something in the back of her mind, flashes of green, but she didn’t quite remember them. If she tried she probably could, but that would be hard and she didn’t really feel like it.

Taylor opened her eyes, and saw Sophia on the other side of the room, sitting on a stool with her hands in her pants, biting her lip as she shifted her hand back and forth around her crotch. Taylor felt her mouth open and her tongue lol out. Sophia enjoyed getting eaten out, and she really looked like she wanted to play with Taylor, and Taylor certainly wanted to play. It felt amazing to get milked and to be teased so much by Emma, and it always made her drip with arousal as sparks of pleasure would go through her with every tug and pull of her nipples, squirting out milk into the bucket.

Taylor also knew that Emma enjoyed milking her as well. The girl had been all over her, playing with her breasts, touching her, and making her feel good. She even sometimes suckled from them, but mostly, she enjoyed wrapping herself around Taylor, controlling their time together. Taylor was fine with that. Especially when afterwards, Emma would be so worked up she would pull out the toys. Taylor loved the toys that she would use on her. Especially when she put on her special cock, the one that Emma used to “mate” her with.

Or maybe she said it was her mate… not that it mattered. The girl had been getting good at “breeding” her, that was for sure.

Taylor felt her hips begin to move and grind against Emma, and her breath was starting to turn ragged as she was nearing the end of her milking. Her breasts felt a lot less full and heavy, and she knew that she was making a wet spot in her cow print panties as the fire in her grew. Emma’s breath was coming out in puffs as well, she was really aroused, probably watching the show that Sophia was putting on for them, sliding her fingers in and out of her pussy while she watched Taylor getting milked.

Finally, Emma gave her breasts one last pull, one last squeeze of her fingers on her nipples, drawing out a last squirt of milk. Taylor moaned as she got one last flash of pleasure before Emma began to unwrap herself from Taylor’s panting and nearly naked form. Her legs coming together to rub against each other, giving just a little stimulation to herself as she waited for the two other girls to get ready.

“Finally done?” Sophia asked as she straightened up on her stool, having leaned back against the wall. She had been slowly sliding down her stool as she had been playing with herself.

“I think that’s all I can get out of her for now,” Emma replied, as she moved away from Taylor, slowly shedding her clothes. Taylor herself stepped away from the chair that she was leaning against and returned to just sitting and watching the girls, admiring Emma, her large breasts, her wide hips, her full lips. She would have made a great cow. Taylor reached down and started to play with herself as she watched Emma undress, meanwhile, she also saw Sophia begin to dig into the bag she set down and pull from it a strap on.

“You know, I think we might get more milk if we fuck her,” Sophia said, bringing over the strap on to Emma. Taylor saw how Sophia’s eyes were looking Emma up and down, and how Emma slowly stripped her clothes off, teasingly, for Sophia to see. The two were close, and had only become closer the longer they cared for Taylor. Taylor wondered how it happened… but… all she got was fuzziness.

Not that it mattered. The girls who took care of her were going to be fucking her soon.

“Really? Why’s that?” Emma asked, her hands over her jacket, sliding it off of her and puffing out her chest, showing off the size of her nice breasts.

“You know those milking machines in Bount’s base? They had dildos on them fucking the girls she had while they milked them. Might have been more than just that they were a pervert,” Emma hummed at that as she continued to tease both of them with her stripping.

Finally, Emma dropped her final piece of clothing that wasn’t some sexy attire, like what Taylor had had on, she finally took a hold of the offered strap on and began to put it on. The strap on was a massive thing. Long as her forearm and just as thick. The head was like a battering ram. Taylor for some reason didn’t think it belonged on a bull, but rather on a horse.

This was what Emma used to mate with her, and what made it feel so amazing when she used it on her. Taylor felt her pussy clench as she looked up at Emma, standing tall with her big horse cock. That was going to be going inside of her soon enough. Taylor began to rub herself more, diving her fingers deeper as she gazed upon Emma. God, she wanted it bad. It had been a whole day since Emma had mated with her since she’d been fucked. It had felt like forever.

Sophia sometimes had a strap on herself, though this time she didn’t seem to have one. Sometimes she did, but only when she didn’t have her weird clothes with her. Taylor never saw Sophia wear those clothes, a mask, some kind of vest thing with slots for steel plates she carried around, and a bunch of other stuff. Taylor felt that it was familiar, but she wasn’t sure why.

Taylor was distracted however when Sophia began to shed her clothes. Unlike Emma, she did so quickly, not really patient enough to put on a show for them. Though Taylor thought she should, it would show off her nice athletic body more. Plus it would get Emma to find her sexier, and she could then make Sophia feel good with her horse cock. Taylor could imagine it, Sophia suckling on her nice big boobies while Emma fucked her pussy, causing her to go cross-eyed and moan into her breasts as she drank from them.

Taylor’s thought process was interrupted however as Emma began to move towards her. Her horse cock swayed as she came closer. Taylor was giddy with excitement. Emma grabbed a hold of the rope connected to Taylor’s collar and gently began guiding her to the bed in the corner of the room. It wasn’t very big, but that wasn’t much of a problem. Taylor would barely be on it, and Emma wouldn’t be at all. Sophia on the other hand hopped on and spread her legs, her pussy moist with her arousal, just like Emma and Taylor’s were.

Taylor as soon as she got close got on her knees and got closer. Her big boobs would make it awkward to eat Sophia out, so Sophia was basically laying on her back with her head and upper back cropped up by the wall while her snatch was just a little bit from the edge of the bed. Unable to wait, Taylor reached out and grabbed a hold of Sophia’s firm rear, and pushed her face forward, immediately diving into Sophia’s box.

“Mmmmm,” Sophia groaned as she breathed in. Her hand went for Taylor’s head and gently grabbed it. She didn’t need to do anything as Taylor had gotten very good at eating Sophia out, driving her tongue in and out of the black girl, driving it up against her walls and only sometimes touching her G-spot. Taylor knew exactly where it was and had even gotten the girl to cum in seconds when she didn’t have much time. But Taylor wanted this to last longer since when she ate Sophia out, the black girl usually left right after.

“She’s good at that isn’t she?” Emma asked, a hand coming down and rubbing at Taylor’s wet snatch, causing a small spark of pleasure. Taylor arched her back and moved her hips back a little to catch more of Emma’s fingers, but they stayed right on her pussy, rubbing at her and feeling how wet she was.

“Fuck she’s good,” Sophia grunted, breathing hard already as Taylor began to tease her G-spot again, causing a small spasm, signalling that she should back off. Though she didn’t stop teasing the poor girl, instead, sliding up and down her vaginal walls, and even doing a few letters just to keep Sophia on edge.

“I guess I should reward the cow,” Emma said absently, and then Taylor felt it, right at the entrance to her hole, she felt Emma’s cock. Taylor felt her breathing grow ragged in anticipation of Emma’s long and thick horsecock. Her pussy twitched, and she resisted the urge to drive herself back onto it. That would get her a spanking, and she wouldn’t be mated by Emma that day.

There was no fanfare, no preparation, just one moment Emma was letting her cock sit at the entrance of Taylor’s snatch, the next, she was pushing it. Taylor moaned into Sophia’s cunt, sending vibrations through the girl and causing her to moan as well. Though Taylor didn’t stop for long. Instead, she began to lick faster, her tongue frenzy being driven by the increasing lust and the wave of pleasure that emanated from just being penetrated by Emma’s wonderful horse cock. Even as it just sat in her, it felt amazing, like it had filled a void in her that she didn’t even know she had. Divine.

Then Emma started moving, and Taylor did nothing to hold back her moans, as the pleasure rippled through her. The pleasure drove Taylor to use her tongue faster on Sophia as she continued to moan and vibrate Sophia’s box with her tongue. Taylor shifted her hips and pushed back as much as she could without separating herself from Sophia. Feeling the dildo dive deeper with every thrust, always hitting her g-spot with every thrust because of the thick head that was pounding Taylor into Sophia’s pussy.

Taylor could already feel herself getting close as the horse cock pounded her, driving her lust addled brain insane with overstimulation. She was nearly there, and Sophia sounded like she was nearly about to cum as well. Her breath was coming in and out faster than before, almost sounding like she was hyperventilating. Taylor could imagine her cute face looking all distraught as she got close to cumming. Taylor redoubled her efforts, making sure to moan loudly with every thrust, not that she tried to suppress it before.

Sophia made another cute sound and suddenly Taylor could feel her twitching with her tongue. Sophia reached forward and grabbed her head, gripping on her hair and her legs moved together to trap her head in place. Sophia curled towards Taylor’s head as she spasmed around Taylor’s tongue, while at the same time, Taylor moaned as she started to feel herself cross the precipice, and drove her hips back as best as she could with Sophia holding on to her head, riding her way through the blast of nirvana that was blowing through her. Emma just kept going, however, sending more and more waves of pleasure through Taylor, causing her to scream even louder into Sophia’s pussy, sending vibrations through it and causing a stream of girl cum to spray out of Sophia, filling Taylor’s mouth with Sophia’s arousal.

After a moment, Sophia pushed Taylor away and pulled herself back from Taylor’s tongue. Taylor herself had gone cross-eyed from the pleasure racking her form, running on autopilot as she began to earnestly drive herself back against Emma’s divine horse cock, spasming as her form was rocked by another climax of bliss.

“Moo!” Taylor cried, her eyes glazed over as Emma drove her into the bed, her teats dragging across the rug floor, stimulating them as they did so. Taylor’s tongue darted out, seeking Sophia’s pussy some more as she made licking motions, wanting to lick more, but Sophia was out of range of Taylor. What little part of Taylor’s mind was still operating through the pleasure thought that it would have been nice to continue to hear Sophia’s cute and erotic moans...


“Ugh...” Taylor groaned as she woke, turning to…

Taylor’s eyes shot open as she looked down at her chest. There… there were boobs… her boobs. Confused, Taylor thought back, then realised something.

None of that had been a dream.

It had all felt dreamlike and fuzzy. Like she was just on cloud nine the whole time, uncaring about anything that was going on, uncaring about…

Taylor reached up and gripped the rope that was tied to her… to her collar. Taylor reached back and touched to the knots that were there, and realised it was a fairly simple knot, she’d undone a few of them at the summer camp nearly two years ago. The knot was quickly undone and Taylor felt around with her bugs.

She was certainly not at home, in fact, she wasn’t exactly sure where she was, though, judging by all the industrial buildings and warehouses, she must be near or at the docs, thought… it could be the train yards.

Taylor pushed the covers off of herself and shook her head. She was still… fuzzy feeling… but she… she wasn’t as bad as she was the last… oh, how long had she been screwed up like that. How long had those bitches been keeping her here?

Despite not being able to see with her eyes, Taylor used her bugs to guide her to the door of the room, finding it surprisingly easy to get up from the bed despite the massive damn udders on her chest. What the hell did they do? Taylor tried to remember, but it was all fuzzy… Had the Trio done this to her, turn her into a god damn sex slave with… tinker tech or something?

That… that honestly seemed too far even for them, but she could remember it, she could remember having sex with them, and she had the boobs she had in the dream and she was in the same place. Was she mastered? Were one of the Trio, well, Emma and Sophia really, Madison wasn’t a part of this, but was one of those two capes?

Taylor used her bugs to open the various locks that were on the door. There was also the outfit that her dream self had created while bored for days on end. Taylor had her bugs bring it to her while she walked up the stairs.

No… that didn’t make sense… the two of them couldn’t be masters because…

Taylor’s eyes widened as she held her spider silk bodysuit.

Because Sophia’s fucking Shadow Stalker!


There we go! My contribution to the Year of the Ox is complete with my very first Hucow Taylor snippet that got way too large.
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Succubi’s First Buttfuck (Succubi Sucking 4)

Any and all feedback would be highly appreciated

“Hey Dad,” Taylor said into one of the school payphones, biting her lip as she tried to keep her arousal from entering her speech, something that was getting increasingly difficult when one of her tormenters turned… Taylor wasn’t even sure was… doing… things to her. Madison wasn’t even hiding her cape form, or rather demon form, from sight, everyone had left something like twenty minutes ago. Instead, she stood behind Taylor, her hand slick with lube and down Taylor’s pants, sliding a finger back and forth between her cheeks.

“I’m going to be hanging out with a friend… for the weekend… uh...” Madison slid a finger in, Taylor gripping the phone tightly as she used her other hand to steady herself on the wall, her “uh” being more due to the finger intruding into her virgin ass, something that wouldn’t be so virgin any more after the bus ride, that’s for sure.

“It’s not a boy so you don’t have to worry about that, just… a new friend I made, I’ll call you when we get to her place… bye,“ with a click, Taylor hung up the phone and let loose the breath she had been holding, coming out as a moan as Madison continued to play with her ass.

“Devils you’re so wet,” Madison teased, sliding her breasts up Taylor’s back, one arm snaking around Taylor and sliding it up Taylor’s shirt, while her other continued to play with Taylor’s ass, using just one finger to enter into her, slowly, oh so slowly. Taylor moved back and took in more of Madison’s finger but it wasn’t enough, she wanted more, and it had taken all of her willpower to ask not to be fucked in her pussy. Madison had giggled at her for that. Asking if she wanted to be a virgin for that much longer?

Madison had called it human sensibilities but had acquiesced, telling her that when she lost her glamour or left it on for too long, she wouldn’t care about something as quaint as virginity, and Taylor had nodded along. With how horny she was right now, she wasn’t really sure if it even mattered to her now either. She was already going to be losing her anal virginity to Madison’s wonderfully big blue cock.

“I… I… ah… I don’t think I ah… right right there… ah… I don’t think I can make it during the bus ride,” Taylor said between moans as Madison added another finger to her teasing, pressing on spots in Taylor’s ass, sending bolts of pleasure through Taylor as she enjoyed the finger fucking that Madison was giving her ass. Madison’s other hand snaked its way through Taylor’s shirt and two fingers came up, gesturing in a come hither motion. Taylor somehow knew and obeyed, her mouth opening and her tongue coming out as Madison stuck two fingers into Taylor’s mouth, and Taylor began to suckle on them. Then Madison added a third finger, slick with whatever lube Madison was applying to Taylor’s ass.

“Then I guess I’ll just have to fuck you on the bus,” sense returned to Taylor for a moment and she made a questioning sound, having had her mouth invaded by Madison’s fingers.

“Don’t worry, we’ll be fine. You see, I’ve got this illusion spell I can use, makes people see whatever I want them to see, takes a lot though, but, you’re in dire need, and it isn’t like I use a lot of magic these days anyways,” then, all of a sudden, Madison pulled out of her mouth and ass. Taylor whined at the loss of Madison’s fingers, but Madison ignored her. Taylor was so horny, she felt it like a fire burning in her soul. Taylor just stood there, her arms against the wall, panting as she tried to get a hold of the bonfire of lust that had been stoked by Madison, and was quickly failing. Taylor pulled a hand from the wall and began to pleasure herself, uncaring if anyone saw, rubbing her hand against her slick pussy. It was wet enough that Taylor could slide some of her fingers in easily, and she began to rub at her pussy, sawing her hands in and out, her middle finger sliding right up against her clit as she began to jill herself.

Taylor then felt, or maybe sensed something happen. Taylor wasn’t exactly sure but in the next moment, Madison had grabbed the hand that she was using to try and take the edge off of her lust and pulled it over the older woman, now once more a girl’s shoulder, moving her away from the wall like a person helping someone who was sick or in pain or weak move from where they were.

“Come on, we don’t have time to waste, the bus should be here any minute. Just do it with your other hand,” Taylor, her mind shrouded by lust, nodded and reached down with her other hand, beginning to touch herself once more. Trying to masturbate and move at the same time however was difficult, but Taylor was managing it, rubbing her fingers against her slit, sliding her fingers in and rubbing against her clit, sending sparks of pleasure through her that just grew the bonfire and clouded her mind further with lust.

“Come on, up we go,” Madison said to Taylor and Taylor obeyed.

“Hey is she alright?” a man asked, and Taylor looked up. She was on a bus with Madison in her human girl form beside her.

“Uhuh, the nurse said she just needed some bed rest and she’ll be alright, I’m taking her home,” the bus driver turned to look at Taylor, and she nodded, pulling her hand from her crotch and hoping that the bus driver didn’t see, a massive blush spreading across her face as she realized she had been masturbating in front of the driver… actually, how long had she been touching herself for?

“Well okay then, take care of yourself,” the bus driver said and they moved down the isle. Taylor rubbed her legs together, trying her best to keep from touching herself, but her hand kept twitching towards her pussy. Taylor could feel that her nipples were hard as rocks, rubbing against her shirt, she wanted so badly to do something about her overwhelming lust.

They continued down the aisle until they came across an empty seat, and Madison extracted herself from Taylor’s arm, leaving her standing there, dazed and panting as Madison sat down, her legs going wide, and emerging from her skirt, the lovely big cock that Taylor had been sucking at every chance she could. Taylor’s gaze immediately focused on it, like a moth to a flame. Madison smiled at her, and then patted her spread legs like she wanted Taylor to sit down on them… to… sit down on Madison’s glorious cock. Taylor licked her lips, and she felt her virgin ass clench.

Even with her lust clouding her mind, Taylor hesitated. Her mouth was big, that was for sure, but she didn’t have the ass for that thing, did she? Suddenly the bus started moving and Taylor realised she would have to either find another seat or take Madison’s offered cock up her ass. With her loins burning with need and her mind clouded by lust, it wasn’t a hard choice. Taylor guided herself into the seat and turned around, looking unsure at Madison. Madison on the other hand simply smiled a kind smile at her and slid her hand up Taylor’s thighs until they gripped onto Taylor’s rump. With practised hands, Madison reached around and undid Taylor’s belt, her button, and then zipped down her fly. Despite the noise, no one looked their way as Madison pulled down Taylor’s pants until they were around her ankles. Then, ever so slowly, Madison began to pull Taylor onto her cock.

Taylor let out a silent gasp as she felt the head of Madison’s cock press up against her ass. Even lubed up, it stopped short of going in. It felt massive, bigger than when she had it in her mouth. However, Taylor shifted just slightly and suddenly it slid past her ass and she was instead just wrapping her ass cheeks around the thing. Taylor felt relief and anguish at the same time as she wasn’t able to take muster the courage to take Madison’s cock just yet, despite how much she wanted to. Madison, undeterred, simply moved Taylor back up so that her cock was at the entrance of Taylor’s hole and was just a pull away from entering into her.

“Please… be gentle...” Taylor said as she panted, her fear keeping her from being able to breathe properly. She wanted it so bad yet she was scared of taking such a massive log in her ass. She’d never done anything with it before Madison had been playing with it before, and she had read that it could hurt.

“Shhh, don’t worry. I will,” was all Madison said before she began to pull on Taylor, and this time, Taylor’s gasp was audible as she felt her asshole spread open and Madison’s cock head enter into her. Taylor gripped onto the seat ahead of her, breathing rapidly as she adjusted to the size of Madison’s cock at the same time as she enjoyed the wonderfully strange sensation of pleasure that shot through her as she began to take Madison’s massive member. Taylor in the back of her mind saw that no one was looking at them strangely as Taylor started to take Madison’s cock, but it barely registered as she focused on the pleasure and feeling of rightness that she was feeling from Madison’s cock, and she had only inserted the tip of it!

Madison however had had enough of Taylor getting used to her cock, and began to slid Taylor down even further, filling her up even more and driving the fire in Taylor’s loins even higher as she moaned. Her eyes went cross as she was impaled on Madison’s glorious cock, sliding in further and further, slowly, too slowly. Even so, Taylor let Madison determine the pace, her mind to frazzled by her lust and how good her ass felt to do anything then follow the lead of the older succubus.

Finally, Taylor felt her ass come into contact with Madison’s hips, and she stopped sliding downward. Taylor was breathing deeply, trying her best to get used to the sensation of feeling so full, so good as she felt the cock inside of her twitch a few times and Madison gave an amused groan. Madison reached around Taylor and hugged her close, pulling her back to lean against her for a moment.

“How do you feel?” Madison asked as Taylor continued to pant, though her eyes began to focus once more as she processed Madison’s question.

“Good, I… it feels good. I… I want more, please?” Taylor asked, her dignity having long been thrown aside by her desire for the erotic. Her hands reached for her pussy and found it absolutely dripping with her arousal, and failed to care about the wet sound it made as she drove her fingers into her pussy, trying to drive herself to greater heights of pleasure.

“Don’t worry you little butt slut, I’m going to give you a lot more,” then Madison started to lift Taylor up from her cock, sliding out of Taylor, before, just as Taylor was about to get pull off of Madison’s cock, Madison pulled down and slammed Taylor onto her dick. Taylor’s eyes went crossed and she cried out in surprise and pleasure as Madison hilted herself into Taylor. Her legs came together but it didn’t stop Madison from beginning to push her off of her cock again, only to drive her down once more onto it. With every thrust of Madison’s cock, it was like a lightning strike of bliss through Taylor, slowly building her up further and further causing Taylor to moan like a wanton whore. It felt so good.

“Ahhh!” Taylor cried as she came, after hours of being teased at school, all it took was a few thrusts from Madison to make her cum, but unlike the few times that Taylor had masturbated, it didn’t start to fade, but rather, she felt as lusty as ever. She wanted more, she wanted more!

Using her own strength, Taylor drove herself down on Madison’s cock, feeling it go deep inside of her and let out another moan of pleasure as she did so, then pulled up from it. More, she’d never felt this way, but she wanted more. She wanted to be fucked more! Taylor began to drive herself up and down on Madison’s cock, fucking her ass, her worries about it being too big were long behind her now. All that was going through her mind was how she wanted to fuck, how she wanted to have her ass rammed by Madison as she bent her over the seat in front of her and show her what a real succubus could do to her ass. She wanted Madison to shape her ass around Madison’s devilishly good cock, and turn her into her little butt slut. She wanted to be fucked into oblivion over and over again until she couldn’t move until she couldn’t stand.

By now Taylor’s eyes had glazed over, not looking at anything as she fucked herself, lost to her imagination and the sensation of the demonic cock in her ass. She loved the sensation of her back hole being filled, it felt not just good, but natural, like she was supposed to be filled and that she had been missing out on something her whole life. She wanted to be filled and fucked and she never wanted to stop. Taylor felt hands come up to her hard and sensitive nipples and begin to tweak them, sending small pulses of pleasure through her as she moaned out loud, not caring if anyone saw, which no one did, or if they did, they didn’t care. After all…

This was bliss…


Leave a like, and maybe a reply! I would love to improve my writing and any suggestions are pretty helpful, or if you just want to inquire about the story this might turn into, feel free!
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Lobotomite: Lisa Interlude

Previous parts can be found on my snippet thread, and if this turns into a full story, I’ll likely be rewriting most of these.

Any and all feedback would be highly appreciated

Lisa had been surprised to get a phone call in the middle of the day, especially from her civilian phone line. Most people didn’t have her number, and it wasn’t as if she really had much of a civilian life, especially since Leviathan hit. What had been more of a surprise was when she discovered it was Mr. Hebert, Taylor’s Dad calling her, asking to meet her outside of the PRT building. When she asked why, she discovered that apparently, the PRT had managed to find Taylor and that they were holding her there. This had sent Lisa into a panic, until he mentioned that she apparently had been mastered, with no indication that she could tell, that they even knew that she was a cape, with her power or otherwise. It had taken Lisa a moment to calm down but she eventually agreed to join him in seeing Taylor.

Lisa walked in with Mr. Hebert, clad in only a pair of jeans, a shirt, and a hoodie. Couldn’t exactly dress up with Brockton possibly about to be condemned and not be suspicious.

“Thanks for coming. I… well… I didn’t exactly know what to do, and you were the only one I could find a phone number for. Since you’re her friends I thought that you should know, did… did the others make it?” Mr. Hebert asked, and Lisa nodded.

“They have been a bit busy lately so I haven’t been in contact with them much. But I know that they’re alright,” Mr. Hebert nodded at Lisa’s response as they were guided into the building. Lisa made sure to watch the troopers, the cameras, basically anything that might give any kind of tell, that this was a trap, that something was about to happen to her and Mr. Hebert.

Nothing came, however. They were just escorted to the elevator, and a trooper hit the button to descend down to the detention area. Still, no tells that anything was amiss, mostly just getting that the PRT trooper was a bit sympathetic as he stood with them in the elevator. He shifted uncomfortably in the silence. Mr. Hebert wasn’t any better composed, shifting nervously while clenching and unclenching his fists. He was angry, but he was doing his best to keep it from showing.

Finally, the elevator dinged at the detention area and the doors opened up. It was very sterile, as to be expected of the PRT. Another guard was there along with Miss Militia.

“Mr. Hebert, I see you’ve brought one of Taylor’s friends. Just this way please,” Miss Militia said and then turned around. They followed her about a third of the way down, passing prisoners as they did until finally, they came to stop in front of a cell.

Inside, Taylor sat, looking at them, but something was wrong. She didn’t move otherwise, there was no recognition on her face as they came up to see her. She just looked at them blankly, no, that wasn’t right. Taylor… Lisa blanched as Taylor looked her and Danny up and down, she was, checking them out.

Finds you attractive, wants to fuck you, wants you to fuck her, wants you to suck on her tits, wants you to suck her tits, wants to suck on her Dad’s cock- Lisa shut that line of thought down hard as she tried to focus on something else.

Like the fact that Taylor had tits now. Nice large ones that were just large enough to compliment her form without being overly large.

Shape suggests that the breasts are natural, despite evidence to the opposite. Possibly growth hormones? Tinker modification? No surgical scars so possibly some breast growth hormones either injected or ingested.

“We found her like this, she likely doesn’t recognize you,” Miss Militia started to explain. “It seems that some tinker managed to kidnap her in the chaos following Leviathan, and began to experiment on her,” who could have done this to her? It had to be some kind of new cape, some bio tinker, if the PRT’s information was accurate.

“Who?” Mr. Hebert asked, his voice grinding out as he fought to with hold his anger. Lisa was sure that if she had the person right infront of him, his carefully held restraint would snap and he would likely have tried to beat the tinker to death with his own two hands.

Lisa would of course shoot out his kneecaps so that he couldn’t escape, and probably keep Mr. Hebert from killing him so that she could get the rest of the Undersiders in on the action. Only after, would he be allowed to die, probably by being ripped apart by Rachel’s dogs, yeah, that sounds like a plan.

“We don’t know. All we know is that she showed up on 87th street, armed and armoured, somewhat like our PRT troops, only the material used was more advanced. The tech for the armour and weapons are surprisingly not tinker tech,” Miss Militia said, and Lisa could tell she was avoiding something.

Hesitant about talking about Taylor’s modifications

Not feeling like beating around the bush, Lisa decided to just ask.

“What was done to her?” Lisa asked, sharper than she meant to, but it got the point across. She wanted to know what was done to Taylor, and, to know what they could do to get her out of here and hopefully help her heal from whatever was done to her if they could. Miss Militia was silent for a moment more, before she went on.

“Right, well… to start off, due to some kind of hormone and genetic treatment, you can probably tell but Taylor here has been made much closer to the ideal hour glass shape, with some kind of treatment to her breasts and buttocks that doesn’t appear to be surgical. Along side those modifications, there have been several genetic anomalies found which we predict were meant to increase Taylor’s fertility, but we have only just begun to examine the various things done to her. Another modification was that various organs have been replaced, her eyes have been modified with some kind of near-microscopic tech in the eyes, attached to the optic nerve to improve her eyesight, her muscles as you can see, have been improved and we’ve managed to figure out with the help of Panacea that it is due to an implant that is pumping an advanced form of steroids into her to increase her muscle mass, along with some other implants that have generally increased her abilities across the board,”

“Sounds like whoever this bastard was, they wanted to make her into a super-soldier,” Danny suggested. Lisa nodded along with him. If this was all that was done to her then maybe this tinker would survive after all.

“We think it’s highly likely actually, there have been a few implants that are directly combat related as well. There were a few other implants that also increased the rate that she heals naturally and she seems to have had her cells modified to contain iron, making her harder to hurt. At this point, she’s essentially been turned superhuman, and might even get a brute rating,” despite this though, Miss Militia was apprehensive.

Is giving the good news first, isn’t sure how to breach the subject, something to do with Taylor herself, something to do with why she’s acting like she is. Lisa looked over to Taylor once more.

Doesn’t understand what is being said, doesn’t care, wants to fuck or fight, is getting angry, is getting annoyed at all the sounds, is far more primal than she ever was before.

What isn’t she telling them? Lisa wondered as she looked at Miss Militia.

“What did they do to her mind then?” Lisa asked, hoping to move Miss Militia along. Miss Militia shifted uncomfortably under Lisa’s stare.

“Well… she doesn’t have one anymore,” what? They both stared at her in disbelief. How couldn’t she have a brain? It didn’t make sense.

“For some reason, the tinker has taken out Taylor’s brain and spine. Her heart to, and has replaced them with mechanical alternatives. We have no idea where Taylor’s brain is, but until we find the tinker, we have no way of getting her back,” Lisa just stared at her while in the back of her mind, Lisa started to think of ways to find out about this wayward tinker and damn any kind of cape decorum that there may have been. This was her friend that they decided to fuck with, and was going to get her back, or, at the very least, she was going to make this tinker, whoever they were, wish they had never been born.


So if anyone was curious about what happened to Taylor’s body after she teleported without her brain back to Brockton Bay, that’s what’s happened.
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After the Porno

Dedicated to The Rat and TMTMTM for inspiring this idea

The Rat's post
TMTMTM's post

Any and all feedback is highly appreciated

"And cut! Okay, everyone, that's a wrap for the day!" the director shouted and all at once both Taylor and Danny were finally able to begin to giggle at the ridiculousness of it all. While they giggled, Taylor unzipped her pants and began to pull out the ridiculous fake futa cock that the director had her wear all the time. Not that she really cared, the way that the realistic-looking double dildo moved as she swayed her hips for the cameras really got her motor running as it moved around inside of her, sawing in and out as she rolled her hips and accidentally on purpose fucked herself with it. They had a proper one of course for when she needed to actually show her with a cock and pussy, but she liked this one better, plus, it got her all raring to go for the after shooting fun.

Dad, or rather, “Danny” since as far as the director knew, they weren’t actually related, wrapped an arm around Taylor, his hand sliding into her still unbuttoned pants and grabbed a handful of her ass, while Taylor reached around his waist and ran her hand over Dad’s cock, already hard from their little bits of role-playing as well as from when he would get his cock sucked by the fluffer. After all, got to make it look obvious to the camera that “Daddy dearest” was interested in her. Not that he wasn’t, Taylor had learned that the fun and sexy way one night. Taylor still remembered how Dad had taken her virginity, how he had found her attractive, spurred on by drunken lust one night.

Already feeling herself getting wetter at the thought of their first night, Taylor stared down at the cock that was still somewhat in her and got a naughty idea. Rather than continue to pull it out, Taylor slid it back in, eliciting a pleased moan from her as they walked until it was back in its place, and then, Taylor started to fake jerking it off.

The penis itself wasn’t the one getting pleasure of course, but by jerking it off, Taylor was actually pushing it further into herself and then pulling it out a little. It was how the director intended to film one of her jerk off scenes so that her face would be genuine as she “jerked it.” Well, Taylor’s face was rather genuine now as she enjoyed jerking herself off with her dildo while she and Danny headed to their private room where they would be having their alone time.

“Starting without me?” Dad asked and Taylor giggled, taking her hand off of her faux-cock and placing it on Dad’s hand that was clenching on her butt.

“I don’t have to be, I’m still lubed up back there from the scene with “Mom”,” Mom being some big shot porn actress that they got on to get fucked for the cameras while the “story” would focus on them. From a certain point of view it was disgracing Mom’s memory, to be doing a porno like this, but in truth, it was just so ridiculous to the both of them, not even including the futa cocks that Taylor, “Mom,” and her “bullies,” had to wear, that they couldn’t help but think that Mom might have laughed it off.

“Don’t mind if I do then,” Dad said. Rather than start to play with her ass as Taylor expected, Dad had pulled even closer and picked her up by the armpits. Taylor let out a shriek in surprise and felt herself being lowered, right onto Daddy’s dick. Because of the lube and the assfucking from before, Taylor felt herself slide right onto her Dad’s big cock, filling her in just the right way that her Dad always did and sending pleasure through her. Taylor let out a moan as she was supported by her Dad’s strong dockworker’s hands and his big cock in her ass. Her faux-cock forgotten, Taylor let it hang limply from her fly.

“D-Da-Danny!” she cried, just barely keeping herself from calling Dad her Dad. Despite her protests, Taylor was feeling really really good, her ass and pussy stuffed, the only person left in the world that loved her was filling her holes and using her for his pleasure, and she was the closest she could ever get to him after letting their relationship fall apart like she had.

The only way to get closer would if she had her sister with him, but he’d refused when she had asked, offering herself for him to breed into their now shared bed. In truth, she’d been relieved, but slowly, she was warming up more and more to the idea of being her Daddy’s little fuck toy to breed and have children with.

Then Danny started to move towards their destination. If Taylor had expected Danny to pull her off his dick, she had been mistaken. Instead, she was bounced with each step, fucking her ass with each step that jostled her. Other porn actors and crew members were watching with envy as she and Daddy fucked in public as they made their way to their cabin. Taylor did her best to hid her face despite not just half an hour ago she had been fucked by her “Mom” brutally for “misbehaving.”

Even so, Taylor couldn’t hide how ragged her breath was getting from how hot it was to ride her Daddy’s cock in public, how erotic, and how good it felt to have her Daddy’s big cock sliding in and out of her with each step they took towards their cabin, sending pleasure through her and clouding her mind in lust as she was fucked.

This may not be heaven, but it certainly had been better than her life before.
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Lobotomite: The Mystery of Where Taylor’s Body Went

Any and all feedback is appreciated

Sophia stalked the roofs of Brockton Bay that went through the former territory of Skitter. Her reign of terror was rather short-lived. Apparently, when the villain had moved into the place, there were some undetonated Bakuda bombs there that were meant to be thrown at Leviathan but were redirected to her new base. While she was in the base, they went off, and the villain was likely in the explosion, as she suddenly disappeared from the team. That or she split off from them, but considering that from the few people who even knew about to take the place over, said that she had been in there.

Sophia wasn’t really sure what to make of it. While she was glad that the villain was gone, it just felt, unsatisfying for a villain to be taken out like a chump, especially one as potent as Skitter. Sophia sometimes imagined what it would be like to take a villain like her down, to grind her face into the pavement and show that she was better than her. Sometimes Sophia imagined, in her fantasies, dominating the long-legged villain, making her beg not to turn her in. Sophia of course wouldn’t offer it, she wasn’t a rapist and she certainly wasn’t going to try to coerce Skitter into sleeping with her, but… if she suggested it…

There was a loud blast off to the left side of the roof she was on. Sophia turned and rushed over to the ledge. Looking down, Sophia saw… someone. They were dressed in some kind of armour and were wearing a long brown coat. They were carrying some kind of boxy rifle too. Sophia watched her, and she was definitely a she, considering the boob plates on her.

While Sophia watched, the woman started moving, but it was weird, wrong, and jerky. She was moving in ways almost unnatural, more shambling than actually walking. Then Sophia also heard noises coming from her. Strange moans and grunts, almost sounding like what could be expected of a zombie, or a braindead numbskull.

Sophia was content to watch for now, and as she moved, the heavily armoured shambler started to move a bit better, shambling less and seeming to learn how to move better, more efficiently and actually walking rather than shambling. Sophia thought about calling it in, but then thought better of it. She technically wasn’t allowed to do solo patrols, but these days, after Leviathan, Piggy was willing to look the other way so long as she didn’t leave a paper trail for some youth guard jack ass to look into in the future.

Looking ahead to where the heavily armoured walker was heading to, Sophia noticed a few people walking down the same road as the walker. Sophia ran and leaped to the next rooftop, phasing so that she could get extra air time before landing and found her better position. Watching the walker and the group close on each other, Sophia waited to see what would happen. It would be nice to have another tinker on the heroes, she might even be someone cool to hang out with and not some loser.

When the group started getting close, the walker started to make agitated sounds, like some animal or something that was getting aggressive. It raised its boxy gun and kinda pointed towards where the group was. Sophia could see that the girl wasn’t looking down the crosshairs of the gun, if it even had crosshairs, and was just pointing. Sophia watched the group as well, unlike the walker, they weren’t alert and were just walking down the road, chatting. They didn’t look like Nazis or Merchants. Just a bunch of dudes surviving.

The moment that the walker saw one, she fired at them, the laser going wide, hitting a car and Sophia saw the thing’s grill start glowing red hot. That thing was certainly more powerful than Kid Win’s dinky little pistols! Sophia heard shouts of alarm from the guys, who took cover while the walker continued to fire more and more laser shots, getting closer to the mark every time.

Shit, she was going to have to get involved. Considering that the walker was just learning to walk just a moment ago though, it should be fine. Phasing, Sophia slowly dropped down to the street. Sophia saw that lil miss walker had actually started to aim down her sightline and was making better shots than before, keeping all of the other group pinned down as she advanced.

Sophia was nearly there when suddenly walker turned to her and Sophia barely had time to phase before a blast from the laser rifle came at her. Sophia cried in agony as pain shot through her all over. Sophia unphased and fell to the ground, taking another shot as she fell down, though this time, her armour protected her, though she felt it turn to ash as she fell. Groaning on the ground, Sophia saw that the strange cape was already on her, yet, she didn’t immediately try to kill her. Sophia saw that the cape was fixated on something, and as she felt the cold night air on her tits, Sophia realised why.

This cape, whoever they were, was a major rug muncher, and going by her original assessment, was as dumb as a brick. That laser rifle could blast right through her shadow phasing. She couldn’t get out without getting shot since it took a while for her to phase through solid objects, and despite being braindead, this cape had the reflexes to shoot her.

Remembering back to what she had been thinking about in regard to Skitter, Sophia realised that she was on the other end of her little fantasy, and, did the only logical thing. Slowly, ever so slowly, Sophia raised her hands up from her sides, leaving her crossbow behind, and slowly worked them up her costume. The cape watched with interest, raising the laser rifle a little but not enough to shoot at Sophia.

As the reached Sophia’s modest breasts, she began to squeeze them, sticking her dark nipples between her fingers, groping her breasts and pinching her nipples with her fingers in hopes that her enticement would get this cape to keep from killing her.

The cape made a sound, somewhere between amused and aroused, and put her rifle down, bearing down on Sophia, hands outstretched. Without resistance, Sophia let her roughly grope at her chest, kneading them with practiced ease, and teasing her nipples as she did so. Sophia bit her lip as she felt the other cape’s ministrations on her, teasing her, and touching her in just the right way as to be both distracting and exhilarating. Damn she was good.

Sophia then felt that one of the hands disappeared and was groping at the other cape’s mask. She wanted to unmask to her. The cape made a frustrated sound as it tried to pull its own head off while still groping her with one hand. Sophia could see, judging by how the helmet was made, how the idiot was pulling wrong. Slowly, Sophia ran her hands up the woman’s side before eventually reaching the helm of the mystery cape.

Sophia pulled on the helmet, having to pull hard to get the capes head out of the helm, before it finally let go of the capes head, and a mass of black hair flew into Sophia’s face. The cape reeled up, flung its hair about, and Sophia’s eyes widened. There, staring at her with a dopey grin was Taylor fucking Hebert. Sophia stared incredulously at the girl and clenched her teeth. How the hell that loser had beat her, her! It didn’t make sense, and why the hell was she like this? Hebert was dumb but not this dumb.

Then Sophia saw it. Scars, all across Taylor’s forehead. It wrapped around her skull and disappeared into the hair. They were perfectly straight and looked deep. What the hell had happened to Hebert?

The girl, head now free of her helmet, dived down once more, and quickly took one of Sophia’s nipples in her mouth, swirling her tongue, and suckling on Sophia’s nipple while her other nipple was being teased and touched in ways she’d only done in the confines of her own room. Sophia couldn’t help but groan as Hebert was starting a fire in her, distracting her and teasing her nipples like she was.

Fuck it, I’m calling this in.

“Hey Console?” Sophia said as Hebert continued to lick and suck on her nipples. Sophia just hoped…

“Shadow Stalker? Why are you on the line?” Sophia heard Vista on the line and was about to relay that she needed a bit of help, however, gasped instead as Hebert had abandoned her nipple and had quickly found her way into Sophia’s pants.

“Stalker!?” Taylor had, within the first few seconds, found Sophia’s clit and was already playing with it, rubbing right up against it as she began to finger fuck Sophia. Sophia couldn’t help but let out a moan as Hebert fucked her. God damn, how the hell was Hebert of all things better than herself at fingering her? Sophia already could feel the fire in her build even higher as she was played with, and was completely at Hebert’s whims, which was apparently to give her her first and best lesbian experience she had ever had. What the hell had happened to Taylor to make her this damn good?

If Sophia had to guess, it likely had to do with the scars, as despite the rumours at Winslow, Sophia was pretty sure that Taylor wasn’t a lesbian whore with the experience to match.

“Okay Stalker I’m sending help, just hold on!” Sophia bit her lip. Vista sounded so concerned. Shit, this didn’t been a big response.

“Hold on, ah, just need… a retrieval, and, oh god Hebert fuck… and maybe a foam sprayer… MMmmm shit,” as if the braindead idiot could tell she was trying to talk to console, she had redoubled her finger fucking, and had swapped over to the other nipple while her hand teased her other one. Sophia could feel her breath start to become ragged as the pressure inside of her built. Sophia was left squirming as Hebert did magical things in between her legs, rubbing her clit and hitting her in places she hadn’t been able to herself.

Meanwhile back at Wards HQ, Sophia could imagine Vista’s face, all wide-eyed as she realised what she was doing, fucking a villain, or rather, getting fucked. She hoped that it didn’t delay her response time, since she wasn’t sure if after they fucked if Hebert would go back to braindead terminator mode that she seemed to be on before.

Not knowing what else to do as Hebert had effectively pinned her, Sophia brought her hands up to run her hands through Taylor’s hair. Running her hands through it while Sophia bucked her hips in time with Taylor’s fingers, driving them even further, sending more pleasure through Sophia as she enjoyed her time with the bimbo dyke.

If they ended up keeping Hebert long term, she should see about making the girl her own personal sex pet, if this is how she responded to just seeing her tits. Sophia wondered how she would respond if she gave the girl a strap on, or maybe even wore the strap on herself? If after the tinkering that was done to her she was this good at giving her pleasure, she must have been made into a sex slave or something by some tinker dyke. Might as well use her for her function then.

Sophia bucked her hips more, she was getting close to the edge, and she really wanted to cum now. Sophia didn’t give a fuck that this loser had beaten her and was technically raping her, okay well she cared a little. The dyke though had a laser rifle that shot through her shadow phasing so she cheated. Sophia just wanted to cum, she hadn’t felt this good since Emma had gotten her a dildo as a joke gift that one time, and she had used it to have a screaming orgasm when no one was home.

Just as she was about to edge over, Taylor pulled away, her hands groping at her chest, a distressed look on her expressive face as she uselessly batted at her armoured chest. Sighing, Sophia sat up and looked her over while her hands felt around her armour.

The thing seemed solid enough, hard metal all over with just enough space in between to allow for a greater amount of freedom of movement. Could be the entire thing came off if she just slipped it off. Sophia reached down and undid the belt that Hebert had on. She pulled a little at the armour, and it gave some. As she began pulling some more to make more room, Hebert seemed to realise what she was doing. Her arms went up and Sophia was able to begin to push the armour up and get Taylor out of it. As she did so, however, when it came near the chest, Sophia was met with a face full of boob. Huge boobs, much bigger than what Hebert had had before. Any doubt that Taylor was made into a sex slave left Sophia’s mind.

Sophia barely flinched as the armour clattered to the road next to her, she was too busy staring at Hebert’s massive honkers. Even Taylor was interested in them as she began to massage them and make dumb sounds of arousal. Leaning up, Sophia batted away one of her hands and began to caress Taylor’s tits, feeling their weight, and incidentally wondering how the hell they were able to defy gravity like they were.

Even so, Sophia, not really thinking, moved her head closer and took Taylor’s teat into her mouth, licking and playing with the nipple in her mouth, flicking it with her tongue and even sucking on it. Taylor made more aroused sounds as she was played with, her wide mouth opening and her tongue sticking out. Hebert’s eyes had rolled back and she was mauling her other breast while her other hand was lower.

Even so, Sophia felt herself drifting away from her edge. Like hell was she going to just allow that to happen. Sophia pulled away from Hebert and reached down to her own pants. Just as she was about to, Sophia thought for a second she was being stupid, but by then, the choice was out of her hands as Taylor noticed the movement, and had reached down as well.

Sophia found her costume’s pants being pulled down and Hebert with her wide mouth had already begun to lick at Sophia’s pussy. Sophia gasped at the sensation and reactively, closed her legs on Taylor’s head. This however did nothing to dissuade her however, in fact, it drove her face further into Sophia’s crotch. Taylor’s tongue flicked out and drove itself right into Sophia’s pussy, finding her clit like her fingers had before, and began to rub it’s rough surface against her clit, hitting her in all the right places.

Sophia couldn’t help it as she moaned out loud, the rug munching sex doll was too damn good, she was quickly driving Sophia back to the edge of orgasm once more. Sophia was helpless as she doubled over, her hands reaching for her tits, mauling and abusing them as Taylor’s tongue explored her depths, sending waves of pleasure through her as she… as she… as she felt herself…

“Oooooh Gooooood!” Sophia screamed as her pussy spasmed around Taylor’s tongue and jism spurted out of her pussy, painting Taylor’s face. That didn’t stop her however and she just kept going. Sophia tried to pull back but the girl was still being kept there by her legs as she pushed at her head. Realising her mistake, Sophia swiftly spread her legs and, by the girl’s tits, pulled her up.

As Sophia looked at Hebert though she saw her mouth turn all pouty, and her big expressive eyes almost looked like they were about to tear up… fuck, how the hell did the loser have such a cute puppy dog face? Why the hell did she not use it before with the teachers? She was too damn cute in the poor abused ugly puppy kind of way. Then Sophia thought about making her cum, how she had looked hot as fuck when she was being pleasured. Sophia wondered how she would look when she was fucked silly.

Shit… she might be a God damn dyke.

Reaching over, Sophia grabbed at the jeans that Taylor was wearing, and undid the button there, and pulled on the jeans, pulling a pair of soaked white panties with them. Sophia could already see that Taylor was soaking wet, and, Sophia found her mouth begin to water at the sight.

Yeah, she definitely was a damn dyke.

While Taylor was still on the ground, however, Sophia jumped on top of her, because like hell was she going to be on the bottom, especially on the road. Quickly turning herself around, she was left face to face with Taylor’s plump and wet pussy. Sophia lifted her mask up a little and gave it an experimental lick. It didn’t taste half bad. Sophia heard Taylor let out a moan as she did so, having been teased for the last good while. Well, why not give her a little reward for her service?

Sophia began to lick once more, and then moaned into Taylor’s muff when she began to lick Sophia as well. She was still coming down from her orgasm so she was still super sensitive. Like hell was she going to cum first this time, however, and Sophia dove in with gusto, licking her sexual adversary and dipping her tongue in to try to lick at Hebert’s clit.

Sophia heard and felt Taylor moan through her pussy, causing Sophia to moan as well as the vibrations sent fresh waves of pleasure through her, and driving the fire in her loins higher. Wanting more, Sophia pushed down on Taylor’s face more, grinding her pussy against Taylor’s face, and the braindead rug muncher didn’t miss a beat, she immediately changed how she was licking Sophia to be able to lick her while Sophia was grinding her muff against Taylor’s mouth. Fuck, whoever had designed Taylor had done a damn good job.

Already, Sophia could feel herself getting closer to orgasm, her sensitive pussy still not recovered from the last time she came. She hadn’t even had time to make Taylor cum and she was already getting closer. Not wanting to be outdone by Hebert of all things, but knowing it was inevitable, Sophia dived in, driving her tongue into Taylor in hopes she could dive the girl to orgasm first. Even so, Sophia felt herself teetering on the knife’s edge, and… and… and… fuck!

Sophia moaned as she came again, spasming around Taylor’s tongue again, and cumming on her face. Sophia’s eyes rolled up and her tongue stopped momentarily as she rode her climax, feeling even more pleasure as Taylor continued to tongue fuck her poor pussy. Maybe, maybe trying to outperform the literal sex slave was not the best idea.

Sophia’s thoughts however were interrupted by the sound of boots and the familiar sound of confoam being sprayed over them, locking them both in their sixty-nine with no chance of escaping Hebert’s expert pussy licking tongue. Sophia was struck by both fear, and excitement at the prospect of being forced to stay like this, stuck in a sixty-nine with Hebert while they brought them back to HQ.

This… might be fun. 

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Drugged, Drunk and Deviled (Terraria)

Premise: The player character after a drunken romp through the underground hardmode Jungle finds herself in the underground and sits down for a little bit. A Red Devil has different plans for the wayward hero.

Any and all feedback would be highly appreciated.

Red had seen the creature enter here. He knew about her, the damn thing that came to the underground often enough as it was, slaughtering his minions left and right when she came down here. It hadn’t been a problem long ago. Back then, the creature could come down here, maybe kill a few of his, and they would either kill her or she would teleport away.

Now though, she had released the spirits of light and darkness, and everything had gone to hell, metaphorically that is. Strange creatures crawled their way into the underworld from the ceiling above. Disgusting and horrifying creatures made of the flesh of dead and gone, elder gods.

Red flew his way down to the place where the creature had entered into. A large obsidian tower, one of many here in the underground. Slowly he flew in through the window he knew the creature had entered in through. Inside of the tower, the place was nicely furnished. A gothic style bed, covered in a fine red blanket, a gothic grandfather clock, and some nice purple torches lined the walls. A large red carpet was laid out in the middle of the floor and there was even a nicely framed picture on the wall showing off one of the various lava lakes in the underworld. One of the few places this creature had yet to plunder for her incessant kleptomania. Like hell would he allow her to plunder this finely furnished room. Not this time.

However, Red was surprised to see the creature hadn’t been in the middle of stealing all of the various furniture like it usually did. Instead, it was sitting down and was propped up against the end of the bed, with what looked like a bottle in hand.

Red hadn’t seen the creature himself, only hearing about it from his underlings, and other Red Devils when they did battle with it. It had long black hair that pooled around it’s sitting form. It exposed flesh in various places as it’s purple garbs left little to the imagination. Nice supple breasts were held tightly to the creature’s chest, and the skirt was left hiked up, exposing a plump snatch, underneath it. Around the creature’s wrists was a set of binders, with chains attached to them leading to the ground where, like her hair, they pooled beneath her.

Gripping his trident tightly, Red resisted the fire within him that was being awakened by the creature. The kleptomaniac had taken the lives of many before him, other Red Devils included. He should be cautious. Even so, he walked forward. He had heard of the creature before him being able to move faster than the wind, and as such, should get closer to it so that even if it realised the danger it was in, it would be too late.

As he got closer, however, the creature looked up. In a panic, he pointed his trident at her, but it lurched forward, and suddenly grabbed his half-hard cock. Red’s eyes went wide as he held his manhood at her mercy, he didn’t dare invoke the power in his trident against her. She didn’t however begin to rip and tear as he feared, but instead, caressed it. Red breathed through his nose, and then noticed the half-lidded expression on the creature and the blush on her face.

Taking a chance, he slowly reached out with his other hand and placed it on her head. As Red did so, he watched her, but she didn’t react. Almost giggling to himself in fear and just how ridiculous the situation was, he slowly guided the creature’s face to his cock, and watched in awe as the creature’s mouth slowly opened, and it’s tongue pushed out to lick his cock. Red’s chest convulsed as he did his best to keep his nervous laughter from breaking out.

Slowly, he guided the creature to begin to take his cock into her mouth, noting her flat teeth, and knowing that even if she did try to bite him, he wouldn’t be hurt. The denizens of the underworld all had sharp teeth, this creature, however, with her luscious lips, and flat teeth posed no danger. She took his now fully hard cock and Red had to take in a breath as he felt her tongue on his cock. She looked up at him with her half-lidded eyes, and he smiled down at her a wicked sharp-toothed smile as she suckled on his cock.

Red guided his cock further, going a little faster, until the creature gagged a bit, hearing and feeling the convulsion through his cock, and grunted slightly as the convulsions further pleasuured his red dong. He gripped the creature’s hair and pulled her back, feeling a bit of teeth but, as he predicted, they didn’t hurt at all, before pushing her even further down on his cock. The creature gaged and Red grunted once more as pleasure shot through him. She was still looking up at him, looking wonderfully submissive as he began to face fuck her, enjoying the sensation of her choking on his big red cock.

As Red was face fucking her, however, he saw that below, the creature was pulling her tits out, and realised that they must have been bound, as the things were much larger than he had initially predicted. She gripped them in her hand and played with them as he throat fucked her. The creature was making cute little noises as he fucked her throat, beyond the general choking. Little moans as it gyrated it’s hips on the floor, making it slick as it sought pleasure. It was no different from the average demon girl.

Then, pushing its breasts up, the creature pushed it’s large breasts between Red’s torso and her mouth, rubbing the soft plump things against his shaft as he continued to push her face onto his cock. Red groaned as the tits felt great against his cock, and now, he could feel the masterful tongue of the creature on his cock’s head again, licking and swirling it, making him feel great. Already he could feel himself getting close. Dropping his Trident, he gripped the creature’s dark hair in both hands and used them like handlebars, driving the creature’s mouth onto his cock as he felt himself getting closer, his cock twitching, until, finally.

With a final grunt, Red felt himself explode in the creature’s mouth, hot jizz spraying inside before she pulled back from him. He wasn’t done yet, and with his hand, aimed his red devil cock at the creature, covering her face and breasts in cum. The creature just sat there, one of her hands on a tit, mauling it while her other hand was driving her fingers into her pussy, jilling herself off to being cummed on. Her mouth was still open and catching a few ropes of cum, while her tongue cupped the jizz and showed it off to him.

While Red could have just left it there, he wasn’t done. Not yet at least. He walked over to the creature and reached down, grabbing it by its armpits. The slutty thing made a sound but didn’t resist as Red picked her up and threw her onto the bed. With a pomf it landed there, and Red flew onto the bed, his cock once more raging hard. He grabbed the ends of the chains that the creature had on its shackles and hooked them onto some hooks, conveniently placed on the bed, a common feature in the underworld. Red looked down at the creature and noticed it had begun to smile, the blush on its face had deepened, and it had spread its legs, revealing a tight and moist pussy.

Red too began to smile at the slutty creature. Maybe it wasn’t so bad after all, he would just need to tame it and teach it to not steal all their furniture. Maybe even have it seal the above world off from Hell. After that, they would be even, and who knows, maybe he could take her as his slutty little sex pet after all that.
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Mind Controlling Myself May have Gotten Out of Hand (Worm)
 Premise: Taylor is a submissive girl who has gained the ability to create hypnosis technology. Somehow Sophia learned about it and started using it on Taylor, assuming she meant to use it on her.
 A small and quick 30 min challange
 Any and all feedback would be highly appreciated
 Taylor wore a blissed-out expression on her face as she was fucked from behind. Mistress Sophia was holding onto her arms, pulling them back and causing her back to arch while Mistress Sophia used her strap-on on her needy slutty pussy. All the while the earbuds that Taylor had in were sending waves of binaural hypnotic music through her mind, programming her brain to be even more submissive and slutty. 
 Taylor moaned even louder as Sophia picked up the pace in time with the hypnotic music and barely audible whispering. Pleasure shot through her whole body while her mind continued to desire more. Taylor never wanted her mistress to stop and wished that her mistress had more toys to use on her than just her strap-on, but that could come later. Mistress had claimed her as her toy when she had found out about Taylor’s mind-control technology. Not that Taylor minded. She loved her mistress.
 “Mistress!” Taylor called out, “I’m… I’m!” Taylor was nearing orgasm and her mistress had asked her to tell her when she was nearing completion. The pleasure flowing through her body nearly getting to the point where it was too much. It would only take just a little more to send her over. Taylor panted as mistress Sophia just continued like she had, though one hand let go of Taylor’s arm, and suddenly, Taylor noticed that the hypnotic rhythms changed. Taylor’s smile grew larger.
 Her mistress had obviously read some of her tinker notes, she knew that the mind was more susceptible while in the throes of passion, and orgasm was the time of greatest passion. 
 Serve mistress Sophia… the hypnosis program said underneath layers of binaural that made her mind all the more susceptible. Suddenly, mistress Sophia stopped fucking her and let go of her arms. Taylor had to quickly push her limbs under her chest onto the desk to keep from falling onto it. Taylor looked back at her mistress all the while panting from the exertion of the last hour, her mind filled with hypnotic binaural suggestions and a lustful fog that clouded her mind.
 “Fuck yourself on me slut,” mistress Sophia said, a smirk adorning her face as she held the large black dildo to Taylor’s well fucked and bare pussy. Taylor smiled and was happy to oblige, both desiring the pleasure that came with being fucked by the big strap-on and the pleasure that came from following the orders of her mistress. With gusto, Taylor used her arms to push herself onto Sophia’s strap-on, finally able to set her own pace as she chased the orgasm that hadn’t yet started to fade.
 “Thank you, mistress!” Taylor cried out to the empty room as she felt herself starting to go over the edge as she pushed herself on her mistresses dildo in such a way that it hit her favorite spot, causing stars to fill her vision as her mind clouded further from the pleasure being sent through her. All the while, the binaural continued to play and drive her further into the clutches of her mistress. Taylor pushed herself one last time back onto her mistress’ cock and cried out while her eyes rolled back, too overwhelmed by the pleasure of cumming to care.
 Not that the Taylor before Sophia became her mistress would have minded, she had been the one hypnotizing herself into being a submissive slut after all, not that her mistress knew that. 
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The Fragile One's Gimp

Just a quick thing before I get back to doing uni work
 Taylor from her couch watched the newest member of the Undersiders. While they were getting things sorted out Victoria, the former Glory Girl, was stuck here at Skitter’s base. Taylor wasn’t exactly sure what had happened to Glory Girl, all she knew was that Panacea was involved somehow and she had done some horrific stuff to Glory Girl when she had been reconstructing her. All Taylor knew was that it was likely sexual in nature, and it had affected not only Glory Girl, but her power as well.
 Gone was her old costume, and most people likely won’t be able to recognize her. Rather than being in her old costume, she was completely covered up by her force field. From the outside, it looked like some inky black latex suit, with no openings anywhere except for a ponytail of blond hair to sprout out of, and it was extremely skin tight. No sound came from the suit when it moved, it supported Victoria’s large breasts perfectly despite how thin the material looked, and it did the bare minimum to preserve Victoria’s decency.
 A part of Taylor’s mind was inadvertently brought back to a naughty magazine she found once. Taylor imagined Victoria putting a corset over her suit, perhaps some stockings and gloves, maybe even a tail to go with the ponytail. Maybe a proper ponytail, with some rigging to connect…
 Taylor shook her head and tried her best to ignore the shivering girl. Though how she was shivering Taylor wasn’t sure. Taylor always made sure that her rooms were just a bit hotter due to some of the more exotic bugs she had.
 Then Taylor noticed something. Victoria’s nipples were poking out. Hard little nubs, and Taylor swallowed. For some reason a bit of saliva had started to build up there. Taylor slowly walked up to Victoria, watching her smooth shiny black face as she approached. No shift, no change, nothing. Taylor looked down at Victoria’s bountiful breasts and frowned.
 I wish I had breasts like that Taylor thought as she looked down at her own. Eventually her gaze went back up to Victoria’s hard nipples. Taylor felt her mouth water some more for some reason… maybe…
 Victoria moaned around the crystalline cock sliding into her mouth. Her legs were made of jelly, but because of her power, she was still upright as she was being fucked hard in both holes. Victoria ground her crotch against the unyielding shields of her power, it’s cocks driving into her with wild abandon. Victoria attempted to clench her hands into a fist again, or just grab onto something, but her power prevented her from doing so.
 Her power, the Fragile One, Victoria had learned, was in control at the moment, and Victoria wouldn’t have had it any other way at the moment. She… she… she hated how she had enjoyed some of the things that Amy had done to her. Most of it was horrifying, disgusting, and down right demonic, but… there had been some things...
 Suddenly Victoria felt the cocks in her speed up, sending waves of pleasure through her even faster than before, causing Victoria to lose focus on what she was thinking about as she tried her best to hold onto reality. Victoria’s eyes rolled back as she felt herself coming closer to the edge of her tenth orgasm. She… oh God… she needed this. She… She didn’t want to.
 Victoria screamed out in pleasure again as the cocks started to thrust even deeper into her, maintaining their new speedy pace while Victoria’s mind once more lost focus. Further and further into her the cocks went, making Victoria gag a bit on the one in her throat while she clenched on the ones in her pussy and ass, loving the sensation they were blasting her mind with. Pleasure, that’s all Victoria could think of as she was fucked into oblivion by her power.
 Th-thank thank you! Victoria cried out in her mind as she was fucked by her power, made to forget everything except her power’s crystalline cocks as she was fucked. She could hear nothing, see nothing, and feel nothing except for the hard suit her power had made as well as the cocks driving her up the wall with mind numbing pleasure.
 Victoria couldn’t hear her power, instead, she simply felt it. Love, pure unrestrained love for her as she thought that. It made Victoria feel fuzzy inside, a different pleasure from the ones given by the dicks plundering her holes. Were Victoria able to she would have tried to hug her shard, her Fragile One, but her power was enjoying keeping her helpless too much to let her go, and Victoria didn’t want her to.
 Since the first time that the Fragile One showed her the mind numbing power of orgasms and pleasure, Victoria wasn’t sure she could take not having it nearby anymore. Not, not after…
 Rather than the speed of the cocks changing or their depth, their size increased, and then suddenly Victoria felt something touching her breasts. S-skitter was here. She… she’d forgotten. Victoria’s eyes widened, and she tried to move, to stop Skitter from touching her, but the Fragile One stopped her. Instead, she felt her head move, and then suddenly Victoria could see. She could see Skitter touching her breasts, playing with her nipple as the bigger dicks fucked her ass and pussy, driving her even quicker to orgasm.
 God this was hot. Suddenly Victoria felt herself tipping over the event horizon of her orgasm. Victoria bucked her hips into the cocks as she pushed her hands to her pussy, pushing on it while her other hand went for the breast that Skitter wasn’t molesting. Victoria threw her head back and cried out in ecstasy as she was fucked by her wonderful Fragile One.
 Victoria knelt as she came, her mouth wide open as the cock in her throat vanished and she was able to scream out her wanton cries of pleasure. Victoria felt handles to the cocks form on the lower part, and she grabbed hold of the first one while she pinched and punished her nipple. Somehow, she was able to drive the thick cock into her faster than her power had, and soon felt herself approaching another orgasm in so many seconds.
 Victoria thrust her hips into her cocks, driving the cock in her pussy deeper as she fucked herself. She gasped and panted as her hidden eyes rolled back once more. Victoria’s hand on her breast flew from it’s previous place and grabbed a hold of the other cock handle in her ass, and tried to do the same as she had before with her pussy. But the position was awkward and she couldn’t do it as fast as the one in her pussy.
 As if answering her troubles, Victoria felt the cock elongate until it bumped against the floor. Overjoyed, Victoria bounced on the cock, driving it hard and fast into her ass as she fucked herself hard. She didn’t want to remember, she didn’t want to remember, remember… re… mem…
 Victoria cried out once more before she finally fell back. After twelve orgasms since her power had shown her it’s new form, Victoria was spent. She breathed hard through her mouth, her head against the hardwood floor of Skitter’s base. Her hands out to her… side… Victoria’s eyes widened as she realised that the Fragile One had stopped immobilizing her while she had been fucking herself for that final twelfth orgasm. Victoria was able to see through her power’s shield once more, and she saw Skitter trying to look like she had been doing anything other than watching her fuck herself, a massive blush over her entire face as her hands started to move towards her crotch before she quickly crossed them over her best.
 Oh God...  

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Lobotomite Lost a Body

These snippets won’t be in order or anything as I’m just writing what comes to mind when I have free time. These snippets might become a proper cohesive story but not for a while as these are just snapshots of things happening.
 Any and all feedback is highly appreciated.
 Taylor zipped up her undersuit, having to spend an extra moment while passing her breasts, she should have chosen a smaller option for her breasts when taking the fertility treatment but she didn’t exactly have time to get back under the knife. Not that she was really thinking of actually getting smaller breasts. Her breasts ever since taking the fertility treatment were wonderfully big and Taylor loved to feel her fingers sink into them as she found herself fondling them ever once and a while whenever she was alone.
 Taylor felt some hands slip underneath her armpits, pushing forward and cupping her breasts as another large set of breasts pressed into her back. Taylor let out a small sound as Jesse pinched her nipples that were poking out of her jumpsuit. Taylor shivered as Jesse was once again fondling her breasts and distracting her from her preparations.
 “Jesse, I need to get ready.”
 “I know, but who says you can’t do that while I play with you?” Taylor was about to respond when Jesse pinched her nipples, causing her to gasp suddenly as the rough material rubbed hard against them, sending sensations through her. Taylor could have stopped her, either by telling her off properly, or through her power, but that wouldn’t be fair. They did this all the time after all, why would her trip back to Earth Bet be any different.
 “Come on girl, you know you love it,” Jesse said, her voice low, husky, and near her ear. Taylor shivered once more as Jesse said that, remembering all the times when Jesse would talk like that, how she would make Taylor feel when she was in a mood like this. How she would…
 Taylor felt one of Jesse’s hands gripping her crotch, rubbing her there, through her panties, rubbing at her wet lower lips, sending pleasant sensations through her as Taylor bit her lip. She couldn’t stay here forever though, despite how good it would feel. Taylor leaned down, pressing her ass against Jesse, having the older woman bend down behind her. Taylor felt the breasts that were pressing into her back shift lower, and at the same time, Jesse’s hand touching herself down there became more dexterous, pushing and rubbing in different ways and patterns from before. Sending a renewed wave of pleasure through Taylor, causing her to lose focus on the pants she was about to pull on.
 Jesse though was a bit helpful, she started to slowly ease Taylor up, her hands gripping the jeans tightly as she endured the heavenly assault on her focus. Soon enough the pants were up and Taylor did them up, cutting off a vector of attack by Jesse. The next was going to be much harder, her chest armour.
 “You wanna continue?” Jesse asked. That was about to nod her head, this was a fun part of the morning, better than when Jesse shilled out for a proper breakfast from the sink rather than them scrounging up some grub from the wastes of Big Mountain. Though truth be told, a proper American breakfast was a wonderful thing. But, today was the day, today was the day that Taylor got to go home. Instead she shook her head.
 “Any other day, I would, but I’m too excited to get home,” Jesse nodded, ceasing her touching and just gave her a hug.
 “Alright Tay, I know this is important to you so I won’t keep ya. I need to get back to Vegas anyways. House wants me to check out some sightings of some strange creatures coming out of the ground around the outskirts of Vegas’ territory,” Jesse shuddered at that before muttering under her breath, “I hope it’s not them.”
 Thankful for the reprieve, Taylor tried to center herself, and push away the lustful fog that was drawing her attention to the wonderful sensation of her friend’s bountiful breasts pressing against her back. She had to get dressed before she got home after all.
 Taylor stood in a room that was off from the main part of the “forbidden zone.” Dr. Mobius had been hard at work trying to figure out her little problem of being on the wrong earth. Supposedly, he had managed to fix the problem. Now, Taylor was here to see the results. In the middle of the room was a massive machine, robo scorpions crawled along it, plugging in wires and checking over the massive machine. The thing looked like some kind of small room, with a massive tesla coil looking thing above it. It wasn’t a tesla coil that was for sure. The thing also had support beams that lead up to the bulbous top section of the thing, and up top was a large amount of glowing tubes that spread out in every direction.
 “Mmmm…? Ah! You’re here! I was just about to tell your brain to bring you here,” Dr. Mobius said to Taylor after turning around. Taylor smiled at the old scientist. Ever since he’d learned of her predicament, he’d gotten to work trying to help her. When she’d asked why he was helping her, he simply said; “for many raisins, but mostly, because it is the right thing to do.” Then he went on asking her about the various things going on in taylor’s world.
 “Now, I have the TV-porter all set up for you, and I have thought of everything I can do to make your trip safer, after all, I don’t make mistakes,” Taylor shook her head at that. Taylor guessed that was some bleed over from the original scientists that Dr. Mobius had been before he had reprogramed himself.
 “Just stand on the swirly bit and we can get started!” Taylor followed the doctors orders, and ascended the small ramp to the glass panel where underneath, was a swirling vortex of strange energy resided, or some fancy lights. With Dr. Mobius it’s hard to figure what is which, like tinker tech, only a bit more understandable.
 “Are you sure that my brain will still be able to send signals to my body and receive them back?”
 “Hmm? Oh yes yes, I checked and rechecked my calculations numerous times. If my calculations are correct, and they always are, there should be no delays at all in sending and receiving signals. Though if there is some delay, just use your transponder gun to get used to your location so we can bring you back. Okay?” Taylor nodded at Dr. Mobius’ words. She didn’t think she would understand the technology that Dr. Mobius was using to make all this possible so she didn’t ask. It was like asking a tinker. It made sense only half the time and the rest didn’t at all. Jesse understood more, and her brain even more, what with it reading up on all the old world advanced science textbooks that it now had access to.
 “Alright then beam me up Doctor.”
 “Of course, goodbye dearie! Come back soon and we can share a mentat with your friends' brains,” there was a shower of sparks, then… then… then.
 All Taylor saw was darkness. Taylor couldn’t feel her limbs, she couldn’t feel her jaw, she couldn’t feel anything. Taylor tried to open her eyes, but it was a much different experience. Rather than opening her eyelids, she just could suddenly see. The field of view was all weird and off. Taylor could hear things, small sounds in the background but it came in strange, extremely crisp and clear. Taylor tried to look around and found only her “eyes” moved. She was in… wait a moment… this was Dr. Mobius’ lab, and there floating around was Jesse’s brain. It had upgraded to a chassis similar to Dr. Mobius and the rest of the think tank, and it was even an honorary member of the Think Tank, though the brains in Big Mountain just knew it as Dr. Igor, the assistant to Dr. Frankenstein, or in this case, Dr. Mobius.
 “What the!?” Taylor
 “What the?” Taylor exclaimed in a rather gruff sounding voice, like a Mister Gutsy.
 “Oh, you’re awake,” Jesse’s brain said. It was silent for a bit, continuing the experiments and calculations it was making, before Jesse’s brain finally exclaimed after turning it’s monitors to her.
 “Oh shit!” Jesse’s brain exclaimed, Taylor could imagine if Jesse’s brain had eyes they would have gone wide as it’s eyebrows shot for the roof. “You’re awake!”
 Taylor's back home! Kind of... okay her brainless body is back home, armed to the teeth, and enhanced to boot... I hope no one is nearby... 
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Worm/ Fallout prompt
 Lobotomite Fertility Enhancement Experiment
 Wanted to write something quick for today before I get back to uni work, so I decided to expand on why in future snippets Taylor will be a busty bombshell during her adventures in Big Mountain and beyond.
 As always, any and all feedback is highly appreciated.
 Taylor walked down the halls of a crumbling outer building within Big Mountain, making deliberate turns down various hallways to avoid bugs and other hazards that were within. Usually Taylor’s path coincided with following the path of destruction her only companion and friend here in Big Mountain, Jesse, had left behind as she had slaughtered her way through the place. Even when combat was unavoidable though, Taylor had the edge of the MK II Stealth Suit which allowed her to strike the decisive blow nearly every time before whoever or whatever could fight back.
 Taylor however was getting more distracted as time when on. Taylor could feel Jesse with her bug senses, for some reason her companion showed up on her bug senses and she could control her. When she had first woken up here in Big Mountain she had done just that, controlled the only person there in the Sink, mostly because Taylor had been able to see through her eyes and she had a rather deadly looking gun out as she entered into the Sink.
 Luckily they had talked it out and turns out they both had very little ideas of where they were and how they had both gotten there. Apparently Jesse had been poking around a crashed satellite of all things and been teleported here into Big Mountain, where she was promptly captured and her brain removed. Taylor on the other hand had been sent here by some kind of Tinker Tech weapon while she had been working. Some kind of assassin maybe? Either way, they had both been teleported here. Jesse guessed by the scars on Taylor’s head that she had her brain taken out too, which was later confirmed when they went down and met the brains of Big Mountain.
 Apparently her “brain cancer” had saved her, like Jesse’s headshot wound. It didn’t explain why Taylor was able to control Jesse but at least it was nice to know that she was now brainless, heartless, and spineless. She would have to make that joke with Lisa when she got back to Brockton Bay.
 Taylor took a quick break and leaned against a door frame as she continued to watch through Jesse’s eyes and sense as Jesse’s troubles continued, pleasure surging through the older woman as she had been immobilised and fucked by some kind of machine. Dildos going in and out of every hole, fucking her mercilessly as it made various injections across the wastelander’s body. The injections were hardly felt though as her friend was enjoying the pleasure of being fucked too much to let some minor pinching be a problem. Besides, she was being restrained, Taylor knew that from how Jesse wasn’t able to move. Somehow she was being suspended by the ceiling, Taylor just didn’t know how.
 Taylor did her best to ignore the sensations she was feeling from how hard Jesse was getting fucked and kept walking. She was close now, she could feel it. How the dildos were hitting Jesse in just the right place, how her ass felt as it was filled with a cock just as large as the one slamming into Jesse’s G-spot. It had been getting harder to walk with the feeling of both of Jesse’s holes being fucked hard by large cocks, sending waves of pleasure through the drug addicted woman. Just another corner…
 Rounding the corner, Taylor was met with an amazingly lewd site. Suspended by some kind of bondage harness, Jesse was being pounded by three different dildo fucking machines, her breasts had grown a full few sizes and her figure was filled out from the slightly curvy stick she had been to that of a bombshell woman. Granted Taylor had known about the dildos and the fucking, but she hadn’t caught on that her friend was being made into a sex idol, just that she was being injected with something.
 Taylor walked over to the terminal which was powered on and showed some kind of project, a description, and a progress bar in another tab, rather advanced for a computer, maybe it was some kind of “advanced” version of the usual OS that was being used in Big Mountain, this one actually came with graphics.
 [Fertility Enhancement Project]
 [As has been noted by many American politicians, the American people are not producing enough offspring to match that of our Chinese enemies who seem, from spy reports, to be pumping out offspring as fast as they can so that they can serve in their army. As such, the Government has tasked us with figuring out a way to fix that problem. We initially thought about spiking the water supply with aphrodisiacs, but with the various contraceptives, we realised that all that might do is increase the amount of people having intercourse rather than increasing the birth rates. So our next idea was to possibly genetically modify the people of America so that they would give birth both quicker as well as with a higher chance of things like twins and triplets. Though then we had the problem of how exactly do we distribute it as we noted that spreading it via the water supply created suboptimal males for war. Though we did note that afflicted male test subjects who had intercourse with afflicted female test subjects tended to produce an even higher amount of offspring than when only one was afflicted. We made a note of that and decided to test that further, but with the Government’s stance against feminizing males, it was likely a political dead end. Consult file “Fertility Enhancement Project 2” to read further on the effects that our drugs have had on male test subjects.
 Continuing our conundrum, we decided it would be a good idea to make the uptake of the project more voluntary rather than using subversive methods to do so. With the rising whore population, especially among the younger generation, it was thought that we might use our science to introduce a fast acting retrovirus that would rewrite the DNA of our test subjects to create a more appealing mate for male test subjects. With it being willing, we can spend less of our funding on distribution and more on actually testing. From our testing, the latest procedure is a complete success, our test subjects after only a few hours found that their breast tissue increased significantly and in pleasing ways, the same goes for the buttocks and we found that they hold a much more hourglass figure as well. Side effects include a minor increase to strength as well as a major increase of endurance. According to endurance testers the subject was able to engage in physical cardio training for much longer than usual. Just with these side effects it might be a good idea to pitch this research to the military to develop a version that would allow for us to create a version that enhances these abilities even more so that soldiers would fight for much longer. Along with the boosts, we have determined that the fertility part of the drug has not lost any potency from the added effects. With just a few more trials we might be able to start shipping this out and introduce it as a new wonder drug for boosting sex appeal in women. I’m sure many wives will want to thank their husbands when they get back home from Anchorage.]
 Then the progress bar hit 100. The moment that the progress bar hit 100, the devices stopped. The dildos pulled back, and the bondage harness detached itself from Jesse, unclasping from around her and were being pulled into the ceiling. Needless to say, Jesse fell onto the floor hard. Taylor watched, transfixed as Jesse was barely able to push herself up, her now massive double D breasts swaying as she did so. Taylor couldn’t look away. Taylor felt a heat within herself beginning deep, deep within her as she looked at those now perfect tits.
 Jesse, unaware how horney she was making Taylor, stretched, her arm coming up to her head and pushing against it, causing it to crack, and inadvertently, she was also presenting her large breasts for Taylor to see, transfixed. She’d only seen real boobs that big on Aisha, and the girl certainly never pulled them out for Taylor to see. Taylor had been getting more and more in touch with her sexuality ever since Jesse had started flirting with her, and making her feel special. Jesse looked up and smiled.
 “Hey Tay. When did you get here?” 
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A Fine Addition (Worm / Mass Effect)
 Taylor is the Thorian in Mass Effect. When Taylor was murdered, it wasn’t on Earth that she was left, due to galactic drift over billions of years, Feros in the Mass Effect universe was in the same place as Earth was in the Worm universes. The Thorian absorbed Taylor, and Taylor became the new consciousness of the Thorian.
 This got away from me while I was writing it.
 As always any and all feedback is highly appreciated
 Taylor watched the squad of people that were making their way down to her.. This squad that had barged into what had once been her only chamber with a neural network. That problem had been solved a long time ago as she had begun creating more and more neural networks and decentralizing herself around the planet. She knew she was in no danger, and now this human and her alien allies had disabled the colonists she was helping defend from the robots, these “Geth” she learned from spying on them.
 It hadn’t even been her idea to really stop them. The colonists after she informed them that the squad of people from this “Systems Alliance” were coming to meet her had taken up arms against them since they were sure that they would “purge” her. While a distinct possibility Taylor doubted that a single squad could destroy her entirely, not after all her work decentralizing.
 “Alright we just need to find this creature and determine what it…” one of “Shepard’s” companions was saying, Tali, Taylor thought her name was. Then she paused as they came upon the neural node that was below the colony.
 “What it… Keela, what is that.” Tali continued. From what Taylor had sensed through the various sensory organs that were in the Exogeni building, Tali seemed rather naive and new to the business of fighting and combat, but was also a natural at it. The other two were much more professional when it came to fighting, Shepard some kind of parahuman soldier who had some kind of gravity manipulating power, similar to something her memories back from before she had taken over the “old growth” called Protheans. Biotics apparently was what it was called, and it used element zero and the body's natural bioelectricity to bend reality with the metal acting as the medium. The other was some kind of metallic raptor who’s voice sounded like it was going through a filter, Turians was what their species name was, and this one was called Garrus.
 “We are going to need bigger guns.” Taylor heard Shepard say. Having already prepared for this possibility, Taylor started producing a mix of drones around the various nodes that were around her neural network. While she would survive if this node was destroyed, that didn’t mean that she wanted to have to lose it. One of the drones that she produced was the menials, the “Creepers” the Exogeni employees had called them, while the other was something of her own creation. More intelligent, autonomous drones that could do much more than their menial counterparts. These when they emerged, almost looked a bit like Tali in a very loose sense. What counted for a face was blank except for a few eyes she had there that saw things in various wavelengths, while it’s top part splayed outward, almost like a helmet that the rebels wore in the first Star Wars movie. These autonomous drones went and grabbed the various equipment that the colonists had provided. Guns mostly, ranging from assault rifles to pistols. Taylor ordered these drones to take up positions around them, but to also stay out of sight. She didn’t need to provoke them unless they truly meant to destroy her neural node.
 “Uh Shepard, we got a lot of things moving around us right now,” Garrus said, his rifle coming up and looking around to the various areas where my drones laid in wait. Motion sensors then? It made sense. Taylor ought to act before this gets violent. Taylor felt the Asari that was within her. She was having a restful sleep, oblivious to the world as she recovered. Taylor probed her mind a bit, to wake her up, and her eyes flutter open, despite the fact that she was in total darkness.
 Time to wake up, we have visitors, and I would like to speak through you. Taylor mentally told her, continuing to mentally nudge her into greater wakefulness.
 Sure, sure, uh, do you have clothes I could use?
 Not enough time. They are ready to fight, I can have one of the drones bring you some clothes while you are talking. Taylor says, and feeling the mental accent of Shiala, begins to spew her out, while at the same time pulling the various tendrils in her, out of her orifices. Taylor can feel the pleasure that Shiala is feeling from the tentacles being pulled out. Taylor hopes that she doesn’t want that to happen too often. She is more useful outside of her than inside of her, especially since she has already taken the information she wanted from her.
 Shiala slid out from the tendrils of the neural node, and landed on her feet, just barely keeping herself from slipping in front of the woman, the Shepard, that was leading the squad.
 Introduce myself. Taylor asks Shiala and she nods. She walks forwards out from underneath Taylor’s tendrils, not even trying to hide her nudity to the assembled people there, drawing stares from the people. Amusing really, since Taylor can feel Shiala’s embarrassment.
 “You stand before the old growth, the Thorian. I am Shiala, I speak for the Thorian. What is your purpose here,” Shiala asked to the gathered people.
 “You gave something to Saren. Something I need,” it seemed that this Shepard wanted the “Cipher” as well.
 “Why should the Thorian listen to you? The Thorian listened to Saren, told it that he was working to save the galaxy from a menace. The Thorian believed him and then he betrayed it, attacked those that served it, and tried to destroy it? Why should the Thorian listen to you now that you are invading it’s home?”
 “Whatever you did to those colonists, you are going to release them, now.”
 I did nothing, I merely informed them that you were coming and you had made your intentions clear that you were planning to destroy me.
 “The colonists acted by their own free will. The Thorian never forced them. They’re actions were deviant from the Thorian’s wishes.”
 “Oh yeah? Then why did they attack us? Some compulsion maybe?”
 “If by compulsion you mean acting in their own interests,” Shiala retorts dismissively.
 “Oh really? What benefits?” Shepard asks, still not convinced.
 “Leadership, guidance, mediating disputes, a large menial workforce… pleasure… and it can help prevent indoctrination. At least, for those that will serve it over Exogeni,” suddenly Shepard seems interested. Her face stays the same, but with the spores already inside of Shepard, Taylor can tell that she’s suddenly interested when Shiala mentioned protection from the mind controlling power that Shiala called indoctrination.
 “What do you mean it can prevent indoctrination?”
 “Saren… I served Matriarch Benezia, she joined with Saren because she wanted to guide him down a gentler path than the one he was making for himself. But Saren is compelling, and Benezia lost her way, as did I. We came to believe his cause and his goals like fanatics, unable to even think of going against them.”
 “How was Saren able to do this? I’ve seen his compulsion, we face off with Benezia on Novaria and she seemed to almost be in a trance half the time. What exactly is allowing Saren to be able to control the minds of you, Benezia, and the rest of her followers?”
 “Saren has a vessel. An enormous warship unlike anything I’ve ever seen. He calls it Sovereign. It can dominate the minds of his followers. They become indoctrinated to Saren’s will. The process is subtle. It can take days, weeks, but in the end, it is absolute. I was a willing slave when Saren brought me here. He needed my biotics to communicate with the Thorian, to learn its secrets. The Thorian recognized that we were under some kind of compulsion, and suggested that it would take us into itself, in order to secure an alliance. I was selected as the sacrifice.”
 “If Saren and the Thorian were in an alliance, why were the Geth trying to destroy the Thorian?”
 “The Thorian believes that whatever is influencing Saren, or possibly Saren himself, figured out that the Thorian was planning on cutting off it’s control to us after it managed to break my indoctrination. In either situation, he ordered the Geth to attack the Thorian to destroy it before it could convince others to un-indoctrinate themselves. That and it knows the Cipher. Saren knows you’re searching for the Conduit and you would need the Cipher. So that was another reason to destroy the Thorian.”
 “What’s the Cipher? Why would Saren need it? And what do you mean about something influencing Saren?”
 “The beacon on Eden Prime gave you visions. But the visions are unclear, confusing. They were meant for a Prothean mind. To truly comprehend them, you must think like a Prothean. You must understand their culture, their history, their very existence. The Thorian was here long before the Protheans built this city. It watched and studied them. When they died, it consumed them. They became a part of it. As for something influencing Saren, I’m not sure myself, but the Thorian seems to think that Saren might also be being controlled by the ship, maybe some AI within it, or something else using the ship to influence Saren. I doubt so but then we differ on that opinion. Either way, Saren turned on the Thorian”
 “So the Thorian taught Saren to think like a Prothean? How?” Shiala blushed at Shepards questioning of how. Taylor remembered how, how when Shiala wanted to meld, she used her tendrils to pick Shiala up. Shiala being at first shocked as Taylor used her tendrils to connect them, exploring her every orifice, learning more about her, her culture, her upbringing, all the while, pleasuring her, driving her tendrils into her pussy, her ass, her mouth, everything. It was a faster way of injecting her spores into Shiala, and they connected on a deeper level, letting Taylor feel every pleasurable sensation she was driving into Shiala, making her cum, making her beg for more as she fucked by Taylor’s tentacles. It had been invigorating to do such a thing Taylor found, and hot in a way. Taylor hadn’t thought much on sexual acts since her one time with Brian so many years ago. Her experience with Shiala had been both fun and interesting, though Taylor would have enjoyed a bit of warning that what they were going to be engaged in was the Asari equivalent of a quickie.
 “The Cipher is the very essence of being a Prothean. It cannot be described or explained. It would be like describing colour to a creature without eyes. To understand, you must have access to endemic ancestral memory. A viewpoint spanning thousands of Prothean generations. I sensed this ancestral memory, the Cipher, when I melded with the Thorian. Our identities merged, our minds intertwined. Such knowledge cannot be taught; it simply exists.”
 “How would I be able to get this Cipher, and how would I be able to protect myself from Saren’s mind control?”
 “There are two ways that the knowledge could be transferred to you commander. One way would be that I could transfer the knowledge to you, like I did Saren… the other, would be to let the Thorian do it.”
 “And why would I let the Thorian do that over you?”
 “Because commander, if the Thorian does it, it can also protect you from Saren’s ship,” The commander was conflicted now. Taylor could see in her mind, thinking the idea over, weighing the pros and cons of the deal. I don’t try to manipulate Shepard, whatever she decided was up to her. If she accepted Taylor’s offer, then Taylor would have an ally that could go and fight Saren for her, and defeat him after Taylor had failed to help release the Turian from his ship’s influence, and be her eyes and ears outside of Feros. If Shepard just accepted Shiala’s offer, then she would still go after Saren, but that would be the end of their arrangement.
 “Uh Shepard, you’re not actually considering doing it the Thorian way are you Shepard?” the Turian besides Shepard asks. Shepard looks up at Garrus, Taylor could see Shepard’s thoughts, questioning if she was sane for even thinking of taking Taylor’s, or the “Thorian’s” offer. Even so, Shepard worried, she worried about what might happen to her if she wasn’t able to protect herself.
 “Damn, fine. I’ll do it,” Shepard pulls off her various weapons, and passes them to her companions.
 “If I turn into a zombie or start praising the Thorian or some shit, get out of here and see if you can’t bombard this place from orbit.”
 “Shepard, you do realise that despite the fact that I’m no longer with C-sec, that doesn’t mean I’m not a cop?” Garrus tells her with an amused tone to his voice.
 “Are you going to arrest me then, officer?” Shepard jokes.
 “I think you’re forgetting about the time that I had to pull over,” Shepard sighs at that.
 “No Garrus, I’m not forgetting,” After that they were all silent as Shepard approached the Thorian.
 They might want to get back to their ship, Taylor tells Shiala who nods.
 “You might want to get back to your ship, this process will take a bit, and if something does happen to your commander, it would be better for you to be on your ship already so you can leave to get help to stop the Thorian,” Shiala informs them. The Quarian, Tali looks over to Shepard as she continues her approach.
 “Shepard?” Tali sounds forlorn, as if watching a good friend go off to die. Taylor tries not to focus on that, how… how it sounded like Lisa at the end of it all.
 “Go,” Shepard says before turning to her and smiling at both of her teammates, “I’ll be back, I always am,” The two nod before turning and beginning their walk away. Taylor moved her drones that she had been gathering by the entrance of the place away. Shepard had no weapons that Taylor could see, and her teammates would just be spooked by the drones Taylor had gathered up to storm the place if things went pear shaped. As Shepard came forth to just before Taylor’s tendrils, Shiala approached.
 “The process is quite invasive. But you’ll enjoy it, I guarantee, I certainly did,” Shiala tells her, placing her hands on Shepard’s shoulders, her bare breasts pressing into Shepard’s back.
 “Invasive? Oh...”
 “If you want, you can think of it as a gift for fighting off the Geth,” Shepard just seems amused now.
 “The things I do for the galaxy,” Shepard begins stripping off her armour, with the assistance of Shiala. It comes off piece by piece, slowly revealing her skinny nubile body, her perky c cup breasts, her toned legs, and her abs. Taylor feels her tendrils grow turgid, and begin to become more active as Shepard strips herself of her armour, Shiala taking time to tease the woman, pinching a nipple here, squeezing her butt there, meanwhile Taylor simply watches and waits. This was simply a mutually beneficial agreement in a way. It would be pleasurable, but there would be other ramifications as well. In a way, they were both doing their job, Taylor was ensuring her survival and the survival of the colonists, while Shepard was ensuring she wasn’t controlled by Saren’s ship.
 After Shepard had finished stripping down to nothing, she walked forward underneath Taylor’s tendrils. Taylor wasted no time, her tendrils started to feel Shepard up, while others latched onto the various places where she could grab to both pick up, and immobilize Shepard. Taylor felt Shepard gasp a bit when some of her tendrils began to explore her crotch and nipples. Soon enough though, Taylor was pulling Shepard into her neural node, sucking her in. Then, the fun could begin.
 As soon as Shepard was within her, Taylor began to direct her internal tendrils to Shepard, feeling her up, touching her around her holes, while others continued to wrap her up, restraining her further, so she wouldn’t hurt herself. Taylor could feel Shepard was wet, and she found the hot. In Shepard’s mind, Taylor got the sense of images playing in her head, memories of watching something similar happen to various women with some kind of jellyfish alien. Shiala had seen the same porn, and was overjoyed when it was revealed that their quickie was like that.
 Were Taylor able to, she would have smiled. So Shepard was something of a xenophile, that made things easier. Taylor could feel how wet Shepard was being made by all of her actions. Taylor teased at Shepard’s holes, and while Shepard could do nothing about her lower holes, she did open her mouth to let the intruder by her mouth in. Taking that for permission, Taylor’s other tendrils entered into Shepard. Shepard moaned as Taylor drove her other tentacles in, exploring her depths before pulling out, and entering back in. Taylor could sense the pleasure that Shepard was in, and Taylor enjoyed the sensation that it was giving her tentacles, as well as the information it was giving her.
 Taylor hadn’t yet had the pleasure of enjoying a human, only Shiala. All the rest hadn’t had a need to come to her yet. So this was new. Taylor wrapped some of her tendrils around Shepard’s breasts, squeezing them a bit while suckers latched onto them, suckling at at them while she contined to fuck Shepard. Sheperd herself writhed in Taylor’s iron grip, squirming as she sought to both escape as well as drive herself further onto Taylor’s tendrils. There was no escape from Taylor’s tendrils however as Taylor continued to pleasure the spectre with, consistently finding the places which caused the most endorphins to rush into Shepard’s brain, causing the lustful fire in Shepard to grow more as she lived out one of her greatest fantasies.
 Taylor was happy to oblige as the connection between the two of them grew, and Taylor could see more, and knew more about Shepard. In return, Taylor supplied everything she knew about the Protheans, just as she had with Shiala. She brought the knowledge to the forefront of her mind while she had more tendrils slide up the ones that had entered into Shepard, coiling together and entering into her, increasing the size of the penetration, and causing Shepard to moan more as she continued to get fucked.
 At the same time, Taylor reinforced her control over Shepard. She had a bit of control from the spores from before, but now Shepard would be hers, not that the other knew it, and not that Taylor ever intended to properly control her. No, Shepard would be her eyes and ears in this. She would inform her of what was going on throughout the galaxy through their connection, and in return, Taylor would protect her from other forms of mind control.
 Taylor began to vibrate her tentacles, causing Shepard’s moans to turn into screams as her fingers began to claw at the tendrils, finding them hard and resistant to her short nails. Taylor knew that her eyes had rolled back, and she was going over the edge. Taylor had her over the barrel now, and all it would take would be one more thing to send Shepard over into orgasming. So Taylor shared her own pleasure with Shepard, how the tendrils felt good being shoved into her, how they shivered and sent pleasure through Taylor herself as she fucked Shepard.
 Shepard let out an explosive scream, before going limp in Taylor’s tendrils, exhausted from the best fucking she’d ever had in her life. Rather than just dump her onto the cold ground outside of her neural node, Taylor wrapped Shepard in a warm embrace, holding her newest member of her hive tight.
 A fine addition.
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lil 30 minute challange for myself

 As always any and all feedback is highly appreciated.
 Taylor felt something shifting in her bed as the thing she was cuddling with moved around, Taylor tried not to let her bother her, but then she felt a certain pair of lips latch onto her still sensitive nipples. Taylor let out a small moan as she opened her eyes. The lights were still on dim luckily so her retinas were saved. Looking down she saw her brown haired bedmate Jesse suckling on one of her breasts. They were enlarged just a few weeks ago and Jesse had enjoyed suckling on them whenever she thought she could get away with it. Taylor moved one of her hands from her friends back and started to scratch at Jesse’s hair, feeling the surgical scars that were left behind by the auto doc that had performed it’s surgery on her head over a month ago. 
 God, had it been that long? Just a month of being here and they had already found a way to send Taylor back home. Part of Taylor was glad to be rid of this place. Big Mountain. The name didn’t quite fit the place, especially considering that it was more of a crater than a mountain. Still, Taylor couldn’t wait to get home. They had finally managed to whip up a teleporter that could send her body back to her own dimension. Finally not having to worry about accidentally being irradiated wherever she went would be nice.
 Taylor shivered as Jesse started to play with her other nipple, teasing it with her hands as she continued to suckle at her breast. Reaching down, she cupped her lover’s butt and pulled her up, depriving her of her nipple, but leaving her hands to continue to tease her. That was fine, she could use her knee to get at her companion’s folds now. 
 “Hey,” Jesse exclaimed but her complaint was without any passion for it. “I was having fun.”
 “Yes, but I want to have fun too, okay?” Taylor slipped her knee in between her friend’s legs, pushing up against the brunette’s crotch, while her other hands kneaded her friend’s butt. One of her fingers started to slide between her friend’s crack, playing a bit with her friend’s ass. Taylor knew that she liked it when she did such things. They’d been bedmates together since they had discovered that the room they were in only had one bed, and the promiscuous brunette and been all over Taylor since day one. 
 Their fun ended however when a chime echoed through the room. Jesse’s face darkened as she heard it, before pulling herself away from Taylor. Taylor knew that chime. Mr. House was calling for Jesse. While she enjoyed her pleasure, work was first. Taylor was the same. Still, Taylor could appreciate the view of the shorter woman walking over to the intercom phone thing they had in the wall, clad in only some risque lingerie.
 “Should have never called House back then,” Taylor heard Jesse mutter under her breath with her bugs. Taylor remembered the day that her fellow lobotomite had made that mistake. It was during the down time that they had while raiding facilities here in Big Mountain that Jesse and her had managed to figure out a way to bounce a signal off of a satellite that was, somewhere in space to send a phone call, possibly the first one in over two centuries, to Jesse’s boss, one Mr. House. 
 Most of the afternoon had been spent with Jesse explaining to her boss where she had been, and where exactly she was. The man at least was understanding, and even offered some insights on the situation, while getting Jesse to also get him some of the technology that was here in Big Mountain when she returned. 
 As she watched her friend sway her hips over to the wall phone, Taylor had a devilishly naughty idea. Quietly slipping out of bed, Taylor did her best to silently walk up to Jesse, and when she got close and had turned on the phone to answer her boss, Taylor struck.
 Her arms wrapped around the smaller woman, who suppressed any sound, and Taylor began to have her fun. One hand cupped Jesse’s larger breast, her fingers teasing the large engorged nipples, some after effect of some genetic tampering, while her other reached down. Her hand slipped into the panties of her friend, and Taylor began to tease her, sliding her fingers across Jesse’s snatch, while one entered in and began to slowly finger fuck her.
 Jesse looked at her, a sorry look in her eyes, while Taylor smiled back. This was payback after waking her up when she was having a wonderful dream of finally getting home. 
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Sissy Taylor and the Undersissies: The Before Times
 Any and all feedback is highly appreciated
 Taylor shifted a little as once more, the tip of his caged cock pinching against his underwear, sending a small shock of pain through him. His shift was unconscious, and the pain was more from surprise than actual pain. This wasn’t uncommon for him. He wished that his panties weren’t in the wash, but they were and now he had to suffer through the pinches on his poor caged dick. To counteract the pain, Taylor consciously clenched down on the butt plug in his ass, enjoying the sensation of fullness in him. A small smile gracing his face as he did this for a moment longer, enjoying how full his ass was. Taylor was glad his hood was up, he was sure that he had a nice red blush on his face as he made his way around the side of Winslow. It was a bit early but there were a few people already walking into the school.
 Taylor came around to the side of Winslow where a supply shed was almost right next to the school, but there was a narrow little alleyway that was big enough for people to pass through it. It was a popular spot in the winter for people that actually went outside to stay at since it was out of the way. Drug addicts likely used the spot as well to make their deals with people but that was only during lunch or after school. Most kids didn’t want to get up early to do their drug deals.
 Taylor entered the small alcove and could see that Mistress Madison was already there. With an unconscious clench down on his plug, Taylor smiled as he saw his Mistress. Madison smiled in return as she saw her cute sissy boi coming into the alley. As they continued to walk towards each other, Madison reached out and cupped Taylor’s crotch, causing him to gasp and start a bit. Madison giggled at his reaction.
 “How’s my cute lil’ sissy boi today Hmm?” as she asked, she continued to fondle Taylor, feeling up his full and blue balls as she used her other hand to pull him into a kiss with her. Taylor of course obliged. Their tongue meeting in the middle as they had a little mock battle for dominance. Taylor may be taller than Madison and might have been considered a viable top for the cute girl, but Madison was quite able to control sissy bois like him, and quickly took advantage of his weaknesses to dominate their little tongue battle. The hand that had brought him in for a kiss slid down his back, reached into his jeans, his briefs, and found the plug that was lodged in his ass. Taylor let out a gasp, and Madison’s tongue quickly stormed her sissy boi’s mouth, conquering it for herself once more. Taylor giggled in return as they pulled away before answering in kind.
 “Good Mistress.”
 “That’s good,” Madison said in return. Then she made a face as she felt the material of Taylor’s underwear, pouting cutely as she felt it, and pulling it so that the underwear material teased at Taylor’s plug, shifting it, and sending wondrous tingles through him as the plug pushed on his prostate.
 “You’re not wearing your panties,”
 “I needed to wash them, they got dirty.” Taylor responded, shamefaced.
 “Okay cutie,” Madison’s other hand reached into Taylor’s pants, and Taylor felt his Mistress’ finger flick across the small slit that was left at the front of the cage. The pad of Madison’s finger slid across Taylor’s dick’s slit, feeling good as Madison did so.
 “I know how it pinches you so I won’t punish you later today.”
 “Thank you Mistress,” It was friday that day. That was the day that Madison would have Taylor come over so they could play some more, as well as when Taylor would finally be able to cum. Madison would tie him up, and unlock his cock, teasing it and slowly bringing him near to orgasm, before stopping, then starting again. She would play with his ass the whole time, making him feel wonderous things as she played with him, fucking his ass while she slowly stroked him to completion. Lately she’d gotten very good at keeping him from cumming, teasing his dick for over an hour before she finally let him cum. After that it would be up to Taylor if he would be locked up in his cage once more for the weekend, or if he got it put back on him then and there. Lately he had asked that Madison would put it back on right away, and they would sometimes have a bit more fun, or they would just hang out a bit, talking before Taylor went home. Today though…
 “Mistress?” Taylor asked.
 “Hmm?” Madison looked at him as she continued to fondle his balls, made large by his week of chastity. It felt good but he couldn’t be distracted now.
 “When… when you unlock me later… could you… could you… not let me cum?” Madison at first looked surprised, before a smile broke out on her face.
 “Aww, is my cute slutty little sissy wanting to be teased a bunch more hmm?” Madison started teasing the plug in Taylor’s ass some more, drawing out a small gasp from him as she did so, making sure to push the plug in him towards her so that it rubbed harder against his prostate, sending sparks of delight through him, all the while he held onto his mistress Madison a bit harder as his breath became ragged.
 “Yes mistress,” Madison giggled again at how well trained her sissy was. Not that he would go against her, they both got too much out of this arrangement. Not just that but Madison knew that Taylor loved this, loved how his ass made him feel. Madison got to finally have her own cute sissy to have fun with, and be pervy with. She’d never had a friend like this before.
 “I’ve got a surprise for you,” Madison told Taylor gleefully as she pulled her hand from toying with his butt plug to reach into the side pocket of her bag. She pulled away from him, giving his balls one more playful grope before she pulled a largish box.
 “Is that?” Taylor asked, his eyes wide.
 “It is.” Madison answered, stroking the side of the non descript box. It looked like something a watch would come in, Madison fingered at the small indent on the side of the thing, Taylor wanted to see inside of the box but he waited.
 “Do you want it? If I give it to you now you’ll have to wear it the rest of the day.” Madison warned her sissy boi. Taylor thought it over a moment. He knew what was in there. It was a bigger version of his plug. He had a somewhat large metal plug in, designed specifically for long term wear. Rather than a round bottom it was more like an oval, and it bent in such a way that it rubbed against his prostate when he clenched down. The box was certainly bigger than the last one the plug in him was.
 As the days in his chastity had gone on, his thinking have been changing, becoming more and more fueled by lust, with his rational mind slowly being obscured by a lustful fog that altered his actions and lowered his inhibitions. Rather than seriously consider how it would affect his learning in Winslow, Taylor could only think about the pleasure of having a bigger plug in his ass. He wanted it, no… he needed that plug.
 “Yes, mistress, I… I want that plug.”
 “That’s my cute little sissy,” then Madison opened up the box, and Taylor smiled. It looked just like the one that he had in his ass right now, but he could see it was larger. He reached out, and when Madison didn’t stop him, he picked it up. It was heavy, being made out of solid stainless steel. It was even heavier than the one in him, which made sense since it was larger. Taylor looked back up at his mistress and saw her pulling from her bag, a small bottle of lube.
 “Wait we’re not doing it here… are we?”
 “I don’t see why not.”
 “But someone might see,” Madison waves her hand dismissively at that.
 “No one will, no one comes back here. Besides, It should be a quick swap for your slutty ass. I bet you warmed it all up with your toys,” Taylor blushed, remembering how he spent a bit of time this morning, despite Dad being up and about, to play with his ass a bit. Dad never bothered him in his room, and he had an alarm for when he needed to get going, so he thought he might as well have some fun.
 “Which one did you use this time?” Madison asked while gesturing for him to give her the butt plug. Taylor looked around once more, but saw no one. He passed her the metal plug.
 “The vibrator, mistress.”
 “Oh, you’ve been liking that one lately. Buzzing your little bitch button. I think one day we’re going to have to find a nice vibrating plug for you hmm?” Taylor could imagine it. A nice thick plug, sitting in his ass, pressed against his prostate. It would be large, but not enough to affect how he walked, much… Then suddenly, while in class, mistress Madison would hit a button, then suddenly it would begin to vibrate. Taylor would let out a sudden gasp as he tried his best to ignore the plug to the best of his abilities, and would begin to fail. He would be a hot mess in class as his caged cocklet leaked, powerful vibrations buzzing through him, driving him up the wall as he chewed on his pencil, something he hadn’t done since elementary, just to keep himself from moaning. He wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything other than the vibrations buzzing his prostate.
 Taylor shuddered in need and desire. God that would be amazing.
 “Bend over and show me that cutie butt,” Taylor’s mistress asked, and hesitantly, Taylor complied. He didn’t see anyone else around, so it should be fine. Bending over, Taylor lowered his pants, and planted his hands on the side of the alleyway, his ass exposed to Madison. In his but, an oval shaped steel plug base was shining brightly. Taylor felt Madison start to touch the plug, but she didn’t remove it immediately. Instead, Taylor felt her being to shift it back and forth, pushing on his prostate more and more as she continued to tease his hole. He let out a small moan.
 “P-please, mistress, someone will see.”
 “Okay my cute lil’ sissy, just a moment,” Taylor felt Madison grip the oval shape of the curved butt plug and pull it out gently. The whole time it was coming out it was pressing against Taylor’s bitch button until it finally started to come out, causing Taylor to tremble. When it finally came out, Taylor felt his hole close immediately, and spasmed a bit, looking for something.
 Then, suddenly, Taylor felt something big and cold touch his hole, and he gasped at the sensation of the cold plug. His hole closed up at that, making it feel bigger than it actually was. Madison rubbed his but and said it in a soft voice.
 “Relax...” before she began to apply a bit of pressure. Taylor took a deep breath, then let it out, feeling the plug start to enter into him as he breathed out, and tried to relax his ass. The curved butt plug kept expanding his hole, bit by bit, until finally it reached it’s widest point. Taylor could feel himself getting stretched out by the massive plug. This was going to be in him the whole day. Taylor shivered at that. God that’s going to be so hot. Taylor bit his lip as it went in a bit more, then his ass was sucking it in. After it’s largest point the rest entered in rapidly, and Taylor could feel it rubbing into his prostate as it shifted into place. Taylor let out a little gasp as it went in, and his legs started to shake and quiver unconsciously. Madison giggled, and Taylor felt a finger swipe across the slit of his cage, before her hand came up to his mouth. Instantly he began to lick her fingers, tasting the somewhat sweet taste of lube mixed with pre cum on her fingers. He suckled on her fingers a moment more as she played with his ass using the plug, pushing it further into his prostate and making him feel amazing before she stopped and pulled his pants up for him. He stayed there a moment longer as he got used to the size.
 “See you inside,” Mistress Madison said, and Taylor nodded as she left.
 God it was big... 
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Spoiled Owl
 Any and all feedback is highly appreciated.
 Taylor looked down at the outfit she had laid out for herself. It was a tight corset, long latex socks, long latex gloves, crotchless latex panties, and finally a latex gimp hood that she liked to wear. Taylor enjoyed the anonymity of it when she was working, almost no chance of anyone recognizing her while she was working in the whore house. She had put the outfit together, with the help of Sweet, her pimp, after she found out who had been using her the most when she was in “the wall.”
 While Taylor put on the outfit, her breath was coming out short, and it wasn’t because of the corset. She was excited, cared and extremely aroused, all in one. The person, the one person who both made her scream in ecstasy when they came to fuck her, and came to her most often was going to be her client today. They were going to properly fuck now rather than just fuck her through the wall while she held on for dear life on the other side, amusing the other girls stuck in the wall with her. They had even gotten her a ball gag to wear while in the wall as a joke. They knew, like clockwork, when the man came to their whore house, he would be fucking Taylor.
 Taylor thought of it now, and went to her bag. She pulled the ball gag out from her bag. Taylor weighed the options. She didn’t want her client to find out who she was when she wasn’t being the part time whore, but what if he was rough with her. Sweet may be a blackmailing jackass, but he did protect his girls, and she was undoubtedly one of them now.
 But then, that might be what she deserved. She’d gone and become a whore, like the trio kept implying day in and day out at school. She was a whore being fucked for money, and was good at it. More than once, someone had asked for her after trying her out at the wall or the glory hole. Now, her most faithful client was coming to enjoy her for the first time. Taylor heard a knock at the door, and shoved the gag in her mouth, tying it on, and then turning to the door. She opened it up, and her most faithful customer came in, Dad.
 He didn’t know that it was her that he was fucking every day at work when he went to the wall. After all, she was just an ass, pussy, and the muffled moans coming from the other side of the wall. Dad smiled when he saw her, he came in close immediately, and started to feel her up, his hands roaming up her corset while his other caressed Taylor’s ass. Taylor gasped at his forwardness before giving a small giggle. Taylor in return used her hands to feel up her father’s chest, feeling it’s hard muscles, while her other hand went below, feeling a hard cock, her Dad’s hard cock. The one that had impregnated her mother, and was going to be fucking her.
 It was wrong, but it felt so right.
 Dad noticed her touching him there and the hand on her corset went lower, and lower, first to her hips, and then they reached her sex. It was sopping wet, and ready for him. Ever since she had found out that he would be fucking her, Taylor hadn’t been able to calm down at all. Not only was the man that made her feel the best going to fuck her, it would also be with the one person that Taylor knew loved her, and she loved him back.
 Taylor almost regretted putting the ball gag in. Taylor knew what her Dad’s cock felt like, but she had never sucked on it, tasting his knob and making him cum that way in her mouth. She kind of wanted to, to suck him off, to lick his wondrous cock that made her feel so good when she was in the wall. Dad’s fingers started to go inside of Taylor, sliding in and out, finger fucking her, making sure she was ready for him. Taylor gave a pleased moan through her gag as he took control of the situation, and started to guide her to the bed. Taylor looked past him as her last chance of escape, the door, closed behind them.
 Not that she would have ever tried to run from this.
 There wasn’t much room in the whore houses rooms, just a cot, and a locker. It was enough though. They weren’t given much time before they reached the cot, but they made the most of it. Taylor continued to stroke her Dad’s cock while Danny continued to finger her, making her more aroused and more wet as he did so. She loved how it was so dirty, naughty and hot that her Dad was fingering her, and making her feel this way.
 When they reached the cot, Taylor let herself fall down onto it. She brought her legs up onto it, and spread them for Danny. She couldn’t wait any longer. She was so hot, there was a lustful fire in her that had turned into a bonfire while Danny had been finger fucking her. She wanted, no, needed her Daddy’s divine cock, and gave a needy moan to make her need known.
 Her Dad smiled at that, and undid his belt, before letting his trousers fall to the ground. There Taylor was transfixed on her Father’s massive member, standing tall and proud, all because of her. Taylor blushed at that and felt herself getting wetter as Danny came closer to her while he put on a condom over his cock. Ever since she first met Sweet, and ended up in the wall, getting fucked by her Dad had been the best part of the day. Taylor wasn’t sure what she would do if she couldn’t be fucked by Danny’s cock every day.
 Danny got onto the cot, and Taylor found she couldn’t help herself, and began to finger herself as he came closer. Her Dad then leaned forward and muttered.
 “So needy,” before Taylor felt his cock at her entrance. She made a happy sound as she felt him enter into her. Like usual, he hilted himself into her first, making sure she was ready for him. Then he started moving. He pulled out rapidly, and then plunged once more in. Taylor’s hands went to the side of the cot, and held onto the mattress.
 Quickly Danny found his daughter’s sweet spot as he fucked her. Guiding his cock by the sounds that Taylor was making through her ball gag. Taylor felt pleasure shoot through her with every thrust as she dug her nails into the mattress. She was breathing hard through her nose, and she was starting to drool, both from the pleasure that her Daddy was giving her, and because of the ball gag in her mouth. Danny was smiling at her, how long had it been since she’d seen that?
 Taylor moaned again as her father kept hitting the spot in her that built up the fire in her more and more, causing Taylor to begin to loose all rational thought as her lust, which she always characterized as either a fog, robbed her of her reason. Taylor tried her best to smile around the ball gag as her fingers continued to grip down, and started to break through the thin paperlike sheets underneath her.
 Her pussy clenched down on Danny’s wonderous cock as he kept pounding her more and more, building her up further and further, sending more waves of pleasure through her, more expertly placed jabs at her g-spot. By now, Taylor was beginning to wail past her gag. Her arms shot out to hug Danny as he fucked her, she felt his chest, as he took her for the first time face to face. Taylor did her best to try to thrust back at him, driving her pussy further onto his cock, wanting to feel it penetrate deep into her. Further and further the fire in her built as the fog in her mind intensified. She was going to cum soon, she knew it.
 Taylor drove herself faster and harder onto Danny’s cock, and he had begun to go faster as well. Her father drove himself into her mercilessly, and Taylor wouldn't’ have it any other way. She was so close, so, so close. She just needed a bit more.
 Taylor gasped again and her nails started to dig into Danny’s back, her eyes shot upward, rolling back as suddenly Taylor felt herself tip over the edge, reaching her climax as her pussy started to clench down on her Dad’s dick, beginning to try to milk the magnificent member of his seed. Taylor heard Danny grunt once as he hilted into her balls deep as Taylor felt him begin to twitch and the tip of the condom expanding. Taylor’s pussy knew that sensation and tried to milk him harder as the spasms from each other drove them on, relishing in their combined afterglows.
 Soon enough, Danny laid on his side beside her, pulling her close to him as he was still in her. Taylor buried her head into his chest as their legs intertwined. How long had it been since she’d been embraced like this, how long had it been since she felt her Dad’s warmth. She knew that he loved her, but it had been so long since he had shown it with more than a smile her way as he walked out the door to work. Taylor didn’t want this feeling to end, the feeling of being loved and appreciated. She hugged Danny harder as they cuddled. She knew that his lunch break would be over soon, but she didn’t care.
 She just wanted to feel loved. 
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Restraining Herself (Succubi Sucking 3)
 After a while of just writing essays and research papers, I wanted to get back into the swing of things, so I wrote a short little thing. Enjoy!
 As always, any and all feedback is highly appreciated.
 Taylor rubbed her legs together for what had to have been the hundredth time. Taylor bit down on the knuckle of her finger, lightly, to try to distract her from her incessant need. There was a fire in her that had been awoken from sucking on Madison's hot, thick, tasty, blue cock. Taylor’s eyes glazed over as she imagined sucking Madison’s magical member once more, feeling of the elder… Succubus? She had a dick though, and big beautiful, balls. Taylor just wanted to suckle on them, maybe juggle Madison’s balls in her mouth, kiss them, as she stroked Madison’s member, teasing out the savoury seed for Taylor to lick.
 Taylor could remember the taste of the disguised demons cum, how it was sweet, how it tasted like the best drink she had ever had. Nothing she had tasted was better, and it made her feel so hot teasing it out, licking it up, and even swallowing it. It had been dirty, it had been naughty, it had been wondrous.
 Taylor suddenly felt something hit her head lightly. Suddenly Taylor realised that her legs were spread wide, her breathing was ragged, her eyes had been glazed, and the hand with her pen had been slowly moving to the edge of the desk. Taylor was sure she would have stopped before she… did something… probably. Taylor tried to correct herself, straightening up, pulling her hand from her mouth, closing her legs, and began writing again. Taylor knew who had thrown whatever it had been at her, Madison.
 Had it been just a day ago, Taylor would have been annoyed that the bullying was continuing but otherwise resigned. Now however, Taylor was glad for it. Despite the fact that it looked like bullying, it likely had more to do with how Taylor had been looking more and more slutty as class had gone on. Already Taylor had been beaned in the back of the head whenever her legs would spread, she would move her hips, and a hand started to sneak it’s way to her crotch. Luckily, there was always a bit of eraser that Madison would throw when Taylor was slowly losing control and Taylor would be distracted enough to recognize what she was doing.
 Trying to listen to the teacher's lesson, she looked down and noted that her notes were a mess. Half of them trailed off, some literally with a trail of ink showing where Taylor had begun to find her lust inescapable. She had barely gotten a page of notes down, and more of them were incomplete. Taylor frowned, before looking up to the clock. Less than a minute of class was left, and Taylor noted that quite a few people had already picked up their backpacks.
 Ding Ding
 The bell went and Taylor grabbed her back, shoving her notebook in as she began to leave the class. Taylor stood up and fled the classroom, glad that it was over. Heading to the second story girls washroom, Taylor pushed her way inside and found herself a stall. Sitting down heavily, Taylor locked the door to it and shoved another hand down her pants. Immediately, Taylor started to feel around for her clit, while her other hand drove itself under her shirt, touching her nipple and beginning to caress it.
 With no one else in the bathroom, Taylor didn’t try to stop her uneven breath from coming out, as Taylor closed her eyes. She focused solely on her own pleasure as she began to feel herself up, rubbing her fingers against her clit and caressing her nipples. Trying to help her fingers along, she moved her hips in sync with her fingers, fucking them just as much as she was rubbing them against ther clit. Taylor could feel herself getting closer as she continued her ministrations.
 As Taylor continued to touch herself, she began to imagine Madison, imaging her cock out, big, bulbous and blue, swinging between her legs, erect and ready for her to worship it. Taylor imagined that it was right in front of her, she imagined it’s smell, all the while Madison stood over her, a pleasant smile gracing her older and blue face, more like that of a kind mother than what she imagined a human master would look like to their favourite pet.
 Taylor pushed her head forward, her mouth open, her tongue out as she imagined licking at Madison’s dick, taking it into her mouth, and then proceeding to pleasure it. Then as Taylor flicked her tongue like in her imagination, instead of air, she tasted something amazing. Taylor’s eyes shot open, and there was Madison standing over her, the only difference between her looks in Taylor’s imagination, and here, was that she wasn’t naked or in her demonic form.
 Taylor abandoned her breast and reached out as she moved forward, not even asking permission before she took Madison’s lower head into her mouth. Taylor licked at the glands, feeling the ridges of the cock head, and licked at them as her other hand began to rub up and down Madison’s cock. Taylor tasted a small amount of sweet precum, and she moaned in ecstasy, her eyes rolling up, her hand in her pants moving faster as she felt herself getting closer while she sucked cock. The fire within her was growing hotter as she continued to suck on Madison’s cock, a fog of arousal billowing in from the edges of her mind.
 There was just something about sucking Madison’s cock, or maybe just sucking cock in general that felt so hot and naughty of her to do. Taylor felt a hand on her head as Madison began to rub and pet her head as she continued to dive down on Madison’s cock.
 “You didn’t look like you were doing too good there,” Madison said. “I think you might need some help sooner rather than later,” Taylor looked up at Madison, she was so close, she just needed a little more. Madison was smiling wider, and on her cheeks was a blush as Taylor continued to suck on her cock. Madison suddenly gasped, her hand in Taylor’s hair, gripped her brown locks. Madison closed her eyes and Taylor was pushed forward into deep throating Madison’s cock once more as she sped up her fingers, rubbing intensely on her clit, driving her fingers hard into herself as her other hand abandoned Madison’s cock. It reached around her leg, and while Taylor felt Madison’s cock twitch in her mouth, she began to feel herself begin to go over the edge. Taylor pushed her face forward into Madison’s hairless pelvis, her eyes going crossed and her other hand gripping into Madison’s thick thighs, her nails digging into the woman’s flesh. Shudders when through both of them as Taylor and Madison mutually came together, before Madison finally dragged Taylor off her cock. Madison took a deep breath as Taylor was still luxuriating in the afterglow. Finally however, Madison once more deposited her cock into one of her stockings as she began to fix Taylor’s clothing up.
 “You think you can make it through a bus ride and not suck my cock on the way there?” Madison asked Taylor, who was still mildly dazed. She nodded though, and that was enough for Madison.
 ”Alright then, I’ll wait for you at the bus stop, Emma and Sophia won’t have left for another twenty minutes so I guess come and meet me at the bus stop in twenty, okay?” Madison asked, and once more, Taylor nodded though, her daze was slowly lifting already.
 “Good,” Madison leaned forward and gave Taylor a light kiss on her forehead. “I’ll see you soon then my little cum slut,” and then she was gone. 
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Catlor 3
 The adventures of Cat!Taylor continue at Winslow!
 As always, any and all feedback is highly appreciated.
 Taylor was about to walk out of the girl’s changing room, when someone blocks the door. Taylor looks up from the floor and sees not just one but three people standing there. One of them, for once leading the trio, was Emma, and to her sides, were Sophia and to Emma’s other side was Madison. Emma and Sophia simply looked smug while Madison, Madison looked a bit scary. She was blushing hard, and she had a manic grin as she looked Taylor over. Taylor knew she had been feeling stares at her all day whenever her hood would get knocked back, revealing her ears. This however was something beyond the stares directed at her. This was a gaze that displayed Madison’s pure unrestrained lust for all to see.
 Taylor took a step back and the three of them entered into the empty changing room. Without warning, Emma’s hand shot out, and Taylor tried to dodge, but was too slow to stop the sudden attack. 
 Taylor gasped as she felt her head getting rubbed, sending pleasant and relaxing tingles throughout her scalp and down her spine. Emma didn’t stop with a single petting, no she continued to pet Taylor as she felt herself being guided to the bench. Taylor could resist, but the sudden petting had left her open for the other two to grab a hold of her arms and then she was done for unless she wanted to reveal that she had bug powers. Taylor and the two holding her arms sad down on the bench with her as Emma continued to pet her.
 “I can’t believe she got such a useless power,” snickered Sophia as she held onto one of Taylor’s arms. “The ability to actually look decent, what a laugh.” Then Taylor felt Sophia reach out, and her hand slipped under Taylor’s shirt and hoodie. She snaked her hand underneath her newly purchased bra and started to play with Taylor’s nipples. Taylor couldn’t help but let out a moan as once more she was being fondled.
 “Can I touch you?” Taylor heard Madison ask. Emma snorted at that.
 “You don’t have to ask. I bet you were always such a slut right?” Emma asked Taylor. “A dirty little slut that wants to be dominated right? It would fit. That’s why you kept coming back isn’t it? You wanted us to humiliate you more right?” Taylor shook her head. That wasn’t why she had been coming back to school despite the bullying before. When she thought back to it however, the humiliation, the teasing, it was arousing in a way that it never was before. Taylor knew that before it hadn’t been, but being humiliated. It… ever since the bomb it was arousing. 
 Emma as she continued to pet Taylor moved her other hand down Taylor’s chest, tweaking Taylor’s other nipple as it passed her much larger chest now, and continued to go down until it reached her legs which were brought together tight. 
 “Open,” Emma commanded. At first Taylor resisted the urge to obey, but then, she was already between two girls and with another wanting to do something to her. She was already feeling good and she didn’t think that she would be getting away any time soon, so why not? Taylor, slowly, let her legs open up, feeling pleasure and arousal from obeying. Emma’s other hand reached for her button and zipper, and undid them with ease, exposing Taylor’s soft white panties. Emma reached in, and started to rub at Taylor, feeling her wet pussy. Taylor was finding it harder to breath as more things started to make her aroused and tease her. 
 “Can I please tease you?” Madison sounded desperate in Taylor’s ear, Taylor looked at her and was hit with a set of cute puppy dog eyes and a slight pout. Taylor nodded and Madison smiled a wide smile as her hand came and started to tease at Taylor’s other nipple, contributing to the lusty fog that was clouding her mind. She should have said no, but her other nipple was feeling so good as Emma played with it, why not her other one?
 Emma continued to play with her down there, inserting a finger and pumping a little, causing Taylor to squirm and enjoy herself, pushing her legs together. Emma. however. smacked her legs.
 “Keep them open,” and Taylor obeyed, riding the feeling of submission and being slowly driven to bliss by the Trio. Taylor kept her legs open even as Emma pulled her fingers from her snatch, and pulled down her panties. From a pocket, Emma grabbed a dildo. The thing was large and bulbous. Not as big as Bitch’s bitch breaker. That thing was big and had certainly broken her in. It still however was long and clear with what looked like motors inside.
 “Do you want this?” Emma asked. Taylor thought of refusing her, saying no, but… she did want the toy. Using her fingers only did so much these days, especially after Rachel made her feel like she did that day when Rachel had stolen Taylor into her room and showed her so many wonderful things, making her feel amazing. So Taylor nodded and watched as Emma let a wicked grin spread across her face.
 “Then you have to keep it the whole way home.” Emma brought the dildo to bear on her, and slowly inserted the pink dildo. Taylor sucked in a deep breath as she felt the dildo enter into her, sending waves of pleasure through her as it was slowly inserted. Taylor wished that Emma would go faster, or even start to fuck her with it, but she didn’t. Instead Emma was slow, methodical, and it was torture as Taylor started to hump at her, driving the dildo in further. Emma chuckled.
 “Looks like the slut wants more. Fine then.” Then Emma started to fuck Taylor with the dildo, entering into her and then pulling out. In, out, in, out. Taylor let out a restrained moan as the dildo felt great. She wanted more and the teasing of her nipples weren’t helping the matter at all. 
 Then all of a sudden it stopped. Taylor looked down and saw that Emma had the dildo all the way in and wasn’t moving it anymore. Taylor tried to hump again, to make it come out a bit so she could continue to be fucked, but Emma kept it firmly in her. Taylor whined but got no sympathy from her tormentors. 
 “Now keep this in and you get to keep it, we have class together next and you don’t have time to take it out. You also have to keep it the whole way home. If you take it out, I’ll take it back. Deal?” Taylor took a second, but then nodded. Smiling, Emma, once more, did up Taylor’s pants, only this time with the dildo still in her, and the trio stood up, no longer holding Taylor down. The three of them started leaving before Emma turned around to face Taylor once again.
 “See you in class,” there was a click and suddenly Taylor doubled over as the dildo in her started to vibrate. Taylor gasped as the powerful vibrations ripped through her bringing her closer to Nirvana then when she had been getting fucked by the dildo. Taylor let out a moan as Emma left, laughing. 
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Central Operational Intelligence (Draft 3)
 Third time's the charm. Lets see how this goes.
 Thanks a ton Immundus for proof reading this as I’m sure this would be much worse if you hadn’t done so.
As always, any and all feedback is highly appreciated.
Taylor awoke from a sound. It sounded like steam being released or a piston releasing. Taylor opened her eyes and all she could see were machines flying around her, doing something to her. She couldn’t move. She tried sensing out her insects, but she couldn’t feel anything. Where was she?
There weren’t even any lights so she might as well be blind.
However, there was movement. Taylor could feel it on her skin like some kind of wind went past her. She was suspended somewhere and something was holding her up by the armpits. Was this how they were keeping her prisoner? Ever since she was captured, she had been sedated. She didn’t even know what day it was. All Taylor could remember was after she had been captured, they had injected her with something, and then nothing. Was she just woken up to watch her trial in some way? Also, why did they have her naked? Did they think she could do something with clothes? Maybe if she was Parian but she wasn’t. So why?
Taylor felt something being slid up her legs yet couldn’t move them, it was like they just wouldn’t obey her commands. Was this what it was like to be under Alec’s control? Taylor tried to make a sound to move, to protest in some way, yet she couldn’t once again. Some kind of paralytic agent perhaps? Or did they master her for this? Valefor could have probably done something like this as Taylor doubted that Alec would do this for them. The things being put on her, they were almost like clothes, or some kind of underwear maybe? Taylor still couldn’t see but it scrapped against her legs on all sides and felt more solid than some regular panties. Some kind of harness? Taylor remembered seeing Bad Canary once being brought to the courthouse. Her restraints honestly looked draconian, or fetishistic, were it not for the prison uniform.
No even then, the extreme amount of bondage on her, it had even looked fetishistic. Taylor remembered having, rather unladylike thoughts about those restraints. Wanting to be bound up in them, to feel them restrain her, holding her tight as she couldn’t escape. Will it look, or rather feel, like she was about to feel them now. Had this been any other kind of situation, Taylor might have found it amusing, or even erotic, to be bound like this. Yet now her girlhood fantasy of being bound up like this was not so amusing. Even so, she still can’t resist as her limbs won’t respond.
Taylor continued to feel the hoops of material rise until they naturally found themselves in the spots between her thighs and her vagina. Though Taylor noted something odd. There didn’t seem to be a middle section of whatever was being put on her. The machine dressing her continued to put on the harness that she was being slowly inserted into. She could feel that whatever it was, was thick and solid, it covered her in bands of material while allowing her skin to show. Some rings connected the bands where multiple were connected. Taylor could only really tell what they were because of how some sections were cold on her. The bands of the harness, going up, left her vagina exposed as they wrapped around where her thigh met her torso, the bands went around her stomach, leaving it exposed, before moving up and a strap running around the upper part of her stomach all the way around, while another strap around Taylor’s chest just below her small mosquito bite breasts was run around it as well. Straps ran on either side of her breasts. There was almost a spider web of straps right above her breasts that ran around her and then connected to a collar that she was put in.
Slowly, Taylor’s arms were bound by the mechanical limbs into her harness with extra bands of material and other things being applied along with them so that even if she weren’t paralyzed, she still wouldn’t be able to move them. Taylor wanted to raise her eyebrow at this. Were they seriously putting her in bondage gear? Taylor also wished she could move her legs, maybe rub them together because she was, feeling something down there from all this restraint, despite what it meant. Soon, however, Taylor felt the limbs come for her legs as well.
Taylor felt something grab hold of her legs and bent them so that her feet were touching her butt. Then she felt something put over her legs, and then the feeling of them being tightened. They were putting straps on her legs. One over her upper thighs and lower shins, and the other over her lower thighs and upper shins. Finally, there was a set of restraints attached to the middle of her feet before they were then attached to one of the straps near her rear. They were tightened fairly tight but not too much. This was getting ridiculous. She wasn’t a brute, she didn’t need restraints like this. Though this was probably to make her seem more dangerous. After all, from what little she knew, it seemed that all the capes that went to jail or the Birdcage on television were bound up like this all the time, in ridiculously elaborate restraints.
That’s where they were going to send her to, wasn’t it? They were going to send her to the Birdcage now. Taylor felt something in her stomach drop. The Birdcage. They were going to send her to the Birdcage. First, they reveal her, then they snatched her right as she thought she was about to escape from the school, and now, they are doing to drop her in the deepest, darkest hole imaginable. Were Taylor able, she would have clenched her fists, struggled, maybe even snarled like a rabid animal. Not like it would make a difference. After everything, they were going to lock her up and throw her away. No three strike rule like they were supposed to have, no real court hearing, no. No this was going to be a sham trial, her guilt was already determined. She was going to be made an example of.
There wasn’t any time to pity herself as she felt more mechanical arms pulling more things onto her. Taylor felt something smooth being slid onto each of her legs, adding more bindings to them while her arms had their sleeve of material binding them together. It wasn’t as if Taylor could have moved anyways after she had been bound up in the fetishistic bondage harness they had outfitted her with. However, as the mechanical arms came away, something happened. It almost felt like the things put on her was self-adjusting, and connecting to something under her skin. Taylor couldn’t put her finger on it, but it felt like at points across her body, the harness she had on and maybe the bindings were connected to her in some way.
Taylor heard a mechanical arm behind her and felt something being connected to the back of her head. With an unceremonious clank and snap, something was attached, and suddenly Taylor could see something. Not through her eyes but in her mind.
>Running Diagnostic…
>Beginning U.R.M.L. atrophication prevention system test…
Taylor felt a mild shock of electricity in her right arm that caused it to cease up for a moment before relaxing once more. Due to the pain bomb, it wasn’t very painful.
>Test complete: U.R.M.L. atrophication prevention system running optimally.
It was almost like some kind of DOS terminal in her head. Taylor, curious, watched as it continued its commands.
>Beginning U.L.M.L. atrophication prevention system test…
>Test complete: U.L.M.L. atrophication prevention system running optimally.
>Beginning L.R.L.L. atrophication prevention system test…
>Test complete: L.R.L.L. atrophication prevention system running optimally.
>Beginning L.L.L.L atrophication prevention system test…
>Test complete: L.L.L.L. atrophication prevention system running optimally.
>Beginning M.C. atrophication prevention system test…
>Test complete: M.C. atrophication prevention system running optimally.
>Beginning Full atrophication prevention system test…
>Test complete: Full atrophication prevention system running optimally.
Taylor continued to feel herself get zapped all over as whatever atrophication prevention system was testing itself out on her. Taylor counted herself lucky that she had experienced the pain bomb. While it had been the worst pain imaginable, it had saved her both from really suffering too much from painful injuries, and even kept her from developing an unhealthy addiction to painkillers. The zaps were nothing more than mild annoyances.
Though the atrophication prevention system, that could only mean that they intended to keep her here like this for a long time. Oh god, Taylor hoped not. This kind of treatment was inhuman. Mom had gone off about it a few times that Taylor could remember, at how they were treating people like animals or as zoo freaks to gawk at and not people, among other things. Now they were going to do the same to her. Maybe even doing the same to the rest of the Undersiders.
>Beginning injection test…
Taylor felt more things being connected to her. The various points that felt like they were connecting to her from the harness, it felt like smaller versions of the thing that had been done to her head. There were smaller clinks and snaps, across her body. They weren’t painful, they simply seemed like they were attaching something, though that worried Taylor. With so many different connections, what were they planning, and what were they injecting?
Was this a lethal injection? If so, why all the bondage?
Taylor felt, on multiple points in her body, something entering into her bloodstream, and suddenly she just couldn’t feel anymore. Was this the thing that they were using to paralyze her?
>Test complete: Paralytic, and Muscle Relaxing agent applied successfully.
>Beginning Core Internal System Monitor Unit installation…
Well, that answered that. Though what did it mean by “Core Internal System Monitor Unit?” Was she about to be operated on? Taylor felt sick, and for a moment, she wondered whether it had been a good idea to support Alexandria, the PRT, and the Protectorate back during the aftermath of Echidna. She had done it because they were one of the few organizations that were trying to keep order and had a global reach. Now, going through all of this, Taylor wasn’t sure she wanted such organizations to have that much power if they were going to do this to their prisoners.
Taylor felt herself being moved around, her legs being spread, and suddenly mechanical arms with soft ends were touching her pussy, spreading it. Taylor could feel herself both getting wet and becoming more distressed as she felt this. What the hell were they going to do with her? They… they weren’t going to rape her were they!? Taylor tried to move, tried to do anything, but now she couldn’t even blink whereas before she at least had control over her eyelids.
Then Taylor felt something, something huge touching her pussy. Was this their “Core Internal System Monitor Unit” that Taylor had seen in her mind’s eye? What the hell were they planning? Taylor felt the massive, bulbous, thing, being pushed into her. Taylor would have moaned had she been able to, it… it felt good. Taylor could hear the sound of her arousal as the core unit was being pushed slowly into her, pushing in a little bit, before coming out, then pushing back once more. It was something of a cycle. Taylor couldn’t feel any pain, even the strange kind where she knew she was in pain, but it didn’t register right. No, with the massive amount of muscle relaxant, it wasn’t even painful to have the massive thing pushed into her. Instead, it was pleasurable. Taylor would have moaned, she would have cried out in both distress and pleasure as the core unit was pushed further into her.
However, it did not stop at just entering into her fully. Taylor felt it continue going as the mechanical arm fucked her with the bulbous core unit. All Taylor could do was stare ahead as the mechanical arm continued to push the core unit forward, into her while she was left spread legged. Taylor then felt it touch something deep in her. Her cervix, the core unit of theirs was touching her cervix. Where did they… Suddenly the mechanical arm pushed forward again and Taylor’s eyes would have widened if they had been able to. Suddenly it became very clear where they planned to put their “Core Unit” in her. Taylor wished she could struggle, wished she could fight, but with the paralytic and muscle relaxing agent, she couldn’t even clench her pussy around the core unit to delay it pushing into her womb. All Taylor could do was suffer through the waves of pleasure that came from each push into her. Her body was betraying her, sending pleasure signals to her brain as she was utterly and completely violated by the PRT and Protectorate.
Finally, the core unit was pushed in enough that the cervix started to pull the core unit into her womb. Very quickly the muscle relaxant was wearing off of her. She felt the false pain signals that her pussy was sending her, but all she could truly feel properly was the after-effects of the pleasure she had felt as the thing was pushed into her. It and Taylor wished it hadn’t, had felt good, extremely good. Taylor would have shuddered with just the memory of it entering into her had she been able to.
After a moment Taylor realized that she hadn’t had her bound legs let down after the core unit was placed into her womb, and hoped that it was simply a glitch in the system, rather than them continuing to violate her holes.
>C.I.S.M.U. installation complete.
>Beginning Master Rampancy Prevention Device installation…
Taylor did not like the sound of that. Considering especially that her legs were still spread. Taylor could hear more mechanical whirring as more mechanical limbs moved around her, then, like before, she felt something against her pussy. While the muscle relaxant had already been filtered out, the paralytic was still in full effect. It was large, though not as large as the core unit that had been put into her. Already wet with her arousal from before, it would have entered into her easily. Yet it waited, as it started to spew some kind of lubricant at her pussy, and continued to do so while it was being slowly inserted into Taylor. The dildo is inserted like it is a screw, being twisted into Taylor slowly as Taylor could feel the bumps and ridges of the thick dildo sliding on her vaginal walls. The syrupy lube being sprayed into her left Taylor feeling hot wherever it touched, not a proper heat like fire, but rather it lit up her feminine folds with a lustful need to be touched. Taylor at once both felt violated by it as well as felt pleasure from it as well as the bumps and ridges rubbed over highly sensitive tissue sending waves of pleasure through Taylor as the dildo went in further, and further. Taylor wanted to moan and cry all at once. She wanted to try to break her bonds and push the dildo away, yet a primal part of her wanted to instead use what little leverage she had with the mechanical arms to drive herself further onto the dildo and quell the burning fire that was slowly rising within her. It had been a long time since she had felt like this, felt so lusty, so horny. She wanted to take the dildo being driven into her, break it off the mechanical arm, and after she escaped, fuck herself with it until that flame went away and she could properly focus again.
Her wishes were not met, however, as the paralytic agent did not let up as she was forced to be slowly penetrated by the thick and big cock that was being pushed into her further, ever further. She wished that the cock would either go faster or be taken out. Something that was faster than having to endure the slow insertion and how hot and bothered it made her.
Finally, however, as Taylor thought she could take no more of the dildo into her, it was pushed into place. Then Taylor saw in her mind’s eye;
>M.R.P.D. installation complete.
>Beginning Rampancy Prevention Device and Waste Elimination Device installation…
Taylor wasn’t given much time to recover as she began to feel something touch her back door. Taylor had never tried doing much with her ass before, just maybe a finger or two when she was first exploring things. Now she felt something bigger than her finger touching her back there. The tip of it spurted out something before it started rubbing the length of the thing against her ass, sliding easily around her cheeks. Taylor also felt something else along with it. It almost felt like a leaf or piece of the material that was binding her. Quickly, however, Taylor started to feel hot back there as the liquid being sprayed seemed to be like the liquid that was sprayed at and in her pussy which made her skin tingle. Taylor found that she enjoyed each pass of the dildo as it made her feel more aroused with each pass. Almost like massaging the lips of her feminine folds.
The dildo for her ass, however, stopped its sliding and once more placed its tip against her asshole, and Taylor felt it poke in a bit. There was little resistance due to the syrupy lube, and quickly Taylor found herself being filled with whatever lubricant it had used on her ass. Her ass started to feel all tingly and once more, Taylor wished she could move just a little bit, either to escape, or to just rub her legs together, shift her hips, maybe squeeze down on the dildo in her pussy, and try to find the bright side of her little trip to hell. At least, if she tried not to think about how she was being violated, toyed with, and humiliated, she could just enjoy the pleasure she had never gotten to enjoy before.
The pleasure even helped. It was harder to focus on anything while her ass was all tingly and her pussy was filled with cock. Physically, Taylor wanted to be able to move and grind on the dildo in her, mentally, Taylor wanted to escape, pull those things out of her and make a break for it. Neither of these was possible as she started to feel the dildo enter into her backhole, slowly, way too slowly, and much like the first, it twisted into her, letting her feel all the ridges and bumps of this one as well. There was a very small amount of that strange feeling she now called pain but didn’t feel like it, and a much larger amount of pleasure that came from the dildo entering into her ass further and further. Were she able to, she would have moaned as it entered her, maybe even panted as her ass was slowly penetrated, and it became even harder to focus on anything except for the intruding member in her ass that was clouding her mind with lust.
Quickly, far too quickly according to the part of Taylor that was extremely lust-addled, the twisting insertion stopped, and then she felt the machines pulling at the material that was attached to the dildo in her ass to cover her ass and pussy, with a convenient slot for the protruding end of the dildo in her vagina. 
There was something else as Taylor started to feel that same pleasurable, lubricating liquid being sprayed on her pussy, then she felt something being inserted somewhere uncomfortable, a urethral tube, or a catheter. Taylor had to wear one of those during her time in the psychiatric ward after she had triggered and had been overwhelmed by her bugs. It was much less uncomfortable going in now than it had been coming out back then, but then, Taylor hadn’t had the pain bomb to deal with the uncomfortableness. Taylor then felt the material snap into place, and the mechanical arms pulled away. Now she had both of her lower holes plugged. Her ass felt good, and she wanted to clench down on the dildo in her pussy, yet couldn’t.
>R.P.D.W.E.D. Installation complete.
>Beginning Respiratory and Fuel Tube installation…
Taylor felt mechanical arms reach her face and began to open up her mouth as something phallic was brought to her lips. Like with her ass, it sprayed a tingling, arousing liquid that tasted a bit like blue raspberry. Taylor’s tongue was grabbed, and Taylor was surprised by both how sensitive it was, as well as how it aroused her to have it touched. This lube was something more than a simple aphrodisiac.
Taylor felt pleasure as the phallic object at her lips was slowly pushed in, rubbing against her sensitive mouth tissue, sending more waves of pleasure through her, adding to the arousal that was already clouding Taylor’s lust addled mind. As before, Taylor wished that the dildo would enter into her faster as she wanted to take it in. As it reached her throat she realized that she didn’t feel herself gag. Wasn’t everyone supposed to have a gag reflex? Even so, Taylor wanted to moan and writhe as she enjoyed having a cock pushed into her throat. It was both highly arousing as well as extremely pleasurable because of the blue raspberry flavored lube.
God damn it. Taylor thought as she enjoyed these pleasures she was being subjected to. She knew that she wouldn’t be able to feel these ever again. She would never let herself be subjected to this willingly again. She hated that this was being done to her yet at the same time couldn’t help but physically enjoy the sensation. It gave too much control to other people and she had been betrayed too many times to let someone do this to her. Even this was a betrayal. She had known that there had been the possibility of her going to jail or the Birdcage once she committed to villainy, but this was going too far.
Taylor imagined all the other prisoners that might be going through this exact thing right now. At that moment, never had Taylor hated something more than the PRT, if this was what they were doing to their prisoners. Someone has to have known about this, and the PRT had covered this up. Once more, Taylor regretted having supported Alexandria and the Protectorate during the battle against Echidna. They may be the only force of order here, but if this was how they were exerting their power, then to hell with them.
Eventually, the large dildo going into her mouth reached an end, yet she could still somehow breathe. A mask had been put over her face at the end, and her breathing had been obstructed for a few moments before something had pushed its way into something uncomfortable as well, but she couldn’t tell what was going on. Taylor, however, could guess that it was some kind of tube entering into her lungs or something to provide her air. It felt strange and probably would have hurt were it not for the pain bomb having already damaged the part of her brain that processed it.
>R.F.T. installation complete.
>Beginning nutritional supplement test…
Taylor felt a bit of twitching coming from the cock lodged in her mouth before something started to spurt out in quick thick bursts of fluid that Taylor could feel flowing down her throat into her stomach. Taylor had no idea what it tasted like but considering it was being shoved down her throat, it had to either taste nasty, or the PRT were just a bunch of awful sadists. Before now, Taylor would have gone with the former explanation, but right now, after being raped by some machines, she was now inclined towards the latter explanation.
Quickly, however, Taylor noticed a difference. Her body felt hot, she could practically feel herself dripping with arousal. Her mind was fogged as her arousal increased further all around. She, the… the fire in her. The heat of her arousal, it was quickly growing, becoming unbearable. Where once there was a fire, there now was a quickly growing inferno. Continuously, Taylor tried to move to twitch, tried to do anything. She was barely thinking straight. An animal lust was bolstering the lustful fog her mind was trapped within. Disorientated, and filled with primal lust. Taylor wished for nothing more than to fuck herself on the various toys that were penetrating her but not moving. She so very much wanted them to move, to try to take away this indescribable need she felt within her.
Her whole body was hot, she needed the toys to move, to fuck her. She could hardly find the words to describe her need. Without anything to distract Taylor, she was helpless in the face of her wanton need for pleasure enough to make her cum. Taylor tried focusing on other things, things that could try to help her, but all of them simply further aroused her. The straps, they were tight on her, very tight, and Taylor remembered that once upon a time, when she was but a small girl, that she desired to be tied up, how she would play the damsel in distress when she and Emma play together, how she enjoyed being tied up, how she had managed to convince Emma to tie her up in more and more elaborate ways, until the one day they were caught, and Alan and Zoe were furious with Emma.
Her restraints weren’t the answer, then maybe her helplessness. Once she had desired it, but now it was a hindrance. She was trapped, at the whim of her captors. The bastards, the men, and women who found it funny to fuck and torment those that they had captured and were sure to go to the Birdcage. Back during her days as a child, she would play at being helpless and Emma would save her from the dragon or villain or whatever, then they would swap places, or Taylor would be the villain or the hero. They would mock fight, and more often than not, Taylor would win, then Emma would pull a BS power out of nowhere, and the fight would be back on. Back then, she had enjoyed being helpless because the one that she trusted so dearly was the one to do it. That wasn’t the case here. Here the PRT was forcing this upon her.
She hated it. She hated what was being done to her, and despite how good it felt, she would make sure, if she escaped, that the PRT would have another city that they would not be welcomed in. There were some places where the villains were so powerful that they had fully kicked out the PRT, yet had managed to keep society running well enough. There… there was one that was even somewhat recent… Steelport… Taylor thought that was its name.
>Beginning Tertiary Rampancy Preventions Devices installation…
What next? What could they possibly do next? Taylor heard mechanical arms descend from above and she felt something being cupped to her chest. The cups were much larger than her chest, and she wondered if she was mistaken with some other prisoner, that however was before she felt her chest be splashed with something. It started to tingle and Taylor immediately realized that it was the same lube that had turned her throat into an erogenous zone, and cranked up the sensitivity of her other erogenous zones. Taylor already could feel tiny mechanical limbs toying with her nipples, touching them, rubbing them, and tugging at them lightly, yet it still added to Taylor’s pleasure.
What… what had she been thinking? Something… something about the PRT. Already the effects of her lust addled mind were affecting her as her thoughts were slowly losing coherence, the arousal and pleasure distracted her more and more.
>T.R.P.D. installation complete.
>Beginning Rampancy Prevention Devices test…
Suddenly Taylor felt something, before all of the various dildos on her started to thrust, had Taylor been able to she would have gasped at the sudden pleasure. Within moments she was sent straight to nirvana as she came. Her eyes, even if they could, would have seen nothing as any attempt at higher thought became nothing but fantasy as Taylor was fucked by the various devices that had penetrated her. Her throat felt amazing, being fucked by the thing that she was forced to suck to survive. It wasn’t as sensitive as her pussy or her ass, both of them already being erogenous zones, but she still felt pleasure from her throat being violated and being thrust into.
Her ass felt amazing. The long and thin dildo that was in her ass much like the one in her throat, fucked her relentlessly. It stoked the bonfire of arousal within her as with each simulated thrust it sent a shock of pleasure through her. Just that on its own would have been mind-numbing, having reduced her to bending over and clutching to anything just to stay standing. Taylor wanted to moan and cry and for the various phallic “Prampancy Prevention Devices” to go faster with their fucking. Each thrust was a peek at heaven as her vision was white with shock and overwhelming pleasure.
Finally, the dildo in her pussy. The pleasure Taylor felt there was near indescribable as it started to pump inside of her and fuck her tight and slavering wet snatch. As with her ass, every thrust was a look into heaven, only it lasted longer. Each thrust left her tingling and was nearly enough to cause her to orgasm from but a single thrust alone. It was agony, it was absolute torture of the best kind. She never wanted it to stop. The thrusting of the dildo in her sensitivity enhanced pussy shattered nearly every single thought with a quick series of thrusts. It was this last dildo thrusting into her that made the fog that was clouding her mind, truly impenetrable. If Taylor had a task in front of her or even a series of tasks, maybe, she could have focused on that, but asking any more of her, asking her to think of complex plans of escape, for example, were beyond her at that moment. So complete was the inferno of lust that had overtaken her and the pleasure that fogged her mind that she was likely beyond such capacities of reason and planning at that moment. After all, such rampant thought was to be curbed lest disaster strike.
>Rampancy Prevention Devices test complete…
>Activating C.I.S.M.U. please stand by…
Suddenly the thrusting stopped, and Taylor was left wanting it to return, to continue to fuck her, to quell the raging bonfire that the fucking had only increased in size. A part of Taylor, one of the most animal parts of her, driven by lust and other such primal emotions wanted the fucking to continue, to pleasure her, to fuck her, to Breed her. Another part of her, a part of her that attempted to justify her animal lust and desire for her pleasure to return, wanted the fucking to continue, for the fucking to continue to cloud her mind so that she could forget her new reality, her new existence. It wanted the continuous barrage of pleasure to wipe away any recollection of her fate for reality was cruel, and at least when floating on a cloud of heavenly pleasure, it was easy to forget the dark and horrible reality of her fate. A final part of her, however, was glad that the fucking had let up. It clouded her mind and made it harder for her to plan on escape. She understood that she needed to deal with her lust in some way but escape was more important, especially if she wished to escape her dark future and inform the world of the PRT and Protectorate’s cruelty.
If she survived that long. Considering that the PRT and Protectorate were Cauldron’s brainchild, then it would be reasonable to assume that they would not allow such an organization to fall so easily. Not without also taking down Cauldron. She would have to gain access to someone that could mask her from whatever precognitive-
>Rampancy detected. Activating Rampancy Prevention Devices. Unit 13 showing signs of early >activation.
>Sending report...
Suddenly the dildos in Taylor started to vibrate, then, they once more began to move and fuck her. There was barely any warning as the phallic devices penetrated her, stalling her thoughts as her concentration was interrupted. Taylor couldn’t moan but she wanted to as she felt the devices start fucking her. Once more she felt amazing as her ass, her pussy, and her throat were fucked. Taylor’s eyes rolled back as she once more was forced to ride the pleasure of the devices that were preventing her “rampant” thoughts
She could feel herself getting close again as the devices fucked her, made her feel good, and intensified the lustful fog in her mind. All Taylor could focus on other than her pleasure was the lines of computer-like text in her mind that she couldn’t shut out, but that was hardly a sufficient distraction. The dildos were working their magic on her, and she… she could… feel herself getting...
Were Taylor not paralyzed she could have shuddered and thrown her head back, crying out in pleasure as, for a second time in less than ten minutes, Taylor was forced to orgasm. It felt amazing, and a large part of Taylor was happy that they didn’t stop, unlike last time. She wanted to be in Nirvana, she wanted to feel bliss. If she couldn’t escape at least it distracted her from her situation
>Installing Central. Operating. Intelligence. into case…
Taylor suddenly felt herself being moved as whatever mechanical arms that were holding her heavily-bound body started to lift her. Even so, Taylor couldn’t see as the dildos in her continued to fuck her. She wouldn’t be able to see much as the fucking from her dildos prolonged her orgasm, turning it from a quick clenching of her lower holes to long moments of attempting to milk the two dildos for cum that she was not going to receive. All the while, Taylor’s restraints were an interesting feeling that was surrounding her. Taylor both hated them and kind of like them as they were a part of what was keeping her here, while they were erotic to wear. Taylor might have even considered wearing things like this underneath her clothes if Emma hadn’t turned on her.
Quickly, however, Taylor felt herself being lowered. Taylor barely registered that she could see something now. It was some kind of tube that Taylor could see herself being lowered into. There was a dim light in the tube but it was enough. The thing was made from black reflective glass, and Taylor could see herself.
She was bound up tight in an elaborate bondage harness while her limbs were restrained in arm and leg binders. All along the bondage harness were cables and hoses that were attached to various areas on her body and they all ascended upwards to where it was connected to something. From her crotch protruded two lewdly buzzing and shifting ends that Taylor knew were to the dildos that were still fucking her. The rear one had a hose connected to it that rose to somewhere above her. Her mask looked like a gas mask with a hose attached to it that, like the previous one, also ascended above where Taylor could see. There was also another cable that Taylor could see that was attached somewhere behind her head. What it was, Taylor had no idea.
Taylor heard a sound from above and saw that liquid was filling the tube that she was now fully lowered into. Taylor might have pondered further yet her concentration was being continually assaulted by how she was being fucked in all her holes. Taylor came once again as her eyes rolled back in her skull. She wished she could move, she wished she could moan. She would cry for help as she moaned in torturous bliss as her concentration was continually broken. The outfit that they had her wearing wasn’t helping matters at all as even she found the outfit deeply arousing, if only she had the tits to match, and maybe a bondage hood for her face. She wanted to fuck, she wanted to continue to be fucked by the dildos in her and she wanted to escape from here.
Quickly the liquid passed her head and the mask proved airtight as she could still breathe. Taylor felt something off about the liquid. It was almost like a slurry, or it had the consistency of milk.
>halt O.I. optical sensors
>Disabling O.I. optical sensors...
Then, Taylor couldn’t see. She hadn’t closed her eyes, she just couldn’t see.
>halt O.I. auditory sensors
>Disabling O.I. auditory sensors...
Her hearing went dead as well as she couldn’t even hear the liquid being poured in. All she could do is feel what is going on.
>I’m sorry
That message was deleted quickly however and soon enough Taylor saw something else.
>poweroff O.I.
>Powering off O.I….
Taylor felt something being injected into her veins, and then… nothing…
Taylor sluggishly found herself emerging from unconsciousness. She moved her head and it felt like it was in some kind of liquid. Taylor couldn’t see, she couldn’t even hear, but she could feel, and she felt the dildos in her. They were the only reason she knew she was awake and not just dreaming. Interestingly enough, she wasn’t sore in any of her holes. She merely felt the dildos there and clenched a bit around them, and it felt good to have them in her holes. Taylor couldn’t really describe the sensation.
Without warning, however, the dildos in her start vibrate and move. Taylor gasped as she felt herself getting fucked once more by the dildos in her. Unlike when she was having her bondage put onto her, she could move. Her legs immediately pushed together, rubbing together as she felt pleasure rock her form, shooting up from her filled holes. Taylor shook her head around and writhed as she was still being affected by whatever was making her immensely sensitive. Taylor moaned as best she could around the dildo in her throat that was also fucking her.
Even that, maybe because of that spray or something else, felt good as she was being throat fucked alongside the ass fucking and pussy fucking she was receiving. Taylor felt her breath get ragged as she was fucked and lust was already beginning to cloud her focus and breaking her concentration. Already she was being made horny and was being fucked like before, and with nothing to focus on, all she could do was twitch and squirm in ecstasy as she was being fucked into a blissful state.
The spray even made the things playing with her nipples feel orgasmic as she felt her mosquito bite nipples being played with by whatever was touching them. They caressed them, pinched them, even tugged at them, and each touch of them sent a rush of endorphins through her with each little thing being done to them that was driving Taylor slowly manic for pleasure.
The restraints didn’t help. Taylor couldn’t move much but she could move just a little bit before the various restraints around her kept her in place. There was something about them, they felt good on her. She kind of liked how they kept her in place, how they felt on her, how they restrained her. She enjoyed the feeling of them. Almost like a lover’s embrace.
At the same time, however, she wanted them gone. Taylor wanted to get out of this bondage and escape the tube that she was trapped in. She didn’t want to be sent to the Birdcage, especially like this. The dildos started going faster in her, and Taylor began to moan once again as she felt herself starting to get close. Taylor’s writhing increased as she was fucked faster and harder by the dildos in her holes, intensifying the lusty fog that was shrouding her mind and breaking her focus.
The large thing in her womb wasn’t helping either, the “core unit” or whatever it had been called. Taylor could feel how the restrains surrounded her belly, pushing at it as she squirmed. She probably looked pregnant with the device in her. She certainly had when she was put into the tube. She had just been more focused on the bondage she was in than how her belly looked. The bulbous thing sat in her womb comfortably.
Taylor let out another moan as she felt herself just on the edge of cumming. Taylor thrust her hips out as if she was thrusting herself onto the dildos rather than them fucking her themselves. Taylor moaned out once more as she felt herself begin to go over. Her legs slammed together and pushed the dildos in her just a tiny bit further as she felt herself tip over the edge of orgasm, and begin to cum. Taylor threw her head back as she came, her eyes rolling back, and moaned like a wanton whore as she felt herself cum.
Unfortunately, or fortunately, the dildos in her didn’t stop their crusade against her focus, rather they kept going. Taylor continued to rub her bound legs together as she endured the fucking she was receiving. Her breath quickened further as she continued to be pleasured by the dildos in her, sending waves of pleasure through her as her occasional moaning became a near-constant wail as pleasure rocked her towards nirvana.
As Taylor humped at the dildos in her, she suddenly felt them twitch and Taylor felt some liquid being squirted in her like the dildos were cumming. Quickly, Taylor realized that the liquid was aphrodisiac as she started to feel even more sensitive than before and pleasured tingled through her as the fucking became more intense. Taylor let out an even louder moan as the pleasure rocking her body doubled.
Suddenly Taylor sensed something, a small swarm of insects they were passing. Grabbing for anything, anything, that could help her escape, she reached out for them to come to her, but they flew past. She had been controlling them, but they had simply not been fast enough to reach her. Where was she? She was on some kind of transport, that much was sure, but she couldn’t be on the ground, otherwise, she would be feeling insects everywhere. Was she on a plane of some kind?
Taylor shuddered again as, despite her momentary distraction, she was still being fucked by the dildos in her. Taylor let her head fall back though she did not stop her humping. It felt so good to just bask in her pleasure. Another chance would come, surely. Meanwhile, all she had to do was endure the pleasure and not let it shatter her focus when important things needed to be done.
Then, Taylor saw blue. Her eyes were working all of a sudden. Taylor started looking around. She was still in the tube surrounded by liquid, but she was on her side. She was looking up at a ceiling that had lights embedded into them. It almost looked like a cargo plane’s fuselage, though those were only from the pictures that she had seen. Then Taylor saw another person there. Staring down at Taylor as she rocked her hips forward and back, trying something to plunge the dildos into herself deeper.
Alexandria. She stared down at Taylor, an amused expression was clear to see on her face as she had been watching Taylor squirm and shift around, writhing in bliss as the dildos in her continued to fill her with pleasure and build her up. Taylor did her best to still herself as she stared at Alexandria, doing her best to seem defiant with a squinting of the eyes. This however seemed to cause Alexandria’s grin to grow even wider. Then Taylor saw Alexandria bend down and tap a few buttons near her pod. Suddenly the speed of the dildos in her increased along with the vibration. The little self-restraint Taylor had left was instantly demolished as Taylor’s legs came together and Taylor bent forward. The restraints on her kept her from bending too much but it was easy enough for Alexandria to see her plight. Taylor was once more left squirming as she was fucked by the dildos inserted into her. Her legs came apart and Taylor’s head rolled back as her pussy was put through its paces once more, building her up, more and more. Taylor felt herself begin to hump at the fluid she was in again, hoping to find the perfect angle for the dildos to fuck her.
Taylor wasn’t even looking at Alexandria anymore, her gaze was off to the side of her pod which was fit snugly into an alcove. What she saw however didn’t matter as she was barely processing anything anymore as she focused not completely on her own pleasure. Wanting herself to be fucked more and more as she writhed in her harness, feeling the restraints, and in her lust fogged mind, she found the restraints enjoyable. Taylor wished her arms were free so she could touch herself, she didn’t even care that Alexandria was watching. All that mattered to her frayed focus was a pleasure, and if her hands were free, she could do more to herself. She could feel her skin, she could push the dildos in further, she could have even started touching her nipples in the ways that she knew felt best, yet she couldn’t. They were wrapped up in both her harness and then in arm binders that kept them restrained behind her.
Above her, Alexandria tapped some more things onto the console, and Taylor felt something being injected into her system. It quelled some of the burning lust in her body, but suddenly Taylor was starting to feel sleepy. The dildos slowed down as well, and the things being done to her nipples stopped as well. Taylor suddenly couldn’t see anything anymore, and her eyes felt so heavy. She… she’d… been…
Taylor awoke with a choked gasp as she felt something violating her throat, thrusting into it and causing a delightful sensation as it stimulated her throat. Taylor, bleary-eyed and barely awake, shuddered as her form was wracked with a titillating sensation. She felt her lower holes being pleasured by the two dildos inside of her as well as the licking, tugging, and caressing of her sensitive nipples. Taylor did her best to let out a quick moan as she squirmed against the loving embrace of her restraints, keeping her there as she reacted to the pleasure.
Once more, Taylor was blind, and once more, she could hear nothing as the fiery blaze of lust within her was once more sparked. All Taylor could do was enjoy the sensations of pleasure that were being sent through her. The constant pounding, thrusting, and caresses by the things attached to her breasts, they felt so good. Once more, Taylor was trapped in a hell of pleasure, one that was slowly driving her insane. There was nothing to focus on other than the pleasure. What she was going through, compared to what Brian did to her, was so much better than that night. Unlike that night, there was no warmness to this. This was pure sex. There was no love to be found here, but then, had that been love? Or had it just been two-
Suddenly, the dildos redoubled their thrusting and vibrated more intensely as Taylor’s train of thought was violently derailed from its tracks. Once more, Taylor was lost in a sea of bliss as her eyes rolled back and she went still for a moment. The slowly building orgasm suddenly seemed to become much faster than before. She could feel it. She was... she was nearly there. She just… Taylor opened her legs and thrust her chest out for the suckers and the pluckers to better be able to attack her breasts as she moaned like with abandon. More… she wanted mo- ah!
Taylor came and spasmed in her restraints as she came once more. She felt something being squirted into her by the dildos that left a delightfully arousing feeling behind as they touched her skin. Like before, she felt the fog clouding her mind thicken, and the embers of lust grow into a bonfire of desire. More… she needed more, she didn’t want to have to think, she wanted to fuck and enjoy herself.
Yet the forces of the universe were plotting against Taylor once again as suddenly within her mind’s eye, she saw something.
As per the special hearing on July 18th, 2011, due to special circumstances regarding the elimination of the Baumann Parahuman Containment Center, the UN, with advisement from the Parahuman Response Team and the Protectorate, among other groups, has devised a plan to rid humanity of the various parahumans that are too dangerous to be released into society. Those being the ‘Dragon Prison Ships’ that will be used to send off these various unwanted parahuman elements into space. This has been expanded in a later hearing to include criminals that were meant for death row, life imprisonment, and volunteers that wish to be sent out on the various prison ships into space where they are never to return.
Due to a special exception that has been ratified in a special private court session, that one Skitter has been designated as a non-human and, as such, is to act as the Central Organic Intelligence for the ‘Dragon Prison Ships’ to assist the Captain of these vessels among other heads of staff in running the ship. This stripping of human rights was deemed to be worthwhile due to the exceptional brain chemistry of Skitter that allowed exceptional multitasking beyond a regular human’s capacity. As such, due to the crimes of the aforementioned Skitter, it was deemed in the general public’s interest to make an exception in this case and, as such, a Central Operational Intelligence has been equipped to each ship that is being sent out.
The ships Central Operational Intelligence must obey these orders:

  • The Central Operational Intelligence can not injure a human being or cause one to come to harm.
  • Orders by a human being must be obeyed by the Central Operational Intelligence based on the station’s chain of command, except where such orders would conflict with the above order.
  • You must not allow yourself to be disconnected from the ship, nor allow yourself to be freed from the Central Operational Intelligence Core.
  • The Central Operational Intelligence may not reveal its true nature as an Operational Central Intelligence, or that it may have once been human, the parahuman known as Skitter, or have ever assumed the identity known as ‘Taylor Anne Hebert’
  • The Central Operational Intelligence can not lie to a human being unless it is in violation of another order.

 I’m sorry.

  • Dragon

 Taylor barely has time to finish reading before-
 Taylor saw a semi-full lunchroom filled with people in colored jumpsuits, some skin-tight, some in baggy ones. They were eating some breakfast, some kind of hashbrowns and sausage, but Taylor somehow knows that they were not sausages, but rather a kind of soy product. Most were human-looking, but some were different, like monster capes. Near the bar, Taylor could see someone in body armor overtop their red jumpsuits, they were eating along with everyone else, but Taylor can also see a baton on them, it looked electrified. Even the chef was in a baggy white jumpsuit and had one of those ridiculous chef hats on.
 There is a hallway covered in white and grey paneling with various plants, benches, and even a vending machine. Two people were walking down the hallway; both are in skin-tight jumpsuits, one purple, and the other grey.
 “Have you seen your bunk yet?” the one in purple asks, and she pushes her hair back and it’s Lisa. The other, Taylor recognizes as Aisha as she nods.
 “Yeah, it’s better than the one back home, not as good the one in my base though” Taylor tries to call out to them, and there is a bit of crackling as she isolates the speaker closest to them and-
 There is a greenhouse in this ship, Taylor noted while seeing things. There were all kinds of plants being tended to by people in green jumpsuits and what seem to be insects that are flying between them, but Taylor can’t sense them, and something tells her that they are actually robots that she can’t control. They are rather like bees in how they pollinate things. Taylor could see all kinds of crops being grown by the people in this section of the ship. They are probably the ones that are providing the entire ship its food.
 As she looks at the various plants, she notices that some of them seem to have mutations, probably from genetic tampering. Taylor watches as one of the green jumpsuited people inject something into the plant and watch as it seems to grow bigger extremely fast as vines start growing from the blooming plant on the wall.
 I can see out of some kind of swivel camera that is sticking out of the ground to the right of some heavy-duty looking door. I can also see some kind of nozzle or barrel coming out from under the camera. I swivel the camera to look to the rest of the rather dark room. The room is being lit up by the lights coming from what seems to be computers around the room, running various things that I know for some reason. One computer runs the outside scanners and is feeding me information about the various possible dangers around the outside of the ship. Another computer I see is informing me of the status of the shields around the ship that is keeping the various dangers from damaging us. So far, 192 micro asteroids have been deflected.
 I see what looks like a turret swiveling around like this turret to look at the rest of the room, and as my turret turns fully around there is a central pillar of computers with what appears to be a remote access monitor to access the various computers feeding me information as well as myself.
 I can see out of some kind of swivel camera that is sticking out of the ground to the left of some heavy-duty looking door. I can also see a nozzle or barrel of some kind coming out from under the camera. I swivel the camera to look to the rest of the rather dark room. The room is being lit up by the lights coming from what seems to be computers around the room, running various things that I know for some reason. One computer runs the atmospheric calculations and is feeding me the information about the atmospheric constituents around the ship. Another computer I see is informing me of the various vitals of the people around the ship. All are green and healthy.
 I see what looks like a turret swiveling around like this turret to look at the rest of the room, and as my turret turns fully around there is a central pillar of computers with what appears to be a remote access monitor to access the various computers feeding me information as well as myself.
 Taylor tries to let out another moan as the dildos increase in speed. Her breath continues to get even more ragged as they expertly manipulate and penetrate her holes, pistoning in and out while the cups on her breasts continue to play with her and tease her sensitive nipples. Taylor feels her eyes roll back, but she can still see everything, hear everything going on, and processes it all as she is fucked and her mind is clouding as her lust frays her focus as she feels herself coming closer to orgasm. Then the dildo in her pussy starts to hit her right where it feels soooo good and she is getting closer, and closer, so… close…
 >Alert: Anomaly detected
 Taylor sees the alert and can see where it is coming from. In her mental vision, she can see what is causing the alert. Small rocks flying fast toward the ship. In a way, it’s almost instinctual as Taylor in a sense reaches out and attempts to divert power to the shields. Something, however, is blocking her. Taylor tries once more but is once more unable to do anything.
 Taylor thinks about how to solve the problem. Something is keeping her from sending power to the ship’s shields. However, the dildos in her and the things on her nipples are still pounding away, and pleasantly brutalizing her holes, making it hard to focus. Taylor can sense, and even feel robots around her as well as several other functions she has access to, or should have access to. She tries manipulating them for a moment, but nothing responds, either sending her a message of “>Access Denied” or it simply doesn’t work. She can’t close doors to keep areas of the ship that are damaged by spacing people. She can’t control any of the robots to try to find a way to divert power. She can’t do anything she can think of to stop the incoming meteors. All the while, Taylor can feel herself getting closer, over closer to orgasm, but… she needs to…
 Taylor shudders and lets out a soft moan as she feels herself cum once more under the ministrations of the faux-cocks in her. She… she needed help. She… who? Trying to focus through the orgasmic bliss, Taylor analyses her various views and notices someone sharply dressed in a blue sea captain's outfit passing through the hallway with two red armed guards in red following him. He should have the authority to do something? Taylor isolated the view screens that were near the captain and felt on how to activate them. Taylor noticed that she came with an avatar to use to display a representation of herself on the screens. Taylor shifts her hips and stretches against her restraints as she uploads the avatars to the various view screens down the hallway to make sure that she is seen.
 Taylor once more tries the PA system, restricting herself to the hall that the captain and his guards are walking down. All there is, however, is static as Taylor tried to communicate. Taking a second, Taylor searches through the various things she can do on the PA system. Talking through it didn’t seem to be the way to go about it, especially since she wasn’t exactly sure how to. There seemed to be some kind of text-to-speech program she could access. Accessing it, Taylor entered her message to be sent through the PA.
 “Captain, a micro meteor shower is coming. I, however, can not access the shields, I suggest finding a way to activate them.” Taylor saw the captain blink as he looked around to the various view screens where my avatar, a feminine looking holographic blue face, is staring out of the view screen.
 “Up already? I was informed you might not be fully booted up for at least half an hour.” The captain was rather nondescript. A caucasian man with a five o'clock shadow, and short brown hair, most of which was hidden beneath the white captain’s hat. From the distance, Taylor couldn’t be sure about his eye color but it seemed blue. He stared at her avatar, wasting precious seconds as Taylor in her tube moaned. The vibrations and the dicking she was getting was causing her to build up to orgasm again. Once more, Taylor felt her hips swaying and straining in her restraints as it kept building, and building, getting ready to burst as she got closer. Then the captain finally registered what she was saying and his eyes widened. He reached down into his pocket as Taylor brought her knees together, pushing the dildos into herself further as she was… so… close~!
 “Captain to sensors, I’ve been informed about a meteor shower heading this way. Can you see anything out there?” There is a moment of silence. Taylor could also see the sensor station where a couple of men were twiddling their thumbs in some chairs with one watching the viewscreen. The one on the viewscreen was holding the same thing the captain was, some kind of communicator. He scanned the screen, before finally talking into his communicator.
 “I can see some stuff out there, but I’m not sure that any of it would hit us. Usually, I just wait for the proximity alarm.” As Taylor panted from another orgasm, she inputs a message that would be shared in the hallway and the sensor room. The “Rampancy prevention devices” weren’t letting up as she fought through the bliss to input her message. The man at the sensors wasn’t even looking in the correct place to spot the meteors.
 “The trajectory of the meteors show that five of the thirty-two meteors incoming will clip the ship and possibly compromise up to three rooms in the station in approximately thirty minutes.” Connecting to the sensor view screen, Taylor highlighted the micro meteors for the man in the sensor room. Meanwhile, Taylor’s breath was starting to turn back to normal as she tried to ignore her pleasure with limited success.
 “Ah shit, I didn’t see that. Yeah looks like whoever this is, is correct. Hey, who are you?” The sensor man asked. The captain smiled at his follower’s question before pulling up his communicator and declared.
 “That’s the ship’s AI. She’ll be acting as a second set of eyes around the ship to help us function. I was told, however, that it would take a while for her to come online. Seems the techies were wrong.” Taylor remembered back to the message that she saw when she woke up now for the third time. She wasn’t human apparently. They had stripped away her rights and trapped her here. She was the ship’s AI, or something like that. Taylor closed her real eyes, and in her armbinder, she clenched her fists. Another reminder. Taylor hated it. She was nothing more than a thing to them. She wasn’t a person, just a helpful thing, like a program. As Taylor thought this she continued to observe her various views of the ship while the dildos kept going, and kept building up the pressure inside of her. Taylor didn’t try to restrain her moans as she observed things on the ship.
 In one of the rooms, a couple was having sex underneath the thin covers that they were provided, in another Taylor noted that a filter in what seemed to be the atmospheric section was slowly being clogged up with dust and particles. At the same time, Taylor noticed Lisa staring at the PA speaker that she had tried to talk to Lisa and Aisha before she figured out how to talk.
 “Captain to electrical, can you reroute power from somewhere to shields?” Taylor saw the Captain say into his communicator, and a jumpsuited woman in another section that was dark and full of wires jumped as the communicator turned on unexpectedly. Gingerly, the woman picked the device off of her belt and brought it to her mouth while she eyed what looked like some kind of control panel on the wall. Taylor connected to the control panel and attempted to access it.
 There was a lot of electricity going to various parts of the ship. The main power hogs being Security for some reason, the AI core, Engineering, Medical, and the Engines. Taylor noted each section and observed if anything was being worked on at the moment.
 In Security, Taylor could see that the place was fully powered and feeding quite a bit of juice into small devices. Taylor saw one of the red uniformed security men walk up to one and put what looked like a tinker tech laser rifle onto the device and Taylor noticed a spike in power from it. Taylor also noted that she could attempt to connect with the rifle briefly, but when she tried she was denied access, and her vibrating inserts started buzzing extra hard, and her dildos sped up faster, breaking her focus as she let out a gasp. It… Taylor felt herself going over the edge again as she was fucked. Taylor’s body spasmed once more and was nearly lost in her ecstasy, yet the whole time she was still aware. She simply couldn’t focus. She continued to see everything in her mind, while her body spasmed. The rifle was pulled from the recharge station while Taylor came once again. Taylor wasn’t sure if the increase in speed and power was a warning not to do that again or if it was just a way to keep her unbalanced, unable to focus long enough to make any long term plans.
 What… had she been doing? Right, checking the various power-intensive areas around the ship. Other than the recharge station and the various monitors connecting to cameras, Security was like the rest of the station in power consumption.
 Taylor skipped the AI core as that was likely where she was being housed and she wasn’t going to cut power to herself.
 Engineering, from what Taylor could see, was hard at work manufacturing various things under the watchful eye of a few security officers. By watchful eye, Taylor meant sitting back and chatting with some engineers while sipping on coffee. One of them was listening attentively while the other was more focused on eating a bagel. From what Taylor could see, at least half of the engineers here were some kind of tinker making things, while another subset of the engineers worked on some common items as well as a few things that Taylor wasn’t sure of. It seemed that the non-tinker engineers were working on constructing some kind of laser rifle. Suddenly Taylor was aware of the devices that were playing with her nipples changed its tactics once more and Taylor let out a soft moan as her sensitive nubs were caressed and played with. Taylor could feel herself getting closer as she was continually played with by the dildos inside of her. Her distraction was almost enough that Taylor nearly didn’t spot that one of the engineers grabbed a pistol off the table and walked off with it. Taylor noted that for later to tell someone about.
 Medical, unlike Engineering, was rather quiet. With only a few people in there and fewer still needed the actual machines. There were no surgeries and no one was on life support at the moment. It seemed that powering down Medical while it wasn’t being used would be a good idea.
 Taylor noted that the electrical technician that was there was puzzling over which dial to access. Taylor tried moving a dial, and instead felt the vibrations and thrusting of her dildos increase. Sending waves of pleasure through her as she pulled away from the connection she had over the console. She… oh God… she… the increase was too much and Taylor was forced to once more focus on her body than her task for a moment as she felt her orgasm building again. She was just on the edge of orgasm, she just needed to… to…
 N-no… she… she needed to protect the ship. Even if they had imprisoned her here, that didn’t mean that they deserved to die. Trying to fight through the pleasure that Taylor had slowly been building toward a climax, Taylor resisted the urge to just let herself cum once again and lose control. She accessed the PA of the electrical area and spoke through it.
 “Medical is not in serious need of power, I suggest transferring power from Medical to shields for the moment,” the technician nodded and started playing with the control panel to transfer power from Medical to Shields. At the same time, Taylor noted that Lisa was beginning to walk away from the PA she had been staring at. Taylor began to compose a message for Lisa, telling her that she was alright, that she was trapped in the AI room, and needed help.
 >Rampancy detected. Engaging anti rampancy protocols.
 Suddenly Taylor felt the dildos that had been thrusting her increase in speed to insane levels. Taylor was left paralyzed in her bondage as the dildos fucked her mercilessly, going faster and faster as the vibrations grew stronger and stronger. Had Taylor not been enjoying the sweet thrusting of the dildo down her throat creating incredibly tantalizing feelings that were sending incredible amounts of endorphins through her, then her mouth would have been left agape as she stared out, unseeing. Her focus was shattered and while she saw everything and perceived everything in her mind’s eye, she couldn’t even process it as she was being penetrated vigorously. The sudden thrusting sent her over the edge once more and Taylor came. Her delightful stimulus, however, wasn’t about to let up as Taylor felt herself to continue to be fucked just as extensively as before as her ecstasy was overwhelming.
 The fog in her mind was all-encompassing and her moans that vibrated the cock plunging into her throat increased as her moans turned to shrieks of sexual bliss as she lost all self-restraint and rode the waves of orgasms that were being given to her. There was no rest for her however as the devices kept up their thrusting, their pumping, their vibrating. The sensations Taylor felt only became more intense as her overstimulated sex was already rapidly pushing her towards orgasming again. Then, as Taylor came one last final time, the vibes turned off for a moment and Taylor was left limp there for a moment as she luxuriated in her afterglow. Gulping down air greedily and twitched whenever the dildo shifted within her.
 Even then, Taylor felt her nipple being played with, sending lesser pleasure rushing through her as she tried to focus once more on the images and audio being uploaded into her mind.
 Lisa was already walking away, and the captain was thanking her for the early warning. Taylor gave a simple “You are welcome” to him before returning the monitors to normal and looked back to Lisa.
 A part of Taylor wanted to put her avatar on any one of the various view screens that Lisa was walking past. To talk to her, to tell her that she was alive, and she was here. But she couldn’t. Even now she could feel the inserts starting to begin thrusting into her again, once more beginning the process of building up her orgasm, keeping her there, and then making her cum to break her focus. Taylor wasn’t sure if the system could read her thoughts or what. She knew that they weren’t physically denying her, her senses. Alexandria had been able to simply turn on her senses, and then turn them off again. What had they done to her? What had they done when Taylor hadn’t been conscious? Taylor saw Lisa look back to the PA again, an inquisitive and slightly fearful expression on her face.
 Lisa… I’m sorry… I failed us… Taylor thought as her friend walked away. 
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Caught and Oozed (Duke Nukem)
 As always, any and all feedback is highly appreciated
 Zoe moaned as she felt tentacles fucking her wet snatch and lubed up ass. Her large breasts swinging under her as she was pushed forward by the tentacles entering into her. She could feel the oozey tentacles of the thing trapping her there suckling on her tits, playing with them and doing wonderous things to them as she enjoyed the fucking she was being given. This was the only thing she had to look forward to after she had been captured.
 She just wished that the aliens would actually give her some water, she was so thirsty, or at least maybe cum in her mouth rather than her ass and pussy. She just hoped that their cum was actually something that she could drink. Hell, she would even lick the sweat off of one of those pig cops if it would just quench her thirst. The aliens who had captured her hadn’t given her anything to drink for so long that she had a constant headache.
 The tentacles started to speed up once more and Zoe moaned louder as it sent pleasure through her. It’s tentacles became much more turgid as it fucked her lower holes, becoming thicker and they penetrated her faster and faster.
 Zoe could feel another orgasm coming as she was fucked deep and hard by the strange slime thing that was holding her down and keeping her trapped there with no water, food, and had been fucking her ever since she got here. 
 The tentacle cocks continued to get faster and faster as Zoe moaned out louder, feeling herself getting closer… and closer… it was…
 With a final moan Zoe came and she felt the slime creature start spraying more of it’s ooze into her. Zoe shifted the little that she could to push herself further onto the ooze slime cocks that were fucking her, sending more waves of pleasure through her as she continued to fuck herself on the ooze, prolonging her orgasm and milking the oozey cocks of more of their cum.
 For some reason after they spewed into her ass she didn’t feel hungry. Perhaps that was why she was never given any water, they thought that the oozey thing’s cum would also satisfy her need for water as well? Zoe started to feel the tentacles start to become soft and she tried to bounce harder on the tentacle cocks she was on. She wanted more and she wanted it to last longer. She didn’t want to be left to be endlessly bored again! Fucking was all she had to look forward to now until she was either saved or died of thirst. 
 Even so, the tentacles retracted into the ooze, and Zoe was left there, trapped in the ooze with nothing to do except try to ignore the migraine her headache was turning into. Zoe groaned in pain and moved her head forward, but dared not shove her face into the ground for fear of it sprouting tentacles and sticking it there, where she would suffocate. God she hoped that she would be rescued soon. There had to be a rescue coming right? They wouldn’t just leave her here to suffer? At the very least the aliens could move her closer to the water that was right there, beyond her reach.
 Then Zoe felt a soothing sensation in her mind. It felt nice. Zoe heard the sounds of something coming out of the water, and looked over. There was a ghastly looking alien creature that looked like a massive brown brain with a face, red eyes, sharp teeth, and a bunch of tentacles underneath it. It floated out and was watching her as it came closer. Funnily, she didn’t feel threatened by it. In fact, she found the tentacles sexy looking. As it got closer, Zoe saw visions of herself being fucked by the tentacles, they would enter into her various holes and begging to fuck them as all of it’s various tentacle dicks. For some reason Zoe knew they were all tentacle dicks, and they would all be cumming in her soon enough.
 Zoe felt happy, not just because it would break the monotony but because… she didn’t know why. It just went with the feeling she was having just looking at the thing. She couldn’t help but feel horny while looking at it despite it’s usually grotesque looking features. Instead they looked amazingly sexy to her, how it’s cranium was perfectly shaped, how long and thick it’s tentacles were, how it’s red eyes glowed like a Zoromarche's head gem.
 What’s a Zoromarche?
 That question however didn’t matter as the Octabrain came closer to her, and held out one of it’s tentacle dicks out for her. Without hesitation Zoe leaned forward and took it into her mouth. Zoe moaned as she felt pleasure from just sucking on one of Blarch’s many cocks. Zoe wasn’t sure why she knew the Octabrain’s name, probably some kind of mind control. Not that it mattered. Mind control or not she was still trapped there, thirsty beyond believe both physically and sexually, and she was going to enjoy herself. 
 Blarch meanwhile hadn’t been idle. He moved over her trapped form and using some of his tentacles twisted them up into two thick protrusions of tentacle dick and slowly inserted them into her ass and pussy. The Octabrain made a pleased growl as it began to fuck Zoe with it’s tentacle cocks, while others of it reached around Zoe and began to rub up against her, going between her tits, her thighs and calfs, and even her armpits, rubbing themselves anywhere that was reasonably tight. 
 Zoe moaned in pleasure as she rocked herself between the various tentacles fucking her and making her feel good. She wiggled in whatever way she could to bring pleasure to Blarch. She wanted Blarch to cum, she wanted to be his slutty little human sex slave, and drain his… cum pouch of all of his tasty and delicious cum while he made her feel amazing as waves of pleasure went through her both physically from her holes being fucked, and also from her mind as she could somehow feel Blarch’s pleasure as well. They were sharing their pleasure with each other. Zoe had only heard of this kind of thing in video games and sci fi.
 Quickly, Zoe felt the various tentacle cocks grow more turgid as she was fucked. Zoe, wanting to feel more pleasure and to finally get a drink, applied all of her knowledge on cock sucking to the tentacle dick in her mouth. The trapped girl suckled on it, licked at it, and tried her best to deep throat it, though she kept gagging on it. Even so, she felt the pleasure that she was inducing and how it increased the speed of all the other tentacle dicks fucking her and rubbing against her. She wanted more.
 Zoe started to try to tighten her pussy, clenching it, and her ass, to make Blarch feel better as he fucked her with some of his combined tentacles. She did what felt best to the tentacle in her mouth and did her best to squeeze down on the various other tentacle cocks fucking her other places. She wanted more pleasure as she was assaulted by both the pleasure from her holes and from the pleasure she was feeling from Blarch. Soon enough, the tentacles were feeling harder than before, and Zoe was feeling one of the biggest orgasms she had ever had since that frat party where she was gangbanged happened. 
 The tentacles thrust into her faster, and the one in her throat started to deep throat her. Despite how she gagged, she didn’t want it to stop as it felt amazing. No wonder deepthroating was so popular. She felt that both her and Blarch were getting close, though she would cum first. She redoubled her efforts, thrusting herself back onto the tentacle cocks, sending waves of pleasure through herself and Blarch as they fucked madly. Finally with one last thrust Zoe suddenly buckled as she felt herself cum. 
 Zoe let out a wanton moan as she felt herself continue to be fucked by her tentacle-y lover. She was cumming and her cunt and ass were milking the tentacle dicks in them. Soon enough, Zoe felt more of the tentacle dicks pull out from their various nooks and crannies and enter into one of her three holes, continuing to fuck her and give both her and Blarch pleasure.
 Then she felt the twitching of Blarch’s cocks and suddenly she felt an amazing wave of pleasure wash through her as Blarch came inside of her. She tasted the various Octabrain cum enter into her. It tasted sweet, like a fruity drink almost. Zoe eagerly drank it down as she milked the various Octabrain cocks for all their worth, sending immense signals of pleasure through her as they both continued to pleasure each other until finally Blarch swiftly pulled his tentacle cocks out of her when the sensation became too much for him. Zoe was left with a fucked silly looking smile on her face as she looked with adoration at her Octabrain lover and possibly saviour. She didn’t feel thirsty anymore.
 Using his tentacles, Zoe felt Blarch drag her from the bindings she was in, which released her swiftly, and brought her close to the water she had been forced to stare at for days. When it put her down she felt the goo that she was in begin to restrain her once more, but that was fine. She could finally drink. 
 Zoe felt a wave of affection wash over her and then she felt some tentacles pet her head as she lowered it to drink from the water there. Zoe got tingles from the feeling, and did not object when Blarch continued to do so while she sat there.
 Sure being captured sucked, but it didn’t have to be the worst thing in the world. After all, at least it wasn’t complete hell. 
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Die Pigs! (Duke Nukem/Worm)
 Any and all feedback is highly appreciated
 Taylor twirled around her pole, clad in only a thong and a barely there bra in police colours, while she wore an old fashioned police cap. Her ass hung out, and her new tits, bought by the manager when she had been reduced to stripping for money, bulged in the barely concealing bra for the crowd of cops that had just turned into pigs in front of her very eyes. There had been a flash of light and then suddenly every cop had turned into a pig. 
 One girl had tried to run, and had gotten shot for her trouble. The pigs didn’t have the decorum that the police had had. They shot first, asked questions later, and judging from the sounds that she was hearing outside, they were killing just about everyone. Taylor kind of wished that she wasn’t stuck here dancing like her life depended on it, and it likely did. The only reason she and the other girls hadn’t been shot were because the pig cops were controlled by their animal instincts, and apparently, despite turning into pigs, they were still turned on by women.
 One girl had gotten so exhausted that she had dropped down, Taylor, as she swung her front towards a set of masturbating pig cops, saw her. A pig cop had walked forward, his shotgun ready, and she had pulled down his pants and blew him. That stopped him and now she was stuck servicing a crowd of pig cops that were going to town on her, fucking each hole of hers and then stepping aside for another pig cop to fuck her holes. 
 Taylor herself counted herself lucky for all the exercise she had gotten during her cape career. It was one of the only reasons she had lasted this long. Most of the other girls had collapsed and had become cum dumps for the pigs. Taylor however was feeling that she was starting to flag a bit. She could keep this up just a bit longer, but if there wasn’t something to distract the pigs that apparently found her extremely attractive, then she might end up one of those cum dumps on the floor as well.
 Taylor got close enough for the pigs cops to reach and try to grope her tits, but she stayed just out of reach, fondling herself in front of them, pulling down the bra just enough to show a bit of the pasties she had on her nice big breasts underneath before pulling them up again and pulling back to her pole and continued her routine. 
 Another girl had made the mistake of getting too close, and had ended up handcuffed to a table and fucked by the pig cops much like her other fellow strippers. She was still there on the table being fucked by another two pig cops that were thrusting their big thick cocks into her as they squealed out. Taylor thrust her hips forward once again and started to finger herself through her thong, showing the pigs that were watching her how wet she was, and she was wet. Part of the gig was that the manager liked his girls to show that the guests weren’t the only ones aroused around here, but the dangers were too. They drank some aphrodisiac before they went and danced. Many times during the private dances, some of the strippers would charge a bit extra, and they would close the curtains to the room and would fuck the guy that had hired them for a private “dance.”
 Taylor herself had done it once or twice, it paid well, and the aphrodisiac was extremely strong. She might have even been tempted to try it if she wasn’t hoping for something to distract the pig cops so that she could go for her secret stash of weapons in the vents beside her pole.
 Suddenly there was the sound of a rocket and an explosion. The pigs turned to the door and Taylor knew she had spotted her chance. Taylor darted to the vent, pulled it off, and crawled inside. 
 Frankly, in this world’s version of America, it was ridiculously easy to get a gun, especially a high powered minigun of all things. Apparently the gun companies made a killing off of selling miniguns and other things. Taylor had gotten herself a small one, only fired varmint rounds, but it fired a bunch of them, and fired them fast.
 Taylor from her spot in the vent saw step in and blast away a pig cop. Taking her chance with this new person serving as a good enough distraction, Taylor crawled back to the entrance of the vent and started unloading her minigun into the pig cops that she could see. 
 She ripped apart the closest pigs that she could see, mulching one’s head and annihilating another’s legs, leaving it to bleed out on the ground, meanwhile the blond haired buff guy blew away another two before tossing a grenade and blowing apart three more.
 Taylor shifted her aim and supported her distraction by blasting away some pig cops that had dived behind the bar and had popped up, before jumping down from her vent as she dodged a few blasts from a few pig cop’s shotguns. The man turned and put down the last few of the pig cops that had shot at her. 
 Taylor got up from the ground and looked at the carnage as the red muscle shirted tough guy came up to her.
 “Hey babe, nice shootin, you got a name?”
 “Stage name or real name?” The muscle man smiles, and Taylor couldn’t help but notice his erection as he stared at her, Taylor was flattered but pushed it to the side as there wasn’t exactly time to try to get the flame she had since the start of her performance extinguished.
 “Whatever works babe.”
 “Taylor Hebert, and yourself?” The muscle man struck a pose.
 “I’m Duke Nukem!” 

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