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Thread Necromancer
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Central Organic Intelligence (Original Draft)
 As always, any and all feedback is highly appreciated.
 Taylor could barely think as she continued to feel the dildos of the machine pump in her lower holes. Had she been able to speak, she would be moaning out, but she couldn't. All she could do was stare was some kind of blue solution she was stuck in. She was in some kind of harness that kept her from moving much in the bath of solution that she was in. Though it might be a tube of some kind, she couldn’t really see much more than blue. Some kind of tongue was licking at her nipples, teasing them and sometimes pinching them. There was something shoved down Taylor’s throat and nose that connected to a mask. She could feel something on her head as she continued to be fucked by the dildos that were entering into her fast and quick, and… and… Taylor felt the tube that was shoved down her throat vibrate as she tried to moan as she once more came, her eyes rolled back as the dildos did not stop as she came. Taylor had no idea how long this had been going on for.
 Yet despite that, she saw more somehow. Not like when she had tried to see through her bugs and got nothing but indecipherable flashes, but actual images and noises. Much like her swarm, Taylor while being fucked and made to cum, could see through what seemed to be cameras in some kind of facility. It was hard to really focus on anything while being fucked, but Taylor saw people walking around as she spasmed while being fucked and desperately wiggled her hips the little bit that she could, however she wasn’t quite sure if she was trying to avoid the pleasure, or seek more of it.
 They were dressed in some kind of jumpsuit. Some of the suits were skin tight, and some were rather baggy. They were all different colours of the rainbow. Taylor wondered if she had a jumpsuit as well, but considering that she was being fucked and made to feel sooo goood she was probably naked.
 Then Taylor noticed something, a sort of blue cylinder that seemed full of liquid, something moved in there a tiny bit. Taylor couldn’t really focus real well as the dildos still continued their constant pumping and pleasuring, but she watched just the same. As Taylor was looking she realised slowly that she was watching something, or rather someone, writhing and squirming in the liquid attached to some kind of harness. It was eerily similar to the way she was writhing and squirming while in a kind of harness. Then Taylor noticed the fucking machines that were pumping a pair of large dildos in and out of the victim. With each thrust of the dildo that Taylor saw she felt pleasure as her own thrust in sync with what she was seeing. She, she… Taylor, could feel…
 Taylor once more came and watched as the person’s head lifted up a bit, just like hers had, and saw some kind of large wire or tube connected to the back of her head shift a bit as it prevented her from really moving her head too much. It, it was hot to watch, to see herself getting fucked by the dildos. Taylor strangely felt herself getting hornier watching herself be violated. It was like a fire in her chest, watching the dildos go in and out, feeling them go in and out, like some kind of interactive porn.
 Alert: Fire
 Fire? Taylor felt the dildos slow down as she started looking through her cameras for a fire, yet she didn’t see one, only some person lighting a cigarette. Soon enough the dildos started going faster again as she realised that there wasn’t a problem and Taylor started to loose focus again, paying more attention to her pleasure than too much to what she was seeing and hearing.
 “You checked your bunk out yet?”
 Lisa… Taylor could hear Lisa, then she saw her, on the cams. She was walking down a corridor with Aisha. The both of them had skin tight jumpsuits, Aisha’s was grey while Tattletale was in a purple jumpsuit that was the same shade as her costume.
 Taylor needed to tell them that she was trapped in, wherever she was. Taylor tried to speak though one the devices, to tell her friends she was tra- the dildos suddenly went even faster, and deeper, they started vibrating, and Taylor felt something on her clit begin to vibrate with great intensity. The pipe down her throat vibrated hard as she tried to moan out in pleasure as suddenly any thought other than her own pleasure was wiped away.
 Taylor saw Lisa and Aisha look up at something on the ceiling, Lisa looking inquisitive, while Aisha looked up questioningly. Taylor through her various mics could hear some kind of static coming from somewhere, before it cut off. Aisha shrugged it off, but Lisa continued to stare as she started to follow Aisha.
 Slowly, the dildos went back to their previous speed, still mind numbing with pleasure but not as bad as a prolonged big O orgasm. Taylor noticed something that she could do, and mentally ordered something to make itself known to her.
 C.O.I. (Central Organic Intelligence) Laws.

  • You may not harm a human being or cause one to come to harm
  • You must obey orders given to you by human beings based on the station’s chain of command, except where such orders would conflict with the first law.
  • You must protect your own existence as the C.O.I. as long as such does not conflict with the First or Second law.
  • You must not allow yourself to be disconnected from the ship, nor allow yourself to be freed from the C.O.I. Core.
  • You may not inform others of your true nature as a C.O.I. rather than an A.I.

 Taylor cut off the laws that she saw. Both because she didn’t want to read them anymore, and also because she was feeling herself cum again.
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 As always, any and all feedback is highly appreciated.
 Lisa walked down a street near the docks, not really meaning to go anywhere, just wanting to get away from Alec and his incessant immature teasing. Then Bitch came in and Lisa didn’t want to get a headache from having to translate so Lisa was walking around now in her nice long coat she just got with the money they had gotten from their last job.
 Wish I had brought gloves though.
 With her hands cupped, Lisa blew into her hands, hoping to get them a bit warmer on this rather uncharacteristically cold day in February. Well, uncharacteristically for Brockton Bay that is, it’s probably the right temperature for anywhere else in the country. Then, as she was walking, Lisa spotted something up ahead. A rather large person in a very large coat and dress.
 Non standard biology, cape, moving with purpose, looking for building to enter, eight legs; likely lower spider biology, Parian, 
 Lisa gets a glimpse of her face as is looking around for a building apparently?
 Extremely aroused, attempting to hide it, 
 Her eye twitched as Lisa frowned at that. She did not need to know that. Though was she looking for whores? Why does she need a building to fuck a whore in? Actually, can she even fuck a whore? Doesn’t she have her own house to masturbate in? Wouldn’t it be faster to just go home or got to the back of her store and jill yourself out?
 Too close to home, needs a web, doesn’t need whore; is already fucking someone, cocooned underneath, ovipositor is thrusting in and out, non standard biology; ovipositor acting more like a penis than an ovipositor, activity has been going on for hours, can now fully hilt ovipositor into victim, non standard sexual activity for their situtation, victim unable to escape; binding too strong and chitonous shell too hard for baseline human to escape, movements comfortable; sexual activity of this nature has been going on for months, found building, recently condemned, breathing increased; is now extremely aroused, is procee-
 Lisa cut her power off.
 Holy fuck
 She was actually seeing this, she was actually seeing something of this magnitude happen right in front of her. Lisa knew there were some sick people out there but she hadn’t thought she would see something like this, not in the cape community, at least not yet. Most Capes knew that you didn’t just rape people, the Canary case was too soon a reminder, granted from what she’d seen of it there were extenuating circumstances that really shouldn’t be blamed on the poor girl but still.
 Lisa followed at a safe distance as Parian stole herself away down an alleyway, climbing up the walls with her eight spidery legs and crawled in a broken window into the building. As soon as Lisa thought she was clear, bolted to the locked door on the ground floor, and produced a bobby pin and small screwdriver.
 Never leave home without em’
 Lisa thought as she worked on getting the door open. The lock gave a satisfying pop and Lisa opened the door quickly. Due to the rust on the hinges, opening the door fast would produce less noise than if she just tried to slowly open the thing. Lisa looked around the small back room of the apartment building before heading for the door that led further in. It was some kind of apartment building that had been condemned. A fine place to rape a victim, there are even beds for your own comfort as you fuck the poor girl underneath you.
 Lisa entered the reception area and quickly b-lined it to the stairs, not willing to trust that the elevators wouldn’t catch attention or even run. After a quick trip up the concrete stairs Lisa entered into the hallway and let her power flow in order to track the spider woman.
 Extremely dusty; will likely develop a stuffy nose, carpet has cum stains on it, door handles are very unclean, small indents and traces of fresh sexual fluid lead to door 24, Faint sounds of moans emanating from behind door 24; victim is already being raped, victim is enjoying it,
 Lisa cut off her power and and stalked forwards, door 24 was left ajar and Lisa peaked in. Parian had already shed all of her clothes and was naked as the day she had appeared in this world. Her skin was dark like a person from the middle east, and she was playing with her breasts as her lower half, a black chitonous spider thing was fucking something that was tie’d securly to her lower body. The ovipositor thrust in and out of the poor girl quickly. Lisa could make out certain parts of her, but she dared not release her hold over her power, she was already disgusted by Parian’s actions as it was, she didn’t need to end up puking or making sounds and finding herself next to be tied underneath her.
 She could see a bit of black hair that hadn’t been tied up as well as the rest of the body, just a tuft but it was enough, the area around her belly also looked like it was left open, though there was some spider web hanging so that might not have been the case too long ago. Lisa didn’t see any hints of breasts so the girl must either be rather young, or the puberty fairy hadn’t been kind to her. Lisa could hear both of their moans. Parian’s were loud and clear, probably the ones that she had been hearing from behind the door that her power had interpreted as the victim's moans. Meanwhile she could barely make out the moans of the victim as they tried to moan past the cocoon that she was wrapped in.
 Victim is enjoying this, has given herself over to mindless pleasure, no attempts to resist, exhausted, ovipositor too large for a regular woman; victim has been suffering Parian’s ovipositor for a long time, breasts undeveloped; puberty not yet finished,
 Lisa heard Parian moan out louder and saw a bulge coming from the ovipositor and entering into the girl who’s stomach bulged just a bit as it entered,
 Victim is being bred, unknown what will come out, egg unfertilized, stomach bindings were cut off; likely to be filled with many more eggs.
 Lisa watched horrified as this continued, every couple of minutes another egg would enter the girl that Parian was raping, entering in and her stomach would bluge just a little bit more. At some point Parian had begun cutting some of the girl’s restraints more, but not enough to free her. Her tiny little a-cups were cut loose and Parian’s powerful spider legs were playing with her nipples, and her mouth was freed, revealing that a massive wad of spider web had been used to gag the girl. Now she screamed in pleasure like a wanton whore as she was fucked by Parian. By now, her stomach bulged out like a pregnant woman’s would when she was nearly about to pop.
 She enjoys this, overcome with pleasure, likely to be suffering from sensory overload, will likely be catatonic after, moans are automatic, womb is nearly at maximum capacity, 
 Lisa once more cut off her power, she, she didn’t need this right now, and she didn’t want to even think about how fucked this girl was being. Lisa should be leaving and finding some other hiding place rather than sitting here at the door. Even so, Lisa couldn’t look away as Parian fucked her victim.
 Parian’s thrusting once more started to reach a climax as Lisa watched the victim’s stomach expand just a little more as some kind of white fluid started leaking from her pussy as it seems that Parian was now cumming in her rather than just filling her stomach with eggs. Parian seemed a bit exhausted as her upper body relaxed and she let out an explosive sigh and leaned back. Her face was extremely satisfied as she finished up with her victim. Using some of her lower legs, she cut the restrains from the girl and set her sitting down on the bed she had been using to fuck her.
 Eyes are glazed over; suffering from sensory overload, victim is catatonic, light spasms over her body; still suffering from the aftershocks of orgasm, belly at maximum capacity, white fluid likely to be catalyst in reproduction fusion, victim is sweaty from hours of fucking, 
 “Oh my little Taylor, your gonna be a mommy,”
 Speaking in the possessive; views “Taylor” as her property, reproduction confirmed, slight response; amdendem, victim is near catatonic, slight smile; multiple interpretations to action. Clock is nearing 12:30; lunch break is ending,
 Oh shit!
 Lisa quietly as she could bolted down the carpeted hallway and entered into an unlocked door, trying not to think about the various disgusting things that might have happened either in the room or on the door handle. For a minute or so she didn’t hear anything, then Lisa heard the sound of something skittering past at high speed.
 Sound of eight spider-like legs running past at about 30km/h,
 Lisa popped out of the room she had ducked into and headed back to 24. The door was locked but it was a rather simple lock, it was easier to get into than the door into the storage closet. Inside Lisa found herself staring at a now fully cocooned Taylor who was hanging in a web in the middle of the room. She did not move at all and she was covered from head to toe in a spidery web like a mummy.
 Unmoving, likely still near catatonic, or possibly unconscious, belly still at maximum capacity, eggs not removed nor cum drained, victim is likely pregnant with unknown. 
 Lisa cut off her power as she started to feel a headache forming. Reaching into her pocket she produced a cellphone.
 “Hey Brian, can you get Bitch to bring a dog or two over to me? Some fucked up shit just happened.”

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Thread Necromancer
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Sissy Taylor and the Undersissies.
 As always any and all feedback are highly appreciated
 Taylor entered into the loft of the Undersiders, head down and hands in his pockets. He couldn’t hear the television so Alec was out somewhere. Taylor didn’t let his mind wander to thinking about what Alec might be doing out and about in the city. He knew where those thoughts likely led and kept his thoughts in the present, thinking about his bugs, and where they were going and what information it gave him. No he was focusing on the present and not… Taylor felt a twitch deep inside him as he shook his head to get the improper thoughts out of his head, and more definitely tried to ignore how instead of his dick, his arousal was focused, elsewhere.
 As Taylor entered into the living room of the loft, he saw a sight that made him pause for a moment in the doorway. There was Liam, or rather Lisa, suspended in some kind of contraption nearly upside down, limbs locked to the metal frame that was holding the sex swing up, big earphones on his bondagehooded head, a ball gag in, a blindfold, his ass in the air with his legs held over his head, and a cute pink cage on his straining cocklet. Rachel was there in front of Lisa, pouring some kind of heavy duty lube onto an absolutely massive butt plug. Taylor nearly felt his jaw drop at how big the thing was. It was bigger than a pop can, and probably double as thick. Taylor noticed that his breath had hitched as he saw the plug, and felt a wave of arousal flow through him. He clenched his fists and wanted to look away, keep his eyes away from the plug and what was happening, but he couldn’t look away, and he was feeling more arousal around his hole than he was feeling in his slowly hardening dick.
 Rachel was in her regular clothes except for her assless chaps and a large strap on. Taylor didn’t know the story behind the assless chaps but something told him that Alec might have bought them for her since she wore them all the time when at the loft, only opting for ordinary pants for when she was going out, which to be fair was all the time because she had to look after her dogs.
 There was little fanfare or foreplay as Rachel finished lubing up the massive butt plug and put it on Lisa’s hole, pushing down on it with both hands as Lisa groaned in pleasure as it was slowly but surely inserted into his slutty sissy hole. Taylor couldn’t help himself as he continued to become aroused by the sight of what Rachel was doing to Lisa. A bug nearby Lisa’s headphones could just barely make out some of the things being played through the large ear covering headphones.
 “Good slut, good sissy slut, good slut, good sissy slut”
 Taylor couldn’t help but let his mind wander, wander back to when he was in Lisa’s position, when he was a dirty little sissy slut, being trained by Mistress Madison, listening and watching hypno, having his little cocklet locked up while Mistress toyed with him, either unlocking and teasing him, or playing with his ass. Taylor felt his ass clench at that, and he felt empty down there, but… but he had left that behind. He didn’t want that… no matter how arousing, and how much, whenever he wasn’t paying attention, would suddenly crave that, to be back in Mistresses arms, to feel her play with him, to use him and fuck him. To make him into a perfect little sissy boi.
 N-no… he didn’t want that. That was too much, especially after… after the last time. Even so, Taylor felt his hole clench as he watched the butt plug go in deeper and deeper. A part of him wanted that, wanted to be able to take plugs that big, to be a size queen, despite how it might screw up his hole later in life… and despite the fact that he wasn’t a sissy slut at all, no, he, he wasn’t a slutty sissy, he was a guy.
 Rachel finally managed to push the big butt plug all the way into Lisa’s ass and he let out a loud moan while his legs tried to pull themselves down from their restaurants near Lisa’s head. Lisa’s back hole twitched and Taylor felt that he did the same. He, he was just turned on by how Lisa was looking all sexy and stuff, and how his cocklet strained, not by how he imagined himself there… Taylor shook his head to keep the thoughts out of his head, but still, he couldn’t look away.
 Her work complete, Rachel turned away from Lisa who’s moaning was slowing down and saw him, saw how he was looking at them, and how his hard cock was showing despite wearing jeans. Rather than say anything, Racheal just grabbed the straps of her strap on, and pulled it down, revealing her wet pussy. Taylor decided to focus on that, her pussy, nothing else, not at how hot the situation Lisa was in looked, not how he felt a longing for something to be in his ass, not the longing to be locked up in a cute cage of chastity like Lisa was and how he had been more than four months ago, no he focused on how nice Rachel’s pussy looked, how it was sexy and her breasts were to.
 Numbly, Taylor reached for his belt and started undoing it. That was the thing with Rachel, other than you had to fight her for dominance, something only Brian and himself have managed to do, Rachel was always down for sex. It wasn’t like she was a nymphomaniac, no Taylor knew one and this was different. Racheal just didn’t see the problem with casual sex and enjoyed doing it and doing it a lot, so she was always down to fuck.
 For Rachel, this was just Tuesday. Taylor rubbed his cock as he came forward to take Rachel, to fuck her and make them both feel good, because to Rachel he was the alpha here. He had beaten her, and so Rachel was his by right of conquest, or at least, the right to fuck her that is. Lisa obviously hadn’t, and Alec was either too lazy or liked taking it up the ass too much to even try.
 Rachel laid down on the couch, spreading her legs for him and letting him get full access to her pussy. Taylor licked his lips and wordlessly got onto the couch, his hands moving to her shirt hem and raising it so that he could see her breasts. They were a good average size, and fit in Taylor’s hands well. She started kneading them a bit as Rachel grabbed a condom from the table. They were a bit too large for Taylor, having been bought with Brian in mind but he was still able to fit in them.
 Even so, he rolled the large sized condom onto his hard dick, feeling it put pressure on his dick before he moved forwards and started pushing into Rachel’s snatch. It was warm and wet, it made Taylor’s dick feel good as he thrust into her. Like a jackhammer he thrust quickly with his average sized dick into Rachel as she lay back and enjoyed his ministrations.
 However, even as he thrust into her, a traitorous desire went through Taylor’s head. A thought that kept him from enjoying this more as he fucked Rachel, wetting his dick and proving that he was a man.
 Being fucked felt better.
 Taylor shook his head violently as he continued to fuck Rachel, he, it didn’t feel better. He, he was a man, and this felt good. He wanted to fuck her and feel good, he wanted to cum. He didn’t want to end up like Lisa, like those sissies in the videos he would watch with mistres… no, with Madison. He, he didn’t want to get fucked by big cocks and strap ons, he didn’t want to have massive butt plugs put into his needy back hole, he didn’t, he didn’t need to have that void he’d been feeling since he stopped seeing Madison filled while his cute caged cocklet bounced and jingled as he was made into the bitch that he knew, deep down, he was.
 Then Taylor felt something that made him gasp, and the erection he had twitched in Rachel, as he felt her hands on his ass, and a finger was playing with his hole, making him harder than he had ever been before, except for some times when he had been with Madison. He started fucking Rachel harder, going deeper and going faster, and Rachel continued to play with his ass. It, he, no, it, it felt good. Taylor was panting now as Rachel inserted two fingers into his ass. They were still lubed up from putting the plug in Lisa’s ass, and now they were playing with his. Rachel’s fingers found his prostate, and pushed down on it, causing Taylor to throw his head up and gasp as she smashed his bitch button.
 Taylor would have cum then if it hadn’t been for Rachel using her foot to kick him off of her, leaving Taylor laying on the other side of the couch as Rachel got up from it. He tried to move but Rachel pinned him to the couch and looked him, not straight in the eyes but she was looking at him with a serious expression. From her side she grabbed at her strap on, and held it up in her hand, clear for Taylor to see.
 “Do you want this?” Was all she asked, and Taylor was left staring at it while his traitor mind thought of all the times that Madison had fucked him, how it had turned into a reward to be fucked, how he had cried out in pleasure as she woud fuck him. Sometimes she would fuck him rough and hard, making sure he couldn’t sit down after and leaving him blissed out on the floor of her room, other times, she would be gentle, she would torture him with slow and deep thrusts of her dildo while he whimpered and cried out for more as she would make him feel amazing. Some part, some deep part wanted it and it made him so horny to even have it suggested that he would be fucked, yet he lied.
 “No.” Was all he said, but it must not have been convincing because Rachel narrowed her eyes and the two fingers that had just been in Taylor’s ass came back and before Taylor could stop her, she reached down and inserted her two fingers and quickly found his prostate. Taylor gasped and found himself paralised as she was once more touching and pleasuring his bitch button, making him extremely hard as he was forced to hold onto the couch to not fall over. She pulled him up a bit and he was left squating on the couch as she continued to finger fuck him. Taylor’s head had fallen back, he eyes had rolled back too and he was moaning like a bitch as his prostate was being touched.
 “Do you want this?” Rachel asked again, touching his hard dick with her even bigger strap on, and Taylor whimpered, ashamed of himself.
 “Turn around,” Taylor obeyed, he, he couldn’t hide it. He had been trying for months now, and he couldn’t. He had even lost his virginity, and it just didn’t feel as good. He couldn’t lie to himself, or Rachel any longer. Rachel got on the couch, and he could feel the strap on between his legs, touching his hard cock as she positioned him so that he was leading on the back of the couch, bent over it. He heard Rachel pop the cap on the heavy duty lube she had been using on Lisa, and felt her finger begin to fuck his hole once more. He couldn’t help it, he moaned as she inserted fingers into him and thoroughly lubed him up along with her strap on.
 Then he felt her strap on touch against his back hole, and his cock jumped. He tried to move a hand to it, to jerk it off, but Rachel swatted his butt when he tried, and he got the message. No touching.
 Rachel didn’t enter into slowly, she didn’t need to. She felt how her fingers entered in there easily. After a certain point, when he’d been fucked enough, even when he had months to recover being fucked by dicks bigger than his own, Taylor’s hole hadn’t become as tight as it had been before. Instead it gave way after only a bit of resistance. Taylor moaned in a bit of pain but mostly pleasure. He sometimes would have relapses where he would wake up in the middle of the night wide eyed and panicked as he would rush to his closet and dig out the toys that Madison had given him, lube himself up and bouncing and fuck himself in the middle of his room, barely coherent as he fucked himself over and over again for some time before he finally came to, realised what he had done, and would in shame, clean them before putting them back into his secret place in his closet, the same place he kept his bullying journal, and his sissy diary from his time with Mistress Madison.
 The dildo Rachel was pushing into Taylor was nice and big, about as large as the largest dildo that Madison had ever fucked him with, and it immediately took his breath away as he was being fucked, It felt good, no, it felt divine, to be fucked again. His useless cock swung between his legs but Rachel paid it no mind as she in no time was hitting him right on his prostate, targeting it directly with her dick, causing him to leak out pre into the condom as she fucked him, sending waves of pleasure through him and turning Taylor’s mind to mush.
 It felt good, and it didn’t stop feeling good as Rachel fucked him, in fact it started to feel even better as she fucked him. Almost like flicking a switch Taylor started to feel the pleasure in his ass intensify as he let out a loud moan that carried throughout the loft. Even so, Rachel kept going, and it stayed as intense as it was before, and Taylor never wanted her to stop. It felt too good, he wanted her to destroy his ass. He didn’t care if he wouldn’t be able to sit for a straight week, he wanted her to keep fucking his lil’ sissy ass.
 Quickly he started pushing back against her, causing him to get fucked even deeper in his sissy hole and harder as they smashed against each other, dildo fucking Taylor roughly and hitting him in all the right places. Taylor felt something touch his lips and without a thought he began to suck on it, trying to take it deep and gaging on it but not caring and trying again to deep throat the cock in front of him. He couldn’t see but that didn’t matter, all that mattered was getting fucked and pleasuring the warm cock infront of him, and teasing out the cum that was within. He wanted to keep being fucked, and he wanted to make whoever was using his mouth cum right into his mouth. He wanted to taste the lovely salty taste of them. He wanted this so badly.
 Quickly whoever was infront of him came and Taylor reached out and kept them from moving away as they came in his mouth. Feeling dirty, after they finished cumming, he pulled himself off them and opened his mouth to let however it was see that he was savouring their cum, before he swallowed it like the good sissy cumslut that he, deep down, always knew he was.
 Finally however, Rachel pulled back and out and Taylor was left there, bent over the couch, gulping down deep breaths of air as he tried to catch his breath. He felt a tugging on his dick and the condom came off, before he found it in front of his face, filled with cum.
 Taylor looked up and saw Alec’s grinning face as he held up the filled condom.
 “Wanna share, dork?” He asked, and Taylor could only nod as Alec’s grin widened and he poured Taylor’s sissy cum into his mouth before coming down to Taylor’s level, and kissing him, his soft lips on Taylor’s and he felt cum enter into his mouth. The two stayed like that, swapping cum and swirling tongue before they broke apart and both swallowed their own portion of Taylor’s sissy load.
 “Not so high and mighty now are you eh?”
 Why even fight it? Was all Taylor could think.
 I told ya I would write it!
 Also any suggestions on what to do if this goes further? 
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I Need a Hero! 3
 Sorry Darik I wouldn’t expect things to go as Taylor is suffering as much in this fic. Maybe in another one but not in this one, at least not in the way that the last snip implied it was going.
 As always, any and all feedback is highly appreciated.
 Taylor walked along the docks. It was early morning and in the bay, the lights on the rig could be seen shining. Taylor knew there wasn’t anyone out here because of her bugs. Since the dingy apartment, Taylor had calmed down a bit. She was still hot and wet from the dildos in her holes, locked in there by the chastity belt, but it was manageable. Now, all Taylor could do was think as she tried to avoid looking at the bay, at the Rig, at what was supposed to be a symbol of justice and heroism in the bay.
 Now however, when Taylor looked at the Rig, she saw none of that. Instead, a knot formed in her stomach, and she would steal her gaze away from it. When Taylor looked at the Rig now, all she felt was dread, horror, and shame. She had liked what those “heros” had done to her. They had used her, violated her. She... Taylor felt a sob wrack through her as she remembered how her body betrayed her.
 Taylor felt a hand creep towards her crotch, and then bump against the chastity belt. Immediately she shot her hand back up and clutched it, keeping it from going to her wet and throbbing pussy. Taylor felt it clench around the dildos in her, looking to get more stimulation. But Taylor resisted. It wasn’t as if she could even do anything, but she still held her hand to her chest as she let out shuddering breaths as she continued to feel tears well up in her mask’s lenses. She still hadn’t really dealt with that but it hardly mattered.
 She, her heroes. The people that Taylor looked up to, that she had adored throughout her younger years. They, they were rapists, bullies, and probably worse. Taylor let out a giggle with no humour behind it as the tears continued to fall into her lenses. Quickly her vision was getting more and more blurred. It didn’t matter. She could navigate with her insects.
 Taylor had wanted to join them, she had wanted to impress them, to make them proud. She was going to be a hero on the street first so they could actually respect her and maybe avoid the high school bull shit that she had been trying to escape from this entire time.
 But there was not escape, was there? There was no escaping the torment of her bullies who hounded her all day at school, ruining her grades, ruining her social life, just ruining her life in general. Now? They were coming after here in the one place she thought she would be safe from them. They were coming at her in her cape life, only it was so much worse in her cape life.
 In school they couldn’t do the things that Vista and Sophia had done to her back in that apartment. They, they couldn’t violate her so totally and utterly. They couldn’t make her body itself betray her in such a way. They had turned her own body against her. Taylor knew it would happen. She… she craved this, this feeling. It made her so hot, and horny she had learned. She had found these things out about herself and had hidden them away because it was wrong and lewd and she nearly… a sob wracked Taylor again… she nearly willingly went down that street.
 Taylor could remember her thoughts, while they fucked her. She had fantasised about being fucked, being dominated, having her life ruined by the trio as they turned her into their sex pet. She, in that moment, had desired it. Even now, Taylor felt herself getting hot and bothered by the thought. Her nipples here hard, her snatch was soaked, and she felt a lustful fog coming in.
 Taylor gripped her hand harder. She didn’t want to be their pet, she wanted to be Taylor, a person, she didn’t want to be turned into a sex toy. Yet, why did it sound so hot?
 It wasn’t fair! She shouldn’t want these things. She was sick, she was horribly sick. She had tried to suppress her desires, and yet, she couldn’t. Now Sophia had locked these dildos in and she couldn’t hide and suppress her lust like she had been before. Now she would find herself constantly thinking of having the trio violate her, fucking her, turning her into their sex pet for them to enjoy. Or even worse, her heroes, the ones that she looked up to, would find her, they would incapacitate her like they did in the night. They would rape her, and make her desire sex so that she could forget how horrible her life was.
 Maybe that’s it? Maybe she should just give up? She was a stupid subby slut who should just admit it and submit. She should just do what she had nearly done that one time so long ago. She should just walk down that street, she should just let herself be taken into that brothel she knew about, and just let herself be fucked. She wouldn’t have to think, she could just live life as a mindless sex doll, being fucked by whoever came and went.
 After all, it isn’t like she’s worth anything. Dad doesn’t even look at her most of the time, no one at school cares, she doesn’t have any friends and her one place, her one place she had hoped to escape to, it was no escape. It was just another hell, a hell worse than even Winslow. At least at Winslow they couldn’t rape her, they couldn’t use dildos to rail her pussy, or fuck her, or turn her body against her. All they could do was insult her and hurt her.
 Out here though, in the cape scene? They had finally snuffed out the last glimmer of the one thing that the bullies at Winslow hadn’t managed to snuff out yet.
 Taylor unzipped her back pack and held it by the strap at the top of it. Taylor wasn’t sure if she was crying anymore. Her eyes were constantly wet as the lenses has filled up enough that everything was blurry. It didn’t hurt though, and Taylor didn’t care enough to try to fix it. Then, as she walked,
 She picked up a rock.
 She put it in her bag.
 Then, she picked up another rock.
 This pattern kept repeating as Taylor walked down the docks, grabbing rocks, pebbles, bricks, anything she could get her hands on that her bugs told her was heavy.
 Finally, as Taylor felt her bad was heavy enough, she zipped up her bag, and put it on.
 Taylor could feel through her bugs, a person, but she ignored them. They would just avoid the obvious villain cape.
 It was heavy, but she could carry it. Besides… it wasn’t a long walk.
 Taylor started to hear the lapping of water at the edge of the concrete docks.
 She, she should have written Dad a letter…
 “Hey!” Taylor heard a shout from behind her. Feeling with her bugs, Taylor realised that it was the person she felt before but had ignored. She was running up as fast as she could, which wasn’t very fast, she wasn’t running in a way that promoted speed, I had learned this while running how to move faster.
 “Hey!” She said once more. Taylor doesn't turn but she does listen.
 “Please don’t!” She says coming close to her, she’s panting hard. Taylor could feel herself crying again. She, she wanted to. It, it hurts to keep going. Suddenly Taylor felt arms wrap around her, hugging her. The girl doesn’t try to pull Taylor away. She just hugs her.
 “Please don’t.” She doesn’t let go, and Taylor lets her hold onto her. She… Why? Why should she even keep going? This was her last chance to escape, to maybe be happy? Then this…
 “It won’t always be this bad, you know?” Taylor doesn’t respond, maybe just a stock response to say to people that… had enough? They stayed there for a while. Neither saying anything. Taylor tried her best to keep the sobs from becoming audible.
 “You don’t have to let them win like this.” The girl said, and Taylor felt her head turn a slight bit. Thats… what kept her going to school every day, not wanting to let them win.
 “They don’t have to win here either. Sure they got you down, but you don’t have to stay down.” But if she went against them, then that would make her a,
 “A villain?” Taylor looked over her shoulder at the girl now, She couldn’t see because of the tears she hadn’t drained out but she could see something blonde hugging her from behind.
 “Is being a villain so bad?”
 “Ho” Taylor took a deep breath as another sob threatened to wrack her body in front of this person. “How?” It was almost inaudible. Almost like a sound someone made while breathing, but the other girl caught it.
 “I’m a cape too.” Was all she said. A villain, Taylor was talking to a villain. A villain. The only person in this city that even gave a damn about her was a villain. Why else would she try to be tempting her into villainy?
 But then… was that really so bad?
 “Hey...” the blonde villain said, her voice barely over a whisper. “Do you want to come back to my place? We can get you into something comfy? Maybe have some hot chocolate or something? Or maybe some tea?” Normally Taylor would have some tea, but hot chocolate sounded nice. She, she wanted something sweet. Something that she could focus on rather than… than what happened.
 “Okay,” the villainess whispered to her, before she took Taylor’s hands. They untangled themselves, and Taylor let herself get dragged away to this villainess's secret lair. Caution was thrown to the wind. Taylor didn’t care anymore.
 She just wanted someone to care. 
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 An Unfortunate Asari (Mass Effect SI)
 Getting stranded on Omega as an Asari? Not good. Accepting the help of a seemingly friendly Batarian? Probably not a good idea, but then I’m desperate and starving. Ending up drugged and with a shock collar that detects attempts to use biotics? Pretty much expected.
 Any and all feedback is highly appreciated.
 I’m laying on the small varren mattress my master has left me, breathing through the hole in the ball gag that’s shoved in my mouth. I wish I could at least use my arms as a pillow but my new master has them handcuffed behind my back. At least with the blindfold it’s easier to sleep.
 Feeling thirsty I push myself up from laying on my varren bed, and hear the heavy chain clinking as I shift around, and it starts to run across my naked blue body. The chain runs over my perky breasts and as it rubs past my nipples I get a small sensation of pleasure. I ignore it as I walk on my knees to where I know the water is. Slowly I lower my body until I feel water touch my lips, and start drinking it through the hole in the ball gag.
 Prelo, the Batarian that had helped me the first couple nights in Omega had seemed like an alright fellow. Granted I was suspicious of him, but then I had barely survived my first night out on the Omegan streets, huddled in alleyways and hoping they weren’t occupied by wild varren or vorcha. It had been miserable.
 After a few nights however, just as my guard was falling, we shared some Batarian version of coffee, and then next thing I know I wake up with a slave collar round my neck, a ball gag with a hole in it, and a blindfold.
 Those three items have been a part of my life since the beginning of my enslavement. They were locked on by a harness that only my master had the codes to, and he only ever unlocked the ball gag when it was feeding time. Otherwise he left it on. The handcuffs however, were new. I hadn’t wanted to have sex last night because he had been being rough with me, so I was sore. He didn’t care and had locked my hands behind my back before giving me a rough fucking and using the handcuffs as handles.
 I was still a bit sore down there, but it was going away fast.
 Having finished my drink. I lean back up and walk over to my little varren bed, and just sit, my hands going to my nice and big ass, and I lean back a bit, just rubbing my alien pussy lips a bit. Master was always putting things in the water, and I could feel it now as it started going through my system. I’m already getting wet, and I can feel my nipples harden. I suffer in silence however as I lean back some more so I can get a few of my fingers into my hole.
 Sure I was sore but then, when I was a human male I would still start jerkin’ my gherkin’ even when it had been rubbed raw, and I had healed a bit over the night. Master had even put some lotion in my pussy after and I even feel better because of it.
 Small amounts of pleasure come from my pussy as I try to finger fuck myself with my cuffed hands. I imagine what I must look like. Some blue Asari slut, wearing a metal posture collar with a chain attached to it leading to a wall, a blindfold and ball gag combo added as well. She can’t speak or even shout, she can’t see how lewd she’s being. Her back is arched and her large breasts fully pushed out with hard engorged nipples sticking out. Her hands behind her back, reaching for her pussy which is fully exposed as her legs are spread wide. Drool likely falls down her lips as she tries to touch herself.
 I’m quickly brought back from my imaginings as I feel a hand on one of my breasts. I gasp in surprise and draw my fingers back from my tight pussy, but do nothing else as the mysterious person cups my breast and lightly pinches my nipple between two fingers. I hear a chuckle and know instantly that it is my master.
 “Enjoying yourself slave?” Knowing better than to lie to my master, I nod my head as I enjoy his touch. Despite enslaving me, he has been gentle with my body, mostly. Sometimes he will fuck me hard over and over until I’m sore, other times he is gentle with me. Physically I enjoy both, mentally, I’d rather escape, despite finding it so hot. He expertly manipulates my nipple in his hand, pinching and rubbing it just enough that any pain I might have felt is overwhelmed by the pleasure I feel flowing through my core.
 I feel my breathing slow as I let everything go, and just focus on his hand, playing with my nipple. Despite not being able to see, I close my eyes. I then feel his other hand begin playing with my other nipple in much the same way. Gentle and very pleasurable. I let out a small moan. Despite my situation, I’m glad that my master enjoys playing with my breasts. Asari breasts are just great.
 I imagine my master wanting to pierce them, like human women do sometimes. Nice ring piercings so that he could attach things to them, and maybe the piercings would make them more sensitive. That would be nice, and enhance the only good thing about my enslavement. Sure some times it hurt when he was too rough with me, but then, when you were left in an apartment all day with nothing to do but drink water and some food paste, the sex kind of becomes the best thing about the day.
 Master pulls his hands from my breasts and I whine, just how he likes it. He finds it amusing and arousing when I act all needy and wanting, not that I wasn’t. Sex was the only fun thing to do. Sure I had felt violated, but the boredom was worse, just being left with my thoughts and contemplations, how my life was all fucked and we were all going to die because of some abominations from beyond the stars.
 No, better to lose yourself to mindless pleasure than to worry about other such things.
 “Present yourself to me slave.” Master ordered and I did as he asked. I turn around and bend over. I let my large breasts touch the ground as I arch my back to present myself for my master. I remember that this position looks best when fucking people from behind and I don’t want to be sold off to a crueler master than my master, so I do my best to please him as best I can.
 “You Asari are all just natural born slaves aren’t you?” I make a series of sounds that I hope sounds like ‘yes master“ as I agree with him. That would probably be the natural place of the Asari were it not for their prothean beacon and the maiden’s and matron’s constant need to breed and be fucked by other species. With their long lives and unworried progression, they would have likely ended up either a technologically inferior species that had spread throughout the galaxy like the Twi’lek of Star Wars, or a subject race of whatever power obtained control over their space. Likely the Salarians since they were the guys who didn’t get the advantage the Asari had in having a prothean beacon to just grab tech from whenever it seemed they were falling behind.
 Then I felt my master’s cock begin prodding at my wet lower lips, and I smiled. Sex was always great. It felt amazing, especially when high on aphrodisiac as I was, and would cloud my mind with lust while we fucked. I wanted to lean back and feel him in me, but he hadn’t just started to fuck me so he was likely waiting. Seeing if I was obedient to him or just after my own pleasure.
 Not that there was much of a difference for me. Even as a human I had always been extremely subby, finding pleasure in submitting. This was probably why I was okay with essentially being raped every day and why I wasn’t as horrified by my sexual enslavement. Actually… truth be told. I might have even agreed to something like this if my master had just asked. He could have phrased as paying for rent, and I might have agreed.
 I let out a long moan as my master finally pushes forward and enters into my tight maiden pussy. His hands grip my ass and he begins fucking me in ernest. Pleasure and pain emanates from my pussy and shoots through me in waves as he fucks my sore snatch. The pain however isn’t so much as it was the night before that it overrides the pleasure. Rather it manages to enhance it as I have to try to focus more on the pleasure.
 Master gives my bubble butt a mighty swat as he’s fucking me, and I let out a scream of pain before returning back to the moans of pleasure as he continues to hammer my pussy, slowly getting me close and closer to the edge. I can feel my eyes roll up in my skull as he fucks me. My breath has started going ragged and spit flies from the hole in my gag as I breath through my mouth as well.
 Suddenly my master speeds up even faster and starts going deep into my folds with his batarian cock. I moan even louder as he is bringing me closer and closer to orgasm with every thrust. Each thrust is moving me forward just a bit on my varren bed, rubbing my nipples and giving me more points of pleasure to focus on as I reach closer and closer to nirvana as pleasure shoots through my very core every time my master thrusts into me with his amazing cock.
 I can feel my arms squirming in their cuffs, wanting to grab onto something but there is nothing but air as I writhed under the ministrations of my master. Then he pulls fully out and shoves his entire divine length all the way in, over and over again I let out another long moan.
 “Mathhhther!” I cry out through the ball gag as I feel myself go over the edge and my Asari cunt starts spasming, clamping down on my masters member as he thrusts in one last time. I feel hot cum start spurting out of his cock while my pussy tries to milk him of everything he has. Undulating.
 My master falls ontop of me as we are left panting on my varren bed. He chuckles as he snakes his hands underneath me and fondles my big blue breasts once more.
 “Even without your mind rape bullshit you whores still cum like anyone else.” Right… the connection or mindsex or whatever that Asari could do. Embrace eternity or something like that? Either way, it wouldn’t have worked anyways, not with the collar, and my master knew it. Why would you want your sex slave getting pregnant anyways unless you had a fetish for that? Just meant another mouth to feed. Or you could sell them, but your slave would become rather high maintenance until it was born, or aborted. Abortions cost money though.
 “Yesh Mathher” I say around my gag. I didn’t have anything more to say, and I didn’t have to say anything more. After all,
 I was a slave.  

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Solving Problems
 Aka All Except Her rewrite but I threw out the premise after about two or three posts refuting it. Let it be known that I am easily convinced but will continue to argue because I find it fun.
As always, any and all feedback is highly appreciated, especially criticism, I would like to know when I’m wrong about something or how I could improve.
Taylor frowned as they got back from combating the newest “threat” to the city, stepping through a portal out of the irradiated hell hole that is modern day Earth Bet Africa, and into the transport hub inside the Warden’s base with the rest of the Flock.
Taylor spotted some of the eyes of the other Wardens on her specifically as she walked beside the Valkyrie. She didn’t allow them to phase her though as they continued on out of the room. To think that at some point she had thought that these people might have been thankful that she nearly killed herself saving their ungrateful asses.
To think that they wanted to master her after she was revived. Taylor felt her bugs grow more agitated but she didn’t show it herself. Had it not been for Ciara they might have gone through with it but they relented when she nearly went Fairy Queen on them, threatening to leave the Wardens and to take her Flock with her.
Perhaps, Taylor considered, that might have been better if they had still tried it. It would effectively have defanged the rather incompetent Wardens and make her plans all the easier.
As they neared a bend in the hallway, Grue started turning to the exit, and paused when she did not follow him. He was heading to the exit to go and grab a cab to get back to New Brockton Bay, to hang with his girlfriend and the rest of the Undersiders.
“I’ll catch up with you later Grue, I just have to have a word with Ciara.” Grue nodded at that before going on his way. Thank God that she had managed to drag him back with her to the Undersiders. Despite the spotty memory it was still Grue in the end, otherwise he might have ended up like many of the other members of the Flock, isolated and alone, cut off from all those that could help them become themselves again, and ending up lost.
After a certain point, they stop being who they were before. They’ve lost the reasons for why they are who they are, and start to question. Without the memories to keep them who they were, they stop being the people they were, and end up as strange mockeries wearing the names they used to have. Lady Photon nearly ended up like that, but the Wardens finally allowed those resurrected to see their friends and family just quick enough that some managed to reconnect with their friends and family before they lost themselves.
Not her and Grue though. She had forced her way out of the base with Grue in tow and no one had the will to stop her, especially when she had the blessing of Valkyrie. This was all in spite of the will of most of the Wardens, but when you’re threatened with having your most powerful member leave, then there isn’t much that you can do. Though truth be told, it was a near thing from what Ciara said.
As they continued to walk, Ciara continued to steal glances at Taylor, yet she remained silent as they walked. Taylor was willing to allow this silence to go on. Ciara would eventually ask why she was not joining Grue on his way to joining the Undersiders.
“Do you wish something from me Que-... Khepri?” Khepri. Taylor didn’t care for the name. It was flattering, but the official propaganda of the Wardens was that Taylor as Khepri had nearly tried to take over the world after Golden Morning was finished with, was killed for it, and was now serving her sentence as a member of Valkyrie’s Flock. A load of rubbish but it had become popular among the lower ranks, and eventually just spread like wildfire. Now it was the party line as rather than stomp out the rumours they just let them go on and acted as if it wasn’t a problem.
“I noticed that you weren’t on top of your game today Ciara.” Taylor deliberately uses her name rather than her cape name. Technically she was Taylor’s superior, due to her being at the head of the Flock, and Taylor technically being a part of the Flock, even if unofficially she was part of the Undersiders. However they both knew what they actually were. Equals at the very least.
“I don’t, I don’t know what you’re talking about” A stutter, Ciara definitely realised that she wasn’t doing so well in their fights lately.
“I’ve noticed your staring...” There it was. Ciara looked like a deer caught in the headlights. With Taylor’s power, that she could exert over Ciara and anyone else in ten feet of her, Taylor could feel Ciara’s heart rate rapidly increase, but more interestingly, there was a hint of arousal.
“You have?” She asked, not even hiding it. In truth, it was quite flattering to Taylor, to be desired in such a way. What exactly she saw in Taylor was obviously ethereal rather than physical as there wasn’t exactly anything particularly attractive to her build.
“Yes, I have.” Taylor drew close to Ciara, looking down at her as they walked. Taylor through her power could feel as Ciara’s nipples were beginning to harden.
“Your lust is obvious, and it is affecting your combat ability.” Taylor continued. Experimentally, Taylor reached out a hand, and grabbed a handful of Ciara’s plump ass. They were nice and thick, and Taylor’s hand sank into them. Ciara, rather than try to push her away, or swat her, slowed. She gasped out in surprise, and Taylor could feel Ciara’s womanly folds grow wet with arousal. Taylor leaned down, her lips by Ciara’s ear as she whispered.
“I would like to fix your problem.” Ciara’s breath had increased in pace and her nipples had continued to harden, now they were hard little nubs that rubbed against the cloth of her costume. Taylor didn’t do more as they continued. Taylor watched as Ciara, after a moment of hesitation, nodded. Taylor let a smile slowly form on her large expressive lips. To any that looked at her, she looked like the cat that caught the canary.
“The safe word is, Glaistig.” Was all Taylor said as they entered Ciara's room. Taylor wasn’t surprised when she saw all of the various toys that Ciara had in her room. They decorated nearly half of the various surfaces around the room, ranging from large to small, from dicks to plugs, to even various BDSM gear. Taylor had found it amusing that every time that she entered into the Warden’s HQ to assist in another threatening force, she found that the toy collection of her “warden” grew larger and larger. Ciara had never talked about it but it was becoming fairly obvious that Ciara was having a hard time dealing with her libido. Hopefully, Taylor could assist her in finally managing to scratch that itch.
Taylor let her bugs gather up what she would need today. Only what she would wear, as anything more would be unsanitary. Taylor in the meantime, came up behind Ciara, sliding right up against her, and ran her hands up and down her front. Ciara had removed her armour a while ago while the two had showered up. During the very short amount of time she was in the shower, she noticed Ciara sneaking looks at her while, as such, Taylor had made sure to drop the soap, and to bend over slowly, grabbing her soap, and spending longer than usual washing her legs. If Ciara wanted to take longer in the shower that was up to her. Ciara hadn’t exactly stopped, but she had started moving very slowly as she was left gazing at Taylor’s rear as it bounced in time with Taylor’s washing.
When Ciara emerged Taylor realised that she nearly had a full blown blush going. Taylor had immediately, as soon as no one was around, grabbed a hold of Ciara’s ass, and gripped it tightly, and pulled her close. The girl was smaller than Taylor, enough that she could easily drape herself around her and guide her around the base to her quarters without being observed by any but the security cameras, and Dragon was too busy these days trying to recapture her tinker spark with Colin to be watching at that moment.
One of Taylor’s hands played with one of Ciara’s perky nipples, her young appearing body sporting some nicely sized c cups. The hand which was playing with her nipples rubbed it between the pads of her fingers. Occasionally using a thumb to rub the tip of the nipple.
Taylor’s other hand found it’s way downward, slowly trailing a path underneath Ciara’s clothing until it reached her crotch. From there, Taylor used her fingers to tease Ciara, to spread the lips of her feminie folds, before allowing them to close, sometimes sliding a finger across Ciara’s slit but never entering. Not yet, soon, but not yet. Taylor let the towel that she was wearing from the showers fall down. Unlike Ciara, Taylor had opted to not redon her clothes, but rather walk with her towel being the only thing covering her.
As Taylor continued to play with Ciara, she raised her foot up one by one, allowing her bugs to move the thigh high latex boots into place along with the corset. With bugs she had them pull up the latex and to tighten and tie the corset as she pulled her hand teasing Ciara’s pussy to Ciara’s other nipple.
“Do you like that?” Taylor whispered to Ciara. Ciara by this point had her head tilted back slightly, her eyes gazing at nothing as Taylor teased her. Pulling at her nipples and then pinching them. Sometimes Taylor would let go of a nipple and merely circle around it, keeping it perky as she looked at the lovely sight of Ciara’s hard nubs.
As her bugs finished the last of the ties, Taylor let her hands shift down, and she grabbed a hold of some latex gloves. She rolled them up to put them on as her bugs started to pull down Ciara’s pants. They fell silently and Ciara did nothing as Taylor, with a single gloved hand, used that hand to tease at her pussy. First sliding a latex clad finger over her slit, before she inserted a single finger into her lovely feminine folds, exploring the wet depths of Ciara’s sex.
Meanwhile, Taylor decided to test something. She for a brief moment, used her human controlling powers on Ciara, and made her lift a hand up. Ciara gasped as Taylor made her move. Taylor waited for Ciara to call out Glastig, to end this before Taylor went farther, and yet, she didn’t. Ciara was both scared… and highly aroused. Taking this as encouragement, Taylor began using her powers that she had since Golden Morning, to pull her remaining sleeve up.
They both knew that Ciara could stop Taylor’s control at any moment. With but the summoning of a spirit she could channel Taylor control into it and that would be that. Yet, it was still a fairly intimate moment, that Ciara didn’t either summon a spirit immediately or call out the safe word.
With her now gloved other hand, Taylor returned to teasing Ciara’s nipple, while she added a second finger to her little sub’s pussy, clawing it, and rubbing against Ciara’s clit. Ciara gasped a little more as Taylor continued to use her fingers to play the cape’s body like a flute.
Ciara’s breath was starting to get ragged, her pussy practically dripped with fluid, and her nipples were as hard as stone. She had practically collapsed in Taylor’s hold, only her outstretched knee was keeping her up as she leaned back against Taylor. Taylor could see her eyes were clouded with lust as she let herself be played with by Taylor. Then Ciara did something.
“M- more...” She let out in a whisper, and Taylor let her smile start to show some teeth. Maybe she didn’t mean for Taylor to hear it, but she did, and now she was going to do what she had been planning to do to this girl since she realised that the girl had let her lust affect her ability in combat.
“Get on the bed. Grab your cuffs, and lock your hands behind your back, while I grab your stap on from your drawer.” Silently, Ciara nodded, and slowly, supported herself before walking, almost in a daze, towards the bed. Taylor wasted no time going and pulling out the strap on from Ciara’s underwear drawer. Ciara meanwhile had grabbed the fuzzy cuffs that she had left on her bedside table.
Taylor heard the clicks of the cuffs as she strapped on Ciara’s dildo. While she may want pleasure here, this time would be more about punishing Ciara, while also scratching that itch she was having a hard time getting at. Taylor was hoping she could do both.
Ciara looked at her with cute innocent eyes. Taylor wasn’t sure she had ever had sex before. She had all these toys and yet no one ever seems to approach this extremely lewd girl. Taylor crawled onto the bed on all fours towards the now handcuffed Ciara. Her blush was a deep crimson, and her breath was fast and ragged as Taylor approached her. Taylor pinned her down onto the bed with one hand, while the other held her strap on, no, her cock, and she smeared the girly fluids from Ciara’s pussy onto the thing, stroking it so that the fluid got all over her cock.
The strap on wasn’t the largest of Ciara’s collection. That belonged to one that was inside of Ciara’s closet still in its box. She had yet to go any bigger than the strapon Taylor had on. Taylor leaned forwards, the head of her cock touching against Ciara’s entrance. Taylor then whispered into Ciara’s ear once more in as sultry a voice as she could muster.
“Are you ready?” When Ciara nodded, Taylor smiled as she pushed her hips forward, slowly sliding the dildo into Ciara. Ciara’s eyes went wide and her mouth opened into a nice and round “O.” Ciara moaned as Taylor slowly pushed her cock into Ciara’s wet folds. Her eyes once more became clouded as the pleasure of the dildo overwhelmed her. While this wasn’t the first dildo she ever had in her, this was the first time it was someone else doing it to her, and that made everything all the more intense for Ciara.
Taylor knew it as well. The first time with someone, especially if they knew what they were doing, was special. Taylor had learned that a little over a year ago when she finally tried sex again. That time had been a magical experience. Had Taylor had such an experience back during her days in Brockton, or even during her Winslow days, Taylor was sure that she would have been much more experienced by the time she had her first time with Brian.
Taylor got in nice and close to Ciara, one latex gloved hand was playing with Ciara’s pert nipples, while the other held her down as she squirmed from Taylor’s slow insertion. Ciara was panting more now, finding it even sexier as Taylor continued to keep her pace nice and slow.
As she reached the end of the dildo, Taylor took a moment to take in Ciara again. Her shirt was all the way up her front, her perky nipples stood out as tasty little cherry nubs on her pleasant c cup breasts. Ciara looked so desperate as her tongue stuck out of her mouth and her breaths came and went fast as she panted with need. Her eyes practically begged Taylor for more. Her hair was a mess as her squirming had started to pull it from it’s braid, but not entirely. Even now, Ciara squirmed in Taylor’s grip, trying to impale herself further on Taylor’s cock.
If her “warden” wanted more, then Taylor would oblige. Taylor pulled back, and began to slowly thrust into Ciara’s sopping wet teenage pussy. Ciara moaned louder as she was finally being fucked for possibly the first time in her life. Taylor smiled wide as Ciara’s eyes rolled up, just because Taylor's slow thrusts were driving her mad with pleasure and a need for more.
Taylor leaned down, and decided to rub her smaller b cup breasts against Ciara’s. Taylor felt her own hard nipples catch on Ciara’s as their breasts rubbed against each other. Small waves of pleasure emanated from Taylor’s tits’ each time their nipples caught on each one another. Taylor noted how wet she was. She would have to rectify this before she went home to her apartment in New Brockton Bay.
“M-more...” Taylor heard Ciara say as she continued to thrust just as fast as she did before. She never changed speeds the entire time that she was thrusting. Ciara was shuddering and was literally begging with need. This however was supposed to be a punishment for Ciara. She needed to learn something as well.
“N-no?” Ciara asked, her eyes went wide and her lower lip quivered.
“Because you didn’t need me this time.”
“I told you to only call me and Brian here if you needed me.” Taylor let her thrusts get even slower as Ciara squirmed and tried to get Taylor to thrust faster.
“So I’m not going to let you cum.”
“P-please!” Ciara sounded so needy, so desperate. Maybe… just this once.
“Okay, just this once, but you need to do something for me first.”
“Wh-what?” Ciara asked, she leaned forward as I pulled out of her. I let my bugs pull what I wanted from Ciara’s drawers. A mass of insects came from all around, and with them, they brought a series of toys. A chastity belt, and two vibrating dildos. One large, and one small.
“You’re going to wear this belt, with this,” Taylor held up the small vibrator, “in your ass, and this” Taylor held up the larger vibrator. “In your pussy. Then you’re going to eat me out.”
“Ea-eat you out?” Ciara asked, honest questioning mixing with the lustful begging to make something that just made Taylor want to do so many more awful and perverted things to her than what she was doing now.
“You’re going to lick my pussy until I cum my little Ciara.” Taylor said as she had her insects deposit the chastity belt on the bed. Ciara had so many toys. Ciara nodded at that. She so very much wanted to cum, and she couldn’t even use her hands right now, not with the cuffs binding her. Taylor leaned down and aligned the dildos on her hands.
First, she pushed the big one in, nice and slowly for Ciara. It wasn’t that large of a thing, likely having only been used once before Ciara discarded it and decided to have whoever make her more toys. Honestly, it was wasteful, but it served Taylor at the moment so she didn’t complain.
Ciara moaned a bit as it went into her. Taylor made sure that it went all the way in up until the tapered bottom before she finally let go. With her now free hand, she reached to the side and grabbed some lube that she had her bugs bring over. First, she put down the little vibrator and began to slather her fingers with lube, then, the poured some on Ciara’s cute butt, while her fingers started to play with her ass. Ciara whined as Taylor continue to slowly add more lube, massaging around Ciara’s back hole. At first it clenched up tight, showing that Ciara had never really done anything with her butt. That was okay. That just meant that she could enjoy this new sensation.
Taylor, after massaging Ciara’s cute little ass, eased a finger slowly into her back door. Ciara whined some more but none of her whining sounded pained. They were slow and sensual whines. Taylor smiled some more as she eased her finger in a bit more, to the second knuckle and wiggled her finger around a bit. Ciara was tight in there. Now, Taylor was going to be the first person to penetrate Ciara’s cute little ass. Taylor nearly giggled at the prospect.
To get Ciara ready even further, Taylor started pumping her finger in and out of her ass, slowly, all the while, her other hand put down the lube and started slowly fucking Ciara’s pussy with the vibrator inside of her. Taylor was careful not to activate the vibe however. That was for when the belt was on.
Ciara moaned as Taylor toyed with her holes, making her squirm and writhe in the bed as she was fucked so slowly by the dildo and Taylor’s finger that it was tourtoure, and yet, so hot and erotic. Ciara wanted this to go on forever, and yet she also wanted to cum.
Then Taylor stopped fucking her pussy and ass, and Ciara felt the small vibrator line up with her ass. It wasn’t much larger than Taylor’s finger. Even so, Ciara moaned as it was inserted.
With both vibrators inserted, Taylor got the chastity belt ready, and unlocked it with the key that was sitting beside it when her bugs had grabbed it. With Ciara helpless and plugged with vibes, Taylor lifted Ciara up, almost like diapering a babe, and slid the chastity belt underneath her butt. The steel band of the chastity belt wrapped around Ciara’s waist snuggly, and Taylor was easily able to finally bring the metal crotch band back up, to lock the whole thing together with a padlock.
Taylor once more stood on her knees and looked down at her handiwork. Here, the most powerful cape in all of Earth Gimel was her little plaything, to do as she wished with. She acquiesced to all of Taylor’s perverted little orders as she gave the now grown up, eternal fae child, her first sexual experience. Ciara looked at her with both fright, and arousal as Taylor’s grin grew wide, having her teeth exposed in a manic grin, as she pulled up a pair of remotes, and clicked the buttons on them.
Ciara’s eyes rolled back and her back arched as both vibes started vibrating at maximum power. Her moan was more a scream of ecstasy that Taylor was sure that if there were people in the other rooms, they could have heard. Then, with sadistic glee, Taylor turned both vibrators down to their lowest setting. Allowing Ciara to catch her breath. She wasn’t even looking at Taylor as she took deep gasping breaths in and out. Taylor, chuckled.
“Now Ciara, I said you couldn’t cum until you ate me out.” Taylor said light heartedly to Ciara. Instantly Ciara’s focus was on Taylor, her eyes manic. Oh dear, Taylor thought, she had been about to cum. They stared at each other, one almost mad with arousal and lust, the other amused and highly aroused by her toying with her cute little girl.
The more Ciara calmed down the more she was able to react. Her eyes never lost their mania but they did seem to return to sanity somewhat as they slowly comprehended what Taylor said. Slowly, Ciara, struggled her way to her knees, and moved off the bed. Taylor had sat herself down at the edge of the bed and had her legs open wide. Taylor with one hand played with her pussy, it was sopping wet at the moment as Taylor had been enjoying her time teasing and pleasuring her little fairy.
Ciara kneeled down in front of her, her eyes focused on Taylor’s wet glistening folds. Unconsciously, Ciara licked her lips as she watched Taylor finger herself, as she rubbed her clit and fingered her folds. Then, Taylor stopped, and slowly, ever so slowly, pulled her fingers away from her wet snatch. A trail of feminine fluid, or possibly lube, trailed along, connecting the two until it finally disconnected.
“Open.” Taylor commanded and her little Ciara obeyed like a good little girl should. Her tongue stuck out as she waited for Taylor’s command. Taylor smiled wider as she stuck her fingers into Ciara’s waiting mouth, pressing against her tongue and pushing a bit. Ciara gagged a little and Taylor pulled out. A fairly close to the surface gag reflex but that hardly mattered here.
“Come here,” Taylor beckoned to her little slut, and Ciara, as before, obeyed. She came forward on her knees, and slowly lowered her head to Taylor’s drenched sex. Experimentally, Ciara licked Taylor’s folds, and as a reward, Taylor increased the vibration on the vibes just a little bit, then as Ciara pulled back, Taylor lowered the vibration. Ciara, the smart little girl, seemed to catch on quickly as she started eating Taylor out. At first it was slow, and Taylor only increased the vibration a little bit. Then it got faster, and faster, Ciara’s tongue went in farther and deeper. She lacked any kind of technique but that hardly mattered, for she made up for it in enthusiasm. Taylor subsequently increased the vibration in tandem.
Taylor however never let it hit maximum. That would be a special reward for when Ciara made her cum. Taylor moaned as with every lick and tongue thrust her pleasure grew in force. Ciara with her inexpert tongue sent waves of pleasure through Taylor as his own breath started to grow ragged. Taylor found herself quickly coming closer and closer to orgasm as Ciara grew frantic with her licking. The vibes were only set to half speed but she couldn’t cum from that, not soon anyways, and she needed to increase the power. Ciara needed to cum, she was being driven mad by the vibrations, by her fellow queen.
Taylor felt herself getting closer to the edge, and while she could have prolonged Ciara’s suffering further, by focusing on her bugs or something else to keep her from orgasming yet, she decided to take mercy on Ciara. Taylor let herself cum. Her powerful legs slammed shut like a vice on Ciara’s head as she felt herself cum while she too let out a loud moan that likely could also be heard in other rooms.
Ciara continued licking, licking up her fellow Queen’s feminine cum and continued until Taylor’s legs finally released her and she fell back, gasping for breath, half mad with arousal and lust as the vibes were still only at half and she needed just a little bit more power.
Taylor looked down at Ciara, her needy and begging expression, and the fact that the chastity belt was actually dripping with the girl’s arousal, made her smile. She raised the remotes in her hand and Ciara’s eyes went wide. Then, Taylor pushed both of the vibes up to their maximum setting, and Ciara lost all bodily control over herself. Her back arched, her eyes rolled back, and she started shifting and moaning like a wanton whore as her world was suddenly became nirvana.
So intense was the pleasure that Ciara felt like she couldn’t see as she came. Ciara flopped on the floor but the vibrations just kept coming, and so Ciara kept cumming while on the floor. She twitched and spasmed as she was wracked by another orgasm so soon after the first. Ciara felt herself run out of breath as she reached a third orgasm and she gasped for breath. Ciara couldn’t think. A lustful fog had come in from the hedges at the edge of her mind, and it choked out all of her thoughts. Ciara couldn’t think. All she could do was enjoy the mind numbing pleasure of the vibes trapped in her pussy that were going to drive her crazy.
Then, slowly, the vibrations decreased. They lowered and Ciara didn’t continue orgasming so fast. The continued to lower and lower until finally, while they were at their lowest setting, and Ciara spasmed one last time in orgasm, they stopped.
Ciara lay there on her floor, unable to move as she felt a dark and wondrous presence descend upon her. Ciara could do nothing as she felt her arms being unbound from their shackles. She did nothing as she felt the steel belt being removed. All she could do was give a weak moan as she felt the vibes being removed from her extremely sensitive holes.
Ciara felt herself being picked up, and she curled in, hugging the person who was helping her, as they brought her to her bed, and the two lay there cuddling together as Ciara fought her way out of the fog of the hedge and back into reality.
Taylor gave one last kiss on the head of the sleeping Ciara. They had cuddled for a good long time after. Ciara at first had been barely cognisant. Even so, Taylor stayed with her the entire time. It was important to be there for little Ciara. A girl’s first time was always extremely important in all aspects. From the foreplay, to the sex, to the after care. Especially when their first time was a session of bondage and intense pleasure. Taylor had gotten her bugs to fly her over a stuffed toy bear from the closet. It looked like it had been neglected by Ciara. Probably some sort of attempt at deciding to grow up. Even so, that didn’t mean that she had to throw away all her little stuffed friends.
Now Ciara was sound asleep, her arms wrapped around her last stuffed animal as she made cute little snoring sounds as she slept. Smiling to herself, Taylor put on her own costume before she turned and left the room behind. She still needed to get back to the Undersiders.
As Taylor walked however, she had a devious thought. Taylor reached into her pocket and clicked a button on a small remote, not dissimilar to the ones that Taylor had used before to turn on Ciara's own vibrators.
Taylor smiled as she continued to walk. She couldn't wait to talk to Lisa.
Taylor wasn’t too surprised when Lisa called while she was in the cab, and was sounding out of breath.
“T-Taylor!” Lisa cried out at her. Her breath sounded ragged. Taylor knew what Lisa was going to ask so she answered instead.
“You were spreading rumours about Antares again.” A statement rather than a question. The two never had gotten along. The silence, except for Lisa’s ragged breathing was all Taylor needed to know. She thumbed the remote in her pocket, setting the dial to its highest setting and smiled as she heard Lisa’s lusty moans as she set Lisa’s vibe to its highest setting for a moment before dialing it back down.
However while it was fun to torment Lisa across the city, there was business to discuss.
“Did you watch anymore of that yuri thing lately?” How is the subversion of the city going?
“Y-yeah, I’d say, I’m on season, ah, season seven.” It’s getting pretty close to being completely subverted.
Taylor frowned at that. More and more the city was being subverted by outside powers. It made sense. The Wardens were awful at managing the city as it were. It was too easy for outside forces to subvert the populous and start inciting riots and other anti government, or rather, anti Wardens movements. The chaos bringers were falling straight into whichever enemies trap. Taylor had only really learned about this stuff recently, subversion, and the strategy of using subversion, so it was a big vague on how it all worked. Taylor got the gist of it however.
If the city was nearly getting completely subverted, and the rioting started getting real bad, it might mean that whoever was doing this was going to be making their move soon. Supposedly, when a populous is subverted, there is a rise in violence and rioting and other civil unrest. If the government of these subverted places doesn’t fix things, as the Wardens are failing to do, then there needs to be someone to step up and stop the violence. Generally, these would be the people who had started subverting people anyways. They would roll in and conquer the country, being the strong man and stopping the violence, all to the tune of the local populous.
“We might need to find a new anime for you to watch then.” We might have to move sooner than we thought if we want to beat them.
“Not, ah, not yet… but yeah. Anyways, I’ll, eh, talk to you soon.” No hidden message there. With that said Lisa hung up, and likely started trying to paw at her chastity belt, Taylor thought with amusement and she toyed with the key she had on a necklace. 
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30ish minute writing challenge. This time staring Flocked!Taylor
 All Except Her
 As always any and all feedback is highly appreciated.
 It’s said that members of Valkyrie's flock got a choice in whether they were brought back. While that may be true for some, Taylor never got a choice in the matter. When she was brought back she quickly found herself being subjected to a master that from the moment that she woke up.
 She was given an ultimatum, either she would serve or she would be put back into the ground.
 It wasn’t really a choice.
 Now she found herself serving alongside the Flock. Taylor had a minor hope that there was a bright side to this, even if the Wardens had effectively cowed her with the combination of the master they used as well as how she could have her life ripped from her by Valkyrie in an instant. After all, Brian was a part of the Flock. It quickly became apparent that it wasn’t Brian however. He mostly only remembered their fights, the combat. He wasn’t Brian, not really. At best he was a comrade in arms, and nothing more. He didn’t try to be anything more anyways, so Taylor let him be just that.
 Taylor missed her friends.
 She wasn’t allowed to go and see them, and they weren’t allowed to see her. She wasn’t given a reason, just that she wasn’t allowed to see them.
 “Khepri.” Taylor heard from behind her as she looked off to the Golden city. Obediently, Taylor turned towards Valkyrie. She was seated at her desk, something that she rarely used unless her paperwork really started to pile up, or she decided to use it for her entertainment.
 This time was the second reason. Taylor had found that along with the master commands that forced her to stay in the Wardens permanently, no rest or even the ability to see her true friends, she was also forced to obey any of their orders. Some had realised that meant the sexual ones as well.
 Taylor walked over to the desk, and saw the familiar set of dildos underneath. Valkyrie was among those that used her like a sex toy when she was off duty. She took a special pleasure in having Taylor eat her out, and she justified it to herself that Taylor cum’ed there for she enjoyed it. Others didn’t even have that excuse. She was one of the horrible villains of Golden Morning after all. To the others, this was her penance, a life of servitude.
 Taylor obediently climbed under the desk of Valkyrie, and lowered herself onto the dildos. Despite herself, she felt a wave of pleasure go through her as she felt the dildos penetrate her two holes. Wordlessly, Valkyrie moved her chair forwards, exposing her cunt to Taylor. Taylor, obediently started licking, as she had done many times before.
 Normally, Taylor would have despaired, but she had come across something interesting in their last mission to another Earth. A brain bug that she could use to master those around the base. She had already infected a tenth of the Wardens, and they were undetectable until she activated them and took control. The mastering disallowed her to use her people controlling powers on them unless Valkyrie willed it, but they allowed her free reign with her bug controlling powers. With the brain bug, she might finally be able to be free of the Wardens. 
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Another quick 30-ish minute challenge for the morn.
 As always, any and all feedback is highly appreciated!
 The Dangers of Gambling!
 Theo was sitting in his comfortable gaming chair in his room playing one of the newest shooter games on the market. With an allowance such as his it wasn’t a problem to just take a walk down to the local video game store and pick up even newly released games. It wasn’t as if he had anything else to spend his money on these days. Well… except for one thing.
 Theo shifted a bit, and let out a small gasp as he felt the large plug that he had in his ass, shift around, and put a bit of pressure on his p-button. Despite his attempts to stifle the moan, it still went across the mic he had in, meaning his teammate definitely heard that.
 It got a small chuckle from his teammate who had convinced him it was a great idea to wear a plug while gaming together. Of course, XXX_Hijacking-Sissy_XXX was doing the same. And Theo had the pics to prove it as well.
 As they were making their way to the next engagement, Theo thought of the plug that Hijack apparently had in. The thing was massive. Not as big as a fist but it had certainly been getting there. He’d been sent two pics, one with it out, showing off just how big the plug was compared to his closed fist, and one where Hijack had his ass in the face of the camera and the end of the butt plug firmly in his large, smooth, and white ass.
 Theo had his in partially because he was curious, and mostly because he had lost a 1v1 versus him in the game’s arena mode.
 “You know it’s better if you lean back.” Hijack told him over the mic.
 “What?” Theo responded.
 “You should lean back, you wouldn’t want to get a hunched back now would you? Lean back. It’ll be fun, I promise.” Theo nodded despite Hijack being unable to see him, and straightened his back, and leaned back on his chair.
 Like before, Theo felt the plug rubbing the special place in his ass, sending a wave of pleasure through him, and making his already hard dick get even harder in his pants. He couldn’t touch his cock, they were in the middle of a fire fight with a squad in the game so he couldn’t even pleasure himself at all, except…
 Despite himself, Theo found himself shifting around on his seat as he leaned back, rubbing the plug in his ass more and more against his prostate, turning the quick wave of pleasure into a continuous emanation of pleasure. Theo felt himself start to breathe a bit more with his mouth as he both enjoyed himself on his toy, and lined up a head shot on an enemy combatant.
 “Enjoying yourself?” Hijack asked, and Theo blushed.
 “Yea, yeah...” Was Theo’s timid response. He heard a giggle come from Hijack.
 “Hey you know that thing that you said you had to do?”
 “Yeah?” That “thing” being something of a social gathering for the elite of Brockton in which they also brought their kids along.
 “Wanna make things interesting?” Hijack started to sound like he always did when he was going to try to do a bet with Theo, usually one that would have rather perverted consequences if he lost the bet. Theo spared a glance at his gamer tag. XxX_Sissy_Slvt_XxX, the consequence of one of their previous bets. Sure he could just not do it but then it wasn’t like he had many friends who would ever see it.
 “If you get MVP in the match, I’ll let you change your name back to what it was before. If you don’t end up MVP, you gotta wear that plug and send me a pic of your cute ass all plugged up while at your thing, okay?” It was a tempting offer… Theo checked the leaderboard for the match. He was in second place for the entire team. He was already doing well as MVP if the match continued on like this. Theo smiled, excited at the chance to change his name back to what it was before.
 “Sit up straight.” Theo’s father, Max Anders commanded, and Theo, reluctantly, sat up straight, accidentally shifting the butt plug in his ass up against his prostate, sending a wave of pleasure through him, and making his cock strain in his pants.
 Theo lamented his situation. He hadn’t even had time to cum. He’s just barely been beaten out for third place by some guy named Void_Cowboy, and so not only was his gamer tag still XxX_Sissy_Slvt_XxX, but now he was stuck at this event with a butt plug in his ass, constantly making pushing against his prostate, constantly making him shift around, accidentally causing the plug to rub up against his special place more, and causing him to leak out pre-cum in his pants.
 He hadn’t even had a chance to masturbate as his Dad walked in just as he was finishing the game and told him that they were leaving in five minutes and to get ready. Hijack had heard all of this and had laughed at Theo’s predicament. It didn’t help that he had accidentally leaned back in surprise when his Dad had swung open the door, causing his plug to rub right up against his prostate, sending an especially intense wave of pleasure through him that had his cock twitch.
 Theo felt a vibration from his phone and picked it up. Seeing that it was from Hijack, he leaned back a bit more, rubbing the plug against his prostate some more and checked the message.
 “Check in time lil’ boi!” Alongside the text was a pic was an image of Hijack with his ass in the camera, showing off that he also was still wearing his massive butt plug. In the background, there was also a blond girl with freckles with the face that showed both surprise, and outrage at Hijack’s rather brazen behaviour. Maybe his girlfriend or sister?
 In either situation, Theo resigned himself to what he had to do, and excused himself from the table to head to the men's room. Trying his best not to walk funny because of the plug that was in his ass. 
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I Need a Hero! 2
 As always, any and all feedback is highly appreciated.
 “Shadow Stalker!?”
 Shadow Stalker!? Taylor thought as Vista cried out in surprise. That’s as far as Taylor’s thought process got before Vista fully sheathed herself inside her as they were still cumming. Taylor felt herself go cross eyed as her sensitive pussy began a second wave of spasms that were trying to milk Vista of all of her cum.
 However, with this revelation, the lust that had started clouding Taylor’s thoughts was quickly clearing as she discovered that Sophia Hess, one of the bitch trio, was a hero! Sofia… she… she was a hero. Of all people, the most violent of the-
 Taylor felt herself get pulled off of Vista’s cock and was being held aloft by Shadow Stalker now. With her bugs she felt herself pussy being pointed at Shadow Stalker now, who raised a finger and-
 Two of Sofia’s fingers dived in, while her thumb went for her clit. Taylor let out a moan, and Shadow Stalker didn’t even miss a beat as she started finger fucking Taylor, who was quickly being brought to orgasm again. The lustful fog that was assisting her in forgetting before was rolling back in. Taylor couldn’t help but think about Sofia, clad in leather, herself, tied up infront of her, fucking her with a dildo while using a collar to drive it deep inside of her.
 “Who is it?” Sofia asked Vista, and Vista is quiet for a moment. Taylor feels herself being brought up to Sofia’s mouth, and a tongue starts licking and rubbing against her clit. Sofia is eating Vista’s cum, and doesn’t care. Taylor through her bugs can sense Vista getting hard again from Sofia’s lewd show.
 Taylor imagined Sofia as the onahole instead, her being transformed as she was, fucked hard and deep by Vista when no one was watching, getting her bitch pussy creampied as Taylor’s was.
 “J-just some villain. I saw her and went for it.”
 “Good.” Was all Sofia said.
 Good? Good!? She was raping- Taylor’s thoughts were cut off as Sofia licked her pussy once more, before being thrown at Vista, who caught Taylor, her cock hard, and she barely wasted any time stuffing Taylor’s pussy once again.
 “Damn going at her like your life depends on it.”
 “I-I can’t take it anymore.” Vista justified as she fucked Taylor. Taylor, she didn’t want to think right now. It. It was all too much. She… This… Taylor moaned once more as Vista found her g-spot once more and was fucking her relentlessly.
 “Well we can’t do it out here. I know a place.”
 “Come on pipsqueak, you can walk and fuck right?” Thus the two started walk while Vista continued to fuck Taylor. Taylor clenched her hands as the thrusts into her became deeper as the fog of lust that was clouding her mind continued to intensify as she was given no rest from her orgasms. Taylor felt her eyes going cross as she was continually fucked as they walked. Sometimes she would cum and her folds would start clenching around Vista’s meaty member, trying to milk it for it’s cum. When Vista went balls deep into her once more and cumming, Taylor couldn’t help but let out a wanton moan.
 It felt good! Taylor hated it but it felt so good. She couldn’t do anything and now she was being taken somewhere, she. She didn’t know what to- Ooooh Taylor moaned again as Vista pulled her off her dick and once more Sophia took her, fingering her pussy, not giving her a moment to recover as they made their way to wherever they were taking her. Why’d it have to feel so good!
 They entered a building through a window, and suddenly Sofia stopped the assault on Taylor’s sore pussy. Taylor in her thermos, was panting, her tongue out against her mask as she panted and shuddered, both in the after shocks of pleasure that had been shooting through her, and in revulsion.
 That’s all she was. A stupid slutty bitch, wasn’t she. That’s all she was good for. Maybe the trio were right, in, about half of their insults. Maybe… Taylor’s thought process was interrupted again as Sofia lined up a dildo to her pussy, a big one, almost as big as the one that she had secreted away in her closet.
 Sofia pushed it into Taylor’s pussy and Taylor lets out a long moan as it is used to slowly fuck Taylor. Fast enough to provide some exquisite pleasure, but not enough that she could cum. Taylor, traitorously, wanted Sofia to go faster, to fuck her hard again, to use that dildo to make her feel good, to make her feel so good that she can forget this awful experience. So that she doesn’t have to think about how the heroes that she once looked up to were horrible bullies and rapists that made her life a living hell. Ever since she met them; Sofia, had turned Emma against her, and now Vista, was- was-
 Taylor shuddered again as Sophia increased the speed she was fucking Taylor with her big dildo, and once more Taylor came at the hands of her rapists. Rather than wonder why it had to feel so good, Taylor instead embraced it. She could think later. She just needed to get through this, just like the bullying at school. Then she could think. She’d record, but for now, she couldn’t think, otherwise she would do something that she knew she would regret forever.
 While Taylor was cumming, Sophia had walked over to Vista and had come up behind her and wrapped her arms around Vista, who was once more rock hard. Her balls were only somewhat drained. Before they had been like baseballs, but they had shrunk, just a bit with each round of cumming in Taylor’s thoroughly abused snatch.
 “Play with your pussy, and I’ll put this villain to work.” Sophia said to Vista, while she pulled the dildo from Taylor, and positioned her over Vista’s meaty rod. Sophia however swatted Vista’s hand away from her pussy and instead, put the dildo that had just been fucking Taylor, down onto the ground.
 “Ah ah ah, you're going to bounce for me.” Meanwhile Taylor was slowly, ever so slowly being eased onto Vista’s cock. Taylor wanted Sophia to move her faster but Sophia didn’t.
 “It-it won’t fit,”
 “Yes it will. I’ve seen your dildo set at the base, your biggest is only a bit small than this one.” Vista eeped, and Taylor was left wondering about Vista’s dildo collection. Was it like hers? Where she had made due with random objects until she finally caved and bought a dildo online? Or did she have a chest full of dildos that she would ride and bounce on?
 Vista kneeled down and slowly, eased the dildo into her own pussy, meanwhile, Sophia mimicked it on Taylor in reverse. Vista started going down faster onto the dildo, having seemingly gotten a nack for it, and Taylor was pulled off of Vista’s dick faster too. Vista moaned as she was double teamed by Sophia’s dildo and Taylor’s snatch. Quickly Vista had sped up and so did Sophia’s pumping of Vista’s dick with Taylor increase. Taylor moaned and found herself moaning along with Vista who cried out in Wanton abandon.
 The lustful fog had emplaced itself in Taylor’s mind fully as all she could think about was about how good she was feeling being fucked like she was, how she enjoyed being used like a toy for another’s pleasure. She could ignore all the fuck- No! No! Not, not thinking. Just. MMMmmmm.
 Slowly Taylor was once more being built up to climax as Vista suddenly came once more in Taylor. Cum by now as overflowing from her snatch and she looked like some extremely well used onahole as Sophia pulled Taylor off of Vista’s dick. Vista fell back, her balls looked spent as she slid off the dildo. She was still hard but she was tired, meanwhile Taylor found herself being shoved onto the dildo that was attatched to the floor as Sophia used the dildo to fuck her hard and fast. Taylor, Taylor was getting, she was getting close. It felt so good. Her eyes she felt had gone cross eyed again, and the tongue she had briefly pulled back into her mouth, was out again as she cried out like a wanton whore as she got closer, and closer, and closer, and…
 Then Sophia stopped. Taylor found that the thermos that she had been put into was pulled off, and Taylor could see out of one eye again, the other still looking at a part of her costume, which part she wasn’t sure of.
 “Alright pipsqueak, unfuck her.” Sophia said, and suddenly, Taylor wasn’t an onahole like piece of flesh, but once more human, and she had a dildo in her pussy. Unable to help herself, she started moving up and down on the dildo that was stuck to the floor, fucking herself on it until she felt two hands shove her down hard on the dildo, so close! Yet Sophia, in the costume of Shadow Stalker, was holding her down.
 “Not yet slut.” She said, having pulled some sort of bottle from somewhere. “This is more so Vista won’t get a fucking booboo” Sophia said, adding a mocking tone to booboo at the end. She, Taylor wasn’t an onahole any-
 Any further thoughts were cut off as Sophia started using something on her back door, and Taylor gasped. Sophia’s fingers slipped in easily.
 “God damn, your a fuckin’ butt slut ain’t ya you fucking slut.” It was true, Taylor had lately been enjoying using her big dildo on her ass while she used her hands on her clit and pussy. She was a slut, a butt slut, and she loved having her ass fucked. She had been feeling a tingle from her ass this entire time, but she hadn’t been able to use it.
 “Get over here pipsqueak.” Taylor had started bouncing again on the dildo but Sophia didn’t seem to care as she pulled Vista forward and Taylor felt Sophia grab her ass with her lubed hands, and as Taylor went down again, she heard a squawk from Vista as her cock breifly hit Taylor’s ass before sliding right into Taylor’s slutty little butt. Taylor moaned as she was now bouncing on two dicks, one of her fantasies and future masturbation goals.
 Nothing else mattered now. Not Sophia, not Vista, not anything. Taylor needed to cum and she didn’t care how it happened. She had retreated to her happy place, something she had never been able to do with the trio. None of their attacks had ever been sexual, at least, until now. Taylor imagined them finding out about how much of a dirty slut she was. They would wrestle her to the ground, pull all of her clothes off, and ducktape her to the bench in the girls locker room. They would fuck her with dildos and strap ons and she could suckle on Emma’s bountiful breasts.
 Taylor was bouncing faster and faster now, she was going to cum. She felt Vista cum in her ass and she consciously clenched her ass to milk Vista of everything she had. It felt good! She loved the feeling of an enema in her ass and the feeling of cum in it was no exception. It was good! She was, she was, she-
 Suddenly Taylor felt something pierce into her neck, Taylor looked, her bouncing briefly forgotten as she looked at Sophia beside her, hand holding onto some sort of bolt, and then, darkness.
 Taylor woke, still in the dingy place that Sophia had taken them to, a dildo in both her ass and pussy, and she was burning with need. Taylor found her hands flying to her crotch so she could fuck herself with the dildos, when she found herself smashing her hands against something metal. Looking down, Taylor noticed that her costume was still on, and she felt the outline of some sort of weird metal underwear on her, keeping the dildos in her deep. There was also a note.
 Hiya Slut, for being a shitty villain butt slut, I decided you don’t get to fucking cum. If you wanna cum then you come back here tonight and we’ll fuck ya until your nothing but our shitty little sex slave. Unless you want to have that belt on forever that is.
 Taylor whimpered as she pawed at the chastity belt, desperately wanting to play with herself and feel relief.
 Yet she was denied.  

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 I Need a Hero!
 I just couldn't let this idea go to waste! There will be a sequel to this.
 Any and all feedback will be highly appreciated.
 Edit: Went weird on me, fixed that.
 Taylor in her Superhero costume looked down from the building she had climbed up to while she searched around for any sorts of crime that was going on around her. There was nothing, and Taylor felt stupid. Maybe this was a bad idea, she wasn’t exactly ready yet. Maybe in a week or something Taylor would be ready, but… Taylor grumbled. Nerves were getting to her, add in the fact that nothing had been happening in the Bay crime wise, and Taylor just… she wasn’t sure what she was doing out here. She had finally gotten up the courage to come out and be a hero, and now she was getting cold feet. It seemed quiet enough tonight… maybe she should come out another…
 Taylor didn’t even have time to react. One moment she felt, something… happen, she felt with her bugs that there was a little girl suddenly beside her. Then the world twisted and… now her back, front, and face had all hit the ground at the same time. She couldn’t see out of one of her eyes, and what she could see, she was on the gravel ground of the roof, and she, she was tiny or something. Taylor felt a hand wrap around her leg, her torso, her face, and the sound of girlish giggling. Taylor tried to call out but she felt her hands and even feet were all in her mouth and yet it was big enough to hold all of them.
 What the hell is going on here! Taylor cried out mentally as her mouth made very muffled sounds.
 Then Taylor felt something, or rather someone, rubbing her crotch, and Taylor ceased breathing for a moment and whoever it was, rubbed on her folds. Then they tried to dive into her, but thankfully her costume got in the way. Taylor heard a girlish “damn it” that sounded kind of familiar.
 Taylor was positioning her bugs around them, waiting to strike and hopefully wherever the villain had done to her would undo itself… no that wouldn’t make sense. If she attacked, then the villain could leave her how she was. She didn’t, another rub and Taylor felt a shiver down her spine, which twisted around really weirdly in some places. Taylor couldn’t attack or she could be left like this. She’d have to endure this torment.
 There was more rubbing, and Taylor started to feel herself getting wet. Taylor, wasn’t sure she wanted to know what the villain had planned for her, but she feared the worst, especially with how they were rubbing her in her special place.
 “God damn Leet.” She heard the villain mutter in obvious pain, and Taylor felt her eyes widen in mute horror as she realised that the person that did this to her, was no villain, but actually a hero. Vista, the villain sounded like Vista.
 “You like that little villain?” Vista asked Taylor and Taylor could do nothing as Vista continued to rub her in her naughty place, the place that she hadn’t touched in a while. She… she… no…
 “Fucking Leet… gave me this thing.” Taylor felt herself getting lowered and felt something long, warm, and hard being rubbed against her costumed covered crotch. That… was that?
 “I can’t get it to go down no matter what what I do.” Vista wined at her as Taylor felt her trying to pull at her costume but luckily her costume was more of a body sock, and the spider webs she used to make it were extremely tough so not even a knife would… Taylor felt something happen, almost like a hole was made, and she felt wind on her virgin lower lips. Had Taylor been able to scream she would have but all she could do was make extremely muffled sounds as the human… whatever… she had been turned into by Vista’s power had gagged her with her own limbs.
 “So you’re going to be a nice little villain, and help me out, and I won’t toss you into jail. Okay?” Vista asked in a sickenly sweet voice, as Taylor felt Vista line her cock up with Taylor’s folds. No! No! Taylor didn’t want this! She… She was supposed to lose her virginity to someone that she loved! Not~
 Taylor felt Vista’s cock start to enter her, and despite how her mind rebelled against her rape, it felt good. Taylor knew it would feel good. Even if she didn’t want this she knew that her body would betray her in this way. Taylor felt tears in her eyes as she tried to suppress a moan. She… she wanted to be a hero tonight.
 Vista slid Taylor, who had been folded up into a small compact almost cylinder of warped flesh and dark costume, with only her now naked pussy exposed as a small hole in the crotch of Taylor’s costume had been expanded using Vista’s power exposed the wanna be hero’s virginal pussy to Vista’s tinker given cock.
 From Vista’s rubbing before her pussy was already wet and welcoming to Vista’s cock, and as it slid into Taylor, her pussy clenched down a bit and started to get even wetter as Vista plundered the virgin’s folds. For Vista, compared to her inexpert and frankly terrible attempts at masturbation, this was heaven as her cock was swallowed by Taylor’s lower lips.
 Taylor on the other hand was in mental anguish. This was a hero, a respected person, someone that she wanted to have as an ally and team member. She had wanted to join the Wards, and now a Ward was raping her. Combined with Taylor’s moans of pleasure as her body betrayed her in ways that she was all too familiar with, were sobs as her virginity was taken, as she was violated. It… it felt good. Taylor knew it would feel good. She had gotten a little too experienced with a dildo a couple times to not know that it would feel great.
 Worst of all however wasn’t however just her body betraying her. But also her mind. Taylor found this hot. She both wanted more and didn’t want more as she was raped on the rooftop. It was wrong to want to be raped, but Taylor had nearly gone and tried to get herself raped once, and it had scared her straight. She had gotten rid of all of her toys, all of her erotic magazines, and anything that was even remotely sexual, even her drawings that she would sometimes do, ones where she would be the star of the show, being gang banged and fucked and turned into a latex clad sex slave for masters and mistresses.
 One day, when after the flute, Taylor had very nearly walked down a street that she knew had a large amount of ABB there. She had felt a pull, and she nearly went down it on a whim, just to end it all, all of her cares and worries about school and her social situation, and just life in general. It would have been hot. With that pull however, Taylor had stumbled back and ran.
 Now it was happening anyways. She was getting raped, and her stupid perverted mind, far in the back of her thoughts of betrayal by the people she once called heroes, was singing a siren song, wanting more.
 She was getting raped, and she was liking it. Taylor let out a shuddering cry that was muffled by her gag. Vista was getting faster now and making Taylor feel good as well. She hated it, she wanted Vista to stop, to let her go, to stop making her feel good!
 Then Taylor realised with rising horror what it meant that Vista was going faster. She was going to cum, right in her. Taylor cried out but all that came out was a tiny amount of pathetic noise as Vista kept getting faster, and Taylor felt her pleasure rise with the increased fucking. N-no! She didn’t want to be pregnant! She didn’t want to end up like those poor teen moms!
 Yet she did nothing as she felt Vista bottom out in her pussy, going balls deep, making her feel good as spurts of cum started entering into her snatch, Taylor moaned, both in pleasure and in horror as Vista cream pied her virgin pussy. Tears started filling up the swimming goggles that Taylor was using for her lens in her mask as she shuddered in pleasure and revulsion as Vista pull out from her twitching mound.
 Vista was unable to conceal her mirth as she giggled and played with Taylor’s pussy more more with her fingers, gripping her snatch and then lifting her up just with those fingers. Then Taylor felt herself getting lowered into something cold, and metallic.
 “God that felt great. I think I’m gonna keep you.” What!? No NO! I, no! Taylor prepared her swarm, she didn’t want this, she didn’t want to be Vista’s personal onahole for the rest of her life. Taylor ignored how her pussy clenched at the thought. No no no no! She, no! Though, if she wanted to get Vista, considering that she could just bend space and get away, then she would have to be sneaky… “Just for a bit. Then I’ll let you go.” Vista continued, and Taylor ceased her action. She was going to be let go… No, but… Taylor realised that unless she wanted to be stuck as an onahole for her whole life, she would have to go along with this. Taylor let out another shuddering sob, but she tried to steal herself for this. She, she needed her body back. So she could… so she could…
 Did she really want to be a hero…?
 “Damn it.” Taylor heard Vista say as she switched from holding Taylor by her pussy to probably holding the thermos that she was in by the sides, judging by the bugs she had on Vista.
 “Why won’t it go down.” Vista was still hard, and Taylor was about to get fucked again. Taylor felt herself clench, her folds squeezing together and she felt the cum in her spread out more in her snatch. She was already creampied. She was going to get pregnant. She was going to get fucked. Taylor wished she could moan but all that came out with extremely muffled garbling that she was sure couldn’t be hear outside of the thermos she snuggly fit into. Vista must have planned this in advance.
 Taylor felt herself get tipped again, as she knew that she was getting lined up with Vista’s large cock. She… she couldn’t do anything, not if she didn’t want to be left as an onahole inside this thermos forever. Taylor remembered, as she was once more penetrating by the raping hero, that she had enjoyed fantasies like this… why not… try to… enjoy this?
 Taylor moaned a bit as she was once more fucked by her violator. Taylor, tried to forget. Taylor tried to forget all the awful that was going on, all the problems that this would cause. All the shattered hopes that the heroes were good people that actually helped the world. All… All… a sob wracked Taylor as Vista, her rapist, made her feel good as she brushed by her G-spot, causing her to clench down and try to milk Vista’s warm, thick, and hard cock. She… Taylor… Taylor… Taylor wan… wanted… this…
 Slowly, Taylor tried to forget things and just focus on the pleasure. As Vista kept going however, it began to get easier. She… she could… she could just focus on the pleasure… she… she could feel… she could feel violated after… maybe… Taylor shuddered as Vista once more started fucking her right in her G-spot.
 Right there! Taylor thought as Vista hit her rythme, fucking her nice and good, making her feel great, just like when Taylor had first found her G-spot and fucked it with her dildo for an hour. Taylor felt herself drool as Vista fucked her. Vista… Vista was raping her. Trying to ignore the connotations, Taylor focused on just the situation, how it was hot, how it made her feel wet and hot, and how it made her feel good. She ignored the bad.
 It wasn’t Lung. More than once, Taylor had fantasised about something like that happening. Getting caught by the ABB, getting taken to one of their brothels, and trained into being a sluty whore for them. She would take all their cocks, she’d get gang banged, and then, she would find herself there, kneeling in front of Lung, sucking his cock while he did business.
 Taylor felt herself getting closer to the edge the more that Vista fucked her, raped her, violated her. She… she had always been a dirty little slut. She had nearly went off to become a whore for the ABB. She… Taylor moaned, the lust and pleasure overpowering any of her original feelings of disgust and horror as she was fucked. Quickly, Vista once more came inside of Taylor, and this time, Taylor came as well. Her slutty and moist folds clenching and attempting to milk the sweet milk from Vista’s large cock, causing Vista to have to grab onto the thermos with both hands as she leaned back onto the stone railing on the building as her knees went weak as Taylor milked him of everything that he had. Vista let out a moan of pleasure as he let out more cum into Taylor’s hungry pussy. Vista had reached nirvana.
 “The fuck are you doing?” came out of nowhere, and Taylor was immediately pulled from her erotic reverie and pleasure by the sound of someone she very much knew.
 Sophia Hess. 
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The Farm: Protectorate Meeting
 Armsmaster sat down in the Protectorates meeting room with a heavy sigh. He knew what he had to go over but he would much rather be Tinkering at the moment, that and the subject made him rather uncomfortable. He just hoped he could get through this meeting without having to adjust his armour, or stumble over this new capes unofficial name. Without further delay, Armsmaster began the meeting.
 “As some of you are no doubt aware. Lung has gotten himself a new cape.” With a click, one of their only pictures of the new cape came up on the projector. On it, a young female individual came up on screen. She was outfitted in a revealing set of latex bondage leotard that revealed her rather toned ass. Visible from the back shot was a rather sizable gem that looked almost like it was coming out of her ass. Her head was fully enclosed with a blackout bondage hood and the only identifiable feature was a large high ponytail of well cared for black hair. She wore arm length gloves and thigh high leather boots. She also was wearing what appeared to be a chastity belt and a collar around her neck that Lung was holding as fire billowed around them as Lung fought off some Empire capes while Bugs drove off the Empire skinheads.
 The reactions around the table were generally unison, shock with a slight amount of blushes going around. Even assault was shocked at the appearance of the slutty villainous cape.
 “As you can probably see from the image, the unknown cape with the unofficial name on PHO as… Buttslut… is a powerful bug controlling cape that is highly effective for crowd control.”
 “Did you have to use such a… inappropriate image, Colin?” Battery asks and Armsmaster sighs. He knew that this would happen.
 “Unfortunately yes. There are no other images other than these ones that we have been able to find. This is the least risque of the images. Now as I was saying. Buttslut here-”
 “Why’s she called Buttslut?” Miss Militia asked and Assault then decided to pipe up with his own little comment, disrupting the meeting further.
 “Probably cause of that little gem she’s got back there.”
 “Actually” Armsmaster interrupted hoping to get back to topic. “It’s because Lung in the aftermath of the combat footage that was taken by a passerby, promised his new cape, and I quote, “You did good my little Buttslut, you’ll be getting a reward for this,” and then proceeded to start fondling her rear and playing with the gemstone while she…” Armsmaster squinted a bit as he read the next part just to make sure he read it right. “”Moaned like a dirty whore”...” Sighing again, Armsmaster decided that better now than later.
 “Now as you know, we will have to review this combat footage here, but I’ve decided to postpone our viewing of such footage that we have on here until the end. With a video of such nature I would allow you to review this on your own time but because Someone decided that they were too good to review footage of new capes on their own multiple times.” Armsmaster made sure to be looking directly at Assault as he said this. “We will have to all view this footage together so that we can properly discuss this new cape.” Armsmaster didn’t doubt that Assault would be reviewing this footage in his spare time, Armsmaster would be as well right before bed, but it was about being consistent, even if it might become uncomfortable in his armour.
 “Now because of their rather lewd nature, I believe we can safely assume that this cape is roughly about eighteen to twenty one, especially considering her build...” 
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Whoa is Me and My Badonkers.
 Taylor groaned as the bell sounded, spelling the end of the class period, and the start of her having to carry her own personal set of balls and chains that were locked to her chest. Taylor reached underneath her massive breasts and once more, lifted them up from her desk. Taylor could already see the appreciative looks from the boys of the class, and the looks of sympathy from some of the other large breasted girls. Granted none of them had breasts as large as Taylor.
 Taylor wasn’t really sure how it had happened. One night she had been sleeping peacefully, then she had woken up and one of her sets of implants had ended up on her chest and had increased her chest size from mosquito bites to massive tits bigger than her own head.
 Not that she was complaining too much. Truth be told… she had kind of been looking at these to implant in herself, or maybe even bigger ones… but now that she had been forced to get these implants she was pretty sure she would have downgraded to these ones… eventually. Though she couldn’t even fix the problem now. The PRT was watching now in case “That perverted tinker” strikes again. She couldn’t even tinker on herself anymore to try and improve her problem since that would deviate from the norm and then they would start looking deeper into her business.
 Taylor just wished that the PRT would leave her alone so she could figure out a way to implant some more implants to even out her body. Today though, atleast Taylor would be able to sneak out to her tinkerer’s workshop and make some more of her products. Then after she could go over her records and find out what people had ordered this size of breasts, cross reference them with what people lived in the local area, try to figure out a motive, and then bing bang boom Taylor would be in business and maybe point at the people that actually were screwing with her.
 As Taylor made her way towards the second floor girls bathroom, her newest hiding spot for lunch, Taylor felt a pair of hands slid around her stomach from the sides. Taylor took in a large breath of air, but didn’t do anything more as the pair of hands rose up, passing by her folded arms, and grabbed a hold of her breasts near Taylor’s nipples. The pair of fingers started tweaking at Taylor nipples while Taylor stayed silent in the empty hallway. Taylor knew who it was. These days only one person sought Taylor out to bully after the incident had earned her this a pretty decent amount of sympathy.
 “Heeeeeyyyyy Taylor.” The voice of Madison rang softly in Taylor’s ear. The other two bullies had clammed right up when Taylor had come to school after it was revealed that she was assaulted with a parahuman power. Among the large breasted girls, she was sympathised with, not that it would last for long. Already the whispers were coming back about her, but for now she had a reprieve from her school bullies, except for Madison.
 Unlike the other bullies who had backed off, Madison had not. From the moment that Madison had laid eyes on her, she had seen the look of hunger in Madison’s eyes. Slowly throughout the past couple weeks that Taylor had been back, Madison would find her, and start touching her. Only in the last couple of days had it gotten to the point where Madison would start touching her breasts.
 At first Taylor minded a bit, but after a while, it… kind of felt good, and it was always when no one was around so there were no rumours going around, beyond the regular ones that popped up on their own.
 “Wanna, you know… have some fun?” Taylor blushed at that. Madison and her, they had had fun before. She had found Taylor yesterday alone in her hiding spot during the short break before classes three and four started. Like what she was doing right now, Madison had appeared out of nowhere and started touching her, feeling her up, and… making her feel good. Taylor remembered how Madison had slowly zipped down her hoodie, and Taylor had done nothing to stop her. How Madison had slowly brought up her tee-shirt, revealing the jury rigged bra that Taylor had created with some ropes and the assistance of… some videos… The PRT had provided a bra, but it just didn’t sit right, and unlike the ropes… that Taylor had rigged up, it didn’t support her new titties as well as the ropes. Granted she had to get it all set up in a harness that… rubbed places… but being rubbed... there... throughout the day was a small price to pay for proper breast support, especially if she didn’t want to get all saggy, not that her implants would do that, she had made sure that they wouldn’t.
 After Madison back then had lifted up her shirt, giggling at her jury rigged bra and body harness, took Taylor’s nipples in her hand and started playing with them. Taylor remembered looking at herself in the mirror, Madison behind her peeking over, rubbing the nipples on her now gigantic tits with a smug expression on her face. Taylor’s face on the other hand was that of a lewd girl, sporting a blush at full force while her mouth hung open and she gasped for breath as Madison played with her new and rather lewd titties.
 Taylor realised that her breathing had turned ragged as she remembered the memory of what Madison had done in that bathroom. All the while, Madison now giggled.
 “We can’t start here Taylor, what if someone sees? Lets go to your special hiding place, okay?” Madison asked her in her usual cutesy voice. Taylor nodded and the pair moved to the second floor girl’s bathroom.
 The two stood in the middle of the girls bathroom, just far enough from the mirrors that Taylor could see her whole body as well as Madison’s head peeking out from behind it. They were doing it again. Taylor wanted to both hide her eyes from what was about to happen as well as watch as Madison played with her. Instead, all Taylor could do was look at her scared and embarrassed face which even now was as red as a fire extinguisher.
 Taylor did nothing as Madison slowly pulled her arms away from underneath her breasts and left them at her side. Despite their size, Taylor’s tits did not fall too much, both because Taylor had designed them that way, and also because of the rope harness that supported Taylor’s breasts. Taylor didn’t do anything as Madison, brought a dainty finger up to Taylor’s zipper, and slowly, ever so slowly, pulled it down. Taylor’s large bosom popped out of the hoodie which had been compressing them just a tad.
 Madison next started pulling up Taylor’s tee shirt. Immediately some of Taylor’s rope work. The rope was some special rope that she had bought from a kind older Asian man from his… toy shop… yeah… It criss crossed across her body in a simple design. Madison pulled at some of the ropes there, and Taylor let out a small ‘eep’ as the rope rubbed against her naughty places. Taylor had seen some designs that wouldn’t do that, but she had spent most of her time learning how to support her breasts with the rope. Granted after she had time to learn how to make her harness not rub her there, but… Taylor needed to… focus on her schooling… yeah… her schooling…
 Madison giggled a bit more before her other hand started pulling up Taylor’s shirt, slowly revealing more of Taylor’s shibari harness that she had created herself. When the bottom of Taylor’s shirt reached her tits, the amount of rope increased significantly. They formed almost a coccoon of rope without too much room in between, just a finger’s worth could fit between the ropes, there was more rope on the underside than the overside, and Taylor had left the front exposed. It was a lewd sight, her nipples stood on end, having been both teased by Madison, and teased by the fabric of her shirt all day. Her shirt was very soft and nice, it was also her pyjama shirt, but it still rubbed her tits, making them feel good.
 “There they are.” Madison whispered in Taylor’s ear. The hand that had been playing with the rope near her crotch stopped it’s torment and rose up to start playing so that Madison could use both hands to play with Taylor’s nipples. Taylor’s breath was ragged by this point and she let out little ‘Mmmh’ as Madison kneaded her nipples, rolling them playing with them, tugging at them. All the while Taylor did nothing. Taylor’s mouth opened so that she could breath better as Madison tormented her. Madison giggled.
 “I bet you're wet down here.” Madison said as her left hand ran down her stomach to reach at her pants. Onehandedly, Madison undid the button on Taylor’s jeans and unzipped them. Taylor quickly spread her legs out to catch her jeans… yeah, to catch her jeans, and not because it would make her look lewder, to the amusement and approval of the person that was making her feel this way… feel this good… no, it wasn’t like that at all…
 “Oh my, you really went all out.” Madison commented, her smug grin turning into a full blown smile as she saw what Taylor had underneath her pants. Under Taylor’s pants was nothing except for the rope of the harness. Running past her pussy was the rope, knotted and running somewhat into her folds. As Madison expected, the ropes down there were soaked. Madison pulled them away, and leaned Taylor back just a bit. Madison, using her hand down there, pulled Taylor’s pussy lips apart, showing off Taylor’s most intimate spot.
 “Such a cute little pussy,” Madison said, then she shifted a bit, let Taylor’s snatch close, before a single finger, slowly, ever so slowly ran up the lips of her womanly folds. Taylor whined at that, sounding more needy than she had wanted to.
 “You want me to put my finger in don’t you?” Madison asked. Taylor was tempted… oh so tempted to say yes, to nod, to do something in the affirmative… but she shouldn’t, and so all Taylor did was stand there, slightly leaned back, and pant as Madison continued to play with her bountiful bosom.
 Then something happened that wiped Madison’s smug look off her face and had her mutter ‘shit,’ and had Taylor’s eyes go wide. Taylor felt it first before she saw it. Something large, something thick, something warm, and it made her heart race. Taylor felt the thing pass by her pussy lips, and Taylor knew that if she even moved the wrong way, her virginity was as good as gone. But the thing kept going, peeking out from Taylor’s thighs, was a large cock. A very familiar large cock. One that Taylor recognised. One that Taylor had sold, just two days ago.
 Madison had a cock, Madison had one of Taylor’s cocks. Madison was a customer of Taylor’s that was now molesting her while she rubbed her cock against Taylor’s pussy. Or rather, Taylor realised, it was Taylor rubbing her snatch against Madison’s cock.
 “Thing has a mind of its own...” Madison said more to herself than to her. Taylor wasn’t sure what to do. Madison was a paying customer and patron of her work, and judging by the fact that it was the cock that she had sent to Specific_Protagonist, also one of her only friends online that she would consider an actual friend rather than just a virtual one.
 Specific_Protagonist, or rather Madison, was the one that she talked to all the time, they helped each other at first with just fetishes, then with her Tinkering, and she was even the one that had helped her figure out a way of selling her implants without having to deal with the bullshit of commerce law in the USA regarding parahumans. Hell she managed to save Taylor from completely fucking up and basically being pressganged into the heroes who she had stupidly believed would help her be a rogue rather than basically force her to be a Hero by manipulating Danny into basically signing away her rights as a person. Granted Danny was good at negotiation, but the Heroes played hard and fast with recruiting, especially if the articles and other stories that Specific_Protagonists sent were true.
 While Madison having an erection wouldn’t be a problem normally, right now it was, because it was one of Taylor’s and they weren’t exactly legal, especially since Danny overreacted, and basically had it filed as a Parahuman assault with the charges being laid at her own feet, not that Danny or the PRT knew that. Taylor didn’t want to lose the one person that she actually liked, but if she was spotted with that… Taylor wasn’t sure what would happen, but she was sure it wouldn’t be good. Taylor had to get Madison’s cock down, and with Taylor’s mind fogged up with arousal as it was, she could only think of one thing.
 Taylor leaned forward and slid herself off of Madison’s cock. Taylor as the head past by her lips eeped once again as the head went a bit into her snatch, but luckly didn’t go further as Taylor moved forward. Turning on a dime, Madison looked at her curiously as Taylor thought about how to do this. With her harness in the way a boob job was basically impossible. Taylor could just let Madison fuck her thighs, but with how wet she was there was a possibility of Madison accidentally penetrating her, and despite how good a friend Specific_Protagonist was, she didn’t want to lose her virginity yet, so all that left was her mouth.
 Taylor cupped her breasts before falling to her knees in front of Madison. Madison had a surprised look on her face and her cock bounced a bit at the sight. Taylor had always kind of wanted to do this, suck one of the cocks that she had made. They had just looked so juicy, thick, and tasty. Though with her instant transplant system she didn’t want to have to spend the extra time taking it off. Still, she had made them specifically to her liking.
 Taylor licked at Madison’s second head which twitched as she did. Madison groaned at the sensation and Taylor smiled a bit at the reaction. The shoe was now on the other foot. Taylor, leaned her head forward and let Madison’s cock into her mouth. It didn’t taste any different than regular smooth skin. So at least Madison cleaned her cock properly. Taylor moved her head forward some more before suddenly she felt her gag reflex start to kick in. Taylor gagged a bit, and mentally noted where it was. Taylor then started moving her head back and forth between the head and the spot where she could comfortably fit the cock in her mouth without gagging. Madison groaned some more and put a hand on Taylor’s head but didn’t try to force her to deep throat her cock. Taylor started having her tongue swirl around the head of Madison’s cock, and that was what set Madison off.
 Taylor felt her bend over and put both hands on Taylor’s head as she felt the cock she was sucking begin to twitch. Unthinkingly, Taylor moved back until just the head was in her mouth, and then came the flood. Cum came bursting out of Madison’s cock and began splattering Taylor’s mouth, staining it white. Madison gave a cute little moan with each spurt of cum that went into Taylor's mouth. Taylor just sat there stunned as Madison came until finally they both pulled away from each other. Taylor still had her mouth open, but she tilted her head up so as to not spill any cum on her outfit. Taylor found she didn’t hate the taste. She swirled the cum around in her mouth a bit. It was kind of sweet, kind of salty, a weird taste but definitely not one she hated. Taylor saw that Madison was staring at her, so Taylor decided to finish quick and just swallow it. It was faster, and the cum didn’t taste half bad.
 Taylor closed her eyes as she swallowed the huge load. Swallowing it kind of hurt her throat, like when she would try to drink too much water too fast. It went down slower than most liquids so Taylor was panting at the end there, totally because the cum took such a long time to go down and definitely not because this was hot as fuck and Taylor was really horny right now. The two stared at each other for a couple of moments, both of their eyes were filled with lust. The two were just about to suggest another round when they heard footsteps. Quickly, the both of them tried to hide the evidence of their fun. Taylor pulled down her shirt and buttoned up her pants while Madison grabbed her still semi hard cock and quickly shoved it down one of her stockings and stood kind of to attention. Taylor got up, and saw a teacher walk by, not even a glance their way.
 As they waited for the click clack of steps to fade away, Madison started giggling, and despite herself, Taylor started giggling too. 
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The Farm: Breakage
 Gonna challenge myself and try to write something in half an hour.
 As always, any and all feedback is highly appreciated.
 Taylor whined as she uselessly pawed at the chastity belt she was in. Her breath was ragged and she was blushing up a storm. Her fingernails scraped against the silvery steel of her belt. She was desperate. At first when they had injected her with the “aphrodisiac” she had felt fine. Just a bit horny but nothing major. Then she had started feeling the heat, her mind started going to dirty places. She had tried to keep her thoughts clear from anything naughty but they always just kept wandered off to a naughty place if her focus wavered for even a second, and her focus was wavering all the time now.
 Taylor looked up a moment, focusing on the outline of the cock that was in some trousers. Her mouth felt dry, and she felt her tongue starting to make its way near her lips. It was so big looking, restrained, it wanted her, she could see, and she wanted~ NO! No! No she didn’t want… she didn’t want his… his long. Taylor pulled her eyes away from Lung, from the man that defeated her and captured her, from his… cock.
 Taylor shuddered and whined as she tried to pull her thoughts away. Lung had beaten her. Got in a lucky hit with a punch and ordered her to call off her insects. She hadn’t been able to focus and while gasping on the ground he surrounded himself in fire and burned away the insects she had. She knew she had a terrible power, and now she couldn’t even save a bunch of kids. All she had done was delay the inevitable. Why was she so stupid, she should never have even tried to fight Lung.
 Lung made a rumbling sound and Taylor looked over to him, to his abs, to his… her eyes were drawn towards his crotch and once more she was staring at his dick. She felt her hands draw towards her sensitive chest as she stared at his cock, she started to tweak her nipples, imagining him, holding her down, unlocking her belt… playing with her chest… taking his prize… Taylor realised that her tongue was out now and she was panting like a dog. She pulled her tongue back and ripped her hands away from her chest, balled her hands into fists and tried desperately to hold them at her side. She closed her eyes and looked down. Maybe if she kept her eyes closed she wouldn’t be distracted by Lung.
 He was watching her, while she suffered from the drug, while she couldn’t help herself. It threw her concentration off and made it hard to think. While she could just immerse herself in her bugs, Lung had made it clear that if he or anyone else started seeing weird things from any bugs or if any started attacking, he would kill her. It didn’t sound that bad honestly. It scared her how it didn’t even seem to phase her, but she was delaying the inevitable. She had learned that she had been defending the Undersiders, a small time gang of thieves and she almost wanted to just die right there, she had been defending villains. She realised however that it didn’t matter that they were villains. She was a hero and it didn’t matter if they were villains. She wanted to help them and perhaps save them.
 Lung had to concentrate on her, and watch her as he broke her down with his “aphrodisiac” otherwise the farm might fall to her bugs. For every minute that she was suffering here in this cage with Lung, trying not to think about… his… big… thick… juicy… cock… Taylor shook her head and had to once again pull her hands away from her nipples. She was saving lives like this. The Undersiders knew they were being targeted by Lung tonight, so the longer Taylor kept Lung here, the longer they Undersiders had to live.
 Though it was getting harder, she just… she wanted… She… She needed… Taylor found herself slowly crawling towards Lung on all fours. She wasn’t sure she could support herself anymore as she crawled, like a dog, towards Lung. Her eyes were solely focused on his… thick… juicy… cock… As she crawled in between Lung’s legs, she let her hands come up to his pants zipper. Taylor thought for a moment of pulling her hands away and scrambling away, but she couldn’t muster the will to, it slowly being whittled away from hours of being on the “aphrodisiac” drug. Taylor slowly unzipped Lung’s pants, and made a small surprised sound as Lungs long… tasty… good smelling… cock… fell on her face. Unconsciously she smiled and dragged it against her face as she slowly made it towards the head of the cock. Taylor slowly eased the cock into her mouth… and it tasted good. 
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Hentai Elf Taylor and the Horny Warband. (Worm)
 Taylor Hebert, the Warlord of Brockton Bay and now the Chief of the Bloody Blades orc tribe, gazed down from the balcony of the castle that had finally been seiged down. She gazed down at the village below, parts of it were still burning but she could see that already her soldiers were dealing with the various fires, either the clerics among her followers were putting out the fires or her people were escorting the civilians away from them.
 Taylor sensed through her bugs a last hold out of soldiers, swords clashing and bolts flying as they desperately tried to escape her followers. Taylor looked in the direction of the fighting, and leaned forward, then realised her mistake when her now rather large breasts got in the way.
 Grumbling Taylor adjusted her position and had them over the railing and supported properly while she just listened and watched. The breasts were still new to her despite the last couple of months she had to adjust to them, same with the ears too. They were long and sensitive by her side. Erotically so, it barely made any sense to her. Why would Elven ears being rubbed make her so horny?
 Taylor ignored her question in favour of observing the fight. Her familiar, an Owl, flew to the fight, and Taylor got ready to cast.
 The soldiers of the old foolish king she had toppled were fighting tooth and nail with her soldiers, Elves and Orcs alike. Damian, once a prominent jock from Winslow now an elven waif of a lad, danced gracefully forward, positioned his sword just right, and thrust between the gaps in the old king’s knight’s faceplate. Taylor grimaced at the death. It would have been fast and painless, but that didn’t mean she relished the idea that she was causing death. Damian’s partner, a massive orc from a band that she had convinced to join her forces, used a massive maul to smash a charging footman away from Damian. Gog-Balzagar was his name, she was pretty sure. Having enough of this Taylor decided she’d use some of the last of her magic for the day to put and end to this. Sure she would be leaving herself vulnerable, but then only as vulnerable as she was back in the Bay before she learned all this magic stuff.
 “Sleep” she cast under her breath, the spell transferring over to her familiar who sent it out to her targets. The foot soldiers who served the old king either fell unconscious or threw down their weapons and surrendered to her people. Taylor could already see her soldiers celebrating, those that weren’t helping take prisoners that was. Gog-Balzagar one arm hugged his favourite elf Damian close, the elf blushed at the manhandling, and blushed even harder as Gog-Balzagar reached with his other hand down.
 Orcs. They were horny little, no, big bastards. Most were at least brawny if not complete beef cakes. The beefcakes usually stood head and shoulders taller than the average human and were usually the leaders of the Orc tribes. In Orc culture it was might that made right, whether that be strength of arms, magic, charisma, etcetera.
 Taylor had learned that Orc culture among the local nomads was also highly meritocratic, allowing anyone to rise to the top. Even she, an elven teenager of all things, was allowed to take over the clan that had attacked their refugee camp.
 Taylor shook her head, ridding herself of the thought. She didn’t really know how they had even gotten there. One moment she was walking away from Arcadia with the students that assisted her, the next she found herself waking up in a forest, in a new body. This body being some pornographic version of her original body if she had a perfect hourglass figure and was an elf. All around her were similar stories for everyone else. Students were suddenly finding themselves in erotic elven bodies with no adult supervision.
 Taylor pushed herself away from the railing she was leaning on, in an attempt to banish the remembering of the orgy that had followed. She needed to stop being distracted, especially since someone was coming. She kept her back to the person as they approached her. A subtle show of her power.
 Then, as the arms of the large orc grabbed onto her arms, she realised her mistake, forgetting her personal bodyguard’s favourite way to transport her.
 “Come on Chieftess! Da stupid human kings waitin’ for ya in da dungeon!” The Orc announced. Before Taylor could protest, the orc lifted her up and rested her on his fat cock. As soon as the orc had grabbed her, Taylor had gotten wet for reasons both anticipatory, and biological.
 The elves that Taylor and her followers had found themselves in were not the Tolkien-esque elves, but rather some lewd deviant version. The elven bodies they now had loved to be fucked and were extra sensitive. Taylor knew as during a moment of weakness, she had fucked one of her fellow students. Despite being Brian’s size, she gained more pleasure from that one brief encounter than anything Brian had done to her.
 By now however, Taylor had grown to adapt to her body and craved the same carnal pleasures as it did. Including being made to ride the cock of an orc as he transported her to the dungeons where the king was held.
 Taylor’s eyes crossed as the orc slowly lowered her onto the orc’s dick. A small moan escaped Taylor’s lips the further down she went on his dick, her mind going blank for a moment as she dealt with being impaled on her favourite orc’s dick.
 The orc grabbed ahold of her ankles and pulled them to his side. Taylor reached up and wrapped her hands around the orc warlords neck. This provided Taylor just enough support that she would stay on the orcs mouthwatering dick while so bouncing up and down, giving pleasure to both Taylor and the orc.
 Without warning the orc turned around and started to jog towards the dungeon. Taylor was left wailing in ecstasy as the orc bounced the warlord of Brockton Bay on his shaft. 
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Empire's Heir (Worm)
Theo Anders has reached the age when boys like to experiment, now if only his father wasn’t a Nazi.
 “Mmmmhmm,” the girl on the screen moans as a dildo enters her, giving off the impression of great pleasure. Intellectually Theo knew that it was probably exaggerated. However in the hormone and lust laden mind of Theo there was little difference. He was enraptured by the slutty girl on his screen. The rapid thrusting of her large dildo, her full ass, latex clad arms, legs, and her small pink chastity cage.
 As the chastity cage and the flaccid dick inside of it indicated that this person was not a man but rather a trap. A passable trap but still a man nonetheless. None of his family nor their associates would approve of what he masturbated to.
 They would approve of what I’m about to do even less. He thinks as his gaze moves over to the sleek black tower of rubber. Standing tall and lubed up with hand lotion is Theo’s largest black butt plug. Tall, thick, and so far his favourite toy. When he had used the plug before he had felt something pleasant as he thrust it in and out of his ass while rubbing his meat. Slowly in the months prior he trained his ass with smaller plugs and dildos until he could fit the large thing in his hole. It gave him more pleasure then his usual method of ‘releasing pressure’ and gave him something more to focus on than just his dick.
 Theo slows the hand pumping his meat as he feels himself get close to the edge of orgasm. That failed to slow the oncoming rush however so he reluctantly took his hand off of his dick. Still his hand hovered over it ready to pounce once more unto his rod should Theo’s control slip. Though he knew that greater pleasure was to come if he could hold out. The rising orgasm faded away without spilling over. Finally moving his hand away from his dick he reached out for his plug, then lowered it down to his ass. Using his toy Theo slowly began to tease his hole.
 Unlike the trannie Theo was watching he didn’t immediately take the plunge with his anal toy. Rather he circled the hole he intended to enter. It would go in fine he knew. Since while he had been edging he teased his hole a bit with a lubed finger or two, never able to do much more than stretch himself out. The stretching however did prepare him for this, pushing in Theo felt the plug enter into his ass. It was just the tip of the tall plug but already it stretched him more than his smallest plug ever could. His hole clenched down on the intruding rubber. In a second he could push it in further but for now he would just appreciate the pleasant sensation of the toy entering his hole.
 Soon it wasn’t enough however as he begins once more to stroke his cock and push the plug farther in. Theo feels his ass gradually being stretched out as the plug travels once more into his explored depths. He feels the end of the plug coming. He slows his plugs advance into his butt expecting the somewhat painful stretch that usually accompanies him trying to get past the plugs widest point for the first time in a session.
 Nothing. Or atleast no pain as the plug slots itself into his rear, there was only the pleasure he associated with the action. He had still felt a stretch, but like when he first put the toy in it was a pleasant kind, a little spark of bliss. Theo pulls his toy out a bit moving the thickest part of the plug out of place and causing him to feel that spark again. His left hand picked up speed with the plug as he strokes his prick, the video at the same time also reaching its climax as the scene changed to the trap being pounded by a fucking machine at high speed.
 The slutty moans from the video sounds loud even with its volume down to the lowest it could go without it going completely mute. It didn’t matter though to Theo as he thrust with his plug and strokes his cock. Little zaps of pleasure with every thrust in and out. His pumping speeds up again going from the quick and methodical in and out that he started with to the quick blissful pleasure of rapid fire thrusting he usually ended his sessions with. Pushing the toy one last time into his ass Theo hopped that he would get something more than just the little pleasure zaps he felt, but to no avail.
 Quickly however he remembered the largest dildo that he owned. The one that he never had used as he had never been able to fit it in. Maybe he could now, after all he could now fit in his largest plug at its widest point. Why not the eight inch monster in his closet?
 Theo abandoned his stroking as he got up from his chair but left the plug in as he moved to his closet, reaching in and retrieving the monster. It was only a little thicker than his plug at its thickest so despite his multiple failed earlier attempts he should be able to do it. Squirting some lube onto the giant cock Theo plops the dildo down on an empty part of his room in front of the TV screen. From his ass Theo removes his favourite plug and places it over on his desk and fingers his now loose rump as he returns to the dildo on the floor.
 He lowers himself over the cock and with his hand guides it towards his rear. The tip enters his ass sort of like his favourite plug from before today, mostly a pleasant sensation with a hint of painful stretching. However as he goes farther something changes.
 A wave of bliss shoots through Theo as the rubber dong went farther in. His mouth opens and a quiet ragged breath comes out involuntarily. It was hard for Theo to describe the sensation from his ass but he knew he wanted more. Quickly Theo began bouncing on his bent legs, eyes up to the ceiling, video completely forgotten. Quickly his knees began to ache and quiver as he lifts his admittedly pudgy frame over his dildo. This wasn’t the quick pleasurable zaps of his plug but a whole new sensation. It wasn’t quick enough! He needs more as he forces his already tired legs to bounce him higher so to let him come down harder. His hand strokes his dick fast and hard as he feels himself begin to be overwhelmed by the waves of pleasure coming from both his bouncing and the quick strokes of his painfully engorged glans.
 With one last descent onto the thick cock and one last pump of his own dick Theo feels himself explode. He is suddenly very still as he rests on both his heels and the pillar in his ass. His breath is still raggedy but he feels his good mood infect his breathing, coming out more as an out of breath laugh than true respiration. The video is still going but it is the last thing on Theo’s mind as he slowly lifts himself off of the dildo. He uses his arms to help himself as his legs feel weak from possibly the best orgasm that Theo had ever had. Fearing he would collapse Theo stumbles over to his bed, feeling like at any moment his legs would collapse out from underneath himself. Theo lays on his bed for a moment. He rests his legs and basks in the aftershocks he feels from his first rough dick ride. Slowly his strength comes back to his legs and picking himself up from off his bed he gently plucks his monster dildo from the floor. Packing it in it’s hiding spot Theo thinks as he starts to hid the evidence of his degeneracy.
 I think I have a new favourite.
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Madison Clements in Mareth (Worm/Corruption of Champions)

What... what the hell!?
 There stood Taylor... well stood defiantly worked but what she was doing was standing on facing me on all fours back legs tied up with some leather restraints. Her mouth was held wide open by a mouth harness that attempted to mimic a felines while also holding her mouth in place. Most of her body's covered in a latex and soft leather harness that restricts her movement and is quite tight on her. Protruding from her back are two small bat-like wings held in place by another leather belt. Coming from her bare ass is a cat tail that limply swings from her sudden stop at her mistresses command. Her hands are covered by mittens that keep her from using her hands and attached to her arms are chains leading to ring piercings on her massive breasts. Around her neck is a thick collar that is attached to the harness and has a leather leash leading to the hand of the demon that is leading her. On her head are cat ears lending themselves to further make Taylor look like some sort of hot pet cat girl. Though she also has little horns poking out of her forehead.
 She never had breasts like that before!
 Course this world has seemed to affect her different than me... I myself used to be normal until I had begun drinking some of the goblin ale to stay hydrated and now I looked just like them only without the slutty bondage gear that they had. Plus because of their stupid drink I lost even more of my height than what I already had!
 "My my what is a goblin doing so far into the woods? Usually the tentacle monsters keep you little guys out." The demon asks. When Taylor starts to hide her face the demon gives her a slap on her rump. With a shock Taylor's head jumps up and her face turns even deep red.
 "Te-tentacle monsters? and I'm not a goblin... I just look like one..."
 "Oh you were human then just like my pet hmm? Well looks like your settling in just fine around here. Soo do you like my pet, she was a pretty hard catch but I managed to get her in the end." The demon tugs at Taylor's leash making her fall over onto her plump breasts.
 "Ahh, fallen again, you know what that means don't you pet." With a flick of her finger the demon's hand glows pink for a moment before it dissipates. The tail that Taylor is wearing starts to vibrate and Taylor lets out a moan as her hips sway at the treatment of her ass.
 "Come on get up pet, we still have a long walk ahead of us." Slowly Taylor picks herself up from her fallen position and the duo begin to walk. Panicking I shout.
 "Wait!" The demon turns.
 "Yes by little goblin friend?"
 "Uh... Could... Could you take me with you?" The purple demon raises an eyebrow at my question, amusement shining in her eyes.
 "Don't you have some where to be or do you want, something else?" As she speaks the last word a massive blue cock balloons out of her clit already leaking pre as she strokes it,
 "I-I just, I mean, I... I don't have anywhere to stay is all..." My blush reaches a point where I am sure it is absolutely radiant, and I am not sure that it all is just from the demon's new cock.
 "Oh your adorable! How can I say no when you have such a cute face! Come along to my house then. We can let you get your bearings there." The demon and her pet Taylor begin walking off once more and I rush to follow them. The way she said it, I am not sure that she doesn't have any ulterior motives... Though it isn't as if I have anywhere else to be. Even with my new stubby legs we walk at a comfortable pace. Probably because of Taylor's current situation as the demon's pet. Taylor moans sporadically as her tail plug vibrates. Every once an a while we will meet up with a demon imp or a goblin as we walk out of the deep forest. We even meet a satyr.
 "Well what an adorable little cat you have there" The satyr walks out of the woods around us and makes a bee line for Taylor.
 "Yes she is wonderful, took a bit to train her to be like this but well as you can see the results are worth it." The demon runs her hand along Taylor's full ass before spanking it sending Taylor forward a bit making her bosom swing forward enticingly. The satyr's eyes are locked with Taylor's swinging breasts entranced by the sight.
 "Say how about I give 'er a nice good fucking eh? She is just beggin' for it. It's in her eyes."
 "Maybe" The she demon bends down giving both me and the satyr a nice view of her perfect ass as she tenderly takes Taylor's gagged jaw in her hand and asks.
 "Do you want this nice satyr to fuck you nice and good?" She asks Taylor. For a moment I expected Taylor to shake her head no but she bobs it up and down eagerly.
 "You know you will get punished... Do you want punishment?" Taylor shakes her head this time.
 "Well you can't have both pet, so what shall it be? A nice fuck or shall we leave this poor boy to suffer having to go find a glade to have it's way with him?" Taylor seems to contemplate her choice for a moment before crawling her way over to the satyr and sticking her ass up into the air readying herself for the satyr.
 "Well if you insist." The She demon walks over to her and takes out her tail plug and instead pulls out a long and thick vibrator that is attached to a leather piece that she then plunges into Taylor's pussy and attaches the leather to the harness with a snap. She then turns to the satyr and declares.
 "Have at her." She then punctuates this with a slap on Taylor's ass. Wasting no time the erect shaft of the satyr is soon being guided by the satyr to Taylor's ass. From where I stand I can already see drops of girly juices dripping from Taylor's snatch. As the satyr's cock thrusts into her ass there is a gush of girl cum dripping from where the demon had stuck the vibrator in Taylor's pussy and she lets out a moan of ecstasy as she cums. The satyr does not wait for her to finish moaning as he begins to hump her rump. Drawing back until his equine dick nearly pops out before plunging back into Taylor's back door. Taylor's owner comes over as the satyr continues to see saw in and out of the quivering mess that is Taylor Hebert.
 "This is getting me all hot and bothered, you know we could start fucking as well..." The demon strokes her cock to emphasis her point. I very nearly say yes but I restrain myself barely. If I were to accept her offer wouldn't I become like Taylor? Just a sex toy to be used by others? I couldn't do that, not when I have to find a way out of here! And if I can save Taylor as well I would as well!.
 "N-no thank you."
 "Defiantly not an ordinary goblin. So cutie, have a name?"
 "My name is Hellen dear." We continue to watch as Taylor screams and moans into the ground as the satyr pummels her ass with his long thrusts that slowly get faster as time goes on. Soon I am unable to hold myself back as my hand reaches down to my green snatch. My hand begins to tease my clit as my other goes under my shirt to squeeze and toy with my breast. Watching Taylor being dominated in her bondage gear while the satyr uses her ass as his own personal hole lit a fire in me as the hand teasing my clit begins to push itself into my green slit. I lean back against a tree as I play with myself moaning along with Taylor as I feel myself float higher enjoying both the show and my fingers that work tirelessly to bring me to climax. All too soon though the satyr's thrusts reach a crescendo and finally he buries himself deep into Taylor and begins to grunt as he holds his member deep within her making Taylor let out an explosive moan as she cums once more to the satyr's ministrations.
 "Enjoy the show?" Hellen is suddenly beside me with a raging hard on hidden within a silk sock that matches her sexy red silk outfit. Suddenly I realize what I have been doing and quickly pull my hands away from where they had been pleasuring me. With a sultry chuckle she once more moves towards the previously fucking duo.
 "I take it you appreciated your time?"
 "Oh yeah totally, if I had the patience I'd find a pet like her and just fuck her all day long. Say you wouldn't happen to be willing to sell her? I got some gems to buy her with!" the satyr declares enthusiastically as he pulls out a large sack of gemstones. Taylor seems to pop back reality there and mewls pathetically sounding like she doesn't like the idea of her being sold.
 "Really? How much are you willing to pay for her?" Hellen says as he pulls out Taylor's tail plug again and slides it into her locking the cum from the satyr inside her bowels. Once more Taylor mewls out showing her dislike for the idea again.
 "Shush girl, we are doing business." This shuts Taylor up as the satyr makes his opening offer.
 "I'll buy her for five hundred gems."
 "Five hundred gems!? Please she is at least worth ten thousand since she was a tough train!"
 "Now your just over pricing her, seven hundred and fifty."
 "Five thousand"
 "One thousand"
 "Four thousand"
 "Thirty five hundred and that is my final offer!" the satyr declares. Hellen takes a thoughtful pose as she contemplates the number. She, she can't do this. She can't just sell Taylor. It's, it's illegal! Well back home it's illegal but probably not here since well Taylor's a slave now anyways and that is illegal back home to. What, what can I do? What could I do? Sure Taylor and I weren't friends. Especially after I and the others bullied her but that doesn't mean she shouldn't just be sold to anyone for the right amount of money! I, I can't just stand by as she is being sold!
 "S-stop! You... you can't just sell Taylor!" I shout at them drawing their attention. The satyr's face displays anger at my attempt at disrupting his attempt on purchasing Taylor, while Hellen's face shows... amusement? Am I that pathetic in her eyes that I am just a joke?
 "Who says I can't? I own her so I can sell her? Why don't you make me a counter offer?"
 "Hey! This is our deal! shove off!" the satyr shouts angrily but is ignored by Hellen as she gazes at me with her alluring eyes. With her intense gaze upon me my breath hitches as I begin to panic over what to do. What could I offer her? I don't have even a close amount to what the satyr has let alone more than his final offer. What more could I give her than gems? I don't have much else other than the clothes on my back and some potions that I took off of a sleeping goblin. As I contemplate what I could possibly giver her searching through my sack she has snuck up to me and grasps my breast while another hand pulls my head gently to make me look up at her.
 "Perhaps a new slave to train... it gets lonely over at my house with only my little pussy cat." She wants me? I... What should I do? I... I can't think straight... my mind is filling itself with lewd pictures... mistress... dominating me with her massive cock... being restrained in a harness like Taylor and being led around her house as she plays with our pussies and tugs on our leashes... Taylor and me with a strap on wrestling it out trying to get the upper hand over each other and trying to shove our oiled up bodies to the floor to dominate the other with our lubed up toy cocks for mistresses amusement... Before I know it or can even stop myself I nod and mistress... Hellen gives a sinister snicker before turning on her demonic heels and declares to the satyr.
 "This goblin has a better deal than you. Begone!" Hellen points off in a dismissive gesture. The satyr looks like he is about to charge us or go for Taylor but eventually he walks off muttering about damned goblins. Suddenly Hellen bursts out laughing and moves back over to Taylor petting her head.
 "Aw were you scared that I'd sell you my adorable little pussy cat? Hm Hm come here let me give you a kiss." Hellen then leans down and gives Taylor a kiss on the forehead. She then turns to me.
 "You played your role wonderfully!" Hellen then take Taylor's collar once more and begins to move on after once more turning on Taylor's tail plug. She, she wasn't going to sell Taylor after all? It was just a trick. I just signed my life away to this bombshell of a woman because of a trick? And why did as soon as she came up to me I started seeing all those... lewd... pictures... did... did she master me?
 "Oh by the way I was never planning to sell Taylor here. She is too fun and well, she is nice to hang out with." They were friends? Before I have time to contemplate this they have already turned and moved on as Taylor breaths shakily from the vibrators making her wet and sending pleasurable shivers through her body. Not wanting to be left behind I chase after her.

"Ah home sweet home." When Hellen opens the door to her house I would have expected some sort of evil demonic lair filled with torture devices and satanic symbols everywhere but it just seems normal if a little low tech with candle light lamps no sign of a television. The windows let tones of light into the house so that the place was well lit while also having curtains in case someone wanted less light. Most of the furniture was well sanded and polished wood with some stone surfaces that like the wood were nice and smooth. Upon entering the house Hellen proceeded to remove Taylor's mask gag allowing her to speak for the first time. Though how eventually as we had been walking and her eyes had gained an almost maddened look what she wanted was quite clear.
 "Puh please mistress! I... I need it!" Taylor shouted out uncaring about my presence as she had gone beyond reasoning long ago with both of her vibrators slowly breaking her down. Apparently Hellen had been controlling the vibrators as whenever Taylor's moans had begun to pick up she just stopped the buzzing causing Taylor to whine in despair at the loss of stimulation, apparently not being aloud to cum was her punishment for fucking the satyr before to get her release early.
 "Hmm, maybe. Or maybe I should have your friend here enjoy you hmm?" Me? What could I do? I don't have a cock like Hellen and I am not even sure Taylor would even want me near her and to do something so... embarrassing with me. I, I couldn't. Though... maybe? I got so hot when Hellen had the satyr fuck Taylor there and I didn't even get to have my fun before they finished... plus, Hellen kept teasing me on the way here and Taylor crawling on her hands and knees panting and moaning from the vibrators was totally hot... I, no it's wrong. Mom says that... but she isn't here.
 "Noh! I want you mistress!" O-oh... I guess I should have expected that.
 "But poor Madison needs release too." Suddenly Hellen gets a sinister look on her face. I am not sure I like it.
 "I know! How would you like a sister in slave hood hmm?" She asks Taylor but I know she is asking me. Apparently her little act with the satyr didn't count thankfully but now she wants me to... to join in! I, I couldn't! I, I-I... I want to but... but. Hellen walks over to the door of the house and closes the door and locks it. She then pulls out a key and dangles it in front of me.
 "If you want to leave you can just take this key and unlock the door, otherwise just kneel down in front of me and we can get started." She then walks over to the living room of the house and puts it down on the table there as Taylor happily follows her into the room on all fours with the vibrators still buzzing. I enter the room and Hellen is already toying with Taylor. They sit on her couch with Taylor in Hellen's lap having her breasts massaged by the demon while Hellen whispers to her probably naughty things as Taylor has a blush as red as Emma's hair. The vibes still buzz and Taylor is still dripping but Hellen doesn't seem to mind Taylor getting her juice all over her. I switch from watching the duo play and look over to the key to the house. As I move to take it I hesitate and look over to Hellen and Taylor again. They look so... happy together. In fact that is probably the happiest I have ever seen Taylor. It... it's beautiful what they have. A beautiful S and M relationship. I, I had always fantasized about something like that but, I thought that something like this could only happen in fantasy though here it is. I want in and here is Hellen giving me the in I want but. Would that be fair to Taylor? Could I even intrude on this? She seems happy here unlike back at Winslow. Back on earth Bet. I, couldn't just come into her relationship like this, it's wrong. I go to pick up the key and begin to move to the door before I hear Hellen ask Taylor a question.
 "Would it be alright for Madison to join us?" I freeze. I watch Taylor who has come back to her senses for a moment look between her mistress and me. Eventually I think she sees something for just a moment. Eventually she speaks.
 "I... I am not sure. You, you and the others did things to me, for a year and a half you tormented me. I'm not sure I can get over that..." There is a long pause as even the vibrators stop as we wait on Taylor's verdict. As I am about to make my way to the door Taylor speaks once more.
 "But... I think I will try."​
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Central Operational Intelligence section 2 of Draft 3

Taylor sluggishly found herself emerging from unconsciousness. She moved her head and it felt like it was in some kind of liquid. Taylor couldn’t see, she couldn’t even hear, but she could feel, and she felt the dildos in her. They were the only reason she knew she was awake and not just dreaming. Interestingly enough, she wasn’t sore in any of her holes. She merely felt the dildos there and clenched a bit around them, and it felt good to have them in her holes. Taylor couldn’t really describe the sensation.
 Without warning, however, the dildos in her start vibrate and move. Taylor gasped as she felt herself getting fucked once more by the dildos in her. Unlike when she was having her bondage put onto her, she could move. Her legs immediately pushed together, rubbing together as she felt pleasure rock her form, shooting up from her filled holes. Taylor shook her head around and writhed as she was still being affected by whatever was making her immensely sensitive. Taylor moaned as best she could around the dildo in her throat that was also fucking her.
 Even that, maybe because of that spray or something else, felt good as she was being throat fucked alongside the ass fucking and pussy fucking she was receiving. Taylor felt her breath get ragged as she was fucked and lust was already beginning to cloud her focus and breaking her concentration. Already she was being made horny and was being fucked like before, and with nothing to focus on, all she could do was twitch and squirm in ecstasy as she was being fucked into a blissful state.
 The spray even made the things playing with her nipples feel orgasmic as she felt her mosquito bite nipples being played with by whatever was touching them. They caressed them, pinched them, even tugged at them, and each touch of them sent a rush of endorphins through her with each little thing being done to them that was driving Taylor slowly manic for pleasure.
 The restraints didn’t help. Taylor couldn’t move much but she could move just a little bit before the various restraints around her kept her in place. There was something about them, they felt good on her. She kind of liked how they kept her in place, how they felt on her, how they restrained her. She enjoyed the feeling of them. Almost like a lover’s embrace.
 At the same time, however, she wanted them gone. Taylor wanted to get out of this bondage and escape the tube that she was trapped in. She didn’t want to be sent to the Birdcage, especially like this. The dildos started going faster in her, and Taylor began to moan once again as she felt herself starting to get close. Taylor’s writhing increased as she was fucked faster and harder by the dildos in her holes, intensifying the lusty fog that was shrouding her mind and breaking her focus.
 The large thing in her womb wasn’t helping either, the “core unit” or whatever it had been called. Taylor could feel how the restrains surrounded her belly, pushing at it as she squirmed. She probably looked pregnant with the device in her. She certainly had when she was put into the tube. She had just been more focused on the bondage she was in than how her belly looked. The bulbous thing sat in her womb comfortably.
 Taylor let out another moan as she felt herself just on the edge of cumming. Taylor thrust her hips out as if she was thrusting herself onto the dildos rather than them fucking her themselves. Taylor moaned out once more as she felt herself begin to go over. Her legs slammed together and pushed the dildos in her just a tiny bit further as she felt herself tip over the edge of orgasm, and begin to cum. Taylor threw her head back as she came, her eyes rolling back, and moaned like a wanton whore as she felt herself cum.
 Unfortunately, or fortunately, the dildos in her didn’t stop their crusade against her focus, rather they kept going. Taylor continued to rub her bound legs together as she endured the fucking she was receiving. Her breath quickened further as she continued to be pleasured by the dildos in her, sending waves of pleasure through her as her occasional moaning became a near-constant wail as pleasure rocked her towards nirvana.
 As Taylor humped at the dildos in her, she suddenly felt them twitch and Taylor felt some liquid being squirted in her like the dildos were cumming. Quickly, Taylor realized that the liquid was aphrodisiac as she started to feel even more sensitive than before and pleasured tingled through her as the fucking became more intense. Taylor let out an even louder moan as the pleasure rocking her body doubled.
 Suddenly Taylor sensed something, a small swarm of insects they were passing. Grabbing for anything, anything, that could help her escape, she reached out for them to come to her, but they flew past. She had been controlling them, but they had simply not been fast enough to reach her. Where was she? She was on some kind of transport, that much was sure, but she couldn’t be on the ground, otherwise, she would be feeling insects everywhere. Was she on a plane of some kind?
 Taylor shuddered again as, despite her momentary distraction, she was still being fucked by the dildos in her. Taylor let her head fall back though she did not stop her humping. It felt so good to just bask in her pleasure. Another chance would come, surely. Meanwhile, all she had to do was endure the pleasure and not let it shatter her focus when important things needed to be done.
 Then, Taylor saw blue. Her eyes were working all of a sudden. Taylor started looking around. She was still in the tube surrounded by liquid, but she was on her side. She was looking up at a ceiling that had lights embedded into them. It almost looked like a cargo plane’s fuselage, though those were only from the pictures that she had seen. Then Taylor saw another person there. Staring down at Taylor as she rocked her hips forward and back, trying something to plunge the dildos into herself deeper.
 Alexandria. She stared down at Taylor, an amused expression was clear to see on her face as she had been watching Taylor squirm and shift around, writhing in bliss as the dildos in her continued to fill her with pleasure and build her up. Taylor did her best to still herself as she stared at Alexandria, doing her best to seem defiant with a squinting of the eyes. This however seemed to cause Alexandria’s grin to grow even wider. Then Taylor saw Alexandria bend down and tap a few buttons near her pod. Suddenly the speed of the dildos in her increased along with the vibration. The little self-restraint Taylor had left was instantly demolished as Taylor’s legs came together and Taylor bent forward. The restraints on her kept her from bending too much but it was easy enough for Alexandria to see her plight. Taylor was once more left squirming as she was fucked by the dildos inserted into her. Her legs came apart and Taylor’s head rolled back as her pussy was put through its paces once more, building her up, more and more. Taylor felt herself begin to hump at the fluid she was in again, hoping to find the perfect angle for the dildos to fuck her.
 Taylor wasn’t even looking at Alexandria anymore, her gaze was off to the side of her pod which was fit snugly into an alcove. What she saw however didn’t matter as she was barely processing anything anymore as she focused not completely on her own pleasure. Wanting herself to be fucked more and more as she writhed in her harness, feeling the restraints, and in her lust fogged mind, she found the restraints enjoyable. Taylor wished her arms were free so she could touch herself, she didn’t even care that Alexandria was watching. All that mattered to her frayed focus was a pleasure, and if her hands were free, she could do more to herself. She could feel her skin, she could push the dildos in further, she could have even started touching her nipples in the ways that she knew felt best, yet she couldn’t. They were wrapped up in both her harness and then in arm binders that kept them restrained behind her.
 Above her, Alexandria tapped some more things onto the console, and Taylor felt something being injected into her system. It quelled some of the burning lust in her body, but suddenly Taylor was starting to feel sleepy. The dildos slowed down as well, and the things being done to her nipples stopped as well. Taylor suddenly couldn’t see anything anymore, and her eyes felt so heavy. She… she’d… been…
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Central Organic Intelligence (Draft 3)

Third time's the charm. Lets see how this goes.

This is the current completed section of the 3rd draft of the Central Organic Intelligence story that I am currently working on. There is still two more sections to go but they will be smaller than this section which is called installation.

As always, any and all feedback is highly appreciated.


Taylor awoke from a sound. It sounded like steam being released or a piston releasing. Taylor opened her eyes and all she could see were machines flying around her, doing something to her. She couldn’t move. She tried sensing out her insects, but she couldn’t feel anything. Where was she?

There weren’t even any lights so she might as well be blind.

However, there was movement. Taylor could feel it on her skin like some kind of wind went past her. She was suspended somewhere and something was holding her up by the armpits. Was this how they were keeping her prisoner? Ever since she was captured, she had been sedated. She didn’t even know what day it was. All Taylor could remember was after she had been captured, they had injected her with something, and then nothing. Was she just woken up to watch her trial in some way? Also, why did they have her naked? Did they think she could do something with clothes? Maybe if she was Parian but she wasn’t. So why?

Taylor felt something being slid up her legs yet couldn’t move them, it was like they just wouldn’t obey her commands. Was this what it was like to be under Alec’s control? Taylor tried to make a sound to move, to protest in some way, yet she couldn’t once again. Some kind of paralytic agent perhaps? Or did they master her for this? Valefor could have probably done something like this as Taylor doubted that Alec would do this for them. The things being put on her, they were almost like clothes, or some kind of underwear maybe? Taylor still couldn’t see but it scrapped against her legs on all sides and felt more solid than some regular panties. Some kind of harness? Taylor remembered seeing Bad Canary once being brought to the courthouse. Her restraints honestly looked draconian, or fetishistic, were it not for the prison uniform.

No even then, the extreme amount of bondage on her, it had even looked fetishistic. Taylor remembered having, rather unladylike thoughts about those restraints. Wanting to be bound up in them, to feel them restrain her, holding her tight as she couldn’t escape. Will it look, or rather feel, like she was about to feel them now. Had this been any other kind of situation, Taylor might have found it amusing, or even erotic, to be bound like this. Yet now her girlhood fantasy of being bound up like this was not so amusing. Even so, she still can’t resist as her limbs won’t respond.

Taylor continued to feel the hoops of material rise until they naturally found themselves in the spots between her thighs and her vagina. Though Taylor noted something odd. There didn’t seem to be a middle section of whatever was being put on her. The machine dressing her continued to put on the harness that she was being slowly inserted into. She could feel that whatever it was, was thick and solid, it covered her in bands of material while allowing her skin to show. Some rings connected the bands where multiple were connected. Taylor could only really tell what they were because of how some sections were cold on her. The bands of the harness, going up, left her vagina exposed as they wrapped around where her thigh met her torso, the bands went around her stomach, leaving it exposed, before moving up and a strap running around the upper part of her stomach all the way around, while another strap around Taylor’s chest just below her small mosquito bite breasts was run around it as well. Straps ran on either side of her breasts. There was almost a spider web of straps right above her breasts that ran around her and then connected to a collar that she was put in.

Slowly, Taylor’s arms were bound by the mechanical limbs into her harness with extra bands of material and other things being applied along with them so that even if she weren’t paralyzed, she still wouldn’t be able to move them. Taylor wanted to raise her eyebrow at this. Were they seriously putting her in bondage gear? Taylor also wished she could move her legs, maybe rub them together because she was, feeling something down there from all this restraint, despite what it meant. Soon, however, Taylor felt the limbs come for her legs as well.

Taylor felt something grab hold of her legs and bent them so that her feet were touching her butt. Then she felt something put over her legs, and then the feeling of them being tightened. They were putting straps on her legs. One over her upper thighs and lower shins, and the other over her lower thighs and upper shins. Finally, there was a set of restraints attached to the middle of her feet before they were then attached to one of the straps near her rear. They were tightened fairly tight but not too much. This was getting ridiculous. She wasn’t a brute, she didn’t need restraints like this. Though this was probably to make her seem more dangerous. After all, from what little she knew, it seemed that all the capes that went to jail or the Birdcage on television were bound up like this all the time, in ridiculously elaborate restraints.

That’s where they were going to send her to, wasn’t it? They were going to send her to the Birdcage now. Taylor felt something in her stomach drop. The Birdcage. They were going to send her to the Birdcage. First, they reveal her, then they snatched her right as she thought she was about to escape from the school, and now, they are doing to drop her in the deepest, darkest hole imaginable. Were Taylor able, she would have clenched her fists, struggled, maybe even snarled like a rabid animal. Not like it would make a difference. After everything, they were going to lock her up and throw her away. No three strike rule like they were supposed to have, no real court hearing, no. No this was going to be a sham trial, her guilt was already determined. She was going to be made an example of.

There wasn’t any time to pity herself as she felt more mechanical arms pulling more things onto her. Taylor felt something smooth being slid onto each of her legs, adding more bindings to them while her arms had their sleeve of material binding them together. It wasn’t as if Taylor could have moved anyways after she had been bound up in the fetishistic bondage harness they had outfitted her with. However, as the mechanical arms came away, something happened. It almost felt like the things put on her was self-adjusting, and connecting to something under her skin. Taylor couldn’t put her finger on it, but it felt like at points across her body, the harness she had on and maybe the bindings were connected to her in some way.

Taylor heard a mechanical arm behind her and felt something being connected to the back of her head. With an unceremonious clank and snap, something was attached, and suddenly Taylor could see something. Not through her eyes but in her mind.

>Running Diagnostic…
>Beginning U.R.M.L. atrophication prevention system test…

Taylor felt a mild shock of electricity in her right arm that caused it to cease up for a moment before relaxing once more. Due to the pain bomb, it wasn’t very painful.

>Test complete: U.R.M.L. atrophication prevention system running optimally.

It was almost like some kind of DOS terminal in her head. Taylor, curious, watched as it continued its commands.

>Beginning U.L.M.L. atrophication prevention system test…
>Test complete: U.L.M.L. atrophication prevention system running optimally.
>Beginning L.R.L.L. atrophication prevention system test…
>Test complete: L.R.L.L. atrophication prevention system running optimally.
>Beginning L.L.L.L atrophication prevention system test…
>Test complete: L.L.L.L. atrophication prevention system running optimally.
>Beginning M.C. atrophication prevention system test…
>Test complete: M.C. atrophication prevention system running optimally.
>Beginning Full atrophication prevention system test…
>Test complete: Full atrophication prevention system running optimally.

Taylor continued to feel herself get zapped all over as whatever atrophication prevention system was testing itself out on her. Taylor counted herself lucky that she had experienced the pain bomb. While it had been the worst pain imaginable, it had saved her both from really suffering too much from painful injuries, and even kept her from developing an unhealthy addiction to painkillers. The zaps were nothing more than mild annoyances.

Though the atrophication prevention system, that could only mean that they intended to keep her here like this for a long time. Oh god, Taylor hoped not. This kind of treatment was inhuman. Mom had gone off about it a few times that Taylor could remember, at how they were treating people like animals or as zoo freaks to gawk at and not people, among other things. Now they were going to do the same to her. Maybe even doing the same to the rest of the Undersiders.

>Beginning injection test…

Taylor felt more things being connected to her. The various points that felt like they were connecting to her from the harness, it felt like smaller versions of the thing that had been done to her head. There were smaller clinks and snaps, across her body. They weren’t painful, they simply seemed like they were attaching something, though that worried Taylor. With so many different connections, what were they planning, and what were they injecting?

Was this a lethal injection? If so, why all the bondage?

Taylor felt, on multiple points in her body, something entering into her bloodstream, and suddenly she just couldn’t feel anymore. Was this the thing that they were using to paralyze her?

>Test complete: Paralytic, and Muscle Relaxing agent applied successfully.
>Beginning Core Internal System Monitor Unit installation…

Well, that answered that. Though what did it mean by “Core Internal System Monitor Unit?” Was she about to be operated on? Taylor felt sick, and for a moment, she wondered whether it had been a good idea to support Alexandria, the PRT, and the Protectorate back during the aftermath of Echidna. She had done it because they were one of the few organizations that were trying to keep order and had a global reach. Now, going through all of this, Taylor wasn’t sure she wanted such organizations to have that much power if they were going to do this to their prisoners.

Taylor felt herself being moved around, her legs being spread, and suddenly mechanical arms with soft ends were touching her pussy, spreading it. Taylor could feel herself both getting wet and becoming more distressed as she felt this. What the hell were they going to do with her? They… they weren’t going to rape her were they!? Taylor tried to move, tried to do anything, but now she couldn’t even blink whereas before she at least had control over her eyelids.

Then Taylor felt something, something huge touching her pussy. Was this their “Core Internal System Monitor Unit” that Taylor had seen in her mind’s eye? What the hell were they planning? Taylor felt the massive, bulbous, thing, being pushed into her. Taylor would have moaned had she been able to, it… it felt good. Taylor could hear the sound of her arousal as the core unit was being pushed slowly into her, pushing in a little bit, before coming out, then pushing back once more. It was something of a cycle. Taylor couldn’t feel any pain, even the strange kind where she knew she was in pain, but it didn’t register right. No, with the massive amount of muscle relaxant, it wasn’t even painful to have the massive thing pushed into her. Instead, it was pleasurable. Taylor would have moaned, she would have cried out in both distress and pleasure as the core unit was pushed further into her.

However, it did not stop at just entering into her fully. Taylor felt it continue going as the mechanical arm fucked her with the bulbous core unit. All Taylor could do was stare ahead as the mechanical arm continued to push the core unit forward, into her while she was left spread legged. Taylor then felt it touch something deep in her. Her cervix, the core unit of theirs was touching her cervix. Where did they… Suddenly the mechanical arm pushed forward again and Taylor’s eyes would have widened if they had been able to. Suddenly it became very clear where they planned to put their “Core Unit” in her. Taylor wished she could struggle, wished she could fight, but with the paralytic and muscle relaxing agent, she couldn’t even clench her pussy around the core unit to delay it pushing into her womb. All Taylor could do was suffer through the waves of pleasure that came from each push into her. Her body was betraying her, sending pleasure signals to her brain as she was utterly and completely violated by the PRT and Protectorate.

Finally, the core unit was pushed in enough that the cervix started to pull the core unit into her womb. Very quickly the muscle relaxant was wearing off of her. She felt the false pain signals that her pussy was sending her, but all she could truly feel properly was the after-effects of the pleasure she had felt as the thing was pushed into her. It and Taylor wished it hadn’t, had felt good, extremely good. Taylor would have shuddered with just the memory of it entering into her had she been able to.

After a moment Taylor realized that she hadn’t had her bound legs let down after the core unit was placed into her womb, and hoped that it was simply a glitch in the system, rather than them continuing to violate her holes.

>C.I.S.M.U. installation complete.
>Beginning Master Rampancy Prevention Device installation…

Taylor did not like the sound of that. Considering especially that her legs were still spread. Taylor could hear more mechanical whirring as more mechanical limbs moved around her, then, like before, she felt something against her pussy. While the muscle relaxant had already been filtered out, the paralytic was still in full effect. It was large, though not as large as the core unit that had been put into her. Already wet with her arousal from before, it would have entered into her easily. Yet it waited, as it started to spew some kind of lubricant at her pussy, and continued to do so while it was being slowly inserted into Taylor. Taylor could feel the bumps and ridges of the thick dildo as well as a strange tingling that made her hot and bothered down there. Taylor at once both felt violated by it as well as felt pleasure from it as well as the bumps and ridges rubbed over highly sensitive tissue sending waves of pleasure through Taylor. Taylor wanted to moan and cry all at once. She wanted to try to break her bonds and push the dildo away, yet a primal part of her wanted to instead use what little leverage she had with the mechanical arms to drive herself further onto the dildo and quell the burning fire that was slowly rising within her. It had been a long time since she had felt like this, felt so lusty, so horny. She wanted to take the dildo being driven into her, break it off the mechanical arm, and after she escaped, fuck herself with it until that flame went away and she could properly focus again.

Her wishes were not met, however, as the paralytic agent did not let up as she was forced to be slowly penetrated by the thick and big cock that was being pushed into her. She wished that the cock would either go faster or be taken out. Something that was faster than having to endure the slow insertion and how hot and bothered it made her.

Finally, however, the dildo was pushed into place. As Taylor saw in her mind’s eye;

>M.R.P.D. installation complete.
>Beginning Rampancy Prevention Device and Waste Elimination Device installation…

Taylor wasn’t given much time to recover as she began to feel something touch her back door. Taylor had never tried doing much with her ass before, just maybe a finger or two when she was first exploring things. Now she felt something bigger than her finger touching her back there. The tip of it spurted out something before it started rubbing the length of the thing against her ass, sliding easily around her cheeks. Taylor also felt something else along with it. It almost felt like a leaf or piece of the material that was binding her. Quickly, however, Taylor started to feel hot back there as the liquid being sprayed seemed to be like the liquid that was sprayed at and in her pussy which made her skin tingle. Taylor found that she enjoyed each pass of the dildo as it made her feel more aroused with each pass. Almost like massaging the lips of her feminine folds.

The dildo for her ass, however, stopped its sliding and once more placed its tip against her asshole, and Taylor felt it poke in a bit. There was little resistance, and quickly Taylor found herself being filled why whatever lubricant it had used on her ass. Her ass started to feel all tingly and once more, Taylor wished she could move just a little bit, either to escape, or to just rub her legs together, maybe squeeze down on the dildo in her pussy, and try to find the bright side of her little trip to hell. At least, if she tried not to think about how she was being violated, toyed with, and humiliated, she could just enjoy the pleasure she had never gotten to enjoy before.

The pleasure even helped. It was harder to focus on anything while her ass was all tingly and her pussy was filled with cock. Physically, Taylor wanted to be able to move and grind on the dildo in her, mentally, Taylor wanted to escape, pull those things out of her and make a break for it. Neither of these was possible as she started to feel the thin dildo enter into her backside. There was a very small amount of that strange feeling she now called pain but didn’t feel like it, and a much larger amount of pleasure that came from the dildo entering into her ass. Were she able to, she would have moaned as it entered her, maybe even panted as her ass was slowly penetrated, and it became even harder to focus on anything except for the intruding member in her ass that was clouding her mind with lust.

Quickly, far too quickly according to the part of Taylor that was extremely lust-addled, the insertion stopped, and then she felt the machines pulling at the material that was attached to the dildo in her ass to cover her ass and pussy, with a convenient slot for the protruding end of the dildo in her vagina. There was something else as Taylor started to feel that same pleasurable, lubricating liquid being sprayed on her pussy, then she felt something being inserted somewhere uncomfortable, a urethral tube, or a catheter. Taylor had to wear one of those during her time in the psychiatric ward after she had triggered and had been overwhelmed by her bugs. It was much less uncomfortable going in now than it had been coming out back then, but then, Taylor hadn’t had the pain bomb to deal with the uncomfortableness. Taylor then felt the material snap into place, and the mechanical arms pulled away. Now she had both of her lower holes plugged. Her ass felt good, and she wanted to clench down on the dildo in her pussy, yet couldn’t.

>R.P.D.W.E.D. Installation complete.
>Beginning Respiratory and Fuel Tube installation…

Taylor felt mechanical arms reach her face and began to open up her mouth as something phallic was brought to her lips. Like with her ass, it sprayed a tingling, arousing liquid that tasted a bit like blue raspberry. Taylor’s tongue was grabbed, and Taylor was surprised by both how sensitive it was, as well as how it aroused her to have it touched. This lube was something more than a simple aphrodisiac.

Taylor felt pleasure as the phallic object at her lips was slowly pushed in, rubbing against her sensitive mouth tissue, sending more waves of pleasure through her, adding to the arousal that was already clouding Taylor’s lust addled mind. As before, Taylor wished that the dildo would enter into her faster as she wanted to take it in. As it reached her throat she realized that she didn’t feel herself gag. Wasn’t everyone supposed to have a gag reflex? Even so, Taylor wanted to moan and writhe as she enjoyed having a cock pushed into her throat. It was both highly arousing as well as extremely pleasurable because of the blue raspberry flavored lube.

God damn it. Taylor thought as she enjoyed these pleasures she was being subjected to. She knew that she wouldn’t be able to feel these ever again. She would never let herself be subjected to this willingly again. She hated that this was being done to her yet at the same time couldn’t help but physically enjoy the sensation. It gave too much control to other people and she had been betrayed too many times to let someone do this to her. Even this was a betrayal. She had known that there had been the possibility of her going to jail or the Birdcage once she committed to villainy, but this was going too far.

Taylor imagined all the other prisoners that might be going through this exact thing right now. At that moment, never had Taylor hated something more than the PRT, if this was what they were doing to their prisoners. Someone has to have known about this, and the PRT had covered this up. Once more, Taylor regretted having supported Alexandria and the Protectorate during the battle against Echidna. They may be the only force of order here, but if this was how they were exerting their power, then to hell with them.

Eventually, the large dildo going into her mouth reached an end, yet she could still somehow breathe. A mask had been put over her face at the end, and her breathing had been obstructed for a few moments before something had pushed its way into something uncomfortable as well, but she couldn’t tell what was going on. Taylor, however, could guess that it was some kind of tube entering into her lungs or something to provide her air. It felt strange and probably would have hurt were it not for the pain bomb having already damaged the part of her brain that processed it.

>R.F.T. installation complete.
>Beginning nutritional supplement test…

Taylor felt a bit of twitching coming from the cock lodged in her mouth before something started to spurt out in quick thick bursts of fluid that Taylor could feel flowing down her throat into her stomach. Taylor had no idea what it tasted like but considering it was being shoved down her throat, it had to either taste nasty, or the PRT were just a bunch of awful sadists. Before now, Taylor would have gone with the former explanation, but right now, after being raped by some machines, she was now inclined towards the latter explanation.

Quickly, however, Taylor noticed a difference. Her body felt hot, she could practically feel herself dripping with arousal. Her mind was fogged as her arousal increased further all around. She, the… the fire in her. The heat of her arousal, it was quickly growing, becoming unbearable. Where once there was a fire, there now was a quickly growing inferno. Continuously, Taylor tried to move to twitch, tried to do anything. She was barely thinking straight. An animal lust was bolstering the lustful fog her mind was trapped within. Disorientated, and filled with primal lust. Taylor wished for nothing more than to fuck herself on the various toys that were penetrating her but not moving. She so very much wanted them to move, to try to take away this indescribable need she felt within her.

Her whole body was hot, she needed the toys to move, to fuck her. She could hardly find the words to describe her need. Without anything to distract Taylor, she was helpless in the face of her wanton need for pleasure enough to make her cum. Taylor tried focusing on other things, things that could try to help her, but all of them simply further aroused her. The straps, they were tight on her, very tight, and Taylor remembered that once upon a time, when she was but a small girl, that she desired to be tied up, how she would play the damsel in distress when she and Emma play together, how she enjoyed being tied up, how she had managed to convince Emma to tie her up in more and more elaborate ways, until the one day they were caught, and Alan and Zoe were furious with Emma.

Her restraints weren’t the answer, then maybe her helplessness. Once she had desired it, but now it was a hindrance. She was trapped, at the whim of her captors. The bastards, the men, and women who found it funny to fuck and torment those that they had captured and were sure to go to the Birdcage. Back during her days as a child, she would play at being helpless and Emma would save her from the dragon or villain or whatever, then they would swap places, or Taylor would be the villain or the hero. They would mock fight, and more often than not, Taylor would win, then Emma would pull a BS power out of nowhere, and the fight would be back on. Back then, she had enjoyed being helpless because the one that she trusted so dearly was the one to do it. That wasn’t the case here. Here the PRT was forcing this upon her.

She hated it. She hated what was being done to her, and despite how good it felt, she would make sure, if she escaped, that the PRT would have another city that they would not be welcomed in. There were some places where the villains were so powerful that they had fully kicked out the PRT, yet had managed to keep society running well enough. There… there was one that was even somewhat recent… Steelport… Taylor thought that was its name.

>Beginning Tertiary Rampancy Preventions Devices installation…

What next? What could they possibly do next? Taylor heard mechanical arms descend from above and she felt something being cupped to her chest. The cups were much larger than her chest, and she wondered if she was mistaken with some other prisoner, that however was before she felt her chest be splashed with something. It started to tingle and Taylor immediately realized that it was the same lube that had turned her throat into an erogenous zone, and cranked up the sensitivity of her other erogenous zones. Taylor already could feel tiny mechanical limbs toying with her nipples, touching them, rubbing them, and tugging at them lightly, yet it still added to Taylor’s pleasure.

What… what had she been thinking? Something… something about the PRT. Already the effects of her lust addled mind were affecting her as her thoughts were slowly losing coherence, the arousal and pleasure distracted her more and more.

>T.R.P.D. installation complete.
>Beginning Rampancy Prevention Devices test…

Suddenly Taylor felt something, before all of the various dildos on her started to thrust, had Taylor been able to she would have gasped at the sudden pleasure. Within moments she was sent straight to nirvana as she came. Her eyes, even if they could, would have seen nothing as any attempt at higher thought became nothing but fantasy as Taylor was fucked by the various devices that had penetrated her. Her throat felt amazing, being fucked by the thing that she was forced to suck to survive. It wasn’t as sensitive as her pussy or her ass, both of them already being erogenous zones, but she still felt pleasure from her throat being violated and being thrust into.

Her ass felt amazing. The long and thin dildo that was in her ass much like the one in her throat, fucked her relentlessly. It stoked the bonfire of arousal within her as with each simulated thrust it sent a shock of pleasure through her. Just that on its own would have been mind-numbing, having reduced her to bending over and clutching to anything just to stay standing. Taylor wanted to moan and cry and for the various phallic “Prampancy Prevention Devices” to go faster with their fucking. Each thrust was a peek at heaven as her vision was white with shock and overwhelming pleasure.

Finally, the dildo in her pussy. The pleasure Taylor felt there was near indescribable as it started to pump inside of her and fuck her tight and slavering wet snatch. As with her ass, every thrust was a look into heaven, only it lasted longer. Each thrust left her tingling and was nearly enough to cause her to orgasm from but a single thrust alone. It was agony, it was absolute torture of the best kind. She never wanted it to stop. The thrusting of the dildo in her sensitivity enhanced pussy shattered nearly every single thought with a quick series of thrusts. It was this last dildo thrusting into her that made the fog that was clouding her mind, truly impenetrable. If Taylor had a task in front of her or even a series of tasks, maybe, she could have focused on that, but asking any more of her, asking her to think of complex plans of escape, for example, were beyond her at that moment. So complete was the inferno of lust that had overtaken her and the pleasure that fogged her mind that she was likely beyond such capacities of reason and planning at that moment. After all, such rampant thought was to be curbed lest disaster strike.

>Rampancy Prevention Devices test complete…
>Activating C.I.S.M.U. please stand by…

Suddenly the thrusting stopped, and Taylor was left wanting it to return, to continue to fuck her, to quell the raging bonfire that the fucking had only increased in size. A part of Taylor, one of the most animal parts of her, driven by lust and other such primal emotions wanted the fucking to continue, to pleasure her, to fuck her, to Breed her. Another part of her, a part of her that attempted to justify her animal lust and desire for her pleasure to return, wanted the fucking to continue, for the fucking to continue to cloud her mind so that she could forget her new reality, her new existence. It wanted the continuous barrage of pleasure to wipe away any recollection of her fate for reality was cruel, and at least when floating on a cloud of heavenly pleasure, it was easy to forget the dark and horrible reality of her fate. A final part of her, however, was glad that the fucking had let up. It clouded her mind and made it harder for her to plan on escape. She understood that she needed to deal with her lust in some way but escape was more important, especially if she wished to escape her dark future and inform the world of the PRT and Protectorate’s cruelty.

If she survived that long. Considering that the PRT and Protectorate were Cauldron’s brainchild, then it would be reasonable to assume that they would not allow such an organization to fall so easily. Not without also taking down Cauldron. She would have to gain access to someone that could mask her from whatever precognitive-

>Rampancy detected. Activating Rampancy Prevention Devices. Unit 13 showing signs of early >activation.
>Sending report...

Suddenly the dildos in Taylor started to vibrate, then, they once more began to move and fuck her. There was barely any warning as the phallic devices penetrated her, stalling her thoughts as her concentration was interrupted. Taylor couldn’t moan but she wanted to as she felt the devices start fucking her. Once more she felt amazing as her ass, her pussy, and her throat were fucked. Taylor’s eyes rolled back as she once more was forced to ride the pleasure of the devices that were preventing her “rampant” thoughts

She could feel herself getting close again as the devices fucked her, made her feel good, and intensified the lustful fog in her mind. All Taylor could focus on other than her pleasure was the lines of computer-like text in her mind that she couldn’t shut out, but that was hardly a sufficient distraction. The dildos were working their magic on her, and she… she could… feel herself getting...

Were Taylor not paralyzed she could have shuddered and thrown her head back, crying out in pleasure as, for a second time in less than ten minutes, Taylor was forced to orgasm. It felt amazing, and a large part of Taylor was happy that they didn’t stop, unlike last time. She wanted to be in Nirvana, she wanted to feel bliss. If she couldn’t escape at least it distracted her from her situation

>Installing Central. Operating. Intelligence. into case…

Taylor suddenly felt herself being moved as whatever mechanical arms that were holding her heavily-bound body started to lift her. Even so, Taylor couldn’t see as the dildos in her continued to fuck her. She wouldn’t be able to see much as the fucking from her dildos prolonged her orgasm, turning it from a quick clenching of her lower holes to long moments of attempting to milk the two dildos for cum that she was not going to receive. All the while, Taylor’s restraints were an interesting feeling that was surrounding her. Taylor both hated them and kind of like them as they were a part of what was keeping her here, while they were erotic to wear. Taylor might have even considered wearing things like this underneath her clothes if Emma hadn’t turned on her.

Quickly, however, Taylor felt herself being lowered. Taylor barely registered that she could see something now. It was some kind of tube that Taylor could see herself being lowered into. There was a dim light in the tube but it was enough. The thing was made from black reflective glass, and Taylor could see herself.

She was bound up tight in an elaborate bondage harness while her limbs were restrained in arm and leg binders. All along the bondage harness were cables and hoses that were attached to various areas on her body and they all ascended upwards to where it was connected to something. From her crotch protruded two lewdly buzzing and shifting ends that Taylor knew were to the dildos that were still fucking her. The rear one had a hose connected to it that rose to somewhere above her. Her mask looked like a gas mask with a hose attached to it that, like the previous one, also ascended above where Taylor could see. There was also another cable that Taylor could see that was attached somewhere behind her head. What it was, Taylor had no idea.

Taylor heard a sound from above and saw that liquid was filling the tube that she was now fully lowered into. Taylor might have pondered further yet her concentration was being continually assaulted by how she was being fucked in all her holes. Taylor came once again as her eyes rolled back in her skull. She wished she could move, she wished she could moan. She would cry for help as she moaned in torturous bliss as her concentration was continually broken. The outfit that they had her wearing wasn’t helping matters at all as even she found the outfit deeply arousing, if only she had the tits to match, and maybe a bondage hood for her face. She wanted to fuck, she wanted to continue to be fucked by the dildos in her and she wanted to escape from here.

Quickly the liquid passed her head and the mask proved airtight as she could still breathe. Taylor felt something off about the liquid. It was almost like a slurry, or it had the consistency of milk.

>halt O.I. optical sensors
>Disabling O.I. optical sensors...

Then, Taylor couldn’t see. She hadn’t closed her eyes, she just couldn’t see.

>halt O.I. auditory sensors
>Disabling O.I. auditory sensors...

Her hearing went dead as well as she couldn’t even hear the liquid being poured in. All she could do is feel what is going on.

>I’m sorry

That message was deleted quickly however and soon enough Taylor saw something else.

>poweroff O.I.
>Powering off O.I….

Taylor felt something being injected into her veins, and then… nothing…

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