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Messyacademy profile
I'm the lead director and creator for a diaper visual novel called Messy Academy.
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1st year student

-Access to Patreon News Feed! (general news updates, behind the scenes (writing) and voting polls!)

-Access to Discord Server!

0 subscribers    SubscribeStar $1.00 tier
per month
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2nd year student

-Previous Rewards

-Access to Concept Art for Sprites, CGs & BG's!

-Exclusive Patreon Only Game Releases! (releases at the end of a given month normally on the 30th)

0 subscribers    SubscribeStar $5.00 tier
per month
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3rd year student

-Previous Rewards

-Your name in the credits! (as SubscribeStar supporter!)

-Content suggestions you wish to see! (Special SubscribStar post labeled "Content suggestion" will be posted monthly, post your suggestions there. These aren't 100% to be added, but will be considered)

-God mode exclusive downloads! (gives you max stats and lets you unlock all content instantly. God mode downloads have their own special post made at the end of a given month when new updates happen! You still have access to the normal non-god mode downloads!)

0 subscribers    SubscribeStar $10.00 tier
per month
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4th year student

-Previous Rewards

-Design Your Own Background Character to Appear in the Game. (Male or Female staff/teacher character or Girl student character. No male student.) (This covers 1 outfit [school outfit, swimsuit, gym outfit or custom request], few basic emotes and 100% chance to show up at least once in the game if not more!) (special SubscribeStar post will be put up monthly labeled "Character creation" for you $25 supporters to discuss the details for your oc character.) It is not my responsibility to hunt you down for this reward!! Reach out to me or risk losing it!

[You can only claim this reward once, sorry.] [Wait times for character from start>sketch>finished>added. Can take upwards of 1-2 months based on sprite work for the month.]

Limited (0 out of 3) subscriptions
SubscribeStar $25.00 tier


  • Based on the tiers. You can receive the same benefits we offer on our patreon tiers! So general news posts and information, art previews, behind the scenes posts, new game updates monthly either normal versions or godmode versions, etc.

Recent posts

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Public post
I'm happy to announce that Messy Studios, who is known for working on a visual novel called Messy Academy, is now part of SubscribeStar! ^^

This is mainly as an alternative to those who dislike using Patreon for any reason. We are still new to using SubscribeStar, so please do keep this in mind. But we will simply have our Patreon posts for their respected supporting tiers match the supporting tiers on here. So it won't matter if you're a patreon or subscribstar supporter, if you support at $5 a month on either platform. You'll receive new exclusive game updates updated at the end of each month!

We will fully support making posts on here starting on August 1st! So look forward to it! ^^ 

The subscription gives you:
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  • You can cancel this subscription at any time.
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