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Kinky Fridays
Creating the lewdest hand-holding entertainment this side of the internet.
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Recent posts

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Kinky Fridays
Public post

Elewder - Lust Update + Hotfix

Hello, Warlocks! Thank you for your patience as we build the first post-release patch for Elewder for early access. A little later than our target date of the 15th, this new build is just jampacked with new mechanics, new systems, overhauls, graphics, sounds, etc. There should be a lot of requested fixes and such for the game as well, getting your feedback on the build will be very exciting!

As for the new art assets and content, please expect that in the next patch, building the new minions will take a little bit more time. For now, enjoy our new patch, we have been working really hard to get this done as soon as we can!

Supporters of our $5 tier of higher can grab their downloads here:

Hotfix v0.1.1.1 has been released to address a few missing controller icons and a finisher exit bug.


New Lust system: Build up that lust from exploring and fighting minions, use the lust to power your special attacks and engage in our new Finisher system and minigame!
Finisher animation overhaul: New animation system that is both timed and click dependent, clap as fast or as slow as you want!
New finisher sex minigame: Booty loot is a powerful tool in Elewder, depending on your “performance” in the first iteration of our new minigame you will get more loot.
Overhaul how all items work: Now you can collect multiple of the same item. To put it in gameplay terms, the original was like Binding of Isaac, the new system is more towards Risk of Rain 2.
New enemies balance: The game is a lot harder, and we are making the early preparation for the new minion designs to be implemented into the next patch.
New economy: Memory fragments, Essence, Gold, Shops, all of these have been worked into the system to build a much more stable and rewarding economy of items and growth.
Overhaul player characters: The Warlock and the Knight are now very unique compared to each other, the Warlock is about dodging and weaving, the Knight has about tackling enemies front on. Both have unique attacks, unique specials, and unique defensive skills.
Small fixes on the maps, no more wall and underground traps: We have done a sweep of terrible placed traps and removed just about every single one. If you find any we have missed, please let us know and we will get them removed.
Game difficulty modification: Turns out our community is way better at Elewder than we anticipated, now the game is far more difficult but far more rewarding to play.
A new system for unlocking new items: The Memory Master and the Memory Fragment system has been implemented, find the fragment in the game, unlock the items with essence, those items appear in-game and help you achieve better runs!
New SFX: New sounds for several interactions in our systems.
New Sex Gallery: The player area now has a room dedicated to a pump and dump. As we add new animations expect them to be made available for your enjoyment!
Book of Choice: Now you can find the book of choice within the runs of Elewder, these books will grant the user a choice between several items and possibly currency.
Lighting system overhaul: You’ve spoken up about the lighting system, and the fog, so we have made changes to the look and feel of Elewder.
Biographies and Dialogue: We have added several new dialogue interactions with the NPC’s in the player area at the start of the game, along with building out the biographies of our two playable characters, the Warlock and the Knight.
Please send your feedback in! We are excited to hear what you all think!
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Kinky Fridays

Elewder v0. 1. 1 Download

This post also includes Mega.NZ content links
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Kinky Fridays
Public post

Elewder November Preview

Hello, Warlocks! Thank you for your patience while we build the next patch based on all the wonderful feedback we have received over the past few weeks. This update will be broken down into two parts, the first is focusing on the build coming around November 15th, and the second patch coming around the end of November.

Patch v0.1.1

After the release, we aimed to focus on building and changing the core mechanics to match our customer’s expectations for a roguelike bullet hell. The feedback has been amazing but the content you’ve requested will take a little longer to build. So the first half of November is focused on the gameplay effects.

We want to address the player growth and add a skill ceiling, and this is tough to do. We have been in constant communication with people engaged with giving feedback and we have come to the conclusion that adding in spell variety was not the direction we needed to head in. Coming in this patch you can expect the following changes.

Removal of spell swapping and the secondary weapon slot: Characters will now have one offensive spell, and one support spell (left-click and right-click). This means that shooting on a controller has now been moved over to the right joystick.

Lust building and support spells: A new mechanic in Elewder is the building of a bar called “Lust” this bar fills with enemies being defeated and new rooms being explored. This system ties directly into the support spell, so using the character-specific support spell will cost some of your lust. Once the Lust bar has filled you can now trigger finishers on stunned enemies.

Finishers overhaul: The new finisher system is now a more focused affair, the animations have been overhauled, the systems rebuilt. The positions still have randomization to them but the camera is controlled by the game to make a more cinematic experience. Finishers also have a very simple timing minigame attached to them, and succeeding in this minigame will reward the player with more items and gear the better the player performs!

Loot overhaul: Elewders beta loot was simply not a very fun experience, now each item will affect a variety of elements related to progression. You can also stack the items to build better runs. We have reworked the unlocking system as well since a majority of players were very confused about how it worked, now while you play Elewder you will find blueprints, these blueprints will “unlock” the item to be found in your future runs, this is all done by conversing with the Memory Master NPC in the player starting area. To help ease players into this we will have an in-game explanation of the system along with a new UI built just for unlocking items. We will also aim to add way more items to the possible items for this patch.

The new finisher system also ties into the new loot drops with minions having a “ranking” for what quality of the loot they will drop. As your lust bar fills the minions will begin to glow with an aura depending on the quality of treasure clapping their cheeks will drop.
Building “the urn”: During your runs in Elewder new choice orbs will drop and these items will task you with making a decision between two or three items, choosing one removes the others. Now the focus on building your character each run is beginning to take form. This mechanic will also replace the treasure room on the run so the “free” items per floor will now be specifically this.
Knights stand alone: The Knight character for the most part was a clone of the Warlock, in this build, she is far more diverse. She has a different defensive ability, A different attack pattern (melee), and a different support spell.
Basic game feel updates: The player is now a lot faster by default, and easier to control, among other small changes to get the game feeling right. This includes the much-requested continuing to fire after teleporting issue.

Other small changes for this patch revolve around removing items that have caused great confusion and adding more dialogue to the NPC’s in the starting area to elaborate on features and mechanics.

Patch v0.1.2

This patch was supposed to be a part of the first one for November but building content and new models take a considerable amount of time. One of the biggest criticism of Elewder was the lack of unique gameplay from the minions in the game. We have heard you!

So take a look at our freshest offerings for the new minions for the Egyptian area of Elewder!

Each area will have a minion overhaul to include the following:
5 new unique minion types and minion effects, for the Egyptian area we will have a:

The Sarcophagus is a support-type minion that will spawn mummified minions.

The Mummies a melee type minion who will overwhelm the player with their number.

The Jackal is a ranged minion who will shoot arrows straight and true to hit from long distances.

The Scarab is a tanky melee minion type who will recklessly charge the player to get off a hit.

The Priest is a support-type minion who will buffer her allies with a shield and must be eliminated before the shield will drop.

The basic minion currently in the game will also make an appearance as well however she will be dressed as a lowly serf, fitting of her station. The uniform won’t change too much but you can expect different hairstyles and some different skin tones. The Egyptian boss will also get an overhaul to her appearance to better fit the style of the area.

On top of the minion refresh, we will also be adding in a new form of player growth we are dubbing the Deck of Fate. Within this mechanic, the player will accumulate experience points from combat encounters, and passing a threshold they will level up. Once triggered the player will choose one of three cards from character-specific decks (Warlock and Knight will have unique decks). These cards will modify how the characters attack, support spell, and defensive skills work. For example, the Warlock via this system can change his single fireball into a three-projectile spread shot, gain faster recharging teleports, and buff his support skill.

The Deck of Fate is something we are still mulling over to perfect, we hope it is exactly what the game needs.

We hope you all enjoyed a sneak peek of what we are putting together for November, I will admit we had to push up a lot of mechanics we wanted to build later in the Early Access life but it is important to keep everyone happy!
Stay moist!
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Kinky Fridays
Public post

Elewder - 0.1.0 Early Access Beta

So here we are Warlock, beta is upon us, and our systems are ready for all you can throw at her! We have worth tirelessly over the past two months to build this particular update, this build is so big, we are worried some of you might get whiplash from all the new content available.

Before we get started, today also marks the release of our Early Access version on Steam, reviews on that site really help grow the company so if you have something nice to say about Elewder please head over to the storepage and show your support!

Supporters of the $10 tier or higher can get their download links here:

v0.1.0 Changelog

  • Brand new UI added: The look and feel of Elewder hone to a shiny finish with the brand new user interface. No more programmer art, we big time now boys.
  • 9 new levels and 3 new bosses added: Finish the fight in Elewder with the full 15 floors added to the game. Fight all 5 bosses including the dreaded Succubus herself at the end of your run.
  • Minion diversity: More minions, more combat types, we added so many new patterns to dodge you’d think we’ve gone crazy!
  • Empty rooms: No longer is every room either a combat room or a trap room, now we have simple rooms filled with chests, barrels, etc to give a breather and a chance to recoup health and currency.
  • Destructible environments: Shoot barrels, boxes, barriers, etc to gain currency to spend in your runs.
  • Bombs added: Collect and use bombs with the “F” key to destroy metal objects for currency and to open new paths.
  • Essence Currency added: Beating bosses, looting powerful chests can gain you a new currency called Essence. This is mostly used in-between your runs on the Succubus lair, use it to power up and grow stronger.
  • Starting Area added: Launch into each new run from the starting area, held within these walls are currently two NPC ran shops.
    • Memory Master, unlocking her items unlocks the Warlocks memories allowing that item to spawn in your future runs.
    • Keeper Ashe, spending essence at her shop starts you out in your next run with items already gathered. Instant power buff.
  • Tomboy Futa Knight playable character added: Unlock a brand new character from the brand new starting area. Gather 70 essence and purchase her help. You can always swap back to the Warlock from the same starting area.
  • 9 new items: Find 9 amazing new items to expand your armory of items.
  • Minimap added: No longer will you need to guess what the minimap is supposed to show you, 15 new icons added to the minimap, along with a new design and a zoom functionality by pressing the “Tab” button.
  • Basic Controller support: Pick up a controller and feel confident that we are building towards making the best twin-stick shooter, with emphasis on the stick part.
  • Basic Dialogue system: Chat with Frida in the starting room for an example of our dialogue system in action, once we get to narrative elements this will be how the narrative is introduced.
  • Main Menu added: Forever be taunted by the Succubus at the top on the main menu.
  • Elewder logo changed: New logo, you likey?
  • New game or Resume game: Now that essence and item unlocking are in the game you can restart your save at any time from the main menu.

  • Balance overhaul: Economy and combat balances added to the game, we want to highlight this as it is a huge focus of the beta to nail this aspect of Elewder. Any feedback you have on balance, economy, spending, weapons, etc, please do not hesitate to comment.
  • Door stuck fixes.
  • Sound manager fixes.
  • Removal of objects from finisher scenes fixes.
  • Fixed issues with locked doors on the main dungeon path.
  • Blocked collision on HP and HP elements like hearts.
  • Changed weapon pickups to HOLD elements so no more mistakes.
  • Dynamic music modifications.
  • Removed Warlock cape and loincloth cape due to clipping issues.
  • Excited to hear everyone's thoughts on our new release!

Stay moist,
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Kinky Fridays

Elewder v0. 1. 0 Download

This post also includes Mega.NZ content links
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Kinky Fridays
Public post

Elewder in Early Access

Warlocks everywhere, rejoice! Elewder is launching this evening on Steam’s Early Access! We have been developing this particular title for almost a year and she is finally ready to be put in the hands of an amazing community.

The beta build launching in a few hours has all the base mechanics every Warlock needs to fight back against his mistress, players will venture across 15 different levels, combat 5 uniquely talented bosses, collect items and spells to grow in power, amass wealth and essence, and most importantly, show the Succubus army why Warlocks are not to be messed with!

The Early Access period is looking to be roughly 7-9 months long, we are very much seeking user feedback on the systems, the balance, and performance. Kinky Fridays wants to hear your ideas on improvements to bring, new mechanics to build, new content to add. Be sure to check out our Roadmap below for our intended additions, and be sure to get in touch!
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