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Creating the lewdest hand-holding entertainment this side of the internet.
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Kinky Fridays
We are making games! It’s what we do best! Becoming a member of the Kinky Fridays Club will give you an insight into our minds as we build experiences for the heart, mind, soul, and boner.
We are Kinky Fridays, and we create lewd adult-only games! The studio was founded in 2019 on the backs of veteran game producers, developers, and artists with more than 15 years of hard work under our belts. Kinky is taking our combined experiences and pushing deep into the adult scene, and our excitement is enormous. We cannot wait to start showing off the fruits of our labor, and if you choose to join us we guarantee a fantastic ride!

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Games in Development

Answer the call of the wild with the Sapphire Safari Photography Company! Capture the beauty of real-life Monster Girls in their natural habitats. As an award-winning wildlife photographer, your job is to venture deep into unexplored territories, capture the Monster Girls as they socialize, hunt, sleep, and mate, and hopefully come out in one piece. Find #SapphireSafari posts here.

Imprisoned deep within the Succubus dungeon for eons, an opportunity to break free of your shackles presents itself. Rise to power once more, and enact your revenge! Elewder is an erotic top-down, twin-stick shooter with rogue-like elements, can you escape? Find #Elewder posts here.
As another woman joins the list of the missing, deep within a forest, a man living in solitude is visited by a pretty stranger. Wet Nightmares is an Erotic Horror Visual Novel exploring the psyche of a haunted man and his depraved past. Find #WetNightmares posts here.

My bosses are LITERALLY from hell! The only way out of this is to suit up, man up, and climb the corporate ladder to make this company mine! Under Contract is an erotic high-skill match 3 arcade game with a comedy narrative guaranteed to lighten a load or two! Find #UnderContract posts here.

Completed Games

Date beautiful women and solve tricky puzzles in Pieces of my Heart, a premium animated jigsaw puzzle game. Beautiful women are looking for love, by solving their puzzles you unlock their hearts and companionship. Find #PomH posts here.

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Kinky Fridays
Public post

Sapphire Safari - Documents Issue 016

Hello explorers! Hope you all are enjoying the latest patch for Sapphire Safari. I know we have had a lot of really positive comments about the scoring and weather tech added to the game! But today we are talking about a bit of ye’old in n’ out. The hokie pokie. The wham-bam-thank you-mam. The “you get the joke now so I’ll stop”. We talkin, sex.

Over on our community Discord, we held a meeting to discuss our plans for the very anticipated v022 Intamacy Update for the game, we also addressed a lot of questions you all had so be sure to join our Discord for the next time we do it. In the meeting we broke down our plans for the patch and how we will release it.

The short version is that v022 will be broken up into five milestones, each one a micro-patch that we can release quickly as it is completed. Let me go into better detail on what you can all expect.

This patch is focused on patching the model issues we have had up until now, basically aligning the model legs, renaming bones, and fixing face shapes for every model. They have been broken for quite some time now and getting this done first means we can push out new animations without backtracking. On top of the fixes, we will be adding the final three species that will be found in the Plains region.

The Crocodile Predator called Caicadaly - Our first “small” classification predator in the game. She can be found around the rivers and bodies of water on the island, hunting those silly enough to loiter around the water.

The Bee Prey called Sweedee - Sapphire Safari’s first “tiny” classification species. She will have a job pollinating the island flora and enjoys being used as a sex toy. You can find her buzzing mostly everywhere but her Hive can be found closer to the mountains.

The Undead Wolf Special called Malous - The first special spawn species you can find on Sapphire Island she will have to be “unlocked” before she can be spawned, the hows and whys are up to the player to discover. Even if you manage to get her spawning, finding her will be quite difficult.

Now that our models have a better foundation the next task is overhauling the current sex system called Doll. This means replacing all the prototype sex animations and adding in a larger pool of animations along with speed variations, cuming scenes, and post-sex animations. This also will come with an IK fix, so all those misplaced hands, dongs, and sex collisions will be fixed with this.

Adding to this we will be putting in our first variation on a cum fluid system, we want facials and bukkake to be a possibility in this game, so expect to see some bunnies covered in cum very soon.

Finally, for this patch, we will be adding our vine flora trap creature. This is a stationary plant that will grab unwilling creatures (including the player) and use their vines and plant tongues on them. This will include a spawning tool that can interact with Sweedee as she pollinates them.

The big boi patch, the predator system. What can I say about this that you wouldn’t already know? Our three predator classification species - Kokai (snake), Furloin (fox), and Caiadaly (crocodile) will get a brand new AI system that enables them to hunt, stalk, and sexually use any species they deem tasty enough. This also doubles for the player, if they are spotted by an active predator they will become the target, being attacked, filled, and dragged off to their nest.

We will also be adding things like torn clothing and dripping fluids after the player makes their escape, this all coming off the game's first “failure state” aka being caught is bad.

Lastly for this patch, we will be adding the “Mating Tab” of the Monpedia accessible, so you can start scoring photos for sex acts.

The other aggressive plant will be added in this patch, the Spore Plant which will start a new system. The spores shot out will turn normal prey into sexually aggressive creatures, who will pounce the closest species they can find (player included) and do what they like. If the player is spored they will be woozy and drunken-like, and moving will be harder to control.

With the spore effects in place, we can then add in the “Pink Moon” event. On every full moon in the game, the island natives will go sex crazy, and be fucking each other for the entire night. The player if caught during this time won’t be able to escape until the next morning. So if you want to capture the event as a photographer be sure to not be seen.

The final micro patch for the intimacy update, this time we are focused on turning on the familiarity system and adding in a bunch of rewards here. Meaning the more familiar a species is with you the closer you can get where you can eventually walk up and interact with them, engaging in some sexywexy. We will also have 3 unlockable reward scenes with each species, which will include very unique animations making the best use of their anatomy.

So that wraps up our plans. I know you all have been waiting a very long time for this, and we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for how you’re enabling us to spend time polishing and making the best game we can.

Thank you!
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Kinky Fridays

from 03 Apr, 2024

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Kinky Fridays

Sapphire Safari v021 Download

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Kinky Fridays
Public post

Sapphire Safari - Documents Issue 015

Hello everyone! It has been a few weeks since we dropped any information about our development for the game. The short version is that we are currently working on overhauling the scoring tech in the game, we have met some issues with specifically how Unreal Engine handles focusing and reporting that back to a usable state so we are building our workarounds.
That does not mean we have been sitting idle though, let’s break down some of the brand-new features expected to drop when the scoring gets sorted out.
Weather, Lunar Cycles, Lighting, and Time Passing
One great new feature of our game is a new lighting system. As of the next patch, the following will happen in-game:
  • Weather effects have been added to Sapphire: Rain, Storms, Cloud coverage, and Fog. Other biomes will also have unique effects, but we won’t be tweaking those models until we get to that content.
  • Volumetric clouds now affect the light within the world: Sun and Moon in the sky can be blocked by clouds, and the density and quantity of cloud coverage depend on the weather. It will be darker depending on how covered the sky is.
  • Lunar Cycles progress per day: The Moon can progress from a New Moon to a Full Moon within Sapphire. We are still deciding on how long it will take to do so, as a major event will happen island-wide on a Full Moon.
  • Day Tracking: Sapphire now has a 7-day cycle Monday - Sunday. Currently, this does not mean much, but updates to the bounty system along with the hotly anticipated intimacy update which adds in a variety of predator-related fail states, skipping days, or running out of time for objectives will be something that can happen. Island events can now also be tied to a specific day and time. To help with this a new UI system has been created, our goal is to include a lot of details in the system, so feedback on readability would be very much appreciated.

A nice quality update coming in v021 is the music system and musical tracks made just for this game. We will be launching the early access game with 6ish tracks that will bring a lot of charm and vibes to Sapphire Island.

These include:
  • Intro: a track for the Intro and Loading Screens of Sapphire Safari, likely to be added to trailers and promo media.
  • Day and Night exploration tracks: Music that plays during normal exploration of the island during the Day and Night.
  • Menu: a track for when the player activates the menu or submits photos.
  • Stealth: a track that plays when the player enters Stealth or begins exploring a Nest.
  • ???: a special tack that happens ■■■■■■ and ■■■■■ ■■■ ■■■■■■■ ■■ so be sure to keep your ears open for it.

The elephant in the room is our scoring system. We needed to very much overhaul what goes into a photo score, and be able to score photos differently depending on the application. For example, a close-up of an open vagina won’t score well for a monpedia entry, but it will score very high for a bounty asking for a bunny girl vagina close-up. To do this we have created a color masking system, this means that the model's parts we want to track are colored, and a mask is used to filter out what the camera can and cannot see as a photo is taken. This leads to accurate identification of just what is inside a photo, meaning we can start to score photos better.
The basic rules are as follows:
  • the more pixels are visible for a region, the more visible that region is.
  • if we cannot see particular regions we can score things differently: Close-ups of faces can be scored differently than a full body shot, and a photo that considers landscapes applies scores for good use of the Rule of Thirds.
  • for gameplay purposes, scores will be capped to a B+ unless the player takes a photo of the Perfect Point or PP of that particular animation. Hitting a PP on a drinking animation allows the photo to be scored much higher. Gameplay systems will be added to help the player identify the PP points.
  • exclusions on animations now affect scoring: you cannot get a picture of a fox tail when they are drinking and have it be considered a drinking animation. Now a character will be excluded completely unless they have some of the scored areas visible in the frame.

As for the problems I mentioned above, the issue of focus comes about when the player wants to turn off the assistance systems we have and manually control ISO and DOF for their photos. We do not want to score a blurry photo the same as a well-focused photo so we need tools to understand if something is in the right focus. Hence why it is taking so long, the systems inside Unreal Engine 5 as a baseline do not give instant feedback, which makes it difficult to know the content.

Anyway, that is it for now. We will continue to tweak the systems until we can get it perfect. Sorry for the delay on all this. Expect a fantastic patch once it is ready though!
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Kinky Fridays
Public post

Sapphire Safari - Peepin' n' Sneakin' v020

Hello explorers! Welcome to another patch day for Sapphire Safari. Version 020 is about stealth, and getting proper feedback for sneaking around the island. Let’s get into it.

Stealth and UX
As hinted in the last two dev blogs we have been working on getting the UX and UI for stealth feedback working and feeling solid. The way monsters react to you needed to be completely reworked to make the system we will be launching today which is why it took us a little longer than expected to get everything together.

Here is the breakdown of how it all functions:
  1. Monsters will now react to the player as they enter their awareness radius.
  2. The closer you get to a monster the faster they will be made aware of you.
  3. Crouching, sprinting, being spotted, and entering hiding areas will all affect the speed at which they will be made aware.
  4. Walking over a noise maker (stepping on a branch, etc) will immediately alert all surrounding monsters.
  5. Once the monster’s awareness meter is full, they enter a searching state, and will attempt to visually locate the threat they feels exists.
  6. If the player enters the eyesight of the monster after they start searching the alert meter will begin to fill very quickly.
  7. Once the alert meter is full the monster will react with a loud shock, this will alert monsters within earshot to your presence.
This UI of the awareness/alerted states will not show up within photos you take, so no need to worry about their presentation affecting your photo scores. Here are some other tips you should know about.

  • Entering bushes will “hide” you from any monster girl becoming aware of you.

  • Monsters will revert to a normal state if you remain hidden for long enough.
  • While there are only vocal recordings for the Rabbit creature, alerting any species will alert surrounding monster girls.
  • Currently thrown tools do not create sounds monsters react to, this will change in future patches.

Photo Submission
We overhauled the submission UI for photos, allowing for a cleaner breakdown of the photo submission process. Simply choose which monster girl you want to submit for and it will show off what photo categories are currently applicable. We will be adding a whole lot more categories in the future, so this should help keep it all user-friendly and clean.

DirectX 12 Default
There has recently been a Unreal Engine 5 update making DX12 performance a lot nicer, on modern machines we are looking at roughly 20 frames increase by using DX12 as a renderer. So as of v020 Sapphire Safari is using DX12 as the default rendering solution. Meaning if you have an older system you will need to launch the game with one of the included .bat files which is included in the main directory for the game installation. Please use either DX11 or Vulkan.

Supporters of our $5 tier or higher can get their downloads here:

Changelog v020
  • Added new Stealth system
  • Added awareness UI indicators
  • Changed species behavior to match the Stealth system
  • Set DirectX 12 as the default RHI
  • Added improved Photo Submission UI
  • Improved Camera Shutter delay time for photo tagging consistency
  • Overhauled island water systems
  • Improved shadow-based performance
  • Fixed Hoereno wool patterns loading issues
  • Fixed Hoereno wool colors
  • Fixed Hoereno penis texture loading issues
  • Added Nest/Burrows environment to Plains
  • Added environmental narrative props to Plains
  • Added new Guidebook UI elements
  • Various UI cleanup

That’s all for now! Be sure to enjoy the new update! I will leave you all with some lovely cuddle photos I was able to take with the new stealth system in play.
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Kinky Fridays

Sapphire Safari v020 Download

This post also includes Mega.NZ content links
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