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Author & Illustrator of Obscure Stories and Illustrations ||| Modern- Day Dystopian Graphic Novels ||| Paranormal | Supernatural | Science Driven Fantasy and Anthropomorphic Creature Collaborations
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Author & Illustrator of Obscure Stories and Illustrations

               Fantasy  |  Paranormal  |  Supernatural  |  Fiction  |  Anthropomorphic  |  Erotica
" I was dead once already. Never again. "

Greetings.  My name is De'sir Ehndis, and I want to be your Storyteller.

Online I have known several handles and aliases - but I've finally settled on a permanent pseudonym representing both my legal first and middle name.  Life can represent a fantastical maze of twists and turns-- and I've endured my share of adventure and hardship within those matters...   So I approach you now with a singular vision for myself.  

The title under which I do business : 
Holygraphic : Obscure Stories & Illustrations

I've held a passion for the written word as long as I can remember;  and although it rarely held the affections of others so dutifully, ( especially once compared to my talent as an illustrator )
-- My first, dearest, and sincerest of love has always been reserved for crafting my stories.

Admitting that, I know now that I've been extremely and unfairly adulterous. It isn't fair to delay that sort of revelation further.  So I'm jumping headlong into it and recovering the dropped remnants of the dreams that I have abandoned prior - all in.  Regrets, Risk, and all.

I am ready to change; and more than that, I desire to change the world for the better.

With that being said.  To my passing aspirations that rose and failed in a previous life:

I promise that my final breaths shall never again leave your lips-- not until you've been deeply and thoroughly romanced, and grant forgiveness through the final grace of your perfection.

I love you, my darling.
Love shall reveal our insurrection.

 --- De'sir Ehndis

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