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I create Adult Hentai RPG Games!
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Hello, everyone!

I am creating Hentai RPG Games for the characters below(Alona, Sarah and Rachel) and more:

The 3DCGs in my games are created by Daz3D(Poser originally).
I develop my games in RPG Maker(MZ currently).

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  • Erotic RPG Games with extreme fetishes!
  • Players can make choice for the heroines and lead to different consequences and endings!
  • Different types of heroines like Agent, Survivor, Superheroine and more!

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Combin Ation
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Update Information (August)

Sorry for no post last month but there will be definitely an update for SS2 this month!

I am still currently working on the event pictures and I hope it can get as far as I want it to be.

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Combin Ation
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Update Information (June)

The next game that I am working on is actually SS2 -The Cruel World- which I have planned to announce it when the first update/demo is completed but it turns out I am going to need more time on it so I will just let you know now as I was asked about it for several times.
SS2 Title Image

Some of you may have already played the RPG Maker XP version of SS2 but the game isn't completed(only Chapter 1 is completed and Chapter 2 is WIP). So, It maybe probably not the most welcomed decision as the game isn't completely new and also the XP version of SS2 isn't too well received because it is much more extreme and filthy than my previous games. However, with the updated graphic by Daz3D(from Poser) and game engine by RPG Maker MZ(from XP), I hope it can improve the game so people may like it more!
SS2 Preview
I will try my best to complete the whole game this time and the game will still has a few chapters like it is planned and I am going to finish them one by one. SS2 will be completely recreated starting from chapter 1 but I believe there will be some changes to some of the events.

The first update/demo should have around 15 *scenes. If you have any questions, you can ask below!

Thanks for the read!

*I will start using 'scenes' to count for each release. And a scene is counted for each camera view. Most events should have 1 scene but more complicated events will consist 2 or more scenes. Each scene will have different focus even they are from the same event.
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Combin Ation
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Height And Body
Just a picture showing the height and body of the heroines for the next few development.

Alona : 171cm, B102 W68 H100
Laura : 168cm,  B92 W64 H91
Sarah : 167cm, B95 W67 H94
Annie : 164cm, B87 W62 H87
Rachel : 161cm, B97 W68 H96

From some of the comments on Ci-en, I think some of you would be surprised by Rachel's body as she is a ninja type superheroine. In many video games or movies(like Dead or Alives), Kunoichi(female ninja) usually have slender bodies so they are agile and more like a speed type character. However, more realistically, they usually received extensive training since they were young and would usually result in a more 'muscular' and 'thicc' body. 

Moreover, Rachel is actually inspired by Kitana and Jade(a 'ninja princess' but wears 'green') from Mortal Kombat 9 and I was thinking about creating a story of fight tournament at that time(but later turned into a superheroine story). I was trying to give her a 'Street Fighter' type of body but it may not shown too well in the past.

Also, Rachel is a mix as her father is Japanese and mother is French so I would like to give her such face(a mix of Asian and European) and body(a little shorter but larger body size).

Lastly, I would like to try my best to have more diversity in body type(still closer my ideal body) so the above is the result!
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Combin Ation
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First of all, I have opened an account on 'SubscribeStar' so I can release the uncensored updates of my games there. There are 4 subscribe tiers on it just like the one on Ci-en including the free tier. You are welcome to join me there or even support me! The uncensored Agent Alona -Missions- ~Vacation~ is already posted on SubscribeStar.

My SubscribeStar page :

From now on, I will post only english version of update information and 'uncensored' updates on SubscribeStar while only japanese translated version update information and 'censored' updates on Ci-en.(really sorry, but games are still written in english)

Previous Development

Agent Alona -Missions- ~Vacation~ is created with Daz3D and RPG Maker MZ and I hope you like this new format as my future games will be based on this! 

Also, would like to give special thanks to 'Poplan' who helped to create  the three menus(Parameters, Sex Attributes and Body Status) in game. They will also be included in my futures games and will be more utilized for story progress and different events!

Concept For Future Development

Kunoichi Rachel

Rachel is already a superheroine at the beginning of 'Masked Superheroine -The Green Shadow Rachel-'. We know she was a ninja before but we don't know where her skills came from and more importantly her background. I am hoping to create a game of Rachel's original story before she become the superheroine The Green Shadow. It is something close to a ninja drama.

Agent Alona -Missions- Chapter 1 ~Rise of Agent Alona~

Much like Rachel, Alona is already an elite secret agent in 'Agent Alona -The Japan Investigation-' or even in 'Agent Alona -Missions- ~Vacation~'. So, I would like to create an original story for her starting from the first day of becoming an Agent. If I update 'Agent Alona -Missions-' again, I will work on this before adding anymore new missions.

Next Development

The next game I am going to work on isn't either above but something I need to finish before I can move forward. I will work on the demo and release it soon.

And I know the development over the last 2 years is very slow as I have switched from Poser to Daz3D and was still learning it and also trying to setup and migrate things. However, everything is quite setup now and updates should be released faster and faster at this point.

I am going to keep on releasing update to the public. If you like what you see, you may support me once on SubscribeStar or Ci-en and if you continue seeing what you like, you may think about supporting me in long term! As I am like restarting the development of my games now, it is really important for me to receive some supports to keep me going!

Thanks for the read!
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Combin Ation
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Agent Alona -Missions- ~Vacation~ (Update 4)(Mission ~Vacation~ Completed)(Uncensored)

Agent Alona -Missions- ~Vacation~ (Update 4)(Mission ~Vacation~ Completed)(Uncensored):

Events 15
Basic CGs 25
Total CGs 170

Update 4(Mission Vacation completed)
1. Picture resolution updated from 1370x970 to 1920x1080.
2. Added Body Status menu
3. Added Sex Attributes menu
4. Added new Parameters menu
5. Added Alona's Battler and Skill picture
6. Added new expressions for Alona
7. Added CG Replay Room
8. Increased save slots to 99.
9. Bug and text fixes

1. Final showdown scenes
2. Two sexual scenes with the hotel worker Carlos
3. Two Endings

Here is the Update 4 for Agent Alona -Missions- and the Mission ~Vacation~ is completed in it! I hope you will enjoy the the last update for this mission but the story of Agent Alona will continue in the future. 

I will continue to release updates of my games here and if you like what you see, please consider about supporting the development! Thanks!

(More information of the development will be announced in next post)

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