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Chaste Degenerate
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Saturday Update - July 4, 2020

Or 4 July 2020 depending on where you live.

Happy Independence day to all Americans, and for everyone else, happy Saturday... eat a cookie.

After my last post things moved quickly. I produced quite a few poses, and rendered them. I then ran into a couple issues. First was dealing with how clothing reacts, and the other was the noise from the computer was starting to affect my hearing.

It really isn't a loud sound, but it is constant. My first response was to put in earplugs, but I tend to be prone to ear infections, so I decided on another solution. I searched online for something I could keep the computer in that would block off some of the sound. I ended up finding an entertainment center tower used that I thought would be perfect, but the picture gave me the impression that it was about waist height. When I picked it up I found out it was halfway between my elbow and shoulder. This also meant that it wouldn't fit where I wanted it to, at least until I moved everything. 

My desk is packed. It has a hutch, so is a bookshelf, and a storage for all things computer. It also has drawers and a filing drawer. Next to that was my printer stand which is also much larger than it needs to be, stores paper, and everything else doing with computers. It also has a filing drawer.  I had to remove everything from both of these, push them apart, and put everything back.

Biggest problem with this was that it took a whole day, and I am still needing to put things back. The benefit is that all of this was cleaned and dusted off, and much better organized. And the new entertainment center not only holds the computer, but adds more storage for this pack rat.

There is a decent amount of room between the computer and the sides of the tower, so I am thinking of getting some noise reducing panels to cut the sound even more. But I can already tell a difference in sound.

This was work, but was also a needed break from posing and rendering. I said it before, I am not great at taking breaks, even with my Pomodoro timer running. But I spent a day without the computer up, and then spent a day avoiding rendering, but at the end of the day I set up another scene. Then next day was another slow day as I rendered it while out visiting family. Got back and found a little issue, and spent a couple hours fixing it, while not re-rendering the whole scene. (Combination of rendering what I needed, cutting out everything I didn't, and then putting it all together with Photoshop.)

BTW I will be getting images up here. Nudes will only be posted for  Subscribers. Soon there will be renders that will appear nowhere, but in the Subscriber only posts.

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Chaste Degenerate
Public post
Saturday Update – 6-27-20

If you read my last update, I restarted my project from scratch, at least the rendering part of it. I was reluctant to do that, but am very happy that I did. I not only caught up, but am ahead off where I was just a week ago. 

Today wasn’t so great though. I had issues that required me to go back to a previous save… twice. And I really need to remember to save more often than I do. Although if I did it at the wrong time, I could have saved the problem. In the end I lost about 4 hours of work. 

But I still finished one scene, and set up 2 more. I am currently rendering a scene, so I can’t exactly work, but after the day I had, I need a mental rest, and will pick up tomorrow.

My goal was to have this ready to go my July 1st. It’s possible, but unlikely. I will do my best, but I won’t cut corners to get there. I recognize that I am still a beginner at this, and need to accept that my first project won’t be perfect. But I don’t need to make it any worse just because I have some artificial deadline I made for myself. 

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Chaste Degenerate
Public post
Lost Skin
If you don’t know what that means, the character I dubbed Gamer Girl now looks like a silver mannequin. I am fairly certain I know what happened, but it was the newest in a series of problems I was having with rendering this first “game”. 

My problems really stem from the fact that I was beginning to learn all this when I started this little project. It was always my goal to use this project to learn the skills in building games, and in that I believe I have been successful. But it also meant that I had a lot of “legacy” issues stemming from things I did when I knew less than I know now. There is always a reluctance at throwing away something you have spent well over a month developing. But sometimes you just need to start from scratch, and that is what I did.

Yesterday was spent trying to figure out how to recover the lost skin. The fact that I have multiple renders of her, many test renders, but each and every one of them refers to the exact same file. Well except an older one with an older skin. That skin was backed up, but not the current one.

I had a backup program in place, then my computer crashed, and I attempted to get into it to recover everything, but it didn’t know that it was the same computer, so the backup I had been keeping current was worthless. (But I still could access everything, so that was fine.) Since then I manually back things up, but need an automated system in place again.

Anyway, last night I knew that if I put a new skin on her I would have to re-render the scenes I already rendered. So, I decided that I was just going to start from scratch, and rebuild everything, but with my current skills. 

And I just finished rendering my first scene a couple hours ago.

What took me well over a month to achieve, I was able to rebuild in about 24 hours. Not only that, the render took about half the time of my previous renders. The result may end up speeding up my progress. 

I did use a few tricks to speed things up, and I kept “Gamer Guy”, just modifying him a little.
What’s funny is that my next 2 planned projects are going to be much quicker to render. The way they will be set up is going to be completely different. So, my “quick and easy” project is actually designed to at least in part be harder than my future projects.
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Chaste Degenerate
Public post
Saturday Update June 20

Well I did miss last Saturday, but until I actually have something out I doubt anyone will read this until a future date. So I may not be as worried about that schedule, but once I have something out I will be sure to keep up with at least a weekly update.

I really feel I am advancing in this endeavor. I created a template for building scripts for visual novels in Scrivener. There are a lot of templates out there, but none that I could find that are really designed for a visual novel. I even searched for templates using multiple search terms. I ran into a person who wrote about writing nonlinear, but it referred to his process of writing with OCD, not writing something that is nonlinear. 

I am fairly certain that my template will be altered over time, but since the story can be organized in folders, or even pages can be turned into folders and store other pages, you can easily take a story down multiple paths. The only issue here is if and when the story reconnects to the rest of the story. There is no real way that I am aware of that can directly connect those elements. (There might be, and I haven't found it yet.) But here I believe that all I have to do is to name where the story continues.

It also has a section for notes. Both notes for each page, and folder, as well as for the whole project. I will be making notes of things that are going on, and things I need to work on. Then I simply need to make sure all notes are taken care of before I am done with the script. I will probably also have a notation that tells me what the note is related to. I may take a note for something that I won't need to worry about until the next update, so put it off until I am ready to write those scripts.

But this isn't all I have done. I found out how to make my renders better, I practiced with posing characters so I can move them more effortlessly, I fixed an issue with my main character in the first project, and just created my first character for my next. At least the face is done. The body will take more work. (And maybe the hair.)
I spent time on tutorials on all the software I am using. Although one of them, Photoshop, I really have been learning new skills on the fly. I want to do something, I look up a video, and follow along until I have achieved my goal. 

There's more, but I will cut it off here. Just know that this has been a 7 day a week job for me. I do force myself to take breaks, as do other people, and life in general, but I am still putting in over 10 hours a day, usually more. 

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Chaste Degenerate
Public post
Here is "Gamer Girl" from my first project, with the SubscribeStar Logo

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Chaste Degenerate
Public post
Hey everyone. This is my first post, and below is a test render of a character I designed to be used in a story/game I am building. Technically it is just a click through story, and a short one at that. It is more of a test project before I start work on my first game.


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