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Zargon Games
Hi, i'm Zargon and I'm creating "Young Again" , a visual novel with drama, love, humor and of course... sex.
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Zargon Games

                      Current Public Version: Ver. 0.3
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                        Current Early Release: Ver. 0.3

Hi, i'm Zargon and after playing a numerous adult themed games I decided to make my own, which bring us to "Young Again" , a visual novel with drama, love, humor and of course... sex.

Things I dislike about adult games and you won't find in this game: 

  1. Main character with exaggerated and unrealistic anatomy
  2. Adult characters looking young 
  3. Grinding

Plot : You start the game as Paul, an old man tired of his life, who after an incident (and by the will of a goddess) he's now in the body of a 19-year-old boy (your character). Your mission is to fulfill a series of objectives for this goddess and thus be able to continue your life in this new body.

Some Images of the game


This game will always be free for everyone, your motivation to be a Patreon should be if you like/enjoy the project, and want to motivate me to move forward with more strength... to buy more assets for the game... to get better workstations and offer faster updates... invest only if you feel like it!


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Zargon Games

Preview picture of ver. 0. 4 - New characterAfter the release of version 0. 3 I'm focusing on fin...

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Zargon Games
Public post
Ver. 0.3 Changelog:

- Remade a lot of chapter 1 and 2 renders with better lighting and overall quality
- The main character should look more like a 19 years old boy now, I remade all render on wich he's face is shown in chapters 1, 2 and 3
- Fixed many spelling and grammar errors reported by various users ( Thank you very much for all your assistance), and some others finded by myself replaying the game looking for bugs
- Remade some chapter 1 dialogs
- I made great improvements in the user interface, now the text box is more transparent, allowing you to see the bottom of the scenes and changed the font to be clearly visible with this change, I'm very happy with the result.
-Added gallery to the game. Now you can replay the erotic scenes as many times as you want. When you click on an unlocked event you will not only see an image, you can relive the whole erotic scene and even animations.
- Added the content of chapter 3. It begins the next morning of  chapter 2 ending.
- Added a mini-game in chapter 3, it's quite simple but I think it's well integrated in the game's story (You can skip it after failing if you're not interested in replay it)
- New character : Evelyn (Ex-wife)
- Game is getting a little big for Android, so from this version the Android version will be compressed (decreasing its size from 900mb to 215mb with a negligible loss of quality)

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