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***|Hey my name is mr2cats. Im a 3D-modeller and render artist focusing on lewd games and virtual reality stuff.|***
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✓ Grants access to the #mysterious-leaks channel on discord. Which lets you see some screenshots of the things I am currently working on.

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  • Early Development Builds

Recent posts

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Nightly_ Build Patchnotes: FeralIsland_v0.15.188
FeralIsland_v0.15.188 was added to the nightly_builds folder. You can download it instantly with the FERAL Tester reward tier: Link

Finished integrating the dynamic pen* system to FeralIsland. You can check it out in the gallery. This system works in VR & normal mode.

Special credits to raliv for creating this awesome shader!

- Added a sitting animation that is triggered after idling for some time.
- Added toggled mounting to the game. If you hold the left mouse button or vr grip for 3 seconds, mounting will be toggled on. If you click/grip again the toggle will be released.
- Added tooltips for rolling and toggled mounting.

- Fixed the orientation of the right eye and the eye brow  animations of the Felkin in the island. It looked a bit off.

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Public post
Nightly_ Build Patchnotes: FeralIsland_v0.15.187
FeralIsland_v0.15.187 was added to the nightly_builds folder. You can download it instantly with the FERAL Tester reward tier: Link

Finished integrating the dynamic pen* system to FeralIsland. You can check it out in the gallery. This system works in VR & normal mode.

Special credits to raliv for creating this awesome shader!

- The camera is now following the Felkins better and is now better responding to direction changes. 
- The animation when pouncing a mountable Felkin is now interpolated.

- Some minor spine animator and offset position improvements. 
- Replaced the last standing red nose Felkin NPC from the island. (This feature may come back in the future. :>)

- Fixed a bug in which the mounted Felkin NPC would still play the mounting animation even though the player Felkin would lay on the ground. 
- The animation when the player Felkin is laying on its back is now looping correctly. 
- Fixed a bug in which the player Felkin was stuck in the mounting animation. 
- Fixed a bug in which the mounting flag was set to true once the scene was loaded. 
- Fixed a bug in which the camera was stuck when a scenario was selected in the gallery.

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Public post
[Public Release] FeralIsland_v0.15.164a.PB

This are the patch-notes of the free November update for FeralIsland. Feel free to check out the release page for the download link, also feel free to check out my SubscribeStar page for more news around this project. This free version was brought to you by the testers, supporters and its awesome community!

If you want to support this project, you can become a supporter or tester and test the latest version of the game.

  • Added breeding functionality to the free roaming Felkin NPC. You can follow the NPCs and mount them from behind.
  • Added dynamic pen* to the dergn toy and added an improved and more detailed toy version to the gallery.
  • Added a breeding device model to the island core game. 
  • Added a new shortcut (ctrl + R) to the island in the core game that allows you to respawn as a random Felkin. Also added a new UI tooltip for this button shortcut.
  • Added collision detection to the breeding device in the island and worked on the collision logic/rig for future stuff. 
  • Added a progression menu to the "Breeding Device" scenario in the gallery. The Felkin now mounts the device if you click the progression arrows. 
  • Added a PoV camera anchor to the "Breeding Device" scenario. You can now switch into the PoV of the mounting Felkin.
  • Added a baked NavMesh to the island which will allow creatures to better navigate through the island and avoid obstacles. The obstacle avoiding creature behavior is not active, though.
  • The breeding device in the core game is now mountable. Selected female Felkin can dry hump the device too.
  • Added a tool-tip for how to mount and how to excite your Felkin. 
  • Added an teasing Felkin to the core game next to the breeding device.
  • Added two new animations to the core game: mount, unmount. This is for a smoother mounting animation interpolation. The mounting animation from the recent versions is still in use and now looped.

  • Cleaned the creature spawning code of the core game and removed, improved and fixed a lot of old functions. 
  • Overhauled creature spawning back-end parts that will allow better control over creature spawning in the future.
  • In the "Breeding Device" scenario in the gallery you can now no longer let the Felkin mount the breeding device by pressing shift.
  • Rebuild and cleaned parts of the island prefabs.
  • Updated the Spine Animator, Groundfitter and the LookAt Animator. 
  • Slightly tweaked the Spine Animator behavior to improve the creature turning rotation.
  • The animation interpolation between walking to running is now not using an exit time offset.
  • Modified the bone mask of the Felkin rig to better interpolate the animated thigh bones, when the Felkin mounts the breeding device.
  • Improved the overall mounting interaction with the breeding device. For example you can now only mount while stationary or walking slow. 
  • Added slightly more gloss and detail to the fur in the Core game to make it appear more like the fur in the character selection menu. 
  • Re-enabled the LOD System on the island. This greatly increases the FPS. This was a mistake by me some builds ago, sorry for that!

  • Fixed a bug which resulted into the animator not responding after respawning. 
  • Fixed a bug which caused materials loaded incorrectly after respawning.
  • Fixed an instance which led to a material and texture related error when the "Breeding Device" scenario was selected.
  • Fixed an Instantiating error that was related to prefab parenting. 
  • Fixed a bug in which the Felkin rig would break if you would press ctrl while running.
  • Fixed an issue that appeared in 155, that prevented female Felkin from being displayed in the FeralIsland selection menu.
  • Fixed a bug which displaced the manes in the selection menu.
  • Fixed an instance where breeding animation was interrupted or could interrupt unintentionally. 
  • Fixed an instance where breeding animation was in the wrong order and looped incorrectly. 
  • Fixed a bug where the breeding device would sync its animation when the felkin was mounted.
  • Fixed a bug in which the mounted Felkin would walk away while being mounted. 
  • Fixed a bug which allowed the player to break the Character prefab when A,S,D was pressed while mounting.
  • Fixed a bug in which the single inviting Felkin was not mountable. 
  • Fixed a bug in which the breeding device was not mountable. 
  • Fixed a bug in which the breeding device was out of synch.

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✓Samsung VR Gear support is added including a AR mobile version to place ferals in your favorite spots at home.(Android version) ✓Two additional ferals will be added to FeralIsland ✓(More goal rewards will be added when the above goal is reached) **I can´t believe it. You guys are awesome!**

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