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***|Hey my name is mr2cats. Im a 3D-modeller and render artist focusing on lewd games and virtual reality stuff.|***
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FERAL Testers play the latest nightly(dev) builds instantly

FERAL Testers play the latest nightly(dev) builds instantly
FeralIsland_v0.15.107  (Jul. 21 2020)
(Normal AND VR gameplay)
[Nightly Builds]

FERAL Supporters play the latest stable builds every three months

FERAL Supporters
play the latest stable builds every three months
FeralIsland_v0.15.103.STABLE (Next release in September 2020)
(Normal AND VR gameplay)
[Stable Builds]

The free public build release is possible thanks to the awesome support of this community. Thank you very much!

FeralIsland_v0.15.065.PB (Nov.26 2019)
(Basic Oculus Rift support, Full Vive Support)
[Free Public Build]
(Next public release in February 2020)

The book of the felkin v.2 (Feb.10 2019)
(No VR support)
[Free Public High End Demo Scenario]
(Next public release will be announced)

Please test the free public version first to make sure the game is running on your system.

FAQ - VR setup & general recommendation
FAQ - Game controls
Project Progress - trello
Bugs and Known Issues - trello
Hello dear visitor. My name is RyanDunn or RyanD(On Discord) and this is my Patreon project page.

To make it quick. This project is focused on adult furry related stuff, so be warned, this might be nothing for you! If you like furry NSFW art keep reading! :>

Im a furry artist and creator of an adult sandbox game and virtual reality (and normal) simulation game called VR_Ferals. Over time, the base idea for this game evolved into a more serious game project called FeralIsland with a wide range of adult and furry themed features, centering around fantasy, mystical and alien creatures the players can watch, befriend and interact with. The main idea is to create a sandbox game with a very optimistic approach on sexual inter-species relationship that is based on conses and exploration instead of force and violence. After taming and befriending, you will also be able to gratify your feral friends needs or even experience being a feral creature yourself.

The game is currently in an early state and more like a show room for the creatures than an actual game. However, there are some interactive features like petting and exciting your feral friends. With a heavy focus on adult themed animations and interactions. Building the game around the sexy stuff, instead of of boring environmental assets and game mechanics that seem out of place and forced. The main focus will always be the lovely creatures that you will befriend with and explore on FeralIsland.

Nevertheless, FeralIsland is the long-term project, I always wanted to create - Giving the users as much freedom as possible is another goal I want to achieve, by building an own scenario engine that enables the users to create and share their own little stories. The gallery of FeralIsland, which is more like a show room of current available animations, will be evolving into an highly modular and deep editor for those scenarios. The characters can be replaced and customized and it will be possible to write and share your own stories in the future. There will be an embedded character poser and custom character settings as well. And one of the most anticipated features will be an import feature for own 3d models and modding capabilities.

Why i need your support

I am working solo on this project (besides some collaborations with other artists I am planning to do) which means that my work includes all the programming, 3D modelling, texturing. I am also doing all animations myself. Doing so is very time consuming especially since I am a part-time freelancer at the moment. FeralIsland is free and public releases are available, once stable, on Patreon, FurAffinity and Inkbunny. Once higher goals are reached i can hopefully quit my part-time job and work full-time on this project. 

What are the long term goals and will you just vanish and leave this project?

No I will not vanish. This project can be considered my long-term life goal if finished in the way I am conceptualizing the game. With new technologies emerging its the best time to create something like this!

I also always liked the idea of open source software development and building a community by and for feral fans and furries. One of those long-term goals would be to release all created models including the rigs as blender files for free under a non-profit licence to the community. Those models will give a nice insight in rig-creation and animation.

If you are interested in my work. Don´t hesitate to message or support me. You guys are great and nice messages are always a huge motivator for me.

Thanks for supporting this project! <3
FeralIsland will feature the following fantastical creatures, beasts and aliens.

  • Felkin ( Animated and interactive)

Partially Implemented

  • LewdRaptor (Static preview model implemented )
  • Shunamir (Static preview model implemented )
  • MysticDragon (Static preview model implemented )

Work in progress

  • Gryphon (First community voted feral)

More creatures and even anthros will be added to the list, once the project goals are reached!

Since this game will always stay free there might be a lot of players in the future. To assure a high quality standard for those public releases, there is a big need for people willing to test freshly added features and VR implementations.

For this reason it is possible for FERAL Tester patrons to test the current developer releases. Those releases are called nightly builds. These nightly builds are uploaded every now an then, and contain new features, animations and models and you will be able to test it instantly and before everybody else. After I feel that those versions are stable enough those builds will get tagged as STABLE and can be downloaded and tested by FERAL Supporters.

Because of popular demand, both nightly builds and STABLE builds will have developer sandboxes.

There is no pressure on your side to test the nightly builds. But if you found a critical bug or some missing QoL(Quality of life) features, feel free to talk to me directly. :>

Subscription Tiers

per month
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Even the smallest pledge is a boost for this project. Be part of an ever growing community to help speeding up the development process. You also get early download access to STABLE builds before they are released to the public.

FERAL Supporter

✓ Download access to STABLE builds every three months.

✓ Access to developer sandboxes in FeralIsland.

✓ You will appear in the credits of FeralIsland (Optional, you will be asked).

✓ Grants the FERAL Supporter discord role.

✓ Grants access to the #mysterious-leaks channel on discord. Which lets you see some screenshots of the things I am currently working on.

✓ Be part of the "Future of FeralIsland" discussions, polls and early announcements.

You are awesome! Thank you very much for your support. :)

DISCORD® rewards included
per month
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The serious stuff starts here. You will get access to experimental nightly builds. A new build is uploaded as often as possible.

FERAL Tester

✓ Everything above

✓ Download access to nightly (dev) builds that are highly experimental and are frequently released.

✓ Grants the FERAL Tester Discord role.

✓ A personal 256x256 pixel icon of you will be added to the credits page (Optional, you will be asked).

You are amazing and deserve my gratitude for helping me building my dream project! Thank you very much. :>

DISCORD® rewards included


  • Early Development Builds

Recent posts

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Public post
FeralIsland FAQ - controls

Hello friends, :>

This page contains the current VR and normal mode controls. Vive users can set their own key bindings by following this guide.

What are the current controls of FeralIsland?

 》 Keyboard Normal Mode:
WASD: Move target crosshair
Hold middle mouse: Float around the target
Left mouse click: Select
Right mouse click: Deselect menu selection
Tab: Swap gender
ALT: Toggle UI on and off
H: Hide scenery
T: Show edit transform menu
X: Reset crosshair position
Escape: Leave the gallery 

Keyboard VR only:
Plus: Scale the UI up
Minus: Scale the UI down
Arrow Keys: Move the UI around
Page Up: Zoom the UI Up
Page Down: Zoom the UI Down

Vive (SteamVR):
Right Trigger: Interact with the UI, pet creatures
Left Touchpad Press:  Move target crosshair 
Right Touchpad Press: Float around the target
Left Grab: Zoom out
Right Grab: Zoom in

Oculus Controller:
LAnalogStick: Move target crosshair
RAnalogStick: Float around the target
A: Select, Interact with creatures, toys and the UI
B: Swap gender
X: Toggle UI ON/OFF
Y: Toggle Scene ON/OFF
LIndexTrigger: Zoom in
RIndexTrigger: Zoom out
LHandTrigger: Selects the model selection
RHandTrigger: Selects the scenario selection

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Public post

FeralIsland FAQ - VR setup recommendation

Hello friends, :>
In this public post I will give setup recommendation for VR mode and I will also cover some frequently asked questions.

Does the game run without a VR headset?
Yes it does! The game detects if a VR headset is connected and running. If you do not own a VR headset simply run the game to enable normal mode. It should wort automatically, so there is nothing you need to do. Users with a VR headset should make sure, that their headset is unplugged in order to run the game in normal mode.
Is the Oculus, Vive and WMR supported?
Full Vive support to all core scenes of FeralIsland was added in v0.15.062. And the Oculus (CV1 and S) is fully supported on v0.15.72. The VR interaction system should also run on WMR, which was also confirmed by a WMR tester. If the WMR thumpstick controls are not working, you should follow this guide and enable WMR for steamVR: 

Can I run the game with a Valve Index? 
A user called Henlo tinkered a little workaround for the Index. You should overwrite the bindings_knuckles.json in the main folder of FeralIsland with the file in this link. The file removes the grip references to fix movement issue. 

If the key bindings of Henlo do not work you can try adding this version by Noxy:
Thank you Henlo and Noxy for figuring this out! :>

What are the system requirements for FeralIsland in Normal and VR mode? 
The game runs fine on medium range rigs (my PC is from 2014) with around 50-60 FPS in normal mode and 40-50 FPS in VR mode. You should at least have these specs:
Normal Mode:
- W7 or W10 64bit.
- 4GB DDR3 Ram
- Graphics card with Direct X 11 support
- i5 or similar AMD processor.

VR Mode:
- W7 or W10 64bit.
- 8GB DDR3 Ram
- Graphics card with Direct X 11 support
- i7 or similar AMD  processor .

Is it possible to change the key bindings on my Vive controllers to play the game?
Yes. If you are running steam VR you should follow this guide: 

I am stuck in the disclaimer. Is there a way to skip it? 
Yes. You should only be stuck there if you are using an unsupported HMDs that is not recognized on loading the game. I implemented a skip function to automatically direct you to the gallery by pressing F1. 

Are the developer sandboxes available in VR mode?
No - or lets say only partial. The game currently forwards you to the gallery when its started in VR mode, because this is the only part that is working well enough in VR mode right now. You can still leave the gallery by pressing escape and try accessing the sandboxes from there. But its highly recommend to wait until their features are added to the core game. I am not wasting time on adding VR support to the current developer sandboxes, because they will be removed from the public releases anyways. However, there might be specific VR mode sandboxes in the future.

Should I stand or sit while running FeralIsland in VR mode?
It is highly recommended to play FeralIsland while sitting. Especially on the Oculus Rift, because some of the features require a keyboard. You probably need a free paw anyways. ;)

Can I scale and move the UI in the gallery?
You can scale an move around the UI by pressing +/- ,Arrow keys and Page Up & Page Down. This however only works in worldspace instances of the game, which means this feature is only available in VR mode.
I cannot grab things in VR. Is this a bug?
You can "grab" things by slightly swinging the controllers against the corresponding jiggle spots of the creature.  There is currently no haptic feedback for this, but I am working on that. :)

( More frequently asked question might be added)
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Public post
Welcome to the official subscribestar page of FeralIsland. :>

The subscription gives you:
  • Full, unlimited access to Creator's profile content - to view it online or to download it to future use.
  • Support your Creator by contributing – one-time or recurring.
  • You can cancel this subscription at any time.

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✓Samsung VR Gear support is added including a AR mobile version to place ferals in your favorite spots at home.(Android version) ✓Two additional ferals will be added to FeralIsland ✓(More goal rewards will be added when the above goal is reached) **I can´t believe it. You guys are awesome!**

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