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This Subscribestar site is devoted to the catfighting and women's wrestling stories that I have been writing for over 25 years (published under the alias "DG"), most of which involve the fictional Underground Women's Wrestling League (UWWL).
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Sneak Preview of the Next UWWL Story

One For the Ages
by DG
      “Five minutes! There are FIVE MINUTES left in the time limit!” says Katie the timekeeper as Amy and She-Devil throttle each other for the richest prize in women’s pro wrestling. Both women are naked, drenched in sweat, and covered in blood as they exchange heated blows on their hands and knees in the middle of the ring, with the crowd roaring and reacting to every shot. The fighters haven’t held back despite being best friends outside the ring. Jennifer Sanderson and UWWL world champion Amy Manikas have an understanding that their friendship goes out the window when the world title is at stake.
The one thing Amy hasn’t done over the past 40 minutes is go after She-Devil’s surgically repaired left knee, out of respect. The brace on Jennifer’s problematic joint is now the only thing on her gorgeous body after Amy stripped her nude. These two legends have pounded each other all over the UWWL combat club, and She-Devil even choke slammed Amy through a flaming table from atop the bar right in front of Jennifer’s husband. Amy once stood by him and tonight’s challenger as the maid of honor at their wedding. Amy still feels the burns from that move, along with aches in her own surgically repaired back (from when that fucking bitch Lauren dropkicked her off the top of a steel cage) as she winds up to blast Jennifer’s bloody face with another punch. Amy’s fans react to the blow. It’s not a good idea to have a prolonged slugfest with one of the biggest and strongest women in the league though, and Jennifer HAMMERS Amy with one of the hardest punches she’s ever thrown – right to the champ’s drooping, possibly broken, bruised and bloody left cheek. Amy emits an exhausted grunt of pain, and then collapses to her side. She-Devil has won the slugfest. Jennifer rolls Amy onto her back and then drapes her own sweaty, nude body across hers. The ref drops to tap the grimy canvas: “One… … … … Two… … … …” but Amy shoots a shoulder up, preserving the title. If she holds out for a few more minutes then she can save the belt with a time limit draw, but Amy would hate that because it’s something that pathetic cunt Lauren would do. The Greek Assassin wants to WIN her title defenses.
Yet things look grim for the champ, as her best friend grabs her sweaty, dark, Mediterranean hair, slowly pulls her up to her bare feet, KICKS her in the badly abused pussy to double her over, and then stuffs Amy’s head between her legs and wraps her powerful arms around her waist. She-Devil wants to power bomb Amy’s burned back into the mat and then pin her for her third world title. Yet a desperate Amy uses the last of her energy to lift up and back body drop the challenger onto the mat with thunderous impact, popping her fans. The champ drops back to her knees after the move, heaving with exhaustion with sweat dripping from her body.
She-Devil slowly gets up, leaving an imprint of sweat behind on the mat, and then turns around to show her best friend who the better woman is – but Amy KICKS her right on the braced left knee. Jennifer staggers, holding her weak spot and wincing. Amy is in desperation mode, and all bets are off when it comes to her precious world title belt. Amy kicks the knee brace again, as hard as she can, and Jennifer drops to her knees gritting her teeth in pain. The world champion then stuffs Jennifer’s sweat-slick blonde hair between her legs, wraps her arms around her body, pulls her up so that her bare feet and red, painted toenails point at the club lights… and then PILE DRIVES her bloody head into the canvas. Jennifer flops onto her back with her hair in a wild mess, and Amy’s nude, exhausted body crumples across hers with their sweaty tits mashed together. The ref drops to count: “One… … … … Two… … … … … Three.”
Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!
Channing gets on her mic and says, “Here is your winner… and STILL Underground Women’s Wrestling League world champion… AMY!”
The referee, with Amy still lying across the now defeated She-Devil, goes over to the champ and lifts up her wrist in victory. Amy then uses one final burst of energy to push herself off of her pinned and barely conscious best friend to lie on her back heaving with exhaustion.
Channing grabs the gold on a black strap world title belt from Katie’s table, enters the ring, and then drapes the championship belt diagonally across Amy’s bare chest. Amy clutches the belt like it’s a body pillow.
Then theme music starts to play… but it’s not Amy’s music. It’s Lauren’s!
Fans go insane.
Lauren Miller herself comes through the curtain, popping the crowd even more. The dirty blonde beauty has a microphone in one hand and the binder with her guaranteed world title contract in the other. Yet she doesn’t have her wrestling gear on – she’s in a baby blue dress and sparkly, silver high heels.
Amy crawls over to the ropes facing the entrance curtain and props herself up on the second rope with the world championship belt slung over her shoulder, glaring at her arch enemy with a sneer of utter hatred on her bloody face.                
Lauren puts the mic up to her glossy lips and says, “Amy… you fucking BITCH… I’m turning in my guaranteed contract to challenge you for the UWWL world title.”
Amy grins and makes a “come on” gesture with her hands. She’s always ready to fight Lauren.
Lauren continues, “But as you can all see I’m not in my wrestling gear, so I’m not challenging you right now. Everyone knows that you and I use each other as measuring sticks for who we are as human beings, and it wouldn’t feel right to beat you for the title when you’re already beaten up and bloody. I want you to be as close to 100% as possible when I take the belt from you...” 
Amy continues to glare abject hatred at Lauren.
“…and there just so happens to be a Tuesday Tussle event next week at the bar where it all got started. Where you and I built this league on our hatred from the ground up, selling out that sleazy bar every Saturday night with nothing but word of mouth. So… I’m cashing in my world title contract to challenge you for the UWWL world title next Tuesday.”
Amy calls for a mic, Channing brings one to her, and with exhaustion in her voice she simply says, “You’re on, bitch…” and then tosses the mic away.
Fans continue going nuts as the pay-per-view fades off the air with Amy and Lauren glaring at each other, with Amy leaning on the second rope nude with the belt slung over her shoulder and Lauren looking sexy and confident in her dress and heels – holding up the contract as if it’s a championship belt. 
So Lauren will face Amy for the UWWL world title at the bar where the league got started in the main event on next week’s Tuesday Tussle card. This match could be one for the ages.

"One For the Ages" will be released in late summer/early fall, exclusively on Subscribestar 
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