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Drawing Giantess and Transformation Content :) Thanks for the support
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Introductory Post

Hello! Welcome to my Subscribestar account! Thanks for taking a look!

I thought I'd make an introductory post to help answer a few questions people often have and provide links to things to make content easier to search for and access!

FAQ Click the below questions to show the answers

When do I get charged?

First of the month! Every month! Subscribing late in the month is not advised as you'll always be charged on the first-!

Please keep this in mind when subscribing as I can't issue out refunds on this platform _^ Thank you!

Why do you have both Patreon and Subscribestar?

Patreon isn't too stable for NSFW artists at the moment, with a few people losing their accounts without warning.

I started getting warnings if I typed anything into the descriptions that seemed 'lewd'. When I realised I couldn't make free posts with lewd content and couldn't type up scenarios or descriptions I decided to make this one

I'll be supporting both of them equally, Patreon supporters will need to link their discord to see the scenarios in the discord server but I can post them here.

Hopefully I won't be kicked off Patreon, but this is here so I'm not 100% dependent on it.

How do I get access to votes?

If it's a vote that focuses around Subscribestar or Patreon then I will post it on their respective platforms. That'll be things like 'Do you like the tags?'. However, votes around drawing and such need a common platform. That platform is currently discord-! You'll need to link up your discord account to subscribestar to access the votes. Check below for how to link

How do I get access to the discord content?

Link it from your profile page settings! Click the three lines in the top right and navigate to your settings (Currently, from my account it's Profile Page Settings') There will be a button that links your subscribestar to discord! Alternativily, if you are going through these and aren't too interested in subscribing or simply can't be bothered with the roles- the discord is free to join and hangout. I'll use it for occasional updates and casual chats with subscribers :) Discord join link :


Here's a few useful tags to help you get around! Subscribestar staff are pretty good at putting out updates, hopefully they'll add some better search features in the future but patreon is also not too great for Archiving :)


Tags are what I use to categorise things to make them easier!


Object Transformation : ObjectTF
Giantess : Giantess
Ass : Ass
Mouth : Mouth
Boobs : Boobs
Feet : Feet
Hand : Hand
Vagina : Vagina
Vore : Vore
Futanari : Futa (Relatively rare content)
Animation : Animation
Sockification : Sock TF
Pantification : Panties TF

(Warning, below is toilet content. Duh)
Toilet : Toilet

Free Comics

Yup! I do free stuff sometimes, usually this is commission work or stuff I just enjoyed drawing and wanted to share. This might not be a full list, let me know if I missed something!

Additional note, you might see some paid stuff linked in. This is due to free comics often having alternative versions, not extra pages :)

If you are in the $10 tier some of these will have TF versions or GTS versions.

Free Shrink Comics

Dragalia Lost in Cleavage : Dragalia Lost

Spore- Booby Trap : Booby Trap

Frog Heat : Horny Monster Girl Comic here

Attack on Titaness : Attack on Titan Vore

Imps Toy : Imps Butt Toy

Ochakos Crushed Crush : MHA foot crush

Nia's Sweet Treat : Xenoblade Chronicles Vore

Lapis's Crush : SU Lapis Butt

Pecorines Itch : Princess Connect Panties Entrapement

Trapped with Ochako : Ochako and tiny Froppy butt stuff

Scylla's Cushion : My OCs butt stuff

Aquas Christmas Tatoo : Konosuba Butt Crush

Haruhi's New Film : SOS butt play

Katias Cat Toy : Prequel Adventures

Setsuna's Unaware Passenger : Trapped in Setsunas Sock

Altera and Arturia : Fate Panties Entrapment

Free Object Transformation Comics

My Hero Academia- Panties and Socks : MHA - Panties and Socks
Kotoes Slipper Problem : Kotoes Slipper
Genies Wish (Warning, some parts contain futa) : Konosuba and Futa OC
Helltaker Banished Underwear : Helltaker Pantification
Bulmas Helper : Dragonball Sockification
Mikakos Sock : Heavens Lost Property Sockification
Don't wear me Ueno-san!!! - Nylon TF

Reward Comics

These are comics I've been working on for the $5 tier!

These are found under the tag 'RewardComic' : Reward Comics

At $5, you'll get access to all of the below:

Transformation comics

Tornado's Training : Series Link
Description : A small stretchy hero mistaken for a monster has been crushed and twisted into a string like shape. Unable to escape, he's gifted to Tornado- a powerful psychic. Unaware of the strings sentience, the abrasive girl fiddles with him in meetings to help train her ability and stop herself from falling asleep. (Contains mostly foot content- this is the current ongoing comic)

18s panties : Series Link
Description : Bulma- having travelled back in time once more with the power of a fake time ring- encountered a small problem. To avoid interrupting the timelines and making a new universe, the bugged ring transferred her body into android 18s panties- just after the cell saga. How will she cope being the panties of a girl with the power to destroy cities?

Pandoras Rag- Overlord : Series Link
Description : Pandora wants to be loved, he tried turning into a cat previously to learn a life lesson from the maids- now he's going to try to learn some more as something else! He wants to learn what it's like to be useful, so, transforms himself into a rag for the girls to use around the castle.
However, rags have other uses. After being dragged into the shower room, he quickly realises his mistake. Transforming into a box of tissues to avoid embarrising the girls- he gets the lesson he was looking for. He'll be fine in the end, I'm sure!

Momo's Panties- TLR : : Series Link
Description : Nearing the end of the school year, getting ready to move on in life, Rito's sister seems to have another issue that she's not willing to discuss. Feeling a little nostalgic, Momo uses the new and improved panties TF device Lala made to turn Rito into panties again to go spy on Mikan... again. This time she was sure it would work.
However, she cloned a pair of her own panties for the spy mission- wanting to fantasize about Rito being her underwear. Mikan, notices that it's actually Momo's- goes to return the panties while Momo is getting washed. You can probably work out where it's going from there.

Shrink comics

Drunken Aqua : Series Link
Description : Kazuma shrank down from some kind of curse in Wiz's shop. After a harrowing off screen none fetish based wholesome adventure, he's finally managed to get Aqua's attention!
While... she's drunk... and he angers her... deciding to get her revenge, she constantly puts him into situations and forgetting about him. Due to his constant whining about getting help from someone else, Aqua decides to prove to him that the other girls would be just as bad if not worse. Contents :

Click for spoilers

Aqua panties entrapment and stomping, Yunyun butt crush, Wiz foot/ butt crush and anal insertion with Darkness. Only Aqua is aware and she forgets about him in the morning.

Don't Flatten Me Zero Two! - Darling in the Franxx : Series Link
Description : Looks like a group of guys have shrunken down within the facility. Follow Hiro as Zero Two instantly finds him and prepares to have her fun, teasing and toying with him. Later switching to Zorome as Zero Two convinces everyone he was a stress toy she had made.
Mixture of Zorome getting stepped on and mashed by other girls and Zero Two trying to lewd her darrrrling-!
Currently ongoing!

Warning- below pages contain more experimental/ grosser content

Isekai Toilet : Series Link
Description : Aqua somehow managed to learn a new spell seal- she stupidly uses it to seal a crack on a toilet. Amazingly it worked, not so amazingly Kazuma has become said toilet.
Contains... well- a lot of characters from Isekai Quartet but not all of them!
Ongoing, releases 1 a month.

Misc comics

Slime Isekai- The footspa : Series Link
Description: Didn't really fit into Object TF or shrink content. Rimaru loses his ability to communicate while his subordinate tries to look after him in a spa. However- Shion's clumbsy nature kicks in as she accidentally get's Rimaru involved in serving as the villages special slime footspa.
If you couldn't guess already, contains a lot of foot based content.

There's more comics out there for free! These are just the comic tier comics-! I'll try to add them later as it can be a little awkward to navigate!

Micro Tier

Micro Tier gets access to sketches and alternate versions of comics-

Alternative versions are marked with the Alt tag and are viewable here : Link Sketches are posted a few days early- marked with a Wip tag viewable here : Link

I hope to find a bit of a better way to document these! Shall try and spend some time combing through and linking the pages up properly.

Subscription Tiers

Follower Tier

Recieve updates on content!

Benifit Access?
Monthly comic No
Alternative pictures and comics No
WIP sketches No
Organized Zip file with current months posts No
511 subscribers
per month

Thank you for the support!

Opens up a voting tab in Discord along with the Supporter role- make sure to link your Discord account to get the benifits!

Benifit Access?
Additional Votes Yes
Monthly comic No
Alternative pictures and comics No
WIP sketches No
Organized Zip file with current months posts No
4 subscribers Supporters
per month
Little Supporters

Gives access to comics- comics bounce between object TF and giantess content monthly, the comics are announced near the end of the month

Benifit Access?
Additional Votes Yes
Monthly comics Yes
Alternative pictures and comics No
WIP sketches No
Organized Zip file with current months posts No
18 subscribers Tiny Supporters
per month
Micro Supporters

Thank you so much! This one adds alternative versions of comics, some comics and pictures will be changed to have tinies instead of TF content.

Benifit Access?
Additional Votes Yes
Monthly comic Yes
Alternative pictures and comics Yes
WIP sketches Yes
Organized Zip file with current months posts No
45 subscribers Micro Supporters
per month
Ultra Tiny

Ultimate power! If you just want to pop in at the end of the month and grab a zip of the content then this is the tier for you!

Benifit Access?
Additional Votes Yes
Monthly comic Yes
Alternative pictures and comics Yes
WIP sketches Yes
Organized Zip file with current months posts Yes
13 subscribers Ultra Tiny


  • Mix of giantess and object transformation content!
  • Monthly comics!
  • Alternative versions of transformation comics for higher tiers!

Recent posts

Public post

June Schedule

One Drive Link : Check below pinned post

Hey all! Thank you for all the support I've received so far-! Hopefully there's things on the schedule that people are excited to see!

Resize P9 and P10
Likely a lot of foot content, some of which becomes semi-unaware! How will he fair within Ram's shoe?

Monster Musume P9 and P10
Shall have the bra finally shifting hands, Centauria will be putting it on and we might see the start of the shrunken zombie girl.

Slime Abuse
Shall be a free comic commissioned by a cool dude ^_^ 'That time I was reincarnated as a Slime' object transformation involving Rimaru. Lots of unaware content.
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OneDrive Link : June

Posted for $20 tier
Unlock Tier

Monster Musume - Gooped P10 -Sketch-

Posted for $10, $20 tiers
Unlock Tier

Resize P10 -Barefoot Alt-

Posted for $10, $20 tiers
Unlock Tier

Resize P10

Comments (1)
Posted for $5, $10, $20 tiers
Unlock Tier

Resize P10 -Sketch-

Posted for $10, $20 tiers
Unlock Tier

Dragalia Lost in Cleavage P7 -TF Alt-

Posted for $10, $20 tiers
Unlock Tier
Public post

Slime Abuse P1

Anime : That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Once again, Rimaru felt the consequences for not listening to the literal voice in his head as he lay on the floor- paralized and unable to move.
"Uh... Great Sage? What is this?" The slime asked, a little confused.
"Training mode" Great sage responded.

The slime exhaled, trying not to  get mad as he mentally asked once more,
"What is this? In more detail..."

There was a pause, before the response echoed back.
"Training mode, you requested an improvement on your transformation techniques in order to avoid detection from your ally, Shion. This was due to the food she had been preparing." The sage stated, as Rimaru tried again to move.
"Fine, yes, I remember I asked you to activate training mode. I'm guessing that's why I can't move... so... how long do I have to sit here?"

Peoples voices from the baths started to echo into the room as Sage started to explain. Rimaru, quickly cut  the  voice off. "Scratch that, we can do the training later- cancel training mode!" He yelled, just as Shuna and Shion entered, completely naked aside from a towel.
"Training mode cannot be deactivated. I attempted to warn you before we started" Sage spoke, just as Shion towered overhead. "Senses will be required for the training"

Rimaru winced, tasting the floor. 
"What the he-" He started to complain, before suddenly finding himself get lifted up. His voice wobbled as he tried to yell out- but it didn't feel like it was travelling anywhere. As the giant girl started slipping her legs into him, the slime realised what was going on. "I'm panties?!"


Shion, on her side of things, felt nothing wrong. She simply grabbed her clothes and noticed her underwear on the floor.

Tugging them up, she happily talked to Shuna about how great Rimaru looked today. Her voice faltered slightly as the panties stopped partway up. Shuna glanced down, watching the purple haired girl tug at her underwear. The cheeks jiggled uncomfortably, making Shuna offer her own help,
"I can readjust those later if you'd like" She offered. Shion looked a little annoyed, tugging them harder.
"No- it's fine... Did they shrink in the wash? Why are these so tight?!" She gave a harsh yank, huffing slightly as one side slipped from her grip- snapping to her cheak.


For poor Rimaru, his entire body started to scream out as he was stretched across the giant girls rear. The hands that could easily wipe out entire armies, yanked harshly at his fabric body as he tried to tell her they didn't fit.

"I did NOT gain weight- stupid piece of..." The giant girl growled, grabbing him one last time and giving an all or nothing pull.

His waist band finally made it over the giant cheeks, letting the rest smoothly slip on. Rimaru shuddered as he felt his vision switch. The damp forest of pubic hair- straight from the bath, smoothly slotted over his face. Even if she had just showered, the damp heat was uncomfortable.
"S-sage, turn me back now- I really didn't want to find out what Shion's crotch smells like" He winced, a sea of damp purple hair blotting out his vision.

"Unable to cancel, transformation lasts 12 hours" The voice beeped. Rimaru could of sworn it sounded annoyed with him, "Temporarily shifting senses to rear"

And with that, Rimaru's fate for the next 12 hours was sealed. Huffing the already humid air of her ass, he could only watch as the girls work pants slipped over his already battered body. Just 12 hours.
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