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Hey guys! I'm Smiling Dog and welcome to my Subscribe Star page!
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Smiling Dog

Nano-control v0.18b public release!

Heya guys, sorry about the late update, wasn't sure if people were here haha.
Anyway! The public release of Nano-control v0.18b is out!
We have a couple of new stuff in this update! Hopefully you all like it!

v0.18b changelog

-Added Rika's mind room 1
-Added Gwen's mind room 1
-Added Rika x Gwen threesome
-Added Rika's anal scene
-Added Kat into the replay room
-Fixed bugs, Ghost-chan and Grass-chan shouldn't appear anymore.
-Added mind room 1 events in the replay room
-Tweaked some quest markers 

Well, that's it for my rambling! The download links can be found below!

Download links!


As usual, just let me know if there are any issue or feedback that you have yeah!

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Smiling Dog

Heya guys, another week another update post! So I'll be going through roughly what I'm working on at the moment.

For Nano-control I'm currently:

-Getting Lily into the game

-Getting Lily's quest into the game

-Adding new NPCs

-Getting some public use scenes into the game

-Fixing bugs and re-balancing some levels

-Some secrets (Maybe)

Might not look like a lot but it's mostly so that we will be able to make things more complete!

For Jikage Rising, I'm working on:

-Re-balancing combat

-Adding more of Sakura's scenes into the game

-Polishing the UI

-Adding Ino's intro

-Adding Ino's control questline

So yeap, that's about it! Hope you guys are looking forward to it!

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Smiling Dog

Heya guys, sorry about the delay, but here are the updated versions of the latest version of Nano-control! There should be a couple of fixes.


-You shouldn't get stuck anymore on Jace's level 3 quest after the butler catches you

-Jace won't make a shadow clone anymore when you ask her to follow you

-Fixed some spelling mistakes

You can download the latest version here or in the original release post!





Subscription Tiers

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Level 0 Control

Thank you! I'll be able to get more resources for the game with you help! Subscribing to this tier will give you:

1.Access to Subscriber only content

2.Access to Beta testing

3.Subscribers only poll for you to determine the direction of the games!

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Level 1 Control

On this tier, you will be helping me get access to more resources for the game! You will also get:

1.Sneak previews of scenes and pictures of what will be in future releases!

2.Everything else from the previous tier!

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Level 2 Control

Thank you for the interest in what I do! By subscribing to this tier, you will get:

1.All art that will be in the game

2.Everything in the previous tier

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Level 3 Control

Thank you so much for this! On this tier, you'll get:

1.Early downloads of all releases

2.Your name in the credits of the game if you want!

3.I can make you an NPC (with no scenes) in the game!

4.Plus all previous rewards

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Level 4 Control

Thank you so much for this! In this tier:

1.I can add in scenes and content that you're interested in as long as it fits the narrative of the plot! Just PM me if you have any questions about this!

2.Plus all previous rewards



  • Heya guys! Some of you guys probably know me on Patreon! Generally, by subscribing, you'll be able to get access to beta testing for the games that I'm making!
  • You'll also be able to influence the direction and content of what would be in the games!
  • I received feedback that some of you guys would prefer to not be on Patreon, and with their increasing problematic control, I decided to get another platform up so that I'll still be able to work on the game without much problems! The goals will be cumulative from both platforms, so no worries about that!
The subscription gives you:
  • Full, unlimited access to Star's profile content - to view it online or to download it to future use.
  • Support your Star by donating – one-time or recurring.
  • You can cancel this subscription at any time.

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If we reach this goal I'll be able to do this full time! It would mean bigger updates and a higher quality product! Also, I'll buy my dog a steak.
to reach
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I'll be able to consistently get things animated, and at a higher quality! Will also get portraits done for everyone in the game! Including non-essential NPCs and secret characters!
to reach
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I'll probably be able to commission more art for the game at a more frequent rate! With this and support from other sources, getting art will be much easier!
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I'll be able to get more resources to make the game better! Will now consistently commission custom sprites, so that the characters reflect more accurately what they look like in terms of hair, attire and such.

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