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I draw boobs for a living.
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For those that just want to throw some jingle-jangle my way and get access to some posts. More of a tip than anything else.

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Entry level - Just The Tip

For those that don't want to put it all in. Thanks for the tip.

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Super Awesome Good Person!

Claiming this tier makes you a very generous person and I appreciate your support.

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Only for crazy, super-rich people.

If you're so rich you don't mind donating $100 a month to someone who will draw sexy superladies for you to enjoy then this tier is for you. Us normies envy your riches.

Seriously, if you claim this tier you're a crazy rich person.

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  • Erotic comic book art (sketches and pinups)

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Shade's Superhero Sexcapades launches on Kickstarter and Indiegogo on January 7th!

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If I hit this monthly goal I'll do a color sketch to share with my SubscribeStars who will get exclusive privileges to vote on the character that I'll draw.


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