Solving Problems
 Aka All Except Her rewrite but I threw out the premise after about two or three posts refuting it. Let it be known that I am easily convinced but will continue to argue because I find it fun.
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Taylor frowned as they got back from combating the newest “threat” to the city, stepping through a portal out of the irradiated hell hole that is modern day Earth Bet Africa, and into the transport hub inside the Warden’s base with the rest of the Flock.
Taylor spotted some of the eyes of the other Wardens on her specifically as she walked beside the Valkyrie. She didn’t allow them to phase her though as they continued on out of the room. To think that at some point she had thought that these people might have been thankful that she nearly killed herself saving their ungrateful asses.
To think that they wanted to master her after she was revived. Taylor felt her bugs grow more agitated but she didn’t show it herself. Had it not been for Ciara they might have gone through with it but they relented when she nearly went Fairy Queen on them, threatening to leave the Wardens and to take her Flock with her.
Perhaps, Taylor considered, that might have been better if they had still tried it. It would effectively have defanged the rather incompetent Wardens and make her plans all the easier.
As they neared a bend in the hallway, Grue started turning to the exit, and paused when she did not follow him. He was heading to the exit to go and grab a cab to get back to New Brockton Bay, to hang with his girlfriend and the rest of the Undersiders.
“I’ll catch up with you later Grue, I just have to have a word with Ciara.” Grue nodded at that before going on his way. Thank God that she had managed to drag him back with her to the Undersiders. Despite the spotty memory it was still Grue in the end, otherwise he might have ended up like many of the other members of the Flock, isolated and alone, cut off from all those that could help them become themselves again, and ending up lost.
After a certain point, they stop being who they were before. They’ve lost the reasons for why they are who they are, and start to question. Without the memories to keep them who they were, they stop being the people they were, and end up as strange mockeries wearing the names they used to have. Lady Photon nearly ended up like that, but the Wardens finally allowed those resurrected to see their friends and family just quick enough that some managed to reconnect with their friends and family before they lost themselves.
Not her and Grue though. She had forced her way out of the base with Grue in tow and no one had the will to stop her, especially when she had the blessing of Valkyrie. This was all in spite of the will of most of the Wardens, but when you’re threatened with having your most powerful member leave, then there isn’t much that you can do. Though truth be told, it was a near thing from what Ciara said.
As they continued to walk, Ciara continued to steal glances at Taylor, yet she remained silent as they walked. Taylor was willing to allow this silence to go on. Ciara would eventually ask why she was not joining Grue on his way to joining the Undersiders.
“Do you wish something from me Que-... Khepri?” Khepri. Taylor didn’t care for the name. It was flattering, but the official propaganda of the Wardens was that Taylor as Khepri had nearly tried to take over the world after Golden Morning was finished with, was killed for it, and was now serving her sentence as a member of Valkyrie’s Flock. A load of rubbish but it had become popular among the lower ranks, and eventually just spread like wildfire. Now it was the party line as rather than stomp out the rumours they just let them go on and acted as if it wasn’t a problem.
“I noticed that you weren’t on top of your game today Ciara.” Taylor deliberately uses her name rather than her cape name. Technically she was Taylor’s superior, due to her being at the head of the Flock, and Taylor technically being a part of the Flock, even if unofficially she was part of the Undersiders. However they both knew what they actually were. Equals at the very least.
“I don’t, I don’t know what you’re talking about” A stutter, Ciara definitely realised that she wasn’t doing so well in their fights lately.
“I’ve noticed your staring...” There it was. Ciara looked like a deer caught in the headlights. With Taylor’s power, that she could exert over Ciara and anyone else in ten feet of her, Taylor could feel Ciara’s heart rate rapidly increase, but more interestingly, there was a hint of arousal.
“You have?” She asked, not even hiding it. In truth, it was quite flattering to Taylor, to be desired in such a way. What exactly she saw in Taylor was obviously ethereal rather than physical as there wasn’t exactly anything particularly attractive to her build.
“Yes, I have.” Taylor drew close to Ciara, looking down at her as they walked. Taylor through her power could feel as Ciara’s nipples were beginning to harden.
“Your lust is obvious, and it is affecting your combat ability.” Taylor continued. Experimentally, Taylor reached out a hand, and grabbed a handful of Ciara’s plump ass. They were nice and thick, and Taylor’s hand sank into them. Ciara, rather than try to push her away, or swat her, slowed. She gasped out in surprise, and Taylor could feel Ciara’s womanly folds grow wet with arousal. Taylor leaned down, her lips by Ciara’s ear as she whispered.
“I would like to fix your problem.” Ciara’s breath had increased in pace and her nipples had continued to harden, now they were hard little nubs that rubbed against the cloth of her costume. Taylor didn’t do more as they continued. Taylor watched as Ciara, after a moment of hesitation, nodded. Taylor let a smile slowly form on her large expressive lips. To any that looked at her, she looked like the cat that caught the canary.
“The safe word is, Glaistig.” Was all Taylor said as they entered Ciara's room. Taylor wasn’t surprised when she saw all of the various toys that Ciara had in her room. They decorated nearly half of the various surfaces around the room, ranging from large to small, from dicks to plugs, to even various BDSM gear. Taylor had found it amusing that every time that she entered into the Warden’s HQ to assist in another threatening force, she found that the toy collection of her “warden” grew larger and larger. Ciara had never talked about it but it was becoming fairly obvious that Ciara was having a hard time dealing with her libido. Hopefully, Taylor could assist her in finally managing to scratch that itch.
Taylor let her bugs gather up what she would need today. Only what she would wear, as anything more would be unsanitary. Taylor in the meantime, came up behind Ciara, sliding right up against her, and ran her hands up and down her front. Ciara had removed her armour a while ago while the two had showered up. During the very short amount of time she was in the shower, she noticed Ciara sneaking looks at her while, as such, Taylor had made sure to drop the soap, and to bend over slowly, grabbing her soap, and spending longer than usual washing her legs. If Ciara wanted to take longer in the shower that was up to her. Ciara hadn’t exactly stopped, but she had started moving very slowly as she was left gazing at Taylor’s rear as it bounced in time with Taylor’s washing.
When Ciara emerged Taylor realised that she nearly had a full blown blush going. Taylor had immediately, as soon as no one was around, grabbed a hold of Ciara’s ass, and gripped it tightly, and pulled her close. The girl was smaller than Taylor, enough that she could easily drape herself around her and guide her around the base to her quarters without being observed by any but the security cameras, and Dragon was too busy these days trying to recapture her tinker spark with Colin to be watching at that moment.
One of Taylor’s hands played with one of Ciara’s perky nipples, her young appearing body sporting some nicely sized c cups. The hand which was playing with her nipples rubbed it between the pads of her fingers. Occasionally using a thumb to rub the tip of the nipple.
Taylor’s other hand found it’s way downward, slowly trailing a path underneath Ciara’s clothing until it reached her crotch. From there, Taylor used her fingers to tease Ciara, to spread the lips of her feminie folds, before allowing them to close, sometimes sliding a finger across Ciara’s slit but never entering. Not yet, soon, but not yet. Taylor let the towel that she was wearing from the showers fall down. Unlike Ciara, Taylor had opted to not redon her clothes, but rather walk with her towel being the only thing covering her.
As Taylor continued to play with Ciara, she raised her foot up one by one, allowing her bugs to move the thigh high latex boots into place along with the corset. With bugs she had them pull up the latex and to tighten and tie the corset as she pulled her hand teasing Ciara’s pussy to Ciara’s other nipple.
“Do you like that?” Taylor whispered to Ciara. Ciara by this point had her head tilted back slightly, her eyes gazing at nothing as Taylor teased her. Pulling at her nipples and then pinching them. Sometimes Taylor would let go of a nipple and merely circle around it, keeping it perky as she looked at the lovely sight of Ciara’s hard nubs.
As her bugs finished the last of the ties, Taylor let her hands shift down, and she grabbed a hold of some latex gloves. She rolled them up to put them on as her bugs started to pull down Ciara’s pants. They fell silently and Ciara did nothing as Taylor, with a single gloved hand, used that hand to tease at her pussy. First sliding a latex clad finger over her slit, before she inserted a single finger into her lovely feminine folds, exploring the wet depths of Ciara’s sex.
Meanwhile, Taylor decided to test something. She for a brief moment, used her human controlling powers on Ciara, and made her lift a hand up. Ciara gasped as Taylor made her move. Taylor waited for Ciara to call out Glastig, to end this before Taylor went farther, and yet, she didn’t. Ciara was both scared… and highly aroused. Taking this as encouragement, Taylor began using her powers that she had since Golden Morning, to pull her remaining sleeve up.
They both knew that Ciara could stop Taylor’s control at any moment. With but the summoning of a spirit she could channel Taylor control into it and that would be that. Yet, it was still a fairly intimate moment, that Ciara didn’t either summon a spirit immediately or call out the safe word.
With her now gloved other hand, Taylor returned to teasing Ciara’s nipple, while she added a second finger to her little sub’s pussy, clawing it, and rubbing against Ciara’s clit. Ciara gasped a little more as Taylor continued to use her fingers to play the cape’s body like a flute.
Ciara’s breath was starting to get ragged, her pussy practically dripped with fluid, and her nipples were as hard as stone. She had practically collapsed in Taylor’s hold, only her outstretched knee was keeping her up as she leaned back against Taylor. Taylor could see her eyes were clouded with lust as she let herself be played with by Taylor. Then Ciara did something.
“M- more...” She let out in a whisper, and Taylor let her smile start to show some teeth. Maybe she didn’t mean for Taylor to hear it, but she did, and now she was going to do what she had been planning to do to this girl since she realised that the girl had let her lust affect her ability in combat.
“Get on the bed. Grab your cuffs, and lock your hands behind your back, while I grab your stap on from your drawer.” Silently, Ciara nodded, and slowly, supported herself before walking, almost in a daze, towards the bed. Taylor wasted no time going and pulling out the strap on from Ciara’s underwear drawer. Ciara meanwhile had grabbed the fuzzy cuffs that she had left on her bedside table.
Taylor heard the clicks of the cuffs as she strapped on Ciara’s dildo. While she may want pleasure here, this time would be more about punishing Ciara, while also scratching that itch she was having a hard time getting at. Taylor was hoping she could do both.
Ciara looked at her with cute innocent eyes. Taylor wasn’t sure she had ever had sex before. She had all these toys and yet no one ever seems to approach this extremely lewd girl. Taylor crawled onto the bed on all fours towards the now handcuffed Ciara. Her blush was a deep crimson, and her breath was fast and ragged as Taylor approached her. Taylor pinned her down onto the bed with one hand, while the other held her strap on, no, her cock, and she smeared the girly fluids from Ciara’s pussy onto the thing, stroking it so that the fluid got all over her cock.
The strap on wasn’t the largest of Ciara’s collection. That belonged to one that was inside of Ciara’s closet still in its box. She had yet to go any bigger than the strapon Taylor had on. Taylor leaned forwards, the head of her cock touching against Ciara’s entrance. Taylor then whispered into Ciara’s ear once more in as sultry a voice as she could muster.
“Are you ready?” When Ciara nodded, Taylor smiled as she pushed her hips forward, slowly sliding the dildo into Ciara. Ciara’s eyes went wide and her mouth opened into a nice and round “O.” Ciara moaned as Taylor slowly pushed her cock into Ciara’s wet folds. Her eyes once more became clouded as the pleasure of the dildo overwhelmed her. While this wasn’t the first dildo she ever had in her, this was the first time it was someone else doing it to her, and that made everything all the more intense for Ciara.
Taylor knew it as well. The first time with someone, especially if they knew what they were doing, was special. Taylor had learned that a little over a year ago when she finally tried sex again. That time had been a magical experience. Had Taylor had such an experience back during her days in Brockton, or even during her Winslow days, Taylor was sure that she would have been much more experienced by the time she had her first time with Brian.
Taylor got in nice and close to Ciara, one latex gloved hand was playing with Ciara’s pert nipples, while the other held her down as she squirmed from Taylor’s slow insertion. Ciara was panting more now, finding it even sexier as Taylor continued to keep her pace nice and slow.
As she reached the end of the dildo, Taylor took a moment to take in Ciara again. Her shirt was all the way up her front, her perky nipples stood out as tasty little cherry nubs on her pleasant c cup breasts. Ciara looked so desperate as her tongue stuck out of her mouth and her breaths came and went fast as she panted with need. Her eyes practically begged Taylor for more. Her hair was a mess as her squirming had started to pull it from it’s braid, but not entirely. Even now, Ciara squirmed in Taylor’s grip, trying to impale herself further on Taylor’s cock.
If her “warden” wanted more, then Taylor would oblige. Taylor pulled back, and began to slowly thrust into Ciara’s sopping wet teenage pussy. Ciara moaned louder as she was finally being fucked for possibly the first time in her life. Taylor smiled wide as Ciara’s eyes rolled up, just because Taylor's slow thrusts were driving her mad with pleasure and a need for more.
Taylor leaned down, and decided to rub her smaller b cup breasts against Ciara’s. Taylor felt her own hard nipples catch on Ciara’s as their breasts rubbed against each other. Small waves of pleasure emanated from Taylor’s tits’ each time their nipples caught on each one another. Taylor noted how wet she was. She would have to rectify this before she went home to her apartment in New Brockton Bay.
“M-more...” Taylor heard Ciara say as she continued to thrust just as fast as she did before. She never changed speeds the entire time that she was thrusting. Ciara was shuddering and was literally begging with need. This however was supposed to be a punishment for Ciara. She needed to learn something as well.
“N-no?” Ciara asked, her eyes went wide and her lower lip quivered.
“Because you didn’t need me this time.”
“I told you to only call me and Brian here if you needed me.” Taylor let her thrusts get even slower as Ciara squirmed and tried to get Taylor to thrust faster.
“So I’m not going to let you cum.”
“P-please!” Ciara sounded so needy, so desperate. Maybe… just this once.
“Okay, just this once, but you need to do something for me first.”
“Wh-what?” Ciara asked, she leaned forward as I pulled out of her. I let my bugs pull what I wanted from Ciara’s drawers. A mass of insects came from all around, and with them, they brought a series of toys. A chastity belt, and two vibrating dildos. One large, and one small.
“You’re going to wear this belt, with this,” Taylor held up the small vibrator, “in your ass, and this” Taylor held up the larger vibrator. “In your pussy. Then you’re going to eat me out.”
“Ea-eat you out?” Ciara asked, honest questioning mixing with the lustful begging to make something that just made Taylor want to do so many more awful and perverted things to her than what she was doing now.
“You’re going to lick my pussy until I cum my little Ciara.” Taylor said as she had her insects deposit the chastity belt on the bed. Ciara had so many toys. Ciara nodded at that. She so very much wanted to cum, and she couldn’t even use her hands right now, not with the cuffs binding her. Taylor leaned down and aligned the dildos on her hands.
First, she pushed the big one in, nice and slowly for Ciara. It wasn’t that large of a thing, likely having only been used once before Ciara discarded it and decided to have whoever make her more toys. Honestly, it was wasteful, but it served Taylor at the moment so she didn’t complain.
Ciara moaned a bit as it went into her. Taylor made sure that it went all the way in up until the tapered bottom before she finally let go. With her now free hand, she reached to the side and grabbed some lube that she had her bugs bring over. First, she put down the little vibrator and began to slather her fingers with lube, then, the poured some on Ciara’s cute butt, while her fingers started to play with her ass. Ciara whined as Taylor continue to slowly add more lube, massaging around Ciara’s back hole. At first it clenched up tight, showing that Ciara had never really done anything with her butt. That was okay. That just meant that she could enjoy this new sensation.
Taylor, after massaging Ciara’s cute little ass, eased a finger slowly into her back door. Ciara whined some more but none of her whining sounded pained. They were slow and sensual whines. Taylor smiled some more as she eased her finger in a bit more, to the second knuckle and wiggled her finger around a bit. Ciara was tight in there. Now, Taylor was going to be the first person to penetrate Ciara’s cute little ass. Taylor nearly giggled at the prospect.
To get Ciara ready even further, Taylor started pumping her finger in and out of her ass, slowly, all the while, her other hand put down the lube and started slowly fucking Ciara’s pussy with the vibrator inside of her. Taylor was careful not to activate the vibe however. That was for when the belt was on.
Ciara moaned as Taylor toyed with her holes, making her squirm and writhe in the bed as she was fucked so slowly by the dildo and Taylor’s finger that it was tourtoure, and yet, so hot and erotic. Ciara wanted this to go on forever, and yet she also wanted to cum.
Then Taylor stopped fucking her pussy and ass, and Ciara felt the small vibrator line up with her ass. It wasn’t much larger than Taylor’s finger. Even so, Ciara moaned as it was inserted.
With both vibrators inserted, Taylor got the chastity belt ready, and unlocked it with the key that was sitting beside it when her bugs had grabbed it. With Ciara helpless and plugged with vibes, Taylor lifted Ciara up, almost like diapering a babe, and slid the chastity belt underneath her butt. The steel band of the chastity belt wrapped around Ciara’s waist snuggly, and Taylor was easily able to finally bring the metal crotch band back up, to lock the whole thing together with a padlock.
Taylor once more stood on her knees and looked down at her handiwork. Here, the most powerful cape in all of Earth Gimel was her little plaything, to do as she wished with. She acquiesced to all of Taylor’s perverted little orders as she gave the now grown up, eternal fae child, her first sexual experience. Ciara looked at her with both fright, and arousal as Taylor’s grin grew wide, having her teeth exposed in a manic grin, as she pulled up a pair of remotes, and clicked the buttons on them.
Ciara’s eyes rolled back and her back arched as both vibes started vibrating at maximum power. Her moan was more a scream of ecstasy that Taylor was sure that if there were people in the other rooms, they could have heard. Then, with sadistic glee, Taylor turned both vibrators down to their lowest setting. Allowing Ciara to catch her breath. She wasn’t even looking at Taylor as she took deep gasping breaths in and out. Taylor, chuckled.
“Now Ciara, I said you couldn’t cum until you ate me out.” Taylor said light heartedly to Ciara. Instantly Ciara’s focus was on Taylor, her eyes manic. Oh dear, Taylor thought, she had been about to cum. They stared at each other, one almost mad with arousal and lust, the other amused and highly aroused by her toying with her cute little girl.
The more Ciara calmed down the more she was able to react. Her eyes never lost their mania but they did seem to return to sanity somewhat as they slowly comprehended what Taylor said. Slowly, Ciara, struggled her way to her knees, and moved off the bed. Taylor had sat herself down at the edge of the bed and had her legs open wide. Taylor with one hand played with her pussy, it was sopping wet at the moment as Taylor had been enjoying her time teasing and pleasuring her little fairy.
Ciara kneeled down in front of her, her eyes focused on Taylor’s wet glistening folds. Unconsciously, Ciara licked her lips as she watched Taylor finger herself, as she rubbed her clit and fingered her folds. Then, Taylor stopped, and slowly, ever so slowly, pulled her fingers away from her wet snatch. A trail of feminine fluid, or possibly lube, trailed along, connecting the two until it finally disconnected.
“Open.” Taylor commanded and her little Ciara obeyed like a good little girl should. Her tongue stuck out as she waited for Taylor’s command. Taylor smiled wider as she stuck her fingers into Ciara’s waiting mouth, pressing against her tongue and pushing a bit. Ciara gagged a little and Taylor pulled out. A fairly close to the surface gag reflex but that hardly mattered here.
“Come here,” Taylor beckoned to her little slut, and Ciara, as before, obeyed. She came forward on her knees, and slowly lowered her head to Taylor’s drenched sex. Experimentally, Ciara licked Taylor’s folds, and as a reward, Taylor increased the vibration on the vibes just a little bit, then as Ciara pulled back, Taylor lowered the vibration. Ciara, the smart little girl, seemed to catch on quickly as she started eating Taylor out. At first it was slow, and Taylor only increased the vibration a little bit. Then it got faster, and faster, Ciara’s tongue went in farther and deeper. She lacked any kind of technique but that hardly mattered, for she made up for it in enthusiasm. Taylor subsequently increased the vibration in tandem.
Taylor however never let it hit maximum. That would be a special reward for when Ciara made her cum. Taylor moaned as with every lick and tongue thrust her pleasure grew in force. Ciara with her inexpert tongue sent waves of pleasure through Taylor as his own breath started to grow ragged. Taylor found herself quickly coming closer and closer to orgasm as Ciara grew frantic with her licking. The vibes were only set to half speed but she couldn’t cum from that, not soon anyways, and she needed to increase the power. Ciara needed to cum, she was being driven mad by the vibrations, by her fellow queen.
Taylor felt herself getting closer to the edge, and while she could have prolonged Ciara’s suffering further, by focusing on her bugs or something else to keep her from orgasming yet, she decided to take mercy on Ciara. Taylor let herself cum. Her powerful legs slammed shut like a vice on Ciara’s head as she felt herself cum while she too let out a loud moan that likely could also be heard in other rooms.
Ciara continued licking, licking up her fellow Queen’s feminine cum and continued until Taylor’s legs finally released her and she fell back, gasping for breath, half mad with arousal and lust as the vibes were still only at half and she needed just a little bit more power.
Taylor looked down at Ciara, her needy and begging expression, and the fact that the chastity belt was actually dripping with the girl’s arousal, made her smile. She raised the remotes in her hand and Ciara’s eyes went wide. Then, Taylor pushed both of the vibes up to their maximum setting, and Ciara lost all bodily control over herself. Her back arched, her eyes rolled back, and she started shifting and moaning like a wanton whore as her world was suddenly became nirvana.
So intense was the pleasure that Ciara felt like she couldn’t see as she came. Ciara flopped on the floor but the vibrations just kept coming, and so Ciara kept cumming while on the floor. She twitched and spasmed as she was wracked by another orgasm so soon after the first. Ciara felt herself run out of breath as she reached a third orgasm and she gasped for breath. Ciara couldn’t think. A lustful fog had come in from the hedges at the edge of her mind, and it choked out all of her thoughts. Ciara couldn’t think. All she could do was enjoy the mind numbing pleasure of the vibes trapped in her pussy that were going to drive her crazy.
Then, slowly, the vibrations decreased. They lowered and Ciara didn’t continue orgasming so fast. The continued to lower and lower until finally, while they were at their lowest setting, and Ciara spasmed one last time in orgasm, they stopped.
Ciara lay there on her floor, unable to move as she felt a dark and wondrous presence descend upon her. Ciara could do nothing as she felt her arms being unbound from their shackles. She did nothing as she felt the steel belt being removed. All she could do was give a weak moan as she felt the vibes being removed from her extremely sensitive holes.
Ciara felt herself being picked up, and she curled in, hugging the person who was helping her, as they brought her to her bed, and the two lay there cuddling together as Ciara fought her way out of the fog of the hedge and back into reality.
Taylor gave one last kiss on the head of the sleeping Ciara. They had cuddled for a good long time after. Ciara at first had been barely cognisant. Even so, Taylor stayed with her the entire time. It was important to be there for little Ciara. A girl’s first time was always extremely important in all aspects. From the foreplay, to the sex, to the after care. Especially when their first time was a session of bondage and intense pleasure. Taylor had gotten her bugs to fly her over a stuffed toy bear from the closet. It looked like it had been neglected by Ciara. Probably some sort of attempt at deciding to grow up. Even so, that didn’t mean that she had to throw away all her little stuffed friends.
Now Ciara was sound asleep, her arms wrapped around her last stuffed animal as she made cute little snoring sounds as she slept. Smiling to herself, Taylor put on her own costume before she turned and left the room behind. She still needed to get back to the Undersiders.
As Taylor walked however, she had a devious thought. Taylor reached into her pocket and clicked a button on a small remote, not dissimilar to the ones that Taylor had used before to turn on Ciara's own vibrators.
Taylor smiled as she continued to walk. She couldn't wait to talk to Lisa.
Taylor wasn’t too surprised when Lisa called while she was in the cab, and was sounding out of breath.
“T-Taylor!” Lisa cried out at her. Her breath sounded ragged. Taylor knew what Lisa was going to ask so she answered instead.
“You were spreading rumours about Antares again.” A statement rather than a question. The two never had gotten along. The silence, except for Lisa’s ragged breathing was all Taylor needed to know. She thumbed the remote in her pocket, setting the dial to its highest setting and smiled as she heard Lisa’s lusty moans as she set Lisa’s vibe to its highest setting for a moment before dialing it back down.
However while it was fun to torment Lisa across the city, there was business to discuss.
“Did you watch anymore of that yuri thing lately?” How is the subversion of the city going?
“Y-yeah, I’d say, I’m on season, ah, season seven.” It’s getting pretty close to being completely subverted.
Taylor frowned at that. More and more the city was being subverted by outside powers. It made sense. The Wardens were awful at managing the city as it were. It was too easy for outside forces to subvert the populous and start inciting riots and other anti government, or rather, anti Wardens movements. The chaos bringers were falling straight into whichever enemies trap. Taylor had only really learned about this stuff recently, subversion, and the strategy of using subversion, so it was a big vague on how it all worked. Taylor got the gist of it however.
If the city was nearly getting completely subverted, and the rioting started getting real bad, it might mean that whoever was doing this was going to be making their move soon. Supposedly, when a populous is subverted, there is a rise in violence and rioting and other civil unrest. If the government of these subverted places doesn’t fix things, as the Wardens are failing to do, then there needs to be someone to step up and stop the violence. Generally, these would be the people who had started subverting people anyways. They would roll in and conquer the country, being the strong man and stopping the violence, all to the tune of the local populous.
“We might need to find a new anime for you to watch then.” We might have to move sooner than we thought if we want to beat them.
“Not, ah, not yet… but yeah. Anyways, I’ll, eh, talk to you soon.” No hidden message there. With that said Lisa hung up, and likely started trying to paw at her chastity belt, Taylor thought with amusement and she toyed with the key she had on a necklace.