The Farm: Breakage
 Gonna challenge myself and try to write something in half an hour.
 As always, any and all feedback is highly appreciated.
 Taylor whined as she uselessly pawed at the chastity belt she was in. Her breath was ragged and she was blushing up a storm. Her fingernails scraped against the silvery steel of her belt. She was desperate. At first when they had injected her with the “aphrodisiac” she had felt fine. Just a bit horny but nothing major. Then she had started feeling the heat, her mind started going to dirty places. She had tried to keep her thoughts clear from anything naughty but they always just kept wandered off to a naughty place if her focus wavered for even a second, and her focus was wavering all the time now.
 Taylor looked up a moment, focusing on the outline of the cock that was in some trousers. Her mouth felt dry, and she felt her tongue starting to make its way near her lips. It was so big looking, restrained, it wanted her, she could see, and she wanted~ NO! No! No she didn’t want… she didn’t want his… his long. Taylor pulled her eyes away from Lung, from the man that defeated her and captured her, from his… cock.
 Taylor shuddered and whined as she tried to pull her thoughts away. Lung had beaten her. Got in a lucky hit with a punch and ordered her to call off her insects. She hadn’t been able to focus and while gasping on the ground he surrounded himself in fire and burned away the insects she had. She knew she had a terrible power, and now she couldn’t even save a bunch of kids. All she had done was delay the inevitable. Why was she so stupid, she should never have even tried to fight Lung.
 Lung made a rumbling sound and Taylor looked over to him, to his abs, to his… her eyes were drawn towards his crotch and once more she was staring at his dick. She felt her hands draw towards her sensitive chest as she stared at his cock, she started to tweak her nipples, imagining him, holding her down, unlocking her belt… playing with her chest… taking his prize… Taylor realised that her tongue was out now and she was panting like a dog. She pulled her tongue back and ripped her hands away from her chest, balled her hands into fists and tried desperately to hold them at her side. She closed her eyes and looked down. Maybe if she kept her eyes closed she wouldn’t be distracted by Lung.
 He was watching her, while she suffered from the drug, while she couldn’t help herself. It threw her concentration off and made it hard to think. While she could just immerse herself in her bugs, Lung had made it clear that if he or anyone else started seeing weird things from any bugs or if any started attacking, he would kill her. It didn’t sound that bad honestly. It scared her how it didn’t even seem to phase her, but she was delaying the inevitable. She had learned that she had been defending the Undersiders, a small time gang of thieves and she almost wanted to just die right there, she had been defending villains. She realised however that it didn’t matter that they were villains. She was a hero and it didn’t matter if they were villains. She wanted to help them and perhaps save them.
 Lung had to concentrate on her, and watch her as he broke her down with his “aphrodisiac” otherwise the farm might fall to her bugs. For every minute that she was suffering here in this cage with Lung, trying not to think about… his… big… thick… juicy… cock… Taylor shook her head and had to once again pull her hands away from her nipples. She was saving lives like this. The Undersiders knew they were being targeted by Lung tonight, so the longer Taylor kept Lung here, the longer they Undersiders had to live.
 Though it was getting harder, she just… she wanted… She… She needed… Taylor found herself slowly crawling towards Lung on all fours. She wasn’t sure she could support herself anymore as she crawled, like a dog, towards Lung. Her eyes were solely focused on his… thick… juicy… cock… As she crawled in between Lung’s legs, she let her hands come up to his pants zipper. Taylor thought for a moment of pulling her hands away and scrambling away, but she couldn’t muster the will to, it slowly being whittled away from hours of being on the “aphrodisiac” drug. Taylor slowly unzipped Lung’s pants, and made a small surprised sound as Lungs long… tasty… good smelling… cock… fell on her face. Unconsciously she smiled and dragged it against her face as she slowly made it towards the head of the cock. Taylor slowly eased the cock into her mouth… and it tasted good.