(I had a major stroke in July, 2014, and I can no longer draw.) 

Just an average guy who had the good fortune to meet a gorgeous lady with friends into role playing, and being able to keep those good times alive with art. While my art depicts dire situations,It was all role play fantasy, like playing cops and robbers when you were kids. No one ever got seriously hurt in our games, (scrapes and bruises - it was usually me ) and everybody was willingly involved.
I have been drawing as a hobby since 1990, and first posted my art to the 'net in 1994. I've had a group at almost every site that hosted them at one time or another, my last Yahoo group had over 5,000 non bouncing members before Yahoo closed it.

Disclaimer: I do not, nor ever have supported, suggested or condone real violence against anyone. In the fantasy world of role playing, between consenting adults, or in the world of drawn damsels...well that is another story...